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Survivor Series was filled with surprises. C.M. Punk has now reached the one-year anniversary as WWE Champ. Also, Big Show retained and then took a brutal beating from Sheamus, with a chair.

The show opened with a highlight of Survivor Series. Three members of Florida’s NXT attacked during the WWE title match. Plus, A.J. and Vickie had a confrontation.

“Feed Me More!” rang out as Ryback came out to start the action. He looked even more intense than normal. Ryback took the mic and said he was about to feast on the WWE title when Punk hired people to take the food out of his mouth. Ryback said Punk and his three men are his prey. He told the four to come and face him or he would tear the damn place apart. He was ready to find all four.

Vickie Guerrero came out and told Ryback that he would not tear up anything. Vickie said Ryback blew both chances to win the WWE title. Vickie said Ryback would be facing a fine or suspension if he caused any chaos. She decided to test Ryback’s appetite.

Ryback vs Tensai

The two locked up and went to the corner. Ryback punched his way across the ring and then nailed a Clothesline on Tensai. Running Clothesline nad Corner Splash by Tensai. Repeated Headbutts by Tensai. Thesz Press by Ryback. He slammed the head of Tensai into the canvas, over and over. Tensai throttled Ryback and hit the Sit-out Powerbomb. Backsplash Senton for only a 1. Running Boot by Tensai. Ryback with a Snap Powerslam on Tensai. Backfists by Tensai but Ryback stopped him with a Double A Spinebuster. Meathook La Bandera Clothesline. Ryback went out to get Tensai. He threw Tensai into the barrier as he called for Punk. Ryback threw Tensai back in the ring. He cocked the arm for the full Meathook Clothesline. Ryback lifted Tensai for the Shell Shocked! Dear God, that took power.

Your Winner: Ryback
Grade: A- (91%)

Ryback left the ring and headed to the back.

Sheamus screamed at a ref, backstage. He was ready to call out Big Show, again.

C.M. Punk was ready to throw a “Day 365″ party.

Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
Non-title Match

Wade called Kofi an embarrassment. Kofi with a hard kick. Wade sent Kofi to the ropes and took down Kofi with a Shoulder. Kofi came back with a Crossbody. Wade with an Elbow Drop to Kofi’s neck. Drop Toe Hold sent Wade into the corner. Kofi Korner Lock into punches. 2 count. Kofi with sharp kicks and an Irish Whip. Back Elbow by Wade. Elbow Smash by Wade, into a kick. The two men punched back and forth. Wade with sharp punches and a Back Elbow. Kofi with kicks. Wade with a Snap Mare. Funk Neckbreaker by Wade. 1-2-no.

Kofi began to fight back. Wade with a La Bandera Clothesline. Raw went to break.

Wade had a Side Headlock as the show returned. Kofi fought to his feet to get free. Wade went to Kofi’s eyes. Big Boot by Wade sent Kofi to the floor. Wade went out and brought Kofi back into the ring. Wade kept kicking at the injured eye area. Headbutt by Wade. 2 count. Wade dug his fingers into Kofi’s eyes. Kofi began to unload with punches and kicks. Kofi blocked the Black Hole Slam. Dropkick by Kofi sent Wade to the floor. When Wade got back in, Kofi exploded on the Brit with chops and a Dropkick. Controlled Frenzy into the Boom Drop. Black Hole SLam by Wade for a two plus. Wade was stunned beyond belief. Pendulum Kick into a Top Rope Crossbody for two. SOS by Kofi for a two and a half. Wade with a Mule Kick. He ran the eye over the ropes and nailed what is now called the Bull Hammer Elbow.

Your Winner: Wade Barrett
Grade: B+ (88%)

Cole and Lawler talked about how Punk keeps retaining his title. Seth, Roman and Dean, from NXT, came out and attacked Ryback, at Survivor Series.

Cole sent it to a video package about Brad Maddox. Ryback just annihilated Maddox, last week. Now, YouTube has the Brad Maddox Experience. In the back, Paul Heyman crowed about how great C.M. Punk is. Punk was wearing the new “I’m a Paul Heyman Guy!” shirt. Matt Striker came up and asked about the controversial ending to the WWE title match, last night. Paul said this was to be a celebration of Punk’s year of dominance. Heyman invited Ryback to the party. Punk wanted to discuss that with Heyman.

Kaitlyn vs Aksana

Kaitlyn rushed Aksana, who tried to exit the ring. Aksana went to the floor to lure Kaitlyn in. She hit a Clothesline and rolled Kaitlyn back in. 2 count. Aksana rammed Kaitlyn’s face into the canvas and then threw her into the corner. Aksana with a wicked Arm Bar over the ropes. Aksana kicked the sore shoulder. Keylock by Aksana. Kaitlyn fought to her feet but a clubbing blow took her down. Whip by Aksana. Aksana slithered to the corner and punched Kaitlyn. Kailyn with a kick and Back Elbow. Hait Throw by Kaitlyn, twice. The fans were bored to tears. Flapjack by KaitlynInto a Gut Buster off the Fireman’s Carry. Yawn.

