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Aces and Eights were center stage, this week. Bobby Roode had issues with them, as did a lot of other people. The fall-out from Final Resolution was pretty intense.

The show started with a look at Final Resolution.

Bobby Roode stormed down to the ring. He was ticked that Aces and Eights took his money and then turned on him. He was seriously P.O.’d about what happened. Roode said he made an expensive investment to get the World title. It didn’t happen. Roode said where he comes from “A deal is a deal”. Roode screamed for Aces and Eights to bring him answers.

The rogue group came out in almost full force. DOC and Devon were leading the way. Devon explained to Roode that a better deal came up on the plate. Roode was outbidded, on Sunday. Roode demanded to know who did this. Devon refused to say. Devon said the club keeps their business close to the vest. Devon said Roode may learn who the person was, later in the night. Aces and EIghts got in the ring and Bobby bailed.

Jeff Hardy and James Storm came out. Hardy said it was time to fight. Hardy and Storm hit the ring and DOC and Devon hit the floor, after taking a few shots. Hardy indicated he was ready to take someone’s mask.

Todd, Taz and Tenay discussed the night’s events. Velvet Sky talked about her return. Velvet has a new bodysuit and attitude. She was ready to fight.

The ultra sexy Christmas Commercial ran. It was good until Joey Ryan showed up, wrapped in tinsel.

Mickie James broke down as she talked about not winning the women’s title, on Sunday. Tara beat Mickie with the Widow’s Peak, after a distraction by Jesse. Mickie said it was BS that she lost, that way.

Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky

Let the pigeons loose! Dang, she’s pretty. Madison got right in Velvet’s face and screamed that this was her ring. Velvet showed her backside to Madison and got jumped. Velvet ran Madison into several turnbuckles. Snap Mare into a Yakuza Kick by Velvet. Basement Dropkick by Velvet. Madison blocked Velvet’s finisher and hit a Clothesline. Madison stood on Velvet’s hair and pulled up on Sky’s arms. Madison choked Velvet on the middle rope. Spinning Inverted X-Factor into the Pelvic Thrust (Todd’s name for it) by Madison. 2 counts. Madison argued with the ref. Velvet kicked Madison in the head and unloaded with Knife Edge Chops and Kneebreaker Strikes. Clotheslines by Velvet. Kick into a Flying Bulldog. Velvet with her variation of the Pedigree (Velvet Touch?) to take the win.

Your Winner: Velvet Sky
Grade: B- (82%)

Kurt Angle talked with Wes and Garett, in the locker room. Kurt pushed 5 Hour Energy. I can’tdrink those things, thanks to my high blood pressure. Kurt said he would be in the Proteges’ corner.

Kazarian and Daniels were asked if they had anything to do with the Aces and Eights payoff. Daniels said he was focused on Styles. They said Roode was their friend. They suggested that Styles might have been the person who hired A&8.

Impact then looked at the 8-man match, at Final Resolution. Team TNA beat Aces and Eights. Wes took the hammer away from DOC. That let Kurt Angle hit the AngleSlam on one of the masked members to take the win.

The Robbies (Robbie E and Robbie T) vs Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff

The Robbies jumped Wes and Garett. Robbie T with a Powerslam on Wes. R-T tagged out and R-E choked Wes with his boot. Wes started to punch to his feet. Drop Toe Hold by R-E. R-T came in and double teamed Wes. R-T tagged in, I think. There was some confusion. Bear Hug by R-T. Wes got free and dove for his corner. He didn’t make it. R-E faked a tag as R-T rushed Wes to the enemy corner. Scoop Slam by R-E. R-E flew off the ropes and caught Wes’ up-stretched boot. R-E missed the Elbow Drop.

Garett got the tag and tore into R-E. Corner Splash. Spinning Flapjack by Garett. R-T attacked Garett and then tagged in. Wes with a passing tag. Wes with a Flying Crossbody off the top rope to pin Robbie T.

Your Winners: Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff
Grade: B (84%)

An Aces and Eights member rushed in an struck Kurt behind the knee with some kind of weapon. Wes and Garett cleared the guy away and then checked on their fallen mentor. Break.

The full Joey Ryan Christmas commercial ran. Yep, Ron Jeremy has a look-alike.

In the back, the medics checked on Kurt’s knee. It was swollen but there didn’t seem to be any ligament damage. They asked for ice to put on the knee.

The Triple-T announce team sent it to Joseph Park’s training at OVW. Nice to see Danny Davis. He pushed Park to the point of hurling day-glo. Reminds me of stories that Iron Sheik tells about Eddie Sharkey.

