Posted November 19th, 2012 by Bill Apter

It was interesting to hear Paul Heyman’s comments about how fans want the “Attitude Era” back, yet when he and CM Punk gave that same kind of “Attitude Era” treatment to Jerry Lawler they were condemned … Did you get the same feeling I did that perhaps Bruno Sammartino might accept an induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame next year? Heyman “put him over” and I hope that is a hint that the “Living Legend” might accept an official place in the history of the company.

The show had a high energy factor tonight from start to finish … I give a big “thumbs up” to a two-out-of-three-falls match in a three hour show. Tonight’s Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio match was fabulous.

I usually don’t like the drama and certainly have not been a fan of the John Cena/AJ Lee angle BUT tonight’s turn of events with Cena and AJ revealing their romance — and the way it was done — was fine. To add to this the locker room attack with Dolph Ziggler and Cena was really well done.

The NXT gang’s attack of Ryback ruined CM Punk’s 365 day reign party but firmly makes us question now if they are involved with Punk and Heyman … Big Show was so angry at Sheamus it felt like he was “shooting.”

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