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Welcome to Championship Thursday. This time around, the X-Division title was on the line. Plus, Wes Brisco learned if he would get a TNA Contract.

After the highlight reel, it was time to get straight down to business. Hulk Hogan came out to settle things under his own roof. Last week, Austin Aries accused Bully Ray of having a relationship with Brooke Hogan. I can’t really blame Ray. I don’t personally like blondes, but Brooke is pretty (by most people’s standards). Hogan got in the ring and ordered Bully Ray to get down to the ring and “fess up”.

Ray came out and then listened to Hogan demand to know what was going on. Ray said Hogan hasn’t trusted him since Day One. Ray said he has earned trust, but Hogan refused to give it. Hogan got down to it and asked Ray what was going on between him (Ray) and Brooke. Ray asked Hogan if he really wanted to know who the “number one” man in Brooke’s life is.

That brought out Brooke. Hulk asked her what was going on. She reminded her dad that she wasn’t 18, anymore. Brooke said it was not what he thinks. Hulk said he would not allow his daughter to be with a wrestler, especially Ray. Austin Aries came on the ‘Tron and taunted Hogan for worrying more about his family than his job. Kid Kash went off on Aries for his mouth. Aries took a shot at Brooke, suggesting an intimate encounter that may or may not have happened on Hulk’s desk. Hulk stormed to the back.

Mickie James vs Gail Kim

Good to see “Hardcore Country” back on the roster. I’m hoping TNA adds a few new women to the group. I’m not the biggest fan of women’s wrestling, but the Knockout division was something different. It wasn’t over-filled with plastic Barbies.

Impact started this segment by showing how Mickie eliminated Gail to earn a title shot against Tara. It was a Battle Royal and Mickie used the Mick Kick to lay out Gail and send her to the floor.

School Girl by Gail for a quick pin attempt. Go Behind by Gail. Mickie with a hard shot. Kick by Gail into an Arm Wringer. Mickie with a Cartwheel but Gail brought Mickie down across the knee, with the hair. Gail with a Corner Splash. European Uppercut by Gail. Gail with a Necktie Neckbreaker, after a Kneelift. Body Scissors by Gail. Gail spun up to make the pressure more intense. Gail then Face Planted Mickie. Mickei Bridged up out of the pin. Mickie with a Kick Away into the Flapjack. Mickie headed up the ropes. . Gail ducked Mickie and hit a Running Dropkick. Gail tried for a pin with her foot on the ropes but got caught. Mick Kick by Mickie after blocking Eat Da Feet. Gail was too close to the ropes.

Gail with a hard kick. Mickie and Gail traded blows. Hurancanrana by Mickie into a flurry of strikes. Flying Neckbreaker by Mickie for two. Gail blocked the MickieDT. She wasn’t able to block the second one.

Your Winner: Mickie James
Grade: B- (82%)

James Storm said he lived with any and all of his choices. He didn’t appreciate Bobby Roode talking about his daughter. A.J. Styles then came in and said he was able to be bitter about not getting a World title shot, for almost a year. Storm told Styles to get his head screwed on right.

TNA did another Christmas video. So sexy.

Hulk Hogan stormed into his office and went off on the four guys in his office, especially Aries. Hogan asked Aries, Kid Kash, Kenny King and Zema Ion why they deserved the title shot. Hogan booted King out of contention, rather quickly.

Bobby Roode then walked out to the ring. Roode was just 10 days away from going after Jeff Hardy’s World title. Roode said he made a statement, last week. An insert video showed Roode take out both Christian York and Jeff Hardy. Roode called Christian York a rookie and a nobody. Roode said he laid out York with one move. Roode said he would take care of Hardy at Final Resolution. He then told York that he should have called him out, the longest reigning champ in company history. That led to the arrival of Christian York. Roode told York to back off. He let York know it was Roode’s time. He told him to get out of the ring. York responded by slapping the taste out of Roode’s mouth. York said he just called Roode out. Roode screamed that no one calls him out. Roode was ready to fight. TNA went to a quick break.

Bobby Roode vs Christian York

York was psyched as the match started. Hammerlock into a Side Headlock by Roode. Shoulder Tackle by Roode. Hip Toss by York into a pair of Shoulder Tackles. Universal into a Steam Roller by York. Roode went to the floor to break the momentum. Roode pulled York out of the ring and slammed his back into the apron. York whipped Roode into the ring steps. York pitched Roode back into the ring and went to the top. York ended up Crotched and then Roode stomped in the corner. Roode slapped York in the face and then Irish Whipped York to the opposite corner. York began to fight back until a Clothesline nearly took his head off. Roode with a Suplex and then Roode went to the middle turnbuckle. Roode flew off and tooka boot to the jaw.

