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Ok, the remaining turkey is in the fridge. The other “vittles” are either eaten or stored away. The post-turkey nap is over and it’s time for some serious pro wrestling.

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to Open Fight Night.

The show opened with a look at Kurt Angle’s issues with Aces and Eights. Speaking of them, they picked a new victim…Magnus. James Storm, foolishly, accepted a sucker match against Bobby Roode for the Top Contender Spot. Roode beat him and took the number one contender spot.

Todd, Taz and Tenay were your announce team. Jeremy Borash was in the ring with Wes Brisco. He is seriously ripped. It was his Gut Check…

Wes Brisco vs Garrett Bischoff
Gut Check Challenge

Wes seemed a bit surprised to see who his opponent was. Go Behind by Wes into a Takedown. He rode Garrett and went into a Hammerlock. Standing Switches into a Fireman’s Carry by Wes. Garrett with Arm Drags. Kurt came down to watch the match. Side Headlock Takeover by Garrett but Wes reversed it, quickly. The crowd was loving the match. Both men went for Dropkicks but missed. Monkey Flip by Wes. Wes with a Steam Roller, followed by a Side Headlock.

Push Off but Shoulder Block by Bischofff. The two traded forearms and kicks. Quick Spin Neckbreaker by Wes. STO Clothesline by Garrett. Rear Chinlock by Garrett. Garrett with a Whip but Wes with a Corkscrew Crossbody. Small Package by Garrett and Flapjack by Garrett. Wes with a Half Crucifix Back Roll to pin Garrett. Wes is the first Gut Check contestant to win his challenge.

Your Winner: Wes Brisco
Grade: B (84%)

Al Snow was in the back with all the previous Gut Check winners. Al Snow said each person could call out anyone on the roster, tonight. Christian York seemed to take the “Captain” spot for the group.

Kurt praised both Wes and Garrett, in the back. Kurt told them both to slow it down and feed off the fans.

Joey Ryan vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Joey knew all about Gut Check. He said he was the biggest star to come out of it, even if he didn’t win it. Joey accused Hulk Hogan of dividing him and Matt Morgan. Ryan said he and Morgan would be going after the tag belts. Ryan called out Chavo Guerrero.

Ryan jumped Chavo, before the bell. Chavo fought back with hard fists. Irish Whip by Chavo into a Hip Toss and Cannonball Senton. European Uppercut by Chavo. Ryan missed a Corner Splash and ate another European Uppercut. Back Elbow by Ryan to Chavo’s shoulder. Straight fist by Ryan. Ryan wailed away but Chavo punched out of the corner. Back Elbow by Chavo but Ryan with a wicked Dropkick. Neck Wrench by Ryan. Someone sent me an e-mail and caleld Ryan “The Ron Jeremy of Wrestling”. Chavo took down Ryan. They traded fists. Flying Headscissors by Chavo. Ryan flipped Chavo onto the apron. Springboard Senton by Chavo. Three Amigos by Chavo and the “Wrestling Hedgehog” was stunned. Matt Morgan rushed the ring and Goozled Chavo. Horrific Chokeslam by Morgan. Hernandez hit hte ring to prevent any further damage.

Your WInner (by DQ): Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Grade: B (85%)

Austin Aries was asked what he planned to do on Open Fight Night. Aries said the person needed both a Gut and Reality Check. He said it would be a “Family Affair”. Hmmm…the return of Matt Hardy? Brooke Hogan?

Sam Shaw vs Alex Silva

Sam said it was an honor to be a Gut Check winner. He called out Alex Silva, the first Gut Check winner. This should be good. Tenay mentioned OVW, the developmental territory for TNA. Silva with a Spear as he got in the ring. He punched away at Sam. He then threw his leather jacket at Sam. Back Body Drop by Silva. Silva with a wild Haymaker. Clubbing Blows and kicks on Sam for a 1 count. Back Elbow by Silva. Silva said it was time to finish things. He missed a Legdrop. Silva rammed Shaw into the corner and then whipped him across the ring. Corner Clothesline by Silva. Rear Chin Lock by Silva. Sam with punches to the ribs. He started to sing the Canadian National Anthem. Club to the back.

Rear Chin Lock by Silva. Scoop Slam and Stomp by Silva. Sam landed on his feet off a Back Body Drop. Spear by Sam. Sam ripped into SIlva like a buzzsaw. Series of Dropkick by Sam. Twisted Sister Backbreaker into a Neckbreaker. Breaking Point (Hangtime Guillotine Legdrop) by Shaw.

