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Turning Point is this Sunday. The final pieces of the puzzle were placed. Plus, “D.O.C.” made his first in-ring appearance, post-mask.

The recap of last week saw a Triple Threat Match set. The loser will not get to challenge for the World Title until Bound For Glory 2013. Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries found themselves set for a Ladder Match. Joseph Park challenged Aces and Eights to a fight. He unmasked the wrestler once known as Festus/Luke Gallows.

The former Luke is now known as the “Director of Chaos” aka D.O.C.. Devon and the spokesperson for the group told DOC that he had one week to make things right. Devon put DOC in a tag match with himself for the main event. They will face Sting and Kurt Angle.

JB and Todd kicked off the show. They ran down the night’s card. James Storm came out to join the announce team to watch the first match.

Bobby Roode vs A.J. Styles

Styles was eager to go. The two locked up and Styles worked over the arm. Roode reversed it. Side Headlock by Roode. Push Off into a Universal by Styles. Roode countered by holding the ropes. Irish Whip into a Float Over. Styles with a Dropkick. Roode went tot he floor. Styles hopped over the ropes and Roode pulled him down to the floor. Styles whipped Roode into the ring steps. JB asked Storm who he would want to pin on Sunday. Bobby Roode was the instant answer. Flying Kneedrop by Styles. Roode with a kick and corner punches and a chop. Styles with a series of Knife Edge Chops into an Irish Whip. Back Body Drop by Styles.

Roode with a solid shot to the face. Whip by Styles but A.J. missed the Corner Splash. Clothesline by Roode. Roode clubbed Styles’ back. Impact went to break.

Styles sent Roode to the corner and Shoulder Thrusted him. Roode dropped Styles on the top rope. Buffbuster by Roode for a two. Roode choked Styles with the shin across the throat. 1-2-no. Styles punched the ribs of Roode nad then cracked the face. Hammer Throw by Roode. Snap Mare by Roode into a Neck Wrench. Rear Chin Lock by Roode. Styles got to his feet and broket he hold. Jumping Enziguri by Styles. Corner Splash by Styles. Chops and punches by Styles. Roode reversed the Irish Whip. Roode was flipped over the ropes. Roode snapped Styles’ neck on the ropes. Top Rope Hurancanrana by Styles for a two and 3/4. Styles called for the Styles Clash but Roode Bum Rushed A.J. to the corner. Double R/A Spinebuster by Roode. Styles side stepped Roode and went for the Styles Clash. He didn’t get it and the Pele failed, as well. Fisherman’s Suplex. 1-2-Kick Out. Roode went to the floor and found a steel chair. Storm got up from the announce booth. Storm distracted the ref as Styles hit a Springboard Crossbody off the top rope, to the floor. Styles threw Roode in the ring and then argued with Storm. Styles went for a Springboard but Roode hit the ropes. Roode covered the stunned Styles.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Grade: A- (92%)

Austin Aries talked with Hulk Hogan. Hogan said Aries didn’t win the title, he stole it. Aries said he didn’t want to be involved in the Ladder Match. Hogan said if Aries didn’t surrender the title belt by the end of the night, someone else would be chosen to face Hardy.

JB was trying to run down the card when a weird video distortion happened. It ended up going to commercial. Odd.

Since I am writing this on Friday, I want to send out a special birthday wish to legendary lady wrestler, Joyce Grable. Hope the day is really special

Sting talked with Kurt Angle and Wes Brisco. Sting said he wanted Wes to be their shadow. Sting told Wes to watch and learn.

Joseph Park was in the ring. He talked about being really sore, after last week’s beat down. He ended up going through a table. He was also happy that he unmasked DOC. Park still wanted a match against someone in Aces and Eights. Park begged Hogan for the match. Hulk Hogan’s music then rang out. Hogan was in traditional red and yellow t-shirt. Hogan said everyone was so proud of Joseph for pulling the mask off DOC. Hogan told Park he was a good lawyer but he wasn’t a wrestler. Hogan was worried about liability…

Bully Ray stormed down to the ring. Ray said he wanted to come out and try and talk Hogan out of telling Park “no”. Ray actually stuck up for Park. He said the guy had heart and guts and was a pretty tough SOB. Ray said Joseph has been tortured, in the past. Hogan said he was in charge. Ray asked Hogan to trust him. Ray and the fans believe in Joseph Park. Ray said the fans were Hogan’s fans, his Hulkamaniacs. Ray asked Hogan to just say “Yes!”. It sounded like Daniel Bryan walked in the building. Hogan thought about it and then decided to give him the shot. Joseph hugged Hogan and slapped hands with Ray. Ray and Hogan shook hands. Joseph Park will fight at Turning Point.

