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Welcome to Open Fight Night.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was incredible. Family, nifty presents, good food and snow!

The show opened with the flashback segment. Aces and Eights were a key part of the craziness, last week. Devon had a new member in mind. The spiral of A.J. Styles was also portrayed. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode have a major issue, thanks to Aries out-bidding Roode for the services of Aces and Eights. Roode cost Aries the World title.

Bully Ray’s music hit and he stormed down to the ring. He looked very upset. Ray said he knew that he and Hulk Hogan could not get along. Ray said he had no clue what he had to do to prove himself trustworthy. Ray talked about the respect he has for Hulk. Ray called Hogan out, not to fight, but to talk.

Hulk’s nWo-esque music rang out but the General Manager was a no-show. It was Brooke Hogan that showed up. Brooke said Hulk wasn’t there. Brooke said “he knows”. Ray didn’t know what she was talking about. Brooke said Hulk has seen them. Brooke wanted to prove to her dad that Ray was the man she knew him to be. Ray and Brooke left the ring as the fans booed them. Ray said there was nothing to know.

Todd, Tenay and Taz welcomed the fans to Open Fight Night. As the announcers were discussing things, Austin Aries strolled out. He took the microphone from SoCalVal and got in the ring. He mocked the fans. Aries said he had Jeff Hardy pinned, fair and square, last week. Aries called out Bobby Roode, for later in the night. Aries wanted the main event spot for their epic battle.

The Holiday Season commercial ran, again. I am so going to miss this one, starting next week.

Samoa Joe made his way down to the ring. Joe looked extremely irate. Joe said he was there to pick a fight. Joe said he was going to unmask one of the members of Aces and Eights. He called the guy a moped-riding b*tch.

Samoa Joe vs Masked Guy

Joe with Knee Strikes and punches. Whip by Joe into the Running Back Elbow and Enziguri. Joe tried to rip the mask off but M-G went to the eyes. Clothesline by M-G. M-G rocked Joe with a shot to the head. He choked Joe on the ropes and then a Leg Lariat on the ropes. Rear Chin Lock on Joe. The crowd was pretty dead but began to clap for Joe. Knee Striked and an Elbow Strike by M-G. Joe with the Elevator Knee. M-G blocked the Muscle Buster but Joe with an Inverted Atomic Drop, Big Boot and Backsplash Senton. Kokina Clutch by Joe. The guy didn’t want to tap but he passed out. Earl Hebner calledfor the bell

Your Winner (by submission): Samoa Joe
Grade: B (84%)

Aces and Eights rushed out to prevent the unmasking of their “brother”. Joe bailed out to avoid a gang beating.

The Two Robbies talked, in the back. Robbie E made fun of Jesse. Jesse called Robbie E a girl. Robbie wanted to have a “Bro Off”. What the Hell is that?

Kenny King and Christian York talked, backstage. King compared himself to York. King knew RVD was going to call Kenny out, not York.

The Two Robbies vs Jesse and Tara
“Bro Off”

Robbie E said Jesse Godderz wanted to be Robbie E. The Power Couple got in the ring. He told Robbie that he is “Mr. Pec-tacular”. There are 3 rules to this stupidity:

1. Every Bro for himself
B. Everything has to end in a Bro

(No, he didn’t mention a third)

Robbie did a dance tthat looked like he was having some kind of seizure. “Top That…Bro!” The music bean and Jesse did a pose down. Yawn. Oh dear, this is way beyond dull and boring. I just turned up the sound and went to look for some fresh soda. Robbie called Tara a Ho. Robbie said Jesse was disqualified for ending with “Dude” not “Bro”.

Your Winner: Robbie E

No, wait…Robbie T said he hasn’t had his chance, yet. Robbie T showed off his muscles and my daughters just woke up. Robbie T with the Gorilla Press on Robbie E. He did a weird dance thing that got a little racy. The fans really loved it. Robbie E and Jesse were shocked. Robbie T took the mic and said “Bro!”

Your (corrected) Winner: Robbie T
Grade: C (75%)

Rob Van Dam came out to make his challenge. RVD was there to call out someone that he really respects. RVD said he took the X-Division to new levels and he wanted to do more. RVD said the guy he wanted to face had great moves…Christian York!

Rob Van Dam vs Christian York
Non-Title Match

Go Behind by York. Spin Over vy RVD. Whip by York was reversed. Both men missed wild moves. York dropped RVD with a Half Nelson Suplex. York with a Scythe Kick. The two ended up on the floor. York pitched RVD back in the ring. MIssile Dropkick by York to the back of RVD’s head. York ducked a Clothesline and nailed the Mood Swing Neckbreaker. The two traded fists and kicks. York hit with a Flying Knee as RVD went for the Monkey Flip. York went back to the top but got stopped by RVD. Shoulder by York Warrior’s Way Double Stomp to RVD’s back. 1-2-no.