Your Winner: Sam Shaw
Grade: B+ (88%)

ODB and Eric Young walked into Hulk Hogan’s office. EY wanted to do the Turkey Suit Match. YEAH! Hogan agreed to let them do it but he told them to be careful of Aces and Eights.

I was SO hoping to see the Turkey Suit Match. I’ve talked with the family…ALL DAY…about this.

The Robbies confronted EY and ODB. Robbie E wantes to be in the Turkey Suit match. Jesse and Tara walked by. EY decided to make a Triple Threat Turkey Bowl Extravaganza Match.

The announce trio looked at the attacks by Aces and Eights, over the past few weeks. Impact also looked at how Joseph Park has been a thorn in A&8′s side. Aces and Eights had their Thanksgiving Feast. Another dart was thrown into the roster pictures to determine the next victim.

A video about Christian York was shown.

Christian York vs Jeff Hardy
Non-Title Match

York said he felt like the luckiest SOB in the world. He was ready to Double Down. York decided to call out someone that he respects. He called out…JEFF HARDY!

Taz said York had a heck of a set of “pumpkins” for going after the World Champ. Lock up into a Hammerlock by Hardy. York elbowed his way free. Hardy with a Back Elbow after missing a Clothesline. Wrist Lock by York. Push Off by Hardy. Universal but York with all kinds of kicks, including a Standing Dropkick. Hardy seemed a bit surprised. Break time.

Hardy kicked York in the corner. York reversed an Irish Whip and dodged the Whisper in the WInd. York with a Corner CLothesline for two. Hardy began to punch away but York with an aborted Rollup. High Knee by York for two. Cravat by York. Spinning Mule Kick by Hardy. York went to the top byt Hardy dodged the Double Stomp. York with a Half Nelson Back Suplex into the Dreamscape. York with a wicked Octopus-like submission hold. Hardy got to the ropes.

York missed a Corner Splash. York countered the Twist of Fate and hit Hardy with one of his own. It was more of a Diamond Cutter. 1-2-denied. Hardy blocked the Mood Swing and hit an X-Factor. Hardy went to the top but got caught. Knife Edge Chop. Hardy thwarted the Superplex. Sunset Flip Superbomb off the top turnbuckly by Hardy. Hardy with a Flying Forearm and the Twist of Fate. Hardy headed up top and nailed the Swanton. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Grade: A (96%)

After the match, Bobby Roode slid in the ring. He planted York with the Double A/R Spinebuster. He then Speared Hardy. Roode siad he would be taking back the World title at Final Resolution.

Impact looked at Taeler Hendrix. She warmed up, backstage. Brooke Hogan came up and talked to her. Brooke told Hendrix to use the nerves to her advantage.

Taeler Hendrix vs Tara
Non-title match

Taeler bopped down to the ring and took the stick. God, she’s cute. She wanted to see how much she measured up to the gold standard. She called out…Tara. Jesse was with Tara. They were wearing matching outfits. Ahhh, how sweet. Jesse with a Gorilla Press of Tara. Taeler offered a handshake, which Tara would not take.

The two locked up and Tara shoved Taeler down. Go Behind into a Takedown by Tara. Faceslam by Tara. Scoop Slam by Tara. Tara with the Hair Toss. Tara choked Taeler on the ropes. Flying Hangman on Taeler. Taeler punched away at Tara. Tara got all smoochy with Jesse. Dropkick by Taeler sent Tara into Jesse. Small Package by Taeler for two. Taeler with a kick and Sidewalk Slams. Taeler with a nasty Headbutt. Hard punches by Taeler. Crossbody for a two. Jesse got on the apron. Taeler argued with him. Tara almost crashed into Jesse. Vicious Round Kick by Taeler for a two. Jawbreaker by Tara. Tara with straight fists to the jaw. Widow’s Peak

Your Winner: Tara
Grade: B- (82%)

EY and ODB walked backstage. The turkey suit kept pecking at ODB’s chest. Grin.

