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The show opened with an extended look at the A.J./John Cena “relationship”. It also looked at the issues between Ryback and the three invaders from NXT. Who are they and what are their motives and who are they working for?

Ryback vs Titus O’Neil

Ryback wasn’t in the best of moods, this week. Titus got a few good moves in but Ryback simply dominated. The Meathook Clothesline into the Shell Shocked brought Ryback another victory.

Your Winner: Ryback
Grade: B (84%)

Ryback then got on the microphone and said he wanted C.M. Punk and the three guys from NXT. Vickie sent security down to escort him out. Ryback pitched one guy out easily. Vickie said she would give Ryback another shot at C.M. Punk at TLC. Ryback said he wanted a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. She eventually agreed. Ryback spooked the security guys and they scamped like cockroaches when the lights come on.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talked about Hornswoggle’s stunt from last week. The little guy had flowers, which were actually a water gun. He sprayed Rosa Mendes in the face with water. Earlier today, Rosa went off on Hornswoggle. The two argued until Alberto Del Rio showed up. ADR said no real woman would take Hornswoggle serious. ADR offered to exact revenge on the little guy. Great Khali came up and said to leave his friend alone. ADR backed off. Khali was up to fight, next.

The Great Khali vs Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodriguez did the intro. Another fancy car. The match was actually pretty evenly matched. The Finish happened when RIcardo and Hornswoggle got into it on the outside. Alberto with the Flying Arm Bar into the Cross Armbreaker.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Grade: B (85%)

Rosa was watching, from the back, and she showed her appreciation for El Patron.

In her office, Vickie was reading the WWE Magazine. C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman came in and read Vickie the riot act for daring to make another title match. Punk was especially not happy that it was a TLC match. Paul said Punk had a legit gripe. Paul accused Vickie of not thinking with a clear head. Paul said Vickie was playing politics. Vickie said Ryback got another shot because of Punk’s use of others to defeat Ryback. Vickie said Punk would be in a match, later on, against either Kane or Daniel Bryan. Vickie then dismissed Punk and Heyman.

Raw looked back at the three-on-one assault on Ryback, last week. They Powerbombed Ryback through the announce table. Lawler and Cole discussed if the three guys were working with Punk. Cole sent it to an interview he did with the trio. Cole asked the trio if they worked directly for C.M. Punk. They said no. Cole then asked why the guys were there. They talked about being down in NXT, watching the wrongs in the WWE. The trio is known as The Shield (of Injustice). They talked about being about righting the wrongs. The Shield would step in where needed. Roman stopped everything and said they had said enough. He urged Dean and Seth to join him in walking off.

A promo for Fandango ran. I was almost sure if was Chris Jericho returning, but I guess not.

Alicia Fox vs Tamina Snuka

Tamina has new music and is now from the Pacific Islands. She also is wearing something that takes me back to the days of Giant Gonzales. Tamina warned A.J. not to mess with Vickie, in an insert video. Fox took an early advantage with vicious kicks. Tamina switched things by using her superior power. Short Arm Clothesline by Tamina that nearly took Fox’s head off. Fox with a Small Package that seemed to ignite Tamina. Samoan Drop led to Superfly Splash.

Your Winner: Tamina Snuka
Grade: C (74%)

Cole talked about several members of the WWE Roster, including Vince McMahon, going to the Persian Gulf to meet with the service men and women.

John Cena came out for the next chapter in the (yawn) A.J./John “love story”. Raw showed the high (low) lights of last week’s little soap opera. Cena said a lot of people have been asking if A.J. was a good kisser. Vickie didn’t let him share the details. Vickie said Cena confirmed the affair, last week, with the kissing. Vickie had a gift for A.J. and John. Vickie had matching bathrobes for the loving couple. Vickie knew A.J.’s and John’s world would soon implode. Vickie ran down all of A.J.’s crazy antics, over the last few months.