York blocked Roode’s punches and blasted Roode. York with Clotheslines, a Dropkick and Front Body Drop. York went to the top and nailed a Warrior’s Way to Roode’s back. Dreamscape into the corner by York for a two. York screamed for the Moodswing but Roode reversed it. York then reversed the Fisherman’s Suplex into a Small Package. 2 count. Roode clobbered York in the back of the head and then cinched in the Crippler Crossface. Tap out by York.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Grade: B+ (89%)

Roode went out and got a steel chair. He chased Brian Hebner out of the ring. Jeff Hardy then rushed into the ring and attacked Roode. Roode barely avoided the Twist of Fate. Roode had a look of surprise and fear that switched to arrogance.

Todd sent it to a look at the attacks by Aces and Eights. Sting, Magnus and Eric Young were all attacked, by DOC, with a hammer. Eric’s ankle was shattered during last week’s match. ODB had something to say, later on.

In the Aces and Eights office, the VP said the attacks were only partial random. Next week, DOC will fight Kurt Angle. Devon said he wanted his TV title, which he felt was stolen from him. Devon demanded to face Samoa Joe. If he got what he wanted, everyone is safe. If it doesn’t happen, all Hell would break loose.

The judges will make their decision on Wes Brisco, soon. After commercials, Impact looked at last week’s match between Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff. The judges talked, last week, about Brisco’s pedigree. They talked about Wes being the first Gut Check contestant to actually win his try-out match. Bruce said Wes went way too fast. Taz pulled up that Kurt gave his stamp of approval on Wes. Al Snow seemed distracted and really didn’t say anything. Fast forward to this week, and Bruce wondered where Al Snow was. Kurt came up and pushed for Wes’ acceptance. D’Lo Brown came up and both he and Bruce were unable to find Al. They were going to keep texting and calling to find him.

I think it would be fun if Al Snow turns out to be the VP of Aces and Eights and all the Gut Check winners end up being members of Aces and Eights. I’m just saying…

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out to the ring. Daniels had a new ring jacket with medals on it. Kaz took the mic and told everyone to calm down. He mentioned that A.J. Styles and James Storm were going to tag up, against them. Kaz said Styles was going to lose at Final Resolution.

James Storm and A.J. Styles vs Bad Influence (Daniels and Kazarian)

Daniels and Kaz have decided to create a team name. Whatever. Go Behind by Kaz. He ran Styles to the corner and then clamped on a Front Face Lock. Styles with a Universal but Styles missed a move and crashed hard. Tag to Storm. Storm tattooed Kaz with fast and furious fists. Jawbreaker into a Flying Neckbreaker. Storm unloaded on Daniels and nailed a Back Body Drop. Tag back to Styles. Styles botched the Double Back Elbow. Styles missed a Knee Strike. Tag to Kaz. Major Double Team on Styles.

Storm tagged back in and hit an Inverted Atomic Drop on Kaz and then cracked Daniels. Enziguri to Kaz. Daniels helped block the Lung Blower. Springboard Legdrop by Kaz. Tag to Daniels. Tenay explained the silly reason for Daniels’ and Kaz’ new team name. Headbutt by Daniels on Storm. Scoop Slam by Daniels. Daniel with a Springboard Elbow Drop. Kaz, who had tagged in, hit the Springboard Legdrop, again. Cravat by Kaz. Storm rushed Kaz to the corner. Double Team by B-I. Tag to Daniels. Power Whip Double Team as B-I did the double dance thing. Silly as Hell.

Styles finally got the tag and nailed both guys. Spin Kick on Daniels. Face Plant on Kaz. Drop Down Neckbreaker on Daniels. Springboard Flying Forearm by Styles. Styles went out after Kaz and landed badly. Daniels went out and attacked Styles, before throwing him back into the ring. Double Team Powerbomb/Neckbreaker by B-I. Styles still kicked out. Styles kicked Daniels as Storm pulled Kaz out of the ring. Styles missed the Pele. Storm, with the blind tag, hit the Last Call Superkick on Daniels.

Your Winners: James Storm and A.J. Styles
Grade: B (84%)

Styles looked very disgusted, after the match. Storm had himself a brew. Taz, Tenay and Todd ran down the rest of the night’s card.

It was announced that Lockdown 2013 would be held in San Antonio, TX. If I were to get the chance to go, there is a fantastic little pub called Dirty Nellie’s down on the Riverwalk. I would so be there.

Aries, Kash and Ion returned to Hogan’s office. Hogan wanted someone to stir things up in the ring. Hogan told Ion to stop kissing his *ss and sit down. Kash said he was one of the toughest SOBs in the company and he deserves one last shot. Hogan then asked Aries why he should be allowed to go after the title. Aries said he was top notch. Hogan said RVD hated Aries, so Austin gets the shot. Kid Kash said he was just about tired of this. I see his point. Kash deserves more respect than being only occasionally used.

Joey Ryan came out and said he would take over the announce duties. He told Christy Hemme to go fix him a sammich. Jerk. Joey then introduced Matt Morgan.

Matt Morgan vs Douglas Williams

Morgan came out in Hulk Hogan’s gold and purple robe. Morgan is now sporting gold trunks. The announcers talked about Morgan’s bad attitude. Williams tried to open up on Morgan, only to get pushed down. Vicious Clothesline by Morgan.Back Elbow by Morgan. Morgan choked Williams with the boot. Williams slapped Morgan, which got no reaction. Whip by Morgan into a Sidewalk Slam. Morgan tossed Williams into the corner. Williams tried to fight out of the corner but ended up on the wrong end of the Chokeslam. Carbon Footprint!