Eric Young vs Jesse vs Robbie E
Triple Threat Turkey Bowl Extravaganza Match

Robbie T, Tara and ODB were all at ringside for their respective partners. EY was ready to attack the ref. EY with a Double Clothesline on Robbie and Jesse. Jesse then whipped EY and hit a weak-looking tight Dropkick. Robbie E with a Running Back Elbow on EY. Double Whip into a Classic Flapjack on EY. Robbie and Jesse both tried for the pin. That led to a breakdown. Kneelift by Robbie. Jesse rammed Robbie into the corner. EY went to the top turnbuckle and nailed a Missile Dropkick. Universal into a Flying Forearm. Flair Flop by EY . Rolling Belly to Belly Suplex by EY. Jesse made the save. Tara got in the ring to distract. ODB attacked Tara. Jessed choked EY on the ropes. ODB and Tara rolled over the official. Eric threw Jesse out of the ring. Robbie T held EY. Robbie E was sent to the outside. Jesse tried for the Party Crasher but EY reversed itinto a Roll Up.

Your Winner: Eric Young
Grade: B- (82%)

Jesse was kind of a good sport when it came to wearing the turkey suit. This had my whole family in stitches. Tara could barely keep from cracking up laughing as her sweetie donned the crimson head of the turkey.

Aces and Eights hit the ring and surrounded ODB and Eric. ODB was pulled out of the ring. EY took a shot to the knee and a Big Boot. ODB was handcuffed so she couldn’t help her hubby. They held EY down as DOC brought out the hammer. He cracked the ankle and then the bottom of the foot. Various officials rushed odwn to aid EY. What a BS way to end this fun segment.

The announcers talked about the attack in the previous segment. There have been rumors that Eric was leaving TNA but this is a lousy way to send him out.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came down to the ring. Daniels talked about the One Last Match between him and Styles. He said he did it to be there in Styles’ “Time of Need”. Kaz said he wanted Styles to come down to the ring for an *ss beating.

Kazarian vs A.J. Styles

Daniels agreed to head to the back. Kaz with a Side Headlock. Kaz refused to allow the Push Off. Universal into a Jackknife Pin by Kaz. Backslide by Styles. La Magistral Cradle by Kaz. Impressive. They locked up and went tot he corner. Kaz with a kick and punch. Styles with a wicked Dropkick. Styles with the Springboard Head Scissors Takedown. Knife Edge Chops by Styles. Backbreaker by Styles. Kaz went to the eyes and then punched away. Whip to the corner but Styles with a punch. Kaz pulled Styles off the ropes and nailed a Clothesline that nearly ripped Styles’ head off. Gut Wrench Suplex by Kaz for two. Kaz with the Suplex Drop over the ropes. Kaz then blasted Styles with a sharp kick. Styles fell to the arena floor as Kaz danced.

Kaz slapped Styles, when he got in the ring. Styles with a huge Clothesline and Spin Kick. Styles missed a Corner Splash. Springboard DDT by Kaz. Kaz got in Earl Hebner’s face. Kaz tried to use the ropes for a pin but got caught. Kaz shoved Earl, who shoved back. Roll Up by Styles. Pele! Winner, winner Turkey Dinner.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Grade: B (85%)

Austin Aries said it was time to stir things up, a bit. He was ready to open up Pandora’s Box.

A-Double strolled out in street clothes. He said he has been telling everyone that he had big things that he wanted to do. He said the playing field wasn’t even and the deck was being stacked against him. Aries said there was one person responsible for all his problems. He said the one person holding him down was…Hogan. Aries said he wanted Hogan to get to the ring…Brooke Hogan, that is. He really challenged Brooke? She didn’t back down. Aries said he did not want her out there to wrestle him. He knew she was Princess Hogan. Aries said he was tired of the name Hogan. Aries said he has been dealing with the name Hogan for 25 years. Aries felt Brooke was also sick of being a “Hogan”. Aries talked about Brooke getting married and giving up the name. He suggested she might have ended up as Brooke McMahon. He said she was getting involved with Bully Ray. He suggested Ray would end up being Bully Ray Hogan, since Hogan would never allow Brooke to give up the Hogan name. Aries showed footage of Bully and Brooke together. So, TNA steals back from WWE? Seriously? Aries said he could have given Brooke all the stuffing she could handle.

Out strolled Hulk Hogan. Bully Ray also rushed down to the ring. Hogan screamed at Aries “You’re a dead man.” Hulk seemed a tad confused about what was going on between his daughter and Ray. Brooke shook her head and jogged to the back. Hogan stared daggers at Ray as the show went off the air.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


—Jay Shannon

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