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The WWE Universe decided who the final member of the updated Team Foley would be. Speaking of Mick, he got to wear the stripes…ok, green plaid…for a match. In addition, Brad Maddox got his chance to win a million dollar contract, he just had to beat Ryback to do it. All this, plus the return of The King!

In tribute to the veterans, on Veteran’s Day, the show opened with a touching video package to multiple generations of men and women who have served their country. John Cena did the commentary on the piece.

Raw pushed Jerry “The King” Lawler’s return. It also looked at the John Cena/A.J. Lee involvement. Vickie had more to share. They also looked at the Brad Maddox situation and C.M. Punk vs John Cena as tonight’s main event.

Randy Orton’s music blasted from the speakers as The Viper entered the arena.

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler

Jim Ross was still with Michael Cole at ringside. JR and Cole talked about the feud between Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio. Ziggler made his entrance and got down to business. Dolph took a quick advantage with a Side Headlock and Shoulder Tackle. Orton with a huge Lift Drop. Dolph went to the apron. Orton with a Blanchard Slingshot Suplex. 1-2-not yet. Orton threw Dolph into the corner. The fight went back and forth. Dolph with a wicked Dropkick. Dolph with a Neckbreaker and a series of Elbow Drops. 2 count for Dolph. Back Drop Suplex by Orton. Exploder Clotheslines by Orton into the Snap Powerslam. Rope Assisted DDT by Orton. Orton went into his “Special place” but Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez rushed to ringside. Dolph tried to Pearl Harbor the distracted Viper but Orton with a Roll Up.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Grade: B (84%)

After the match, Ricardo and Del Rio attacked, along with Dolph. Kofi came down to even the score. Teddy Long came out after the heels were cleared out. Teddy restarted the match, adding Del Rio and Kofi to the mix.

Randy Ortona nd Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston

Kofi and Dolph to start. Kofi ducked Dolph and kicked away at him. European Uppercut by Kofi. Chops and kicks by Kofi. Incredible Standing Dropkick by Kofi. Raw took a quick break.

ADR stomped on Kofi’s back. ADR pulled back on Kofi’s neck with the knee planted in the back. Dolph with the tag. Funk Neckbreaker converted into a Backslide by Kofi. Dropkick that nearly took off Kofi’s head. Dolph with a Headstand Rear Chin Lock. Dolph Floated Over into a Bridge. Kofi worked up to his feet but Dolph sent him to the corner. Dolph missed the Corner Splash. Both men reached their corners. Orton with a Snap Powerslam on ADR. ADR blocked the RAD. Kofi with a tag and a Springboard Crossbody. SOS for Kofi but Dolph made the save. Orton with a La Bandera Clothesline to take out Dolph. Ricardo with the distraction. Alberto with the Step Up Enziguri to take hte win.

Your Winners: Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler
Grade: B- (83%)

Michael Cole pushed Jerry Lawler’s return. Vickie Guerrero was on her way out to deliver more “proof” of the affair between Cena and A.J..

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler were in the ring. The crowd was seriously hostile. Dolph gave a definition of scandal. He said he was out there because he wanted to hear the truth. After seeing all the old stuff, Vickie started talking about how A.J. threatened to beat Vickie. Vickie demanded that A.J. come out and explain herself. She stormed from the back. Lee wanted to know why Vickie was doing this. Vickie said Lee did something wrong and needs to take ownership of the affair. Lee said she would not lie on Cena. Vickie warned Lee to be very careful what she says. Vickie had more evidence to share. Lee was pushed into admitting that she was going to tell the truth. Lee said she and Cena…are just friends. Lee then told Vickie to admit the real truth. Vickie has been jealous of A.J. since Raw 1000, when she was made G.M.. Also, Vickie was jealous that A.J. dominated her in the ring, twice. Lee got a shot in about Vickie’s weight. Vickie said Lee really pushed it too far. She had several voice mails to share. God, this crap is boring. A.J. said Vickie edited together phony messages. Dolph Ziggler got in the middle of things and told Lee that everyone knew something happened. He taunted her about the time the two supposedly spent together.

John Cena came out and looked ready to kick butt. A.J. held John back. She then blasted Dolph Ziggler. Cena followed up with a shot of his own. Dolph ended up on the floor.

