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  1. By Dave Pelczar, posted

    I totally think that CM Punk & Paul Heyman making fun of Jerry Lawler’s heart attack was wrong. I can see if his heart attack was an angle and did not happen it may be OK but this actually happened and there should be no laughing or joking about it. Shame on the king for allowing this to happen.

  2. By Justin H., posted

    I think it was obviously an attempt to get more heat on Punk, but in this case it was the wrong heat. It was disrespectful.

  3. By Wayne Walentowski, posted

    Whether Jerry approved it or not, it was very disrespectful of McMahon and the writers to even consider approaching Jerry with this angle.

  4. By Mitch, posted

    It’s Typical of Vince to use a employees real life tragedy and turn it into a wrestling/entertainment angle. Vince will exploit anyone even his own personal tragedies into an angle just for ratings.

  5. By Joe Ramos, posted

    I say it was a great angle. WWE has done more disrespectful things to have a good angle like for instance how many times did they use Eddie Guerrero’s death in the Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio fued a few years back

  6. By lj, posted

    It was a total lack of respect and in terrible taste. What are the writers and/or the higherups thinking?

  7. By slim coletrane, posted

    Plain and simple, this is why this show is just plain crap, and i’m the biggest dummy for tuning in to see if it gets any better. Thank god for dvr’s so you dont have to torture yourself for the whole 3 hours, it just seem they wont stop at anything for a buck and I think Lawler shouldn’t have went along with the classless story line. Afer all he was invloved with that stupid story line with michael cole last year only to look dumb as he is way above those degrading antics.

  8. By Sid Justice, posted

    Thumbs WAY down, what form of idiots are the WWE’s writers?

    Is this the best they can come up with?

  9. By Jeff B, posted

    I have been a wrestling fan for a long time, and have seen a lot of controversial angles. That being said, I believe this might be one of, if not the most offensive I’ve ever seen. The fact that so many people have lost loved ones to heart attacks (myself included), making light of the situation was just out of line. I think them showing “behind the scene” clips of the King receiving CPR was also in poor taste. I hope I’m not coming off as over sensitive, but when I tune in to a wrestling program to be entertained, I don’t want to think about death or have someone make light of it in any manner.

  10. By Jerry, posted

    That is the last straw. This show has gone from being ridiculously bad to now horrendous. Does Vince really not care? How much are they giving the network for this crap? Have the mcmahon’s gone insane from Linda’s 2ND FAILED attempt at becoming a politician?

  11. By Derek M, posted

    Back in the 1980′s this might have worked to get more heat for the wrestler performing the act. But today all the heat goes straight to the WWE itself. It’s not “I’m gonna tune in to see that wrestler get his ass beat” heat. It’s “I don’t want to watch this anymore” heat.

  12. By Chris L, posted

    I think everyone here needs to change their panties and get over it. This was an angle on a wrestling show. Everyone wants a return to the Attitude era, but when you get an angle that is mildly controversial everyone gets offended. You can’t have it both ways. Jerry Lawler is back from his heart attack and back getting paid to do what he loves. Part of that is controversy. Get over it people!!

  13. By Joseph, posted

    I can’t say that I hated it, because they are trying to make the heat stick to CM Punk. However, I would have booked it as two segments. The first would have been a welcome back, feel good segment, giving the chance for the fans to show their respect for the return of the King. After a single match and returning from commercial (or later in the evening), Punk’s music would hit and he could come down and berate Jerry Lawler then. Same heat but preserving the King’s triumphant return. Let’s face it, 3 hour Raw’s are already too long, but there IS time to fill.

  14. By Chris Romero, posted

    I personally loved the segment because WWE accomplished exactly what they wanted, #1 Give CM Punk and Heyman some serious heel heat. #2 Get people talking, and from what I have seen, there is a lot of people talking about this.
    Playing devils advocate, I do understand how people are upset. Especially seeing that Brad Armstrong, the brother of WWE’s Road Dogg and Scott Armstrong, just recently passed away.
    I do wonder if WWE would have pulled the same angle if last month was national heart association month instead of breast cancer awareness. They spent a month promoting Susan G Komen. Do they pick and choose which disease is funny to joke about.
    What if a wrestler recently returned from successfully fighting cancer. Would they have the heel wrestler making fun of the other for getting cancer just to get him heel heat?

  15. By Brandon Dack, posted

    Personally I was enjoying the segment first,you’ve Jim Ross, Michael Cole in the ring introduce welcome back,”The King” to WWE and Monday Night RAW he receives a standing ovation from the live audience in Columbus,OH thanks all the fans worldwide for their well wishes.In typical heel fashion CM Punk & Paul Heyman come out to the ring ok fine,cut a promo leave it at that then they’re going to get “HEEL heat” for interrupting Jerry anyway.In my opinion,both the graphic footage Heyman’s faking like he was having a heart attack himself shouldn’t have been shown on TV IMO.Yes, WWE presented edgy storylines in the “attitude era” to get ratings this was inapropriate because,makes fun of a “REAL LIFE HEART ATTACK” that almost killed Jerry Lawler.I’m 30 yrs old been pro wrestling fan,since 1985 after watching Heyman-Punk stunt Monday I’m seriously think going to quit watching the current WWE programming altogether.

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