A.J. strolled from the back. Vickie taunted A.J. for her love-struck puppy stage. A.J. said she had issues, in the past, especially as it relates to men. A.J. said she was trying to become a better person. A.J. said Vickie cost her the G.M. spot, which means she can date whoever she wants. She can do what she liked including: caressing John’s face and patting John on the tushie. Too funny. She started to smooch him again but Vickie stopped her. A.J. said it was a shame that the GM couldn’t date, because power was the only thing that could help Vickie land a man.

Dolph Ziggler decided to join the party. Dolph said Cena couldn’t deal with being put through a bathroom wall. Cena attacked Dolph, from behind, on Smackdown. Dolph finally figured out what was eating at Cena. Dolph said A.J. was thinking of him while she was kissing Cena. Oh, puh-lease. Cena started to go after Dolph but Vickie called a halt to it. Vickie said the two men would fight, in the ring, later in the night.

They showed a title belt being given to some guy from the Washington Redskins (Deadskins, as we loyal Cowboy fans called them). Wade Barrett was out to scout the next match.

Kofi Kingston vs Tensai
Non-Title Match

Raw showed Barrett beating Kofi, last week. Wade said he would get his title shot at TLC. Kofi used his speed to counter Tensai’s power. Tensai got numerous shots in, including a Shoudler Tackle from Hell and Headbutts. The finish came after an extended offensive flurry by Tensai. Springboard Ax Bomber by Kofi. Kofi with Controlled Frenzy into the Boom Drop. Tensai partially blocked Trouble in Paradise. He hurt his hand doing it. Pendulum Kick (Kofi) was converted into a Elbow Drop (Tensai) for two. Tensai went for the Avalanche but Kofi rolled out. Trouble in Paradise from the floor. Springboard Crossbody for the three.

Your Winner: Kofi Kingston
Grade: B+ (87%)

Wade took the IC title belt and presented it to Kofi. Mind games can be so much fun.

Daniel Bryan had proof that people liked him more than Kane. He had poling data. He pulled up a map of hte US. Blue states were for Daniel. Red for Kane. No US states voted for Kane. Daniel took it global, where Kane was still losing. Kane threatened to send Daniel to Hell. Josh Mathews came in to give the final decision. C.M. Punk will face…Kane! (59% to 41%) “Red Rules!” was Kane’s reaction. Daniel was place d in a match against Rey Mysterio. It began immediately.

Daniel Bryan vs Rey Mysterio

The two locked up. Arm Drag by Daniel. The two locked up and Daniels did it again. Rey with sharp kicks and an Arm Wringer. Daniel reversed out of it into his own Arm Wringer. Rey with kicks and an Irish Whip. Universal into a Monkey Flip. Rey with a Modified Monkey Flip to send Daniel to the floor. Rey missed the Seated Senton off the apron. Daniel with a Flying Knee Trembler.

Back in the ring, Daniel with an Over-the-Shoulder Arm Breaker. Daniel tried to hold Rey down for the count, but only got a two. Hammerlock by Daniel. Back Elbow by Rey into a Flying Flip. Drop Toe Hold into the corner. Daniel came back and laid out Rey. Daniel pitched Rey out to the floor. Rey slid back in as Daniel slid out. Raw went to break.

Rey with a Kick. Daniel reversed an Irish Whip. Rey went to the top but Daniel caused Rey to fall into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Daniel stomped away until the ref moved him back. Daniel started to go for a Surfboard but changed gears. He dropped an elbow to Rey’s kidney. European Uppercut by Daniel. Daniel pitched Rey out, again. Daniel ran Rey into the post and then back into the ring for a two. Arm Bar by Daniel. Daniel with a Headbutt. Daniel Suplexed Rey to the top rope and punched him. Rey blocked the Superplex. Headbutt sent Daniel off the ropes. Rey with the Seated Senton into a Flying Head Scissors. Rey rolled through a Sunset Flip and hit a Crescent Kick on Daniel. 1-2-no.Rey kicked Daniel into the ropes. Daniel avoided the 619. Rey would not let Daniel lock in the Yes/No/Maybe Lock. Daniel got into it with the crowd. Daniel with hard kicks. Rey with a Slingshot that sent Daniel into the middle turnbuckle. 619 aroundthe post into the Diving Headbutt.

