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TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week 11.8.12
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week. In choosing the show’s top three superstars, performances from that week’s IMPACT Wrestling and any relevant preceding programming – such as Pay-Per-Views – will be taken into consideration.

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week for November 8, 2012

3. Bobby Roode – for taking advantage of AJ Styles being distracted to come up with a pinfall victory:

In an interesting twist to the World Heavyweight Championship scene in TNA, Hulk Hogan declared last week that a three-way bout will take place at Turning Point involving some serious implications for the wrestlers involved. Former-Fortune members Bobby Roode, AJ Styles and James Storm will compete against each other this Sunday for the right to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. However, the stakes were raised incredibly high as the man to suffer the defeat in this match will be unable to receive an opportunity at the heavyweight title until Bound For Glory in 2013.

This match is the epitome of “high risk, high reward,” and each man is guaranteed to bring his A game considering the fate of the direct loser.

One thing that will be critical in this three-way encounter is focus, and that factor was put very much on the line this week on IMPACT Wrestling when Styles and Roode opened up the in-ring portion of the program in singles action. While they competed in a great back-and-forth matchup that should be a sign of things to come on Sunday, there was also an outside factor that influenced the outcome.

Storm was providing guest commentary to offer his input and get a closer look at the two men he’ll be facing.

Styles and Roode got into a bit of a counter-fest late in the match when Roode was able to kick out of a Styles Clash and then swat Styles’ attempt at a Pele Kick away before going for the fisherman’s suplex. Styles was just able to kick out before the count of three and Roode could not believe it. He headed outside to grab a steel chair, which prompted Storm to remove his headset and walk toward the ring.

The referee kept Storm away, but the distraction was enough for Styles to fly outside with a springboard crossbody onto Roode. As Styles got back up, however, he noticed Storm in the vicinity and wasn’t pleased with his involvement. When Styles sent Roode back into the ring, he started to jaw with Storm just enough to delay his shot at going for a springboard maneuver back into the ring.

When Styles did attempt the move, Roode had enough time to recover and take out Styles’ legs while he was on the ropes to drop The Phenomenal One awkwardly down to the mat. Roode immediately covered up and collected the three-count for an opportunistic and momentum-building victory.

Styles further expressed his displeasure over Storm getting involved during a backstage segment, but he was interrupted by The Tennessee Cowboy, who had some harsh words for “the face of TNA.”

Roode is the most manipulative and opportunistic of the bunch, so he has to be ecstatic over the fact that Styles and Storm are starting to rub each other the wrong way. If that can creep into the match at Turning Point in any way, Roode may just find a perfect spot to make his move and not just take hold of a future World Heavyweight Title Match, but also avoid having to sit on the sidelines for practically one year.

2. ODB – for single-handedly defeating Tara and Jesse in a handicap match:

ODB has been running solo for several weeks on TNA programming despite making numerous phone calls to her husband, Eric Young, wanting him to get back to the IMPACT Zone – and to get her some more fried chicken while he’s at it. Thus far, her requests have gone generally unanswered. But as she delves deeper into a feud with Tara and her squeeze, Jesse, ODB is starting to notice that it’s important to have her man by her side.

Last Thursday night, ODB called out Jesse. While she reasonably could have obtained the victory against him, the fact that Tara was at ringside to provide a distraction eventually led to the boyfriend picking up a pinfall via rollup and thwarting ODB’s plans to embarrass the both of them.

This week, ODB planned on extracting some revenge and even put herself in the ring on the wrong end of a handicap match when she challenged Tara and Jesse. After lathering up in sanitizer, Tara and Jesse put their best foot forward and went through with the match.

Outside of a very brief moment of offensive control on the part of Tara and Jesse, ODB pretty much had this bout in her pocket most of the way through. She systematically worked her opponents into the corner, where she delivered a double bronco buster. After Jesse rolled to the floor in disgust after going through that experience, it left Tara alone in the ring with ODB to be hit with a pretty decent spear. ODB stacked the legs from there for the three-count for an impressive pinfall victory.