Cole sent it to a tribute video to the current veterans.

A.J. and John talked in the back. Cena wanted to make sure she was ok. Cena said Vickie and Dolph were making Lee’s life miserable over something that never would happen. Lee called him on the comment. Cena was uncomfortable and left.

The WWE Slam of the Week looked at the pub fight between Sheamus, William Regal and Big Show.

William Regal vs Big Show
Non-title Match

Regal really should get a title shot. I’ve talked with friends and ex-friends about how Regal is the greatest wrestler who really never got a chance to be World champ. Headbutt by Show and corner punches to the ribs. Open Hand Slap to Regal’s chest. Regal refused to go down, until Show clubbed across the back of the neck. Show missed an Elbow Drop. Regal opened up with punches and a European Uppercut. Chokeslam by Show.

Your Winner: Big Show
Grade: C (75%–Regal deserves better than this)

Show cocked the fist but Sheamus hit the ring and took down Show. Sheamus stomped a mudhole into the World Champ. Show bailed out of the ring and headed to the back.

Layla vs Kaitlyn

Eve was at ringside. Layla with a Rolling pin attempt, but she only got a two. Layla with an X-Factor. 2 count. Eve whined that neither girl deserved a title shot. “We want Puppies!” rang out. Kaitlyn with a Slop Drop to earn a title shot against Eve, at Survivor Series, on Sunday.

Your Winner: Kaitlyn
Grade: C- (70%)

Michael Cole and Jim Ross talked about Jerry Lawler’s heart attack. They went back to a review of what happened, so many weeks ago. They showed some new footage that has never been seen before. They even had to shock him.

JIm Ross and Michael Cole were in the middle of the ring. Cole mentioned that Jerry Lawler collapsed, nine weeks ago. JR said a lot of people didn’t think the night would happen but it was time for the return of…Jerry “The King” Lawler, The regal music echoed off the walls and Lawler got a standing ovation (much deserved). I want to thank two very dear friends, Bill Apter and Jimmy Hart, for keeping me updated on how well Lawler has been doing. It literally brought a tear to my eye to see the massive show of respect that the crowd had for Lawler. Lawler hugged both Jim Ross and Michael Cole. The crowd popped huge for the second hug (Cole). JR handed the microphone to Lawler, who drank in the love of the thousands of fans in attendance. Lawler was really at a loss for words for the out-pouring. Lawler said he wasn’t sure if he would have been able to return but he did it. Lawler said he had a George Bailey-type experience during his recovery. He didn’t realize how much he affected others. Lawler said he loved all the fans and it was great to be back…

Enter C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman. I have been watching wrestling for the last 44 years and I have never seen something as disgusting as the B.S. that Punk and Heyman pulled. Whatever writer put this crap together should be taken out back and have the stuffing kicked out of them. Punk got all kinds of shots in on Lawler that were just downright repulsive. Heyman went a step further with a faked heart attack. Heyman, you piece of garbage, I hope some day you feel the true pain that Lawler went through. I’ve had a heart attack and I’ve had heart surgery, more than once. How dare you make light of something so devastating. Punk had the gall to say Lawler pulled the “Heart Attack Stunt” to steal his spotlight.

Punk then rambled about being the 9th longest title reign holder. Punk said he would reach the one year mark as champion by defeating John Cena and Ryback. Punk then softened, a bit, by saying he was glad Lawler was back. He did ask Jerry not to croak before Sunday. Lawler came back with “The only thing on life support was Punk’s title run”. At this point, Heyman pulled his stupid heart attack stunt. The fans were really harsh on the idiots in the ring, as they should have been. Heyman then hopped up and cackled about what he had just done.

