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The fate of DOC was decided. Plus, James Storm and Bobby Roode took their feud to the next level.

The show began by highlighting the results of Turning Point. A.J. Styles lost in the Triple Threat and can’t go after the World Title until Bound For Glory 2013. Jeff Hardy retained his World title in the Ladder Match against Austin Aries.

Todd, Taz and Tenay were at the announce booth.

James Storm came out to address his fans. Storm said it had been a long road for him but he finally reached his goal. Storm wanted to thank the fans who had been in his corner, since day one. He also wanted to thank his family and he also wanted to thank those who said he couldn’t do it. Storm said the last group was the fuel that kept his crazy *ss going. Storm let everyone know that he was next in line to go after the World title…

Enter Bobby Roode.Roode had a couple of beers in his hands. Roode told Storm that he was there to join Storm’s party. He shared the beers with Storm. He toasted “The Cowboy” for becomng the number one contender. Roode reminded Storm that James beat Styles, not Bobby. Roode took partial credit for Storm winning the match. Roode then said Storm was going to fail in becomng the World champ. Roode brought up Storm’s daughter, which struck a nerve. Storm waited for Roode to take a sip of beer and then blasted him in the face. Roode bailed out of the ring. Storm told Roode to bring his “dumb *ss” back in the ring for a fight. Roode said there was nothing in it for him, unless Storm was willing to put up the Number One Contendership. Storm said he worked too hard to earn that spot. Roode brought up Storm’s daughter, again. Storm then accepted Roode’s offer of a match. Well played, Roode.

Styles will be out, later, to discuss his future. Hulk Hogan said he felt bad for Styles. Hogan knew how competitive Styles can be. Hogan said Styles was his own worst enemy.

Dixie and Hulk talked about the Make an Impact program to help the Red Cross with people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Impact looked back at DOC’s hammer attack on Sting, last week. That was hard to watch. In the clubhouse, DOC was asked if he had done enough to stay in Aces and Eights. DOC said he beat Sting and Joseph Park half to death. He was asked to surrender his jacket, for the moment. They will let him know, by the end of the night, if he would be allowed to stay a member.

Kid Kash vs Rob Van Dam
X-Division Title Match

RVD defeated Joey Ryan, on Sunday. Kash jumped RVD and tried to destroy him. Todd brought up their ECW past. Push Off by Kash. RVD with a sharp kick tot he face. Forearm to the face by Kash. Standing Switch by Kash. Universal but Kash with a Flying Headscissors to the floor. Kash hopped over the top rope and hit a Hurancanrana to plant RVD.

Back in the ring, the flow went back and forth. Kash with a Clothesline off the corner. Kash hurt his arm on the impact. Top Rope Moonsault by Kash failed. Jumping Thrust Kick by RVD into Rolling Thunder. The two countered back and forth on kicks. RVD with a Dropkick to lay out Kash. Rolling Monkey Flip by RVD that almost had Kash landing on top of RVD. Five Star Frog Splash!

Your Winner: Rob Van Dam
Grade: B (84%)

Eric Young talked with ODB. EY bragged about all the hunting that he has been doing. EY said they are the Power Couple and EY was going to beat Jesse and ODB would become the top contender to the Knockout title. They smooched, big time.

Kurt Angle talked with Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. Garrett said he wanted revenge against Devon. Wes said Kurt had trained him since high school and he wanted to fight. Kurt said he had major plans for Wes, so Garrett got the nod.

Jesse (w/Tara) vs Eric Young (w/ODB)

Taz announced that Mickie James would return for the Knockout Battle Royal. EY and ODB both had their Knockout Tag belts. I remember when those belts were defended. Eric Young is now on Animal Planet’s Off the Hook. EY wanted to lock up with the ref. Jesse jumped him and hit a Drop Slam. Jesse with an Elbow to EY’s neck. Whip into a Snap Powerslam by Jesse. Jumping Legdrop by Jesse for a two count. Jesse choked EY until the ref broke it up. Jesse with a hard shot to EY’s face. Jesse choked EY on the middle rope. Standing Dropkick by Jesse. That was impressive. Jesse with a hard whip that led to the Flair Flop. EY slid under Jesse and ended up in an Abdominal Stretch. EY would not submit. EY got free and Hip Tossed Jesse. EY “Hulked Up”. He dropped his trousers and showed off his USA speedo. Flying Forearm by EY. Tara slid in the ring but ODB came in with the Spear. EY with his own Snap Powerslam. EY called for the Top Rope Speedo Elbow Drop. Jesse kicked EY out of the ring. Tara jumped ODB, from behind, and rolled EY back into the ring. Jesse with the Career Crusher (Modified Stunner).