In the back, Jesse and Tara talked about how great he was, last week. ODB walked in and called Jesse on the BS that they were throwing. ODB called both Tara and Jesse to a Handicap match.

A.J. Styles and James Storm got into a heated war of words. Styles didn’t like Storm out there scouting. Storm said “The Face of TNA” was going to get kicked in, on Sunday.

ODB vs Tara and Jesse
Handicap Match

ODB ducked the couple and then individually nailed the two opponents. She rammed Jesse’s face in her chest. ODB took a Double Back Elbow from Wrestling’s Power Couple. Scoop Slam by Jesse. Tara then choked ODB. Taryn ordered Tara to back off. ODB held the ropes off hte Double Irish Whip and then tore into Tara. Scoop Slam of Jesse by ODB. She then Scoop Slammed Tara onto Jesse. Jesse reversed an Irish Whip but missed a Corner Splash. ODB with a Drop Toe Hold to send Tara’s head into Jesse’s nether regions. Dual Bronco Buster by ODB. Spear by ODB on Tara.

Your Winner: ODB
Grade: B (84%)

Jesse wanted to attacked ODB but got caught. Tara then nailed ODB with the flask. Widow’s Peak. “You’re not Famous!” rang out. They took the flask and poured the liquid out onto ODB. Where the heck is Eric Young?

Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan talked about the Make an Impact t-shirt. The proceeds go to help the Hurricane Sandy victins.

ODB told Eric Young to be at Turning Point. It would be ODB and EY vs Tara and Jesse.

It was time to get the final vote on Christian York. Taz wondered why York hasn’t stepped it up. Al mentioned that York has always done the tag team thing. Taz said it should be a given. Al wasn’t as sure.

Kurt Angle and Sting vs Devon and D.O.C.

The fight started on the floor. Kurt tore into Devon and Sting went after DOC. Devon ended up in the steel steps. Sting threw DOC into the ring. DOC reversed an Irish Whip. Sting with a wicked DDT. Devon popped Sting in the back. DOC with a Clothesline on Sting. Decon tagged in and hit a Flying Splash. Corner punishment by Devon. Snap Mare by Devon. Elbow Drop by Devon for two. Double Whip on Sting. Double Shoulders. Elbow Drops by DOC to get a two count. Snap Suplex by DOC. Rear Chin Lock by DOC. Back Elbow by DOC and tag to Devon. Legdrop by Devon, who mocked the Hogan stance. Devon popped Kurt and then Sting was taken to enemy territory.

DOC tagged back in and punched away. Uppercut by DOC. Huge Splash by DOC. Kurt made the save. Sting began to punch back but Devon and DOC took control. Devon choked Sting’s throat. Flying Twist Back Elbow by Devon. 2 count only. Tag to DOC. DOC with a FLying Clothesline, but Sting hit one too. Kurt finally got the tag and nailed Devon with a Flying Forearm. Kurt with a Missile Dropkick on DOC. Release Germans on both DOC and Devon. AngleSlam on Devon for two. DOC made the save. Sting with the Scorpion Deathdrop and Scorpion Death Lock on DOC, Devon attacked with Sting’s bat. Ray rushed the ring and Clotheslined Decon. Ray went to get a table. Devon went for the bat but sent it to the outside. Devon bailed out and hauled buns to avoid the table. Sting attacked DOC. Other Aces and Eights hit the ring. DOC Chokeslammed Sting through the table. Sting had been hit with a ballpeen hammer.

Your Winners (by DQ): Sting and Kurt Angle
Grade: B+ (87%)

They kept Kurt on the outside as DOC blasted Sting’s wrist and ribs with the hammer. This was sick. Finally, Samoa Joe, Hernandez and Chavo rushed out to help Sting. He was down and hurt, bad. The medics came out to assist Sting.

Mike Tenay talked about the attack on Sting.

JB brought out Christian York for the decision on his Gut Check. I like this guy. He’s in awesome shape and has some wicked moves in his arsenal. If he doesn’t get a contract, they need new judges. Seriously.

JB introduced the three judges. JB asked York if he did his best, last week. York said he knew he put forth his best effort. Taz was asked for his decision. The crowd was deafening with their “Yes!” chant. Taz said York had the “It Factor” and it was a Yes.

Taz votes: Yes!