Dreamscape to the corner missed as RVD dodged it. Flying Headscissors converted into the Side Slam by RVD. Split Legged Moonsault by RVD. Kick to York’s throat. Rolling Thunder by the X-Champ. Five Star Frog Splash!

Your Winner: Rob Van Dam
Grade: A- (92%)

I want to send a special congratulations out to Alex Roggenburg. Alex is the son of one of our regular contributors, Lee Roggenburg. Alex just made All-County, 1st Team, in Bowling, down in Florida. Way to go.

Devon enjoyed a beer as he talked to his “brothers”. Devon wanted to make this special guy feel like a part of the club. He called DOC to come in and let them know if this was going to work. DOC said it was a go.

It was time for another look at Joseph Park’s training. Joseph Park said his great gandfather faced George Hackenschmidt, years ago. Danny Davis said Park really didn’t have it. David talked about Park “snapping”, recently. Davis said Park had to channel that spirit, all the time.

Christopher Daniels walked, backstage. He found Kazarian looking for their merchandise. It wasn’t there. Daniels and Kazarian had one last present. Kaz pitched a bunch of A.J. Styles t-shirts in a garbage bin.

Impact looked back at Hogan talking about how much TNA has expanded. Hogan gave the fans the chance to vote for Impact Wrestler of the Year. The winner will be announced, next week.

Bobby Roode said he was going to beat Austin Aries, tonight. He was then going on to Genesis to beat Jeff Hardy for the World title.

Sting said he would be back on 1-3-13 to get his bat and to get revenge. DOC was Sting’s first target.

Christopher Daniels danced from the back and down to the ring. He greeted the “ham sandwiches” (fans). “Where’s your boyfriend?” rang out. Daniels said he had the rear that makes the girls cheer. Puh-lease. Daniels said he was there to give back to the fans. Daniels called out A.J. Styles, again. Seriously? The music rang out and the sparks flew. It wasn’t Styles, it was Kazarian in Styles’ gear. Kaz did a great imitation of Styles’ southern accent. Kaz/Styles said he couldn’t beat Daniels. This was stupid. “We want A.J.” echoed off the walls. Kaz brought up Claire Lynch. Daniels called off the match. Daniels said the fans could worship him and Kazarian.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez strolled out onto the stage. Chavo had the stick. He called them “clowns” aka Payasos. Chavo said they were going to ruin the end of the year for Bad Influence.

Kazarian and Daniels vs Guerrero and Hernandez
Non-Title Match

It got all kinds of crazy. Double team on Kaz. Rolling Backsplash Senton by Chavo. Springboard Senton by Chavo. Kaz went to the eyes and tagged in Daniels. Ping Pong Punches by the tag champs. Hernandez with a monster Bear Hug. Overhead Thrwo by Super Mex. Chavo flew off the ropes and cracked Daniels in the ribs. Chavo beat on Daniels. Tag to Hernandez. Scoop Slam and then Hernandez slammed Chavo onto Daniels. Chavo got up and slammed Kaz onto Daniels. Shoulder Tackles on Daniels by Hernandez. Boot Choke by Hernandez. Corner Splash by Hernandez. Front Face Lock by Hernandez.

Back Body Drop by Hernandez. Chavo with a kick as Daniels got near the corner. Daniels begged off. Impact took a break.

Stall Suplex by Hernandez. Chavo pitched Kaz out of the ring. Daniels was held up for what seemed like forever. Kaz grabbed Hernandez. Super Mex got free and hit a La Bandera Clothesline on Daniels. Kaz pulled Daniels out of the path of the Springboard Shoulder Block. Kaz took the tag and pounded away on Hernandez. Tag back to Daniels. Double Whip to the corner. Daniels stood on Hernandez’s throat. Double Tag Elbow Drop/Leg Drop combo. Front Face Lock by Kaz. He took Hernandez to the corner and Kaz with the sneak attack. Daniels and Kaz rushed Hernandez to the enemy corner. Spin Kick by Kaz for a two by Daniels. Daniels was legal. Hernandez with the Pounce on Daniels.

Tag to Kaz and Chavo. Chavo flipped over Kaz and hit a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors and Monkey Flip. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker for two. Three Amigos was blocked on the third but Chavo came back to hit a third Suplex. Hart Attack by the former champs. Hernandez held Chavo, near the ropes, to divert the double team. Chavo and Hernandez with a Double Dive on the cocky contenders. Outside In by Chavo for two. Kaz with a Whip on Chavo. Kaz flipped to the apron. Kaz missed a Springboard Flying Forearm. Frog Splash by Chavo!

