Posted November 18th, 2012 by Bill Apter

Champion CM Punk vs. Ryback, vs. John Cena


Cena and Ryback at odds at the beginning … Punk clotheslined over the ropes and it’s Ryback vs. Cena … Punk is outside watching this … Cena goins for an F5 but does not get it locked in … Cena tossed out and now Punk is back in and suplexes Ryback who then slams him … It’s Cena vs. Ryback again with Cena in charge with a chinlock … Punk dives off the ropes to separate them and Cena crashes outside … Ryback caught in mid-air by Punk and Cena back in tries an F5 on him but does not get it … Punk gets a near pin on Cena … Punk with a suplex neckbreaker but picked up by Ryback and slammed … Cena drops Ryback who gets up right away … Punk crashes Cena into the steps outside the ring … Punk takes Ryback down and tries a pin but fails … Punk with chinlock on Ryback on the mat … Ryback with a backdrop.

Ryback ready for his finish clotheslines Punk…Goes for Shellshock … Cena stops it and puts him in STF … Punk dives off the top rope with an elbow on Cena thus breaking the possible submission … Double clothesline by Ryback and tosses Punk out and then Cena as well … Ryback on the floor and both battle him down together!

They break the TV table apart and double suplex Ryback on the table!!!! AMAZING! Punk and Cena worked together! … In the ring Cena “you can’t see me” … Five Knuckle Shuffle … Punk with GTS and pin attempt but Cena kicks out … Cena with F5 but Punk kicks out at “two!” … Punk with the high running knee … Cena with STF … Ryback pulls him out onto the floor and goes after Punk … Clothesline … Ryback with Shell shock … Cena breaks it up … Ryback Shell-shocks Cena … A bunch of thugs come in and beat up Ryback They break the place a part and put Ryback through the table … In the ring Punk pins Cena.

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