Posted December 9th, 2012 by jshannon

The match was beyond off the charts. The ending saw Styles catch Daniels with a Superplex. Styles was too stunned to take advantage of the pinning opportunity. When they finally made it to their feet, both men slugged it out. Daniels got a kick to Styles’ face but it seemed to have very little effect. Styles quickly came back with a Discus Clothesline and a Pele. The Pele wasn’t a solid hit. Styles tried for a Styles Clash, off the ropes, but Daniels blocked it. Styles hit the mat, really hard. Daniels added insult to injury by using the Styles Clash to take out Styles and claim superiority in their multi-year feud.

Your Winner: Christopher Daniels
Grade: A+ (97%)

After the match, Daniels shrieked at Styles “I Told You So!”

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