Your Winners: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez
Grade: A (94%)

Jeff Hardy was asked about his respect for both Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. He respected their in-ring abilities but couldn’t care less about their outside lives. Hardy said revenge was on its way. Hmmm…

The announcers talked about the main event. Tazz had his Keys to Victory.

It was time for another look at Aces and Eights. The video clip focused on the various people that were taken out by Aces and Eights. Sting, Magnus, and Eric Young have all been attacked by the rogue group. Kurt Angle was the latest victim. The Sit Down was on. Who were they talking to? It was Mr. Kennedy! Kennedy said Devon promised him safety if he joined the group. Devon said there were physical challenges, both positive and negative to deal with. Kennedy wasn’t sure if he wanted to turn his back on TNA. One of the sexy girls whispered into his ear. He said he wanted some time to think about it. Kennedy took off with the two sexy girls.

Gail Kim came out in ice cold blue. Gail wanted the house microphone. She knew it was Open Fight Night and she had one person in mind to call out. She wanted the women who ended her title run, earlier in the year. Gail said she was ready to close that chapter of her life. She called out Miss Tessmacher.

Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher

The two women with the Collar and Elbow. Arm Drag by Gail. Another Collar and Elbow into a Top Wrist Lock by Gail. Jackknife Pin by Tess for a two. Forearm shots by Tess and a flurry of stomps. Sweet Face Rush by Tess. Tess with a Clothesline to Gail, on the apron. Gail tumbled to the arena floor. Tess went out and threw Gail back in. Gail with a modified Cutter on Tess, as Miss T got back in the ring. Back Drop Suplex by Gail for two. Gail put Tess on the top turnbuckle but Tess tried to fight back. Tess blocked a Top Rope Hurancanrana. Flying Choke by Tess. Tess flew off hte turnbuckles and dropped Gail for a two.

Gail fought back with a Whip. Drive By by Gail. Gail strutted her stuff. Gail rubbed her tush into Tess’ face. Tazz wanted a tag. Bulldog Suplex by Gail but both women were stunned. Tess with Running Clothesliens and Flying Forearms. Hurancanrana by Tess into a Crotch Face/X-Factor. Boot by Tess. Gail blocked Tess’ finisher. Jumping Clothesline by Tess. Tess went up the ropes but took a long time. She missed the Savage Elbow. Gail with Eat Da Feet.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Grade: B (84%)

One of the better Women’s matches that I’ve seen in some time.

Where was Gut Check?

The creepy Sting Returns video ran, again.

Todd ran down next week’s card. It should be off the charts.

Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode

The two locked up and moved to the corner. Clean break, almost. Neither connected with Haymakers. Side Headlock into a Hammerlock by Roode. Standing Swich by Aries. Drop Toe Hold by Roode. Ride by Aries. This turned into a “Quien es mas macho” contest. They mirrored eah other’s moves. Side Headlock by Roode into the Steam Roller. Roode held the ropes as Aries nursed a hurt leg. Roode didn’t believe it. Roode kicked the bad leg. Aries kicked Roode to the outside. Roode was bleeding from the ear. Roode got back in the ring before Aries could fly out of the ring. Impact went to break as Hardy watched the match. He said “We, the Creatures, are larger than life”. He felt something had to be done.

Aries with hard punches on Roode. Roode then raked the back and hit a Suplex. Roode missed the Flying Kneedrop. Aries focused, instantly, on the weak spot. Aries Suplexed onto the top rope. Bell Ringer-a-thon by both men. Roode fell off the ropes. Aries missed the Missile Dropkick. Aries converted a Spear into the Final Chancellory. Roode went to the eyes and slapped on the Crippler Crossface. Aries rolled backwards to almost pin Roode. Roode with a kick and punch. The two traded fists, back and forth. Knife Edges by Roode. Roode asked for a Time Out when Aries took over. Double Trip and pin with feet on the ropes. Roode got caught. School Boy into a two. Psycho Wedgie by Aries. Double R SPinebuster by Roode for two. Roode rolled out of the ring and got a chair. Earl Hebner took the chair. Discus Forearm for two by Aries. Aries went to the outside and got the chair. He oozed back in the ring with the chair but Earl caught him. Aries and Earl got into it. Earl went off on both of them. They told Earl to calm down and then they double teamed Earl Hebner. Too bizarre. Earl was pitched to the outside. Then both men fought over the chair. Jeff Hardy’s music went off and both men stopped. Jeff Hardy slid in the back door and hit a Double Clothesline. Hardy exploded with a La Bandera on Aries. Twist of Fate on Roode.

Your Winner: Double Disqualification
Grade: B- (82%)

Happy New Year to one and all


–Jay Shannon

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