Your Winner: Rey Mysterio
Grade: A- (93%)

Alberto and Ricardo talked, backstage. Rosa came up and talked Spanglish to him. She was very grateful for ADR’s help. The passion was thick as could be.

Josh interviewed Dolph Ziggler. Dolph was asked if his taunting gave Cena more motivation. Dolph bragged about how good he is. Dolph said Cena was pre-occupied with A.J.. Dolph was looking forward to seeing the look on A.J.’s face after he did bad things to Cena.

Cole and Lawler did another highlight reel of the issues between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena

Cena with a Push Off into the Universal. Two Arm Drags by Cena into an Arm Bar. Side Headlock by Cena. Anothers Universal but Cena with the Hip Toss into a Side Headlock. Cena with a Shoulder Tackle. Cena with an Irish Whip but he ate an Elbow. Close Clutch Jawbreaker by Dolph. Break time.

The action was on the floor, as the show returned. During the break, Dolph ran Cena into the ring steps. Dolph did sit ups in the ring and almost got pinned. Dolph with a Clothesline. Elbow Drops by Dolph(9). He missed the 10th. Cena went all Vintage on Dolph. Dolph with a kick to the head into a Flying DDT as John went to do the “You Can’t See Me” thing. 1-2-not yet. Dolph missed a Corner Splash. Dolph blocked the STF and clamped on a Sleeper. Cena buckled as Dolph kept the pressure on. Cena Hulked Up and ran Dolph to the corner. STF! Dolph crawled towards the ropes to force the break. Cena didn’t want to let go but did.

Dropkick from nowhere by Dolph. Both men were down and spent. Dolph headed up the turnbuckles. Cena rolled through the Top Rope Crossbody and went for th Attitude Adjustment. Dolph partially blocked it and hit the Zig Zag for a two plus. The two traded fists and kicks. School Boy by Dlph for two. Proto-Bomb by Cena. Cena started to go for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but his knee buckled. The doc checked on Cena. Dolph took the top turnbuckle off as the ref was distracted. A.J. rushed down, then Vickie showed up. A.J. looked ready to kick the purple clad butt of Vickie. Dolph tried to use the briefcase on Cena, but John with the AA.

Your Winner: John Cena
Grade: A- (92%)

That match ending was definitely called soon, due to the injury. A.J. was in the ring with Cena. The two kissed like high school sweethearts.

Sheamus walked backstage. Raw looked at the WWE on The Soup.

Sheamus came out to the ring. The fans showed their love for the Celtic Warrior. Raw showed how Sheamus Brogue Kicked Scott Armstrong, when Big Show pulled him in the way. Show with the KO Punch. Another ref DQ’d Show. Sheamus delivered over 30 chair shots, after the match. Show and Sheamus will battle in a Chairs match at TLC.

Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro
Non-Title Match

Cesaro definitely held his own against Sheamus. I had major respect for Cesaro before but he took it to another level, tonight. The battle spilled out of the ring and Sheamus unloaded on the US champ. Cesaro tripped Sheamus, who fell into the ring steps. Sheamus rebounded with Celtic Hammers but Cesaro with a Running Clothesline. Gut Wrench Throw by Cesaro. Impressive. Cesaro with repeated European Uppercuts, in the ropes. Sheamus battled back and nailed the Crossfaces. Springboard Battering Ram into the Irish Curse Backbreaker for two. Cesaro fought out of White Noise but fell to the Bulldog Bounce Powerslam. 2 count. Sheamus was trying to lock in the Four Leaf Cloverleaf but Cesaro got to the ropes. Cesaro with a Reverse Samoan Drop for two. That was awesome. Sheamus kicked away and then rolled up the ropes. Sheamus went for the Battering Ram but it was stopped by a European Uppercut. Cesaro wanted the Neutralizer but Sheamus blocked it. Brogue Kick that sent Cesaro sailing through the ropes. Cesaro was knocked out.