Your WInner: Jesse
Grade: B (85%)

Impact looked at DOC’s assault on Joseph Park. DOC nailed Park from behind. DOC thinks he’s the toughest SOB in Aces and Eights. Park freaked out when he saw his own blood. Black Hole Slam by Park! Park went back to normal and ended up falling victim to the Chokeslam. Park was in Hogan’s office and wanted one more shot at Aces and Eights. Hogan said this just wasn’t for Park, he is not a wrestler. Hogan said he knew Sting was in bad shape and would come back, when he was ready. Hogan said Park was a lawyer, not a wrestler. Hogan said Park had no training. Hogan refused to let Park wrestle. Park said if he went to wrestling camp, then he would be ready to fight. Hogan thought it was a bad idea and didn’t think Park would return.

Samoa Joe vs Magnus
TV Title Match

Magnus was jumped by Devon and members of Aces and Eights. They took out Magnus’ right knee. DOC had the hammer and attacked Magnus’ thigh with it. DOC then struck the knee of Magnus on the left side. Devon went to crack Magnus in the head with a baseball bat but Bully Ray rushed down to protect Magnus. Pat Kenney, AL Snow and D’Lo Brown rushed out to check on the Brit.

Your Winner: No Match
Grade: N/A

Magnus was being placed on a stretcher. The announce team were still trying to figure out what Aces and Eights’ plan is. They showed the footage, again, of the attack on Magnus’ knees.

Impact then looked at the match between Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy, on Sunday. The match was a definite “Match of the Year” contender. After so many close calls and near finishes, Hardy got to the top and went for the belts. Aries lifted the belts higher. Hardy caught Aries with a Twist of Fate on a ladder and went up and got his belts. Fast forward to this week and Aries showed off his bruises. Aries said he was not finished with Hardy. He ran into him in the trainer’s trailer. Aries gave Hardy respect for raising his game to a higher level. Aries said he made people rise to levels that they didn’t even know they could reach. Aries said Hardy needed the massage more than Aries does. Hardy said (in a dreamy inner voice) that Aries has now left his (Hardy’s) dimension.

Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff vs Devon and a masked Aces and Eights member (Mike Knox?)

Kurt said he didn’t need a dart to throw to figure out who he wanted to fight. Kurt warned Aces and Eights that no one threatens Kurt. He said they were waiting for the Aces and Eights members. Impact took a quick break.

Kurt with a Suplex on Devon. Masked Man took the tag and beat on Kurt’s head. Kurt kicked the knee and moved MM to mid-ring. Garrett took the tag and twisted MM’s arm. Garrett took them to the corner and broke clean. Garret with a Flying Shoulder and Dropkick. Garrett took MM to the corner and tagged in Kurt. Devon with a shot to the back of Kurt’s head. Devon took the tag and stomped away. Suplex by Devon into a Flying Kneedrop. Devon punched away, in the corner. Devon with a Flying Back Elbow. Tag to MM. MM with a Hammer Throw. Corner Splash onto Kurt. 1 count only. Front Face Lock by MM.

Kurt punched loose but MM with a clubbing blow. German Suplexes to both members of Aces and Eights. La Bandera Clothesline by Kurt on Devon. Missile Dropkick by Kurt. Another member of Aces and Eights attacked Garrett. DOC got in the ring to attack Kurt with a hammer. Wes Brisco rushed down with a bat to prevent it. (hmmm…that looked a lot like the bat that Devon was about to use on Magnus, earlier). Kurt rolled up the Masked Man to take the win.

Your Winners: Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff
Grade: B (84%)

Tara and Jesse were looking for Brooke Hogan. They found her talking with Bully Ray, all comfy on a chouch. Awkward. Tara didn’t like learning about things through Twitter. Brooke dismissed Tara. Tara suggested that Brooke lock the door.

Dixie was asked about A.J. Styles’ attitude. She understood what all A.J. had been through. She said she had never seen him this far down. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen with him.

Mickie James vs ODB vs Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne vs MIss Tessmacher
Number One Contender Battle Royal

ODB put her wedding ring in her shirt pocket and the fight was on. Gail went after ODB. Tess and ODB then attacked Gail. Mickie attacked Madison. Mickie choked Madison with her boot. ODB rested in the corner as the other four women fought. Gail attacked Tess. Madison tried to push Mickie out of the match. Gail with a Whip on Tess that ended up sending Tess to the apron. ODB lifted Gail but Madison with a kick. Double Whip on ODB. Gail and Madison whipped each other into ODB, who crumpled into the corner. Monkey FLip by Tess on Gail. Madison pushed Tess out of the ring.

Miss Tessmacher — Eliminated

Mickie and ODB with Stereo Thesz Presses. Flapjack by Mickie on Madison. ODB with the Fallaway Slam on Gail. ODB went for her flask. Mickie sent Madison into the Dirty Dozens. Mickie then sent Gail into the same position. Mickie threw Madsion out onto the apron. She pranced around but ODB spewed liquid and Madison fell off the apron.

Madison Rayne– Eliminated.