Tara and Jesse came into Brooke Hogan’s office. She took shots at Brooke for her relationships. Tara didn’t want hard feelings when Jesse beats Bully Ray. Tara wanted to help Brooke pick Tara’s next opponent (for next week). Brooke said she would make the decision.She dismissed Tara and Jesse and said Jesse could use another sock in his shorts. Ouch.

That creepy 1.3.13 video ran. I’m still curious who the person will be. I’ve got a few ideas: Kevin Thorne, Judas “El” Mesias, Raven. We will see in a couple weeks.

Kenny King said he was in a Dream Match, on Sunday. He lost but he learned quite a bit. King was ready to fight RVD, again, and knock the champ on his *ss.

Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs Aces and Eights

It was DOC and the big masked guy that a lot of people think is Mike Knox. Storm started against DOC. The two talked trash and Storm blocked a punch from DOC. Storm used his speed to keep DOC off his game. Flying Clothesline by Storm and tag to Hardy. Ax Bomber to the shoulder. Tag to the Masked Guy. Whip reversed but Hardy with a Flying Forearm. Headscissors sent the masked guy to the floor. Hardy with a kick. Hardy then flew off the apron to take out both members of Aces and Eights. Impact went to break.

Hardy was sent to the ropes by DOC. Hardy held the ropes but the masked dude hit a Clothesline. The fight ended up on the floor as Masked Guy stomped on Hardy. Storm came over and tore into DOC. Uppercut, back in the ring, by DOC on Hardy. DOC boxed the daylights out of Hardy’s ribs. Tag to the masked guy. Hardy tried to dash over to his corner but was stopped. Masked Guy rushed Hardy into the corner. Sharp punches by M-G. DOC tagged in and stomped and choked Hardy. Hardy stumbled and fell. DOC taunted Storm and there was a fake tag to M-G. M-G covered Hardy, so he couldnt’ get to the corner.

Jawbreaker by Hardy. Tag to DOC. Big Boot by DOC. DOC choked Hardy on the bottom rope. DOC kicked Hardy’s ribs. Elbow Drop to Hardy’s spine. Rear Chin Lock by DOC but Hardy fought free. DOC cracked Storm to prevent the tag. DOC Grapevined the leg to allow a tag to M-G. Knee Strikes by M-G. He also ran his shin across Hardy’s head. On the outside, DOC whipped Hardy into the steel barricade. DOC then pitched Hardy back into the ring. 1-2-no. DOC tagged back in. Big Splash by DOC. Storm made the save. DOC stomped on Hardy and cinched in a Cravat that reminds me a lot of the finisher of The Trooper (saw him on classic AWA, earlier this week). Whisper in the Wind by Hardy.

DOC stopped Hardy, just shy of making the tag. M-G tagged in and kicked Hardy in the face, twice. Hardy tried to scoot under M-G to make it to the corner. Spinning Mule Kick and tag to Storm. Storm exploded on both men. High Crossbody onto M-G. Tag to Hardy. Poetry in Motion on M-G. Double Suplex on DOC. More Aces and Eights guys hit the ring. They were sent out. Devon got nailed by Closing TIme and a La Bandera Clothesline. Last Call Superkick on DOC. Twist of Fate on M-G. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: James Storm and Jeff Hardy
Grade: A (94%)

Devon said that the person who paid them was…Austin Aries! That stopped everyone cold. Tenay wasn’t sure if Aces and Eights were telling the truth.

In the back, Hulk Hogan had a fit. Bobby Roode came up and went off on Hogan about it. Aries then called Hogan. Hogan told Aries to get to the Impact Zone, now. Hogan demanded that Aries come clean, by the end of the night, or there would be Hell to pay. Roode screamed at Hogan that he better do something about Aries.

Impact looked at Daniels vs Styles. Styles was beaten by his own move, the Styles Clash. Styles was stone-faced as he walked to the ring. Styles said he demanded this time to address the fans. Styles said he didn’t have to do a history lesson to anyone. “You still got it!” rang out from the fans. Styles said he wasn’t going anywhere. He said the truth was…long delay…he had no idea where the next step in his career would be. Styles said he had forgotten about taking care of himself, in the business, for too long. Styles said his decision had nothing to do with the fans, Dixie Carter, Impact Wrestling or anything other than A.J. Styles. He said he has been the corporate janitor for way too long. Styles said it was time for him to do his own thing. Heel turn?

Dixie Carter tried to talk with Styles, in the back. He just walked right past her. Daniels and Kazarian thought they had sent Styles packing. Kaz didn’t think this was like Christmas. Kaz had a big Christmas surprise for Daniels.