Thank God…Mick Foley came out to stop this baloney. Mick has new green flannel. I’d so wear that color. Foley should smack both of those weasels for such a ridiculous, disrespectful act. Foley said Lawler deserves respect. Punk still tried to push the Heyman heart attack. Punk said Foley was wasting his time. They are no longer on opposite sides of the whole team thing on Sunday. Foley said the WWE Universe would pick the final member of Team Foley. Punk said Foley should stop caring what people think. Punk thought Foley’s team should be called Team Useless. Foley went off on Punk about the fact that Lawler was dead and was brought back. Foley said he so wanted to be part of a team that taught Punk a lesson. Foley said either Cena or Ryback was going to take Punk’s title. Punk said no one was going to take his title. Punk said Foley couldn’t teach him anything, either. Punk said Foley doesn’t matter. Punk said none of this has anything to do with Foley. Foley did the “Foley Pop” as he announced himself as the “Special Guest Enforcer” during the C.M. Punk vs John Cena match, later in the night.

Punk and Heyman talked in the locker room. Punk questioned Heyman about not being able to keep Foley out of their business. Punk told Heyman to “Fix It!”.

Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd vs Primo, Epico, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young (w/Rosa Mendes)
8-man tag team match

Justin and Titus to start. They traded fists and kicks. Tutus with a European Uppercut. Tag to Darren. Titus with a Front Drop Suplex to drop Darren onto Justin. Tag to Epico. Suddenly, Ricardo Rodriguez strolled out and handed an envelope to Rosa. Epico had a fit about it. Justin with a Spin Kick as Rosa smiled at the note. Rey took the tag and slid under Epico. Rey sent Epico into the ropes but Epico didn’t get hte 619. He did flip Epico to the outside and nail a Springboard Moonsault to the floor. All 8 men were ready to fight, on the floor, so Raw took a break.

Titus whipped Rey into the ring apron, as the show returned. Gorilla Press Backbreakers by Titus, once they got back in the ring. He flung Rey aside like an old overcoat. Titus with a Shoulder Tackle. Tag to Primo. 1 count only. Front Face Lock by Primo. Rey fought free but took a kick/ Rey rolled through a Sunset Flip and Dropkicked Primo in the face. Darren got the tag and whipped Rey into the corner. Rey with a Hurancanrana, from the ropes, that sent Darren into the ring post. Tyson got the tag and exploded on Darren with a multitude of kicks. Enaiguri by Kidd. Spinning Buffbuster by Kidd. Primo with a Backstabber. Everyone got involved in this chaos. Sin Cara dove off the top turnbuckle onto the floor. Tilt-a-Whirl Gut Buster by Darren. Kidd with a Head Scissors to pu Darren into the ropes. 619. Tag to Justin. 450 Splash.

Your Winners: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd
Grade: A- (92%)

Raw did a video package about the relationship between the WWE an the National Guard.

In the back, Brad Maddox was warming up. Paul Heyman came up and wanted to talk to Maddox. He asked the cameraman that has been following Maddox to turn off the camera.

Raw did another video snippet about the new character, Fandango. I really thought the guy coming in was going to be Chris Jericho, maybe under a mask. The guy they showed, I think, is from FCW aka NXT. I was trying to figure out which one he was, but I’m having some tech issues with the internet.

Dolph chatted with The Miz. Miz quit Team Ziggler, last week. Miz still wanted to make an impact on Survivor Series. Dolph knew Miz would come back, begging to be on Team Ziggler. Miz taunted Dolph for getting slapped by a girl. The two started to argue but the arrival of Mick Foley slowed them down. Foley said he wanted Dolph to pick two members of his team to go against two of his guys. Dolph said he would use Team Rhodes Scholars. Foley said he would use Kane and whoever the WWE Universe picked to be the final member of the team. Miz asked Foley to put him on the ballot as a possible member of Team Foley. Really? Cool.

Michael Cole said the three choices were:

Santino Marella
Zack Ryder
The Miz.

R-Truth vs Tensai

Antonio Cesaro came out and made fun of R-Truth and his imaginary friend, Little Jimmy. He then took shots at the USA. He felt the US was a joke. He considered himself a true Super Power. Raw went to break before the match.

Tensai (remember him?) took an early lead in the match a Side Headlock. Lawler questioned Antonio about his “Man Purse”. Tensai with a Shoulder Tackle. Antonio said it was a satchel. Truth with Forearm Shots but Tensai with martial arts chops. 2 count. Cole and Lawler were interested what was in the satchel. He wouldn’t say. Tensai worked over Truth’s left arm. Truth with hard punches and a Dropkick. Tensai flipped Truth onto the apron. Missile Dropkick by Truth for a two count. Ax Kick by Truth. Leg Lariat into the Little Jimmy for three.