Your Winner: Kaitlyn
Grade: D (65%)

Raw showed WWE on The Soup. The show will air on Wednesday night.

R-Truth was at ringside for the next match. Truth was there to scout the next match.

Brodus Clay (w/the Funkadactyls) vs Antonio Cesaro
Non-title Match

Cesaro talked trash to Truth, before the bell. The two men, in the ring, locked up and Brodus went wild with punches and Kneelifts. Cesaro dodged a Corner Splash and went to town on Clay. Cesaro with a Falling Clothesline. Cesaro focused on the left leg of Clay with stomps. Front Face Lock by Cesaro. Clay missed a Clothesline but connected with a Headbutt. Corner Splash by Clay. Clay stepped on Cesaro. Clay missed an Outer Limits Avalanche. Cesaro with a Morningstar Uppercut. That led to the Neutralizer.

Your Winner: Antonio Cesaro
Grade: B (84%)

Michael Cole talked about John Cena’s 300th Make a WIsh Wish. I so respect John Cena for all he does to make these people’s lives happy. He is one of the people that I hope to one day shake hands with and say “Thank you.”

Vickie was talking with people in the back. Vickie had more evidence to share, next.

The Slam of the Week looked at the A.J./Vickie problem. A.J. had photos of Vickie with various people. A.J. was attacked by Tamina. This happened at Survivor Series. Tamina hit the Superfly Splash.

Vickie then came to the ring with a man and a woman. This was the first Hour Turner segment. Cole and Lawler didn’t know who the people were that joined Vickie. The crowd shouted down Vickie as she tried to say she had nothing to do with the attack on A.J., last night. Vickie introduced Whitney Smith, a waitress in a Sacramento, CA restaurant. Vickie told Whitney to share her story with the crowd. Whitney said Cena and Lee wanted a private table, in the corner. She accused them of being “touchy feely”. Doug Brady was the next eye-witness. He was a parking attendant. He said Lee and Cena spent almost an hour in a parked vehicle.he guy said a guy with his family came to Brady to complain aobut he wild things that were gong on.

That borught out A.J.. A.J. said Vickie must have paid them a lot of money for this crap. A.J. told Vickie to go ahead and fire her or shut the Hell up. Brady supposedly had video of Cena and Lee, naked in the car. It never ran, as John Cena rushed from the back. The witnesses bailed out.Cena has now switched to black and yellow. Cena said it was time to give people something to talk about. Cena smoohed the daylights out of A.J.. A.J. then grabbed Cean and played tonsil hockey with Cena. (Lawler’s words). Dolph Ziggler then hit the ring to attack Cena. Cena pitched Ziggler out of hte ring and then chased after him. Cena seemed to hurt himself in the melee.

Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton
Two-out-of-Three Falls Match

First Fall (Highlights):

Orton got the early advantage with power-based moved. Del Rio used kicks to even the score. Suplex by ADR for a one count. Orton with a modified Brain Buster into the Orton/Garvin Stmp. ADR with the Flying Arm Breaker. Orton blocked the Cross Arm Breaker and sent ADR out to the floor. ADR snapped Orton’s arm over the middle rope. He then pulled Orton’s shoulder into the ring post. ADR continued to slam the arm into the ring post. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winner (by DQ): Randy Orton

Second Fall:
ADr went straight to work on Orton’s bad arm. ADR with a Thrust Kick to get a two count. ADR cranked on the injured arm. Orton fought to his feet and nailed a Headbutt and Back Drop Suplex. Orton shook out his weakened arm. Running Clotheslines in to the Snap Powerslam. Drop Toe Hold by ADR into the Cross Armbreaker. Orton tapped out.

Your Winner: ADR

Deciding Fall:

The ref asked Orton if he could keep going. He refused to stop. ADR moved Orton to the corner. Orton’s left arm was pretty much a dead soldier. Roll Up by Orton for two. ADR popped the bad arm, again. Orton refused to give up. Running Dropkick into the injured left arm. 1-2-kick out. Twisted Sister Backbreaker by Orton. Ricardo tripped Orton. The ref ejected Ricardo from the ringside area. Back Stabber by Del Rio for two. ADR taunted the crowd and Orton by doing Orton’s setup and tried for the RKO. Orton came back with the R-A-D. Orton then went into his “special place” Del Rio blocked the RKO and locked in the Cross Arm Breaker. Orton refused to submit. He rolled ADR into a pinning position. ADR let go and Randy came back with the RKO!