Your Winner: Matt Morgan
Grade: C (75%)

Bruce and D’Lo were still looking for Al Snow. Bruce was talking to Al’s wife. D’Lo offered to step in for Al. Bruce accepted the idea. I smell a rat.

TNA then showed my grandson (Eric)’s new favorite Christmas Commercial Grin.

Jeremy Borash was in the ring with Taz, Bruce and D’Lo. They brought out Wes Brisco to determine if he would be part of the roster. Bruce took the microphone and explained that D’Lo was subbing for Al Snow. Bruce then talked about Wes’ performance. Bruce talked about wrestling (and beating) Wes’ dad, in the past. Bruce said Wes didn’t do all that great, last week. Bruce said he knew what potential Wes had so…

Bruce Prichard: Yes.

Taz was then asked for his thoughts. Taz said Wes didn’t have a great match. He felt Wes was so close but…

Taz: No

Wes then did his Kick Out. He talked about how he was doing this for himself, his fans and his family. It really came across as phony. He ever faked a few tears and a voice break. He brought up his Uncle Jack (Brisco). Wes wanted a a chance to prove himself.

D’Lo said he saw both sides of the arguement. The crowd was chanting “Yes!” (When did Daniel Bryan come in?) D’Lo said he understood how important this decision was. D’Lo also knows Wes’ family. D’Lo was conflicted about whether Wes was ready. “He is Ready!” rang out from the crowd. D’Lo talked about Bruce and Kurt standing up for Wes, so…

D’Lo Brown: Yes

Wes Brisco gets his contract. Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff rushed down to the ring to celebrate the “win”.

In the hallway, Hogan was asked about the double elimination. Hogan said he wasn’t himself, today. Bully Ray walked in and said Austin Aries offended Hulk, Brooke and Bully Ray. Ray said Hogan should have put him up against Aries. Ray thought Hulk was confusing business with personal. Hulk said it was Ray that was confused.

They did a promo for Jeff Hardy on Ink Masters. I love that show. I would so be a “human canvas”. AEF9CF5A8AD3315682DAEA4E68FD393AAEF9CF5A8AD3315682DAEA4E68FD393A

ODB was asked how she feels about the attack on her hubby. She tried to talk about it but she couldn’t continue after mentioning that Eric was in the hospital with a shattered ankle.

An updated card for Final Resolution was talked about.

Rob Van Dam vs Austin Aries
X-Division Title Match

Aries told Hulk Hogan that winning the X-Title would be the first step in getting the World title back. Hogan said he was ready for Aries to find himself needing new dental work after dealing with RVD.

Jeremy Borash did the official introductions for the main event. This was the first meeting between Aries and RVD. The two moved to the corner. Aries with a hard kick. The two went back and forth with strikes. Arm Drag by RVD. RVD with hard kicks. Whip by RVD but Aries with a Kick. Body Scissors for a two by RVD. Shoulder Thrusts by RVD. RVD missed a Dropkick when Aries held the ropes. Aries with a Springboard Senton but RVD got the knees up. Baseball Slide Dropkick and Tope Con Hilo by RVD tot he outside. Impact went to break.

Aries flipped RVD to the outside and knocked him off the apron. Aries hit a Baseball Slide Dropkick but Aries hurt his leg. RVD with a Front Drop Suplex over the railing. Aries dodged the ECW Legdrop. Aries then hit a Neckbreaker, over the railing. That was just nasty. They got back in the ring but Aries just couldn’t get the three count. Flying Elbow to the back of RVD’s head. RVD slammed Aries into the corner and nearly decapitated Aries with a kick. Aries with a DDT. Aries with a modified Rolling Thunder. Aries with a Double Stomp on the eyes. Aries went to the top and tried for the Five Star Frog Splash. He missed and landed really hard. RVD with kicks to the skull. Springboard Thrust Kick. RVD attacked Aries, in the corner. He hit an official Rolling Thunder. Split-Leged Moonsault but Aries got his foot on the bottom rope.

Aries with a Kneelift. Discus Forearm by Aries. He spent a long time mocking RVD. That let RVD hit a Lift Dropkick. RVD went to the corner but got shoved off the top. RVD hit the railing. Aries went out and got RVD. Aries rolled RVD back into the ring and asked for a house microphone. The idiot wasted time taunted RVD. He went too far by getting a shot in on Brooke Hogan. Aries said he was about to become the X-Division title. Bully Ray rushed hte ring and almost nailed the Buh-Buh Bomb.

Your Winner (by DQ): Austin Aries
RVD keeps the belt.
Grade: A (94%)

Aries back up the ramp and almost ran into Hogan. Hogan looked past Aries and stared daggers at Bully Ray. Ray screamed “Still don’t trust me? What is it going to take?”


–Jay Shannon

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