Posted November 18th, 2012 by Bill Apter

Champion CM Punk vs. Ryback, vs. John Cena


Cena and Ryback at odds at the beginning … Punk clotheslined over the ropes and it’s Ryback vs. Cena … Punk is outside watching this … Cena goins for an F5 but does not get it locked in … Cena tossed out and now Punk is back in and suplexes Ryback who then slams him … It’s Cena vs. Ryback again with Cena in charge with a chinlock … Punk dives off the ropes to separate them and Cena crashes outside … Ryback caught in mid-air by Punk and Cena back in tries an F5 on him but does not get it … Punk gets a near pin on Cena … Punk with a suplex neckbreaker but picked up by Ryback and slammed … Cena drops Ryback who gets up right away … Punk crashes Cena into the steps outside the ring … Punk takes Ryback down and tries a pin but fails … Punk with chinlock on Ryback on the mat … Ryback with a backdrop.

Ryback ready for his finish clotheslines Punk…Goes for Shellshock … Cena stops it and puts him in STF … Punk dives off the top rope with an elbow on Cena thus breaking the possible submission … Double clothesline by Ryback and tosses Punk out and then Cena as well … Ryback on the floor and both battle him down together!

They break the TV table apart and double suplex Ryback on the table!!!! AMAZING! Punk and Cena worked together! … In the ring Cena “you can’t see me” … Five Knuckle Shuffle … Punk with GTS and pin attempt but Cena kicks out … Cena with F5 but Punk kicks out at “two!” … Punk with the high running knee … Cena with STF … Ryback pulls him out onto the floor and goes after Punk … Clothesline … Ryback with Shell shock … Cena breaks it up … Ryback Shell-shocks Cena … A bunch of thugs come in and beat up Ryback They break the place a part and put Ryback through the table … In the ring Punk pins Cena.


  1. By Jeff, posted

    Another “Dusty Finish”… wonderful. *eyeroll* Glad I don’t pay for these

  2. By David Jewel, posted

    Somebody please explain to me what the hell has been the point of creative building up Ryan Reeves as this unbeatable machine if, as it appears, they have zero faith in him as a champion. 2 straight screwjob endings just begins to lessen the champion (even if he apparently isnt involved). After the blatant ripoff of the AJ Lee situation from TNA Storylines I fear we will soon find this new NXT group known as Deuces Wild or something similarly named to ripoff As&8s. If WWE creative has gotten so lazy to ripoff storylines now from what amounts to a AAA level Wrestling organization then the WWE is really sunk to new lows and I fear for whats coming as this will only further alienate harcore fans who whether Vince McMahon likes it or not are still his prime demographic and what not. Its fine to want to pick up some kids with the new Saturday Morning show and Main Event, but kids are very very fickle and will move on fast to something new. Churn doesnt help a business model in the end as you constantly have to hope to gain to balance out the lost. If you lose your hardcore base fans replacing them with kids isnt wise, only kids for other kids makes sense. As a fan since WM3 Ive never seen the WWE product this bad since the Monday Night Wars ended a decade ago.

  3. By Glen Tickle, posted

    So frustrating, I’m tired of seeing the writers fail. Even more frustrating than this match was the fact that they didnt send Ziggler in when he had the PERFECT opportunity. That my friends would have made the ppv.

  4. By BigDaddy, posted

    You just screwed your paying fans who bought the PPV again.

    Finishes like these don’t drive the fanbase to you; they drive them away.

  5. By T., posted

    the poll taken sometime after WM 2012 is waiting to materialize, Rock v Punk, is there any secret that Punk will retain until then?
    Punk will lay down for the Rock, just like Cena did last year, wow what a match outcome.
    Rock, stay in hollywood, you’re better at that then you are in the ring now, you lost whatever you had (if you had it at all), does anyone think that the outcome will not be the Rock?
    waste of money there, but lets see what the rest of the card will feature.
    how about a 4-way match, Punk v Rock v Cena v Ryback (Skip) with Skip (Ryback the winner) and sending the Rock packing all the way back hollywood.

  6. By Richard Urbanowski, posted

    i just want to say that i am so sick of all the so called story lines in WWE. with them copying TNA with the AJ John Cena CRAP how pathetic. they cant be original. they are pathetic.

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