Kenny King vs RVD
Non-Title Match

Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock by King. RVD powered loose. Hammerlock by RVD. Standing Switch. Drop Toe Hold by RVD. RVD took a kick from King. RVD with a Spin Kick to lay out King. RVD showed off and King with a Dropkick to the back. King with a Corkscrew Plancha to the floor. It dropped RVD. Snap Suplex with a Float Over. Punches by King. Irish Whip by King into an incredible Flying Leg Lariat. 2 count. King with straight punches to the face. Rolling Leg Lariat by RVD on the charging King. RVD with another Rolling Leg Lariat, into the corner. Springboard Legdrop by RVD for two. King with a Winding Kick and Neck Snap on the rope. Springboard Blockbuster by KIng for two. Whip by King but Kenny missed a Corner Charge. Front Slam by RVD but he missed the Split Legged Moonsault. Northern Lights Suplex by RVD for two. Windmill Kick by RVD. Spinning Legdrop by RVD. RVD hopped to the top rope but King caught him. They fought on the top rope. King rolled through a Top Rope Crossbody and used the ropes to pin RVD.

Your Winner: Kenny King
Grade: A (94%)

Bully Ray stormed into Hulk’s office. Ray wanted to know if Hogan has had a change of heart. Hulk said Ray has been causing a lot of problems. Hulk said Ray put Brooke in Harm’s Way due to Ray trying to get something going with Brooke. Ray said what made Hulk think that he had anything for Brooke. The two screamed at each other. Ray said Hulk has been treating him like s***. Ray said he was trying to show respect for Brooke and Sting. He said he bled to try and earn respect. Ray said he did have respect for Hogan, in the past. Ray told Hulk to get over it. As Ray stormed out of the office, Hulk called him “weak”.

Jesse vs Bully Ray

Tara was at Jesse’s side. Jesse Gorilla Pressed Tara as Ray’s music hit. Ray rushed down to ringside and chased the Power Couple. Back in the ring, Ray just unloaded on Jesse. Clothesline by Ray. Ray with a hard punch to the face. Whip into a Shoulder Tackle by Ray. Ray with a punch to Jesse’s face. Jesse with an Uppercut. Knife Edge Chop by Jesse that had zero effect. Big Boot by Ray. Ray ran Jesse into the corner and blasted Jesse with an Open Hand Slap that sounded like a gunshot. Ray hit a second, even louder, Open Hand Slap. Tara was freaking out. Tara got in the ring and pleaded with Ray. Ray threatened to hit her but slapped her on the butt, instead. Jesse attacked Ray from behind and Elbow Dropped the daylights out of Ray. Dropkick to Ray’s face. Ray was bleeding from the forehead. Elbow Drop by Jesse. Another Sky High Dropkick by Jesse. Ray slapped the chest. High Impact Clothesline by Jesse. Jesse with Forearm Shots to Ray’s jaw. Jesse choked Ray with the boot nad then hit an Elbow Drop into the corner.

Tara choked Ray on the ropes. Jesse with a Dropkick. Jesse missed a Legdrop. BubbaCutter by Ray for the 3.

Your Winner: Bully Ray
Grade: B (84%)

Ray screamed at Hulk “What’s it gonna take?”

Austin Aries told the cameraman to back off. He said he would tell the world, once he got in the ring.

Impact looked at the closing moment of the Roode vs Hardy match at Final Resolution. Aces and Eights attacked both Hardy and Roode. Roode got laid out by a Chokeslam from DOC. Earlier tonight, Devon said Austin Aries was the guy who paid off Aces and Eights.

Austin Aries strolled down to the ring. He was looking just so cocky. Aries wasn’t surprised that his little secret was shared. He admitted that he trumped Roode’s offer to Aces and Eights. Aries said Roode understood what it meant to do anything to get the World title. Aries said Aces and Eights have no honor and he knows that. Aries said Hulk Hogan put him on the front lines to face Aces and Eights, several months back. Aries said Hogan made him fight Hulk’s battle. Aries said Hogan sold him out for Jeff Hardy. Aries said he would not stop pushing buttons until he gets the World title back.

Out limped Jeff Hardy. Hardy said that this was all about Hardy’s World title. Hardy said Aries just had to ask for a title shot. Aries said he had to jump through hoops to get a title shot. Hardy said next week was Championship Thursday. Hardy wanted Hardy-Aries III. Aries looked like he was going to back out of the challenge. He said he didn’t do what the fans wanted or what Hardy wanted. Hardy then cracked Aries to give the fans what they want. The two tore into each other. Twist of Fate! Aries rolled out of the ring to avoid the Swanton. Will there be a match? Tune in and see…

I’ll be back with you all, on Sunday, for WWE’s TLC coverage. I also have a few special goodies in the works.

–Jay Shannon

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