Your Winner: R-Truth
Grade: B- (81%)

Antonio called out Truth and started to ramble in German (I think). “Knock Knock” Who’s There? Europe…U R Up in my face now but on Sunday Truth was going to knock out Antonio’s teeth.

WWE showed clips from the new nWo video. I will be adding that to my collection, soon. I will also be bringing back Welcome to the Video Vault, soon, in an all-new format.

Raw looked back at Brad Maddox running off at the mouth about wanting to fight Ryback and wanting to be somebody. Vince gave him his wish and said if Brad were to win, he’d get a Million Dollar Contract.

Cole and Lawler did a recap segment of things from earlier in the night.

Brad Maddox vs Ryback
Million Dollar Contract Match

As Maddox stood on the ramp, an ambulance was reversed into the arena. Lawler got comment of the night with his “Hey, my ride’s here.” Maddox suddenly turned pale. Brad did an insert video where he said tonight would be the best night of his life. He said “No one is going to forget the name, Brad Maddox”. Catch phrase alert?

Ryback then stormed from the back. Brad stood behind the ref as Ryback got in the ring. Raw showed how Maddox Low Blowed Ryback, at Hell in a Cell, to prevent Ryback from getting the World title. EMTs came out with a stretcher. Mind games? Ya think? Maddox darted out of the ring, just as the bell sounded. The ref started to count. Maddox finally got in the ring as the crowd chanted “Feed Me More!” Maddox slid right back out. Maddox got in and circled Ryback. He tried to bail but got caught. Ryback tossed Brad down. He also blocked a kicka nd pulled Maddox off the ropes. Scoop Drop Slam and the Skull Bouncers by Ryback. Maddox ended up bouncing 7 times on the mat. Ryback rolled Maddox over and bounced him 3 more times. Hip Toss into the corner by Ryback. “You’re Dead!” was the comment before the Running Powerslam by Ryback. Ryback with a Meathook version of a La Bandera Clothesline. Ryback went out to get Maddox.

Ryback pitched Maddox back into the ring. Ryback with multiple Powerbombs as Lawler said “Ryback would go after Moby Dick in a rowboat and bring the tartar sauce”. Maddox refused to let the ref call for the bell. Ryback prepped and blasted Maddox with the Meathook Clothesline. Shell Shocked!

Your Winner (well, d’uh): Ryback
Grade: B (84%)

After the match, Ryback attacked Maddox, on the floor. Ryback tipped over the stretcher that Madox was placed on. Another Meathook Clothesline. Ryback dragged Maddox to the ambulance and tossed him inside. I’m wondering if the post-match attack could eventually have the match results reversed? That would have Maddox “Beat” Ryback. Ryback screamed “I Hit Hard!”

David Otunga vs Sheamus

The two men hooked up and went tot he corner. Otunga with a kick and clubbing blows. Running Back Elbow by Sheamus. Otunga flexed and talked trash. William Regal, Michael McGillicutty and Aksana watched Sheamus blast Otunga. Otunga with a cheap shot. Sheamus with Shoulder Thrusts. Running Clothesline by Sheamus. Kneedrops by Sheamus. White Noise after a long delay. Sheamus revved himself up for the Brogue Kick. He hit it perfectly. Count to 100.

Your Winner: Sheamus
Grade: B (84%)

Sheamus took the house mic and told Big Show that the same thing will happen to Show at Survivor Series. Sheamus was confident that he would regain the World title. In the back, Big Show attacked William Regal and him out with the renamed KO Punch.

Josh Mathews was outside the Trainer’s Room. William Regal received a concussion and possible broken jaw from Show’s attack.

Michael Cole sent it to another video package about the troops. This was about the Wounded Warrior Project.

Kane walked through the hallway as Daniel Bryan yelled that they needed to talk. Daniel wanted to wish Kane luck with his “New Partner”. Kane said they had a new teammate. Daniel acted all hurt that Kane would dare to team with someone else. Jealousy? Ya think? Daniel rambled on about only teaming together but Kane had walked off. Funny.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes (Team Rhodes Scholars) vs Kane and ?