ODB’s high was short-lived when Tara and Jesse attacked her after the match and truly humiliated her by pouring the contents of her flask all over her while they stood over her prone body. As bad as that was, it just further prompted ODB to make another call to Young and inform him that his presence was absolutely necessary at Turning Point, where they will now officially do battle with Tara and Jesse in mixed tag team competition.

This seems like it could be a make or break moment for TNA’s married couple, as Young’s absence has put a strain on his relationship with ODB. This could either work out well in making up for his prolonged absence, or it could turn into an absolute disappointment that could be the very end of their marriage. Either way, Young has been beckoned to be live and in-person at Turning Point to try and help his wife finish off Tara and Jesse once and for all after she’s done most of the dirty work by herself to this point.

1. Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Magnus – for teaming up in a six-man preview of their tag and singles matchups for Turning Point against Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez and Samoa Joe:

Turning Point will feature two championship matchups in which the wrestlers involved have quite a bit of animosity toward each other. Samoa Joe, coming off a disqualification victory in his Television Title defense last week against Magnus after being nailed with a wrench, will put the title on the line yet again against his former tag team partner in a No Disqualification Match. In the tag team ranks, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian will enact their rematch clause when they look to regain the World Tag Team Titles from Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.

The combatants for these two bouts were put together for six-man tag team action on this week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling. Joe teamed up with Guerrero and Hernandez to take on the combination of Magnus, Daniels and Kaz.

The match started off well for the team of champions and remained that way until a momentary distraction to Guerrero allowed Daniels to pull him out of the ring, send him into the guardrail and take control over for his team. Momentum didn’t swing back the other way until Guerrero was able to break free from Kazarian courtesy of a headscissors takedown and make a tag to Hernandez.

Super Mex launched himself into the ring with a diving shoulder tackle to Kaz and then delivered a closeline to Daniels and Kaz before knocking Magnus off the apron. Hernandez delivered a double chop to Daniels and a splash in the corner to Kaz before shoving Daniels out of his way.

Hernandez kicked Kazarian and lifted him as if to go for the Border Toss, but Daniels was right there to thwart the move by pulling his partner down. Daniels and Kaz attempted a double-team suplex on Hernandez, but that was countered into a double suplex by Hernandez, who made the wise move of tagging Joe into the match.

Joe nailed Magnus with a closeline, back elbow, atomic drop and big boot to the chest right out of the gates. Magnus avoided a back splash, but he did end up right back on the mat after being caught with a snap slam after coming off the ropes. Joe missed a charge in the corner, but came right back with an STO after catching Magnus charging in at him in the same corner.

Joe covered for a two-count when the pin attempt was stopped by Daniels, who then threw Joe out of the ring. Hernandez came in right after to toss Daniels to the floor, and Kazarian entered to drill Hernandez from behind. Hernandez went to whip Kaz to the ropes, but it was stopped partially through when Guerrero entered the ring and intercepted Kaz with a forearm. Kaz rolled to the outside, but the tag titleholders weren’t done with their challengers just yet.

Hernandez flew onto Daniels on the outside and Guerrero dropped Magnus face-first into the mat back inside the ring. Guerrero headed up top, but Kazarian was able to grab hold of him long enough for Magnus to get up and drop him all the way to the floor.

Joe was back in the ring and hit Magnus with a forearm before moving him into the corner and setting up for a Muscle Buster. Daniels grabbed him off before he could hit the move, but Joe countered him with the rear naked choke. Daniels quickly got out with a jawbreaker and he combined with Kaz to hit the high/low on Joe. Magnus then came off the top with a flying elbow drop and the cover followed for a three-count.

This result is no guarantee of what will go down in the two separate matchups at Turning Point, but it doesn’t hurt the winners to have that extra bit of momentum on their side. This is especially true for Magnus, who got the best of Joe for the second week in a row and picked up an actual pinfall over the champion just three nights before he tries to do it again for the Television Title.

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