Your Winner (2 Falls to One): Randy Orton
Grade: A (94%)

Raw looked at the Mega Kisses, again. Cena really tweaked his left knee when he exited the ring.A.J. checked on John as the EMT wrapped the knee.

Great Khali vs Primo and Epico

Hornswoggle came down with flowers. Khali and Primo went at it. Khali pitched Primo back. Hornswoggle waved and smiled at Rosa Mendes. Khali just over-poewered the two cousins from Puerto Rico. Hornswoggle wanted a kiss, or so it seemed. The flowers sprayed Rosa with water. Punjabi Plunge on Primo, I think.

Your Winner: Great Khali
Grade: D (64%)

Hornswoggle and Khali danced in the ring as the replay ran. In the back, Heyman’s aide checked on everything. Heyman wanted balloons but he didn’t ask for them and might not be able to get them. Heyman exploded when he heard he might not get balloons.

David Otunga vs The Miz

The two circled each other. Otunga clubbed away on Miz. Miz began to punch away. Kick by Otunga. Otunga sent Miz into the ring post. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Otunga. Scoop Slam by Otunga into a Springboard Elbow Drop. Otunga flexed and then went for the pin. Rear Chin Lock by Otunga. Otunga popped Miz in the back of the head. Otunga pulled back on the neck of Miz. Shoulder Tackle by Otunga. Hammerlcok Clotheslines by Otunga. Otunga only got a two cont.

Rear Chn Lock by Otunga. Miz powered up and spun under to blast Otunga’s ribs. Miz with a Small Package off an Irish Whip. Huge Clothesline by Otunga. Otunga went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Otunga jumped up on Miz’ back to weaken Miz, even more. Miz really looked weak in this one, up to this point. Miz with an Irish Whipp Sunset Flip combo for two. Miz with a Roll up for two. Miz with a series of straight fists to the head. The ref pulled Miz back. Full Body Clothesline. Miz headed to the top and waited. Ax Bomber. Miz set the stage for the Skull Crushing Finale and nailed it.

Your Winner: The Miz
Grade: B (84%)

Cole and Lawler looked at the Sheamus/Big Show match at Survivor Series. Sheamus went berserk after he learned that he did not win the match.

Cole and Lawler sent it back to Ryback’s rant from the opening segment. Ryback wants to destroy Punk and his three associates. Vickie stopped Ryback’s chaotic rage.

Sheamus vs Damien Sandow

Sheamus came out with a steel chair. Sheamus said he had something he wanted to get off his chest. Sheamus said he was proud of his fight at Hell in a Cell. Sheamus said Show then made it personal by attacking him from behind and hurting William Regal. Show then took it to new lows by pulling the ref into the Brogue Kick. Sheamus said Show has shown what kind of a person he is. Sheamus doesn’t have his smile, anymore. Sheamus wanted to battle Big SHow.

Big Show’s music rang out and the World Champ limped from the back. Show took a Hell of a beating from Sheamus, after the match. Sheamus showed off the chair that he beat the World Champ with. Show told Sheamus to listen to him. Show said Sheamus lost his Irish temper but he still didn’t get the title belt that he wanted. Show told Sheamus that the Irishman didn’t deserve the title. He called Sheamus “Barbaric”.

They were interrupted by the arrival of Damien Sandow. Sheamus wasn’t ready to give up his steel chair but Sandow would not get in the ring until it was taken away. Sandow strutted around. The two locked up and rolled over the ropes. Sandow cowarded down to avoid a punch. Go Behind by Sandow but Sheamus with a nasty Back Elbow. Sandow with a kick to the ribs. Steam Roller Shoulder Tackle by Sheamus that sent Sandow to the floor.

Sandow went for a kick but Sheamus caught the foot and Back Heel Tripped him. Side Headlock Takeover by Sheamus. Sandow kicked and punched on Sheamus. Sandow choked Sheamus with the boot. Sheamus grinned as he opened up on Sandow with brutal Knee Strikes and punches. Sandow reversed an Irish WHip but Sheamus rebounded with a Celtic Hammer. Sandow with hard punches. Sheamus blocked a Suplex and delivered one of his own. 2 count. Sheamus took Sandow down and dropped a knee into Sandow’s shoulder. Sheamus ran over Sandow. He blocked a Sandow Hip Toss and threw Damien out by the beard! Raw went to break.

Sandow ran Sheamus’ shoulder into the corner. Sandow with a Basement Dropkick to Sheamus’ shoulder. Spinning Neckbreaker, on the floor, by Sandow. Sandow pitched Sheamus back in the ring and got a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Sandow. Sheamus punched away but Sandow with Knee Strikes. 2 count. Sandow choked Sheamus on the ropes and hit a series of Crossfaces. Sandow went to the outside and attacked Sheamus. The ref ordered him back in the ring. Point of the knee to Sheamus’ neck. Sandow went back into a Rear Chin Lock.