The votes were in and the newest member of Team Foley was…The Miz (60%).

Team Rhodes Scholars vs Kane and Miz

Daniel Bryan followed closely behind Miz. Miz looked a bit confused. Kane with a Suplex on Sandow. Miz with the tag and a Running Kneelift, from Miz, dropped Sandow. Miz punched away, in the corner. Full Body Clothesline. 2 count. Tag to Kane.Basement Dropkick by Kane. Scoop Slam deflected and Sandow tagged out. Cody was flipped into the ring. Miz took the tag and a Double Irish WHip led to a Double Back Elbow. Daniel pouted, at the announce table. Miz flipped Cody over the ropes and to the floor. Ax Bomber, off the apron, by Miz.

Daniel and Miz had a Mexican Stand-off. Disaster Kick by Rhodes. Tag to Sandow. Side Russian Leg Sweep with Float Over by Sandow. Elbow of Disdain by Sandow. Tag to Rhodes. Rhodes with vicious punches to the face. Tag to Sandow. Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock. Daniel semi-chanted for Miz. Miz got up but took a shot to the face. Reality Check by Miz.

Kane and Rhodes both tagged. Kane with straight fists. Rhodes with the Goldustin Uppercut. Kane with a Corner Clothesline into the Sidewalk Slam. 2 count. Kane headed up to the top turnbuckle. Kane Klothesline. Kane nailed Sandow, who had rushed the ring. Daniel went after Miz. Miz took out Rhodes and threw him in to Kane. Chokeslam.

Your Winners: Kane and Miz
Grade: B (84%)

Michael Cole announced the 10th anniversary edition of Tribute to the Troops. I have the DVD of the original Tribute show. This year’s episode will be in Norfolk, VA. The Muppets, Flo Rida and Kid Rock will be at the show, too. The show will happen in December.

John Cena vs C.M. Punk
Non-title match
Special Guest Enforcer: Mick Foley

Michael Cole said the ticket sales for Wrestlemania 29 were record-setting, over the week-end. Foley came out first, then Punk and Heyman, and finally John Cena.

The bell sounded and it was Collar and Elbow time. Push Off by Cena witha Shoulder Tackle by Pnuk. Hip Toss by Cena. Cena worked over Punk’s arm and shoulder. Punk went out tot he floor as Raw went to break.

When the show returned, Cena was down from an Ax Bomber. Punk rolled Cena onto the apron. Funk Neckbreaker countered into a Backslide by Cena. Funk went back for the Funk Neckbreaker but changed gears into a Neck Wrench. Punk shifted the move into a Cravat. Punk with a Sleeper. Punk jumped on Cena’s back to add more pressure. Cena went down to his knees but fought back up. Backwards Corner Rush broke the hold. The two went back and forth with fists and kicks. The crowd was more on Punk’s side. Cena went Vintage on Punk. Punk converted the “You Can’t See Me” into a Cradle. 2 count. Spinning Neckbreaker by Punk. 2 plus count.

Elevator Knee by Punk. Clothesline by Punk. Punk went to the top but missed the Savage Elbow. Cena with the “You Can’t See Me” into a missed Five Knuckle Shuffle. Protobomb by Cena into the Five Knuckle. Cena battled out of the Attitude Adjustment. Marital Arts kick laid out Cena. Punk called for the Go To Sleep. Cena reversed the move into another AA attempt. Punk with a Mic Check into the Anaconda Vise. Cena reached the ropes to break the hold. Punk missed a Springboard move that allowed Cena to catch the STF. Heyman got in the ring and Foley brought him back outside. Punk with a Leg Lariat.

Punk went for the GTS but Punk countered the move into the STF. Punk fought wildly and finally reached the ropes. Punk rolled out of the ring and started to take a powder. Unfortunately for Punk, Ryback was waiting at the top of the ramp. Cena rushed out and got Punk. Punk wanted the GTS but fell victim to the AA. 1-2-3!

Your Winner: John Cena
Grade: A (94%)

After the match, Punk rolled out of the ring. Ryback got in and had a stare down with Cena. They both grabbed the WWE Title Belt. It was comical to watch Punk try to get it back. Cena and Ryback played Tug of War with the belt as Raw faded out.


–Jay Shannon

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