Suddenly, the Big Show came from the back.

Your Winner (by count-out): Sheamus
Grade: B+ (89%)

Sheamus told Show to bring the chair down and use it. Sheamus was ready to retire the Big Show. Sheamus said he would hit Show with a 100 chairs, if need be, to take back the World title. Sheamus was ready to show Show what barbaric was all about. Show then proceeded to rip the steel chair apart.

Cole and Lawler showed more photos of the Middle Eastern visit
by some of the WWE people.

Damien Sandow wanted to speak. He blathered away that his soul purpose was to rescue the WWE Universe. He was ready to dismantle a mouth-breathing miscreant. Whatever.

Damien Sandow vs Zack Ryder

It was a typical mid-card match. The fans cheered Zack as Damien got to shine. Damien bailed out after a Universal. Damien clubbed and kicked Zack. Cole ran down all of Damien’s names for himself. I kinda like Composite Poffo (Half Randy Savage/Half Lanny Poffo). Damien with hard Kneelifts into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Elbow of Disdain (I don’t do Latin) for two. Damien got Face Planted by Ryder. Zack with a nasty Back Elbow and Double Knees. Missile Dropkick by Ryder. Damien avoided the Broski Boot by rolling out to the floor. Ryder still got a shot in on Damien. Ryder threw Damien back in the ring. Ryder went to the top and Damien hit the ropes. Damien with the Termi-Noose (or Terminal Moose, if you prefer) to take the win.

Your Winner: Damien Sandow
Grade: B (84%)

In the back, Paul was asked how he felt about Punk having to fight Kane. Paul brought up that Punk has now passed Randy Savage as it relates to title reign time. Heyman said Punk was reaching his limit for being mistreated. Punk will battle Kane, next.

Cole and Lawler looked back at the interview with The Shield.

Kane vs C.M. Punk
(Yep, you guessed it) Non-Title Match

C.M. Punk was a grand marshal in a parade, recently. He was also quite excellent on The Talking Dead. I am a HUGE Walking Dead devotee. I have every single episode of the gory-filled zombie drama. Yep, fan boy Jay.

The two spent some time feeling each other out. Lock Up went to the corner. Shot by Punk. Kane shook it off. Punk with hard kicks and Forearms. Knife Edge Chop by Punk. Kane with kicks and punches. Kane with an Uppecut. Irish Whip but Punk with a kick and Forearms. Front Face Lock by Punk but Kane lifted Punk and dropped him over the ropes. Punk ended up on the floor. Time for more commercials.

Punk focused on Kane’s left leg and knee. Kane punched Punk in the head to get free. The two went to the floor. Punk got in first and snapped Kane’s neck on the top rope. Punnk seemed to have a hurt knee. Punk with a Tope Suicida onto Kane. Punk threw Kane back into the ring. Punk stomped and then stood on Kane’s bad wheel. Punk with a pair of Elevator Knees. On the third one, Kane exploded out of the corner. Kane with a Corner Clothesline and then a secodn one. Sidewalk Slam for a two. Kane to the penthouse for the Kane Klothesline. Kane wanted the Goozle but Punk with the Swinging Neckbreaker for two. Punk went to the apron to talk with Heyman. Punk flew off the ropes, into a Clothesline. Heyman pulled Punk towards the ropes. The ref didn’t see a thing. Kane with the Throat Slice. Kane went for the Tombstone Piledriver.

Suddenly, The Shield strolled down to ringside as Punk got free. Punk with the GTS.

Your Winner: C.M. Punk
Grade: B (84%)

The Shield hopped the barrier and got in the ring. They started to beat down on Kane. Daniel Bryan rushed down and also got laid out. Ryback then came out and ended up getting Powerbombed by the trio.


–Jay Shannon

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