ODB flew off the ropes and accidentally hit the Flying Thesz Press on Mickie. Gail grabbed ODB and threw her out.

ODB — Eliminated

Gail attacked the stunned Mickie. Mickie with a Head Scissors. Mickie flipped Gail over the ropes and onto the apron. Gail wentt to attack Mickie but a Mick Kick sent Gail to the floor.

Your Winner: Mickie James
Grade: B- (81%)

And somewhere in Reno, my “brother” Rick just spilled his beer while cheering his girl. I know you had to love this match, my bud.

James Storm was asked if he understood what he done. He did. A.J. Styles walked up and smiled at Storm. He didn’t say a word. He would speak…next.

The Leader talked with DOC. They dismissed him as a member of the group. They threatened to beat him down if he didn’t leave. As he opened the door, someone stood with his official vest. Yep, it was a swerve. DOC is an official member.

Impact looked at the Triple Threat match. Styles lost, despite a fantastic effort. Roode and Storm with the Double Team. Storm with a Lung Blower on Roode and Last Call Superkick to pin Styles.

Styles just looked down as he walked to the ring. Mike Tenay said Styles would not return his calls, this week. Styles said he knew how high the stakes were, on Sunday. Styles admitted that he lost and couldn’t fight for the World title. Styles said it was the type of year that he has had. Styles ran down all the crap that he’s ben through. Styles said the worst thing was that people doubted him. Styles said if he had won the Bound For Glory Series, he would have won the World title. Styles said he had nothing to be thankful for, this year.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out to stir the pot. Kaz quoted Elvis to talk about how Styles was crying all the time. Daniels then said all of Styles’ words were accurate. Daniels said there wasn’t a light at the end of the tunnel, or maybe there was. Daniels told Styles to look in the mirror. Daniels said Styles brought it all down around himself. Daniels called Styles “a broken, flawed little man”. Daniels called Styles a complete and total failure. Styles said he beat Daniels a lot more than the other way around. Styles said Daniels needed a reminder. He challenged Daniels, one last time, to determine who the better man is. Kaz said Daniels had nothing to prove or gain. Kaz said Daniels was stale. Daniels stopped Frankie and said it was the perfect for the One Last TIme match. Daniels wanted the fans to find out who the real failure is. Styles flipped his hat around and was ready to fight.

Dixie and Hulk were back to, again, push Make an Impact. It is a great way to help those affected. Several of my dear friends were affected and I have my tee on the way.

Austin Aries talked psychology. He now knew which buttons to push. He was going to start, next week, at Open Fight Night.

Next week, the successful Gut Check contestants of the past will get their chance to call people out.

Kurt wanted Wes Brisco put in the Gut Check. D’Lo agreed with Kurt. Bruce said there was a process to follow. Al Snow kinda agreed. Bruce said someone needed to handle Taz, who was telling Kurt it was ok for Wes to compete in Gut Check.

Bobby Roode vs James Storm
Number One Contender Match

Jeremy Borash did the Buffer-esque introductions. He also pushed the Nissan GT Academy. Storm quickly jumped Roode and hit a Back Body Drop. JB had to dive for safety. Storm with hard punches, in the corner. Roode with an Inverted Atomic Drop that got no reaction. Storm with a Clothesline. Roode with a Back Elbow to send Storm to the the outside. Roode took the turnbuckle pad loose. SHoulder Thrust by Storm. Roode with an Elbow Drop. Both men came close to hitting the corner. Flying Armbar by Roode. Roode rammed Storm’s arm into the ring post. Break time.

Sunset Flip by Storm blocked by Roode. Flying Kneedrop by Roode for a two. Roode slammed Storm’s left arm into the canvas. Roode snapped the bad arm over the ropes. Storm started to fight back but Roode threw Storm down by the hair. Roode with stomps on Storm. Keylock by Roode. Storm punched into the corner. Rodoe reversed an Irish Whip. 2 count. Roode went back to the Keylock. The two punched back and forth. Headbutt by Roode. Storm with a Side Russian Leg Sweep.

Roode tried to go for the Crippler Crossface but Storm with a Flying Forearm. Inverted Atomic Drop into a Flying Neckbreaker. Roode flipped Storm over the ropes. Storm with the Enziguri. Storm went up top but Roode hit the ropes. Roode climbed the ropes but Storm pushed him down. Forearm Shot by Roode. Roode wanted the Superplex but Storm with Headbutts and a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for two plus. Eye of the Storm unable to be delivered, due to the hurt arm. Double R Spinebuster into the Crippler Crossface by Roode. Storm spun around to reach the ropes with his feet. Hammerlock Slam turned into the Lung Blower and Closing Time (Code Breaker). Storm called out to the fans for the finish of the match. He wasted way too much time. Roode threw the ref in the way. Roode shoved Storm into the exposed turnbuckle. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Grade: A (90%)

Fade Out


–Jay Shannon

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