Sandow pulled Sheamus down, by the hair. Sandow with hard left hands. Sandow kicked Sheamus in the back and went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Sheamus powered up and struck the ribs. Sandow with a Kneelift. Sandow returned to the Rear Chin Lock. The fans were getting bored with the slow downs. Sheamus punched away. Knee Strike into the Side Russian Leg Sweep by Sandow. Elbow of Disdain was blocked. Irish Curse Backbreaker by Sheamus. Both men were nearly spent. Kneelifts by Sheamus, through the ropes. Crossfaces in the ropes by Sheamus. Sheamus Suplexed Snadow in and then went to the Penthouse. Battering Ram into White Noise. Sheamus rallied the crowd to get the Brogue Kick. He connected!

Your Winner: Sheamus
Grade: A- (91%)

Vickie talked with Tamina. Vickie introduced Tamina to A.J. Lee. Lee was ready to get to know Tamina, in the near future. Lee didn’t like it that Dolph attacked Cena. Vickie cackled as Tamina blocked Lee from attacking Vickie. Lee wanted to know what Vickie was going to do about John being injured. When Vickie said “nothing”, Lee said she would handle it.

Cole and Lawler talked about the upcoming C.M. Punk party.

In the back, A.J. Lee stormed around until she reached the men’s locker room. Layla tried to talk sense to Lee but she would not listen. Lee walked straight up to ZIggler and started to go off on him. Dolph told Lee that she was a nothing who glommed onto any attention that she gets. He called her desperate and pathetic. He felt she was a shell of a girl. He also called her sad, and weak. He then topped it off by calling her trash. She began to beat the crap out of him until Cena stopped her. Dolph took a cheap shot on Ziggler and the two began to fight all through the locker room area. Ziggler went right after Cena’s hurt knee. A ref called for a doc and a trainer.

Josh Mathews said Cena was rushed into the trainer’s room. Josh said he wasn’t sure if the knee injury was worse than before.

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan and Kane
Non-Title Match

The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil) were at ringside. The match went back and forth with both sides showing all kinds of wild moves. Daniel put Cara in a Flying Surfboard. Kane came in and kicked Sin in the face. The tag champs tagged frequently. Daniel had a rip in his right arm. Sin with a hard kick into a Tornado DDT. Tags to Kane and Rey. Corner Clotheslines by Kane. Rey with a Flying Slop Drop. Sin took out Bryan Crossbody. Kane Klothesline on Rey. Rey with 619 into the Benoit Flying Headbutt. Kane with the Goozle. The Prime Time Players hit the ring.

Your Winner: No Contest
Grade: B (84%)

It broke down into total chaos. Kane and Daniel cleared the ring.

Heyman and Punk chatted in the locker room. The Party was ready to go, next.

Cole and Lawler ran down the night’s events, especially as it related to Ziggler/Vickie and Cena/A.J..

Paul Heyman was in the center of the ring. He took offense to being booed. He was there to honor a man who has defended the WWE title for one solid year straight. He had a poster of the longest reigns in the WWE. Heyman brought up how they made fun of Jerry Lawler, last week. Heyman said the fans didn’t really like what they asked for. Heyman said the fans couldn’t deal with a champion like C.M. Punk. Heyman then brought out C.M. Punk.

Punk waltzed out with an air of arrogance thick as a London fog. Cole talked about all the different types of matches that Punk has gone through in the last year. I noticed that Punk was closing in on Randy Savage’s title number. Punk is good but he is no Randy Savage. Punk ran down the list of people who couldn’t make it to one year as champ. That led to a promotional video for C.M. Punk. The crowd did show their respect for Punk’s accomplishments. Punk said he wanted to pass Bruno Sammartino’s legendary title reign of over 9 years. Heyman said Bruno should be in the WWE Hall of Fame (Amen!). Heyman said Bruno and Hulk Hogan could never have beaten Punk. He also said “Stone Cold” Steve Austin could never have beaten Punk. Baloney. Heyman said Punk would beat The Rock at Royal Rumble. Punk has been asked which victory was the most impressive. He said the match on Sunday was the sweetest because no one thought he could do it.

Ryback showed up to join the party. Punk wasn’t happy. He got jumped by the three guys who attacked him on Sunday. Dean, Seth and Roman Triple Teamed Ryback. The trio Powerbombed Ryback through the announce table. Punk stood and looked a bit confused. Punk left the ring as the Trio from NXT got in the ring to absorb the hatred from the fans. Punk kneeled over Ryback and then screamed “Best in the World” with his foot on Ryback’s chest.

Fade out.

–Jay Shannon

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