Bruce Prichard was then asked for his thoughts. Bruce said York has been wrestling for 16 years without breaking out. Bruce said York needed a chance to prove himself.

Bruce votes: Yes!

York was asked for his thoughts. He said this is what he worked 16 years for. York said dreams can come true, his just did. Mike Tenay said Al’s vote was also yes. It was a clean sweep.

Austin Aries was on the phone. Ray was talking with Brooke Hogan.

Taz and Tenay discussed the new headsets from Monster. The cool Camo headphones are available at Spike.com and BestBuy.com (and the Best Buy stores). A portion of the proceeds will go to help veterans.

Austin Aries talked about how he helped Jeff Hardy raise his level to the next level. Jeff said no one knows what will happen in a Ladder Match.

Tenay and Taz ran down the finalized card for Turning Point. Joseph Park will face DOC, on Sunday.

Hulk Hogan wanted to know how bad Sting was hurt. He told someone on the phone to call him several times. Joey Ryan said Hogan should congratulate him on becoming the next X-Division champ. Hogan then told Matt Morgan that he would be banned from ringside, on Sunday. They left Hogan’s office. Hogan said he did know who he was messing with and chuckled.

Magnus, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Samoa Joe, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Magnus attacked Joe, with a wrench, last week. After a pair of breaks and all the entrances, it was time to get down to action. The three champs tore into their opponents. Chavo threw Daniels back into the ring and nailed a European Uppercut. Daniels got Ping Ponged by the three opponents. Back Drop Suplex by Chavo. Kneelift by Chavo into another European Uppercut. Irish Whip by Chavo and kicks onto Daniels. Kneelift by Daniels. Tag to Kazarian. Drop Toe Hold by Chavo. Hernandez with a Scoop Slam that allowed him to drop Chavo onto Kazarian. Kaz with a Leg Lariat. Tag to Magnus. They darted around the ring and Daniels held Joe to allow a stomp by Magnus.

Magnus choked Joe with the boot and tagged to Danies. Stomps by Daniels. It broke down into total chaos. Joe unleashed a gazillion punches on Daniels. Joe with the Corner Rush and Enziguri. Snap Mare into a Chop/Kick combo. Flying Kneedrop by Joe. Tag to Chavo. Scoop Slam and a Springboard Senton by Chavo. Tag to Hernandez. Bear Hug into a Overhead Release Suplex. Chavo back in with a Basement Dropkick. Daniels reversed an Irish WHip but Chavo blasted both Kaz and Daniels. Daniels pulled Chavo to the outside and Kaz beat on Chavo. Tag to Kaz. Leaping Spin Neckbreaker by Kaz. Tag to Magnus.

He stomped away on Chavo and then punched away. Knee Strikes by Magnus into a Hammer Throw. Tag to Daniels. STO Neckbreaker. He showed off and then went for a pin. Hernandez made the save. Double team by Daniels and Kaz. Hernandez made the save, again. Kaz with the Bow and Arrow. Chavo kicked at Kaz to get free. Chavo with a Head Scissors. Chavo kicked free and tagged Hernandez. Slingshot Shoulder on Kaz. He then ripped into everyone. Pounce on Daniels. Daniels blocked the Border Toss on Kaz. Hernandez reversed a Double Suplex to send both Kaz and Daniels sailing. Joe with the tag. Magnus as Well. Big Boot by Joe but he missed the Backsplash Senton. Snap Powerslam by Joe. One Arm Uranage by Joe for a two. Daniels made the save. It broke down, yet again. Hernandez with Air Mexico on Daniels, on the floor. Chavo with a Wheelbarrow Bulldog on Magnus. Chavo went to the top but Kaz stopped him. Joe with a Fore Arm Shiver. Joe wanted the Muscle Buster but Daniels blocked it. High/Low by Daniels and Kaz. Savage Elbow by Magnus.

Your Winners: Magnus, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels
Grade: A- (91%)

Austin Aries was on his way to the ring to decide if he would give back the World title belt.

Bobby Roode said his plan was coming together, perfectly. He said he would be one step closer to the title on Sunday. Taz and Tenay brought up the assault on Sting, yet again.

Austin Aries came out with the “Real” (TNA) World title belt. He took the microphone and got in the ring. The crowd chanted “We want Hardy!”. Aries got a shot in at C.M. Punk’s “Best in the World” claim. Aries said he was even better. He is the Best in the Universe. Aries told Hardy that he could not possibly beat Aries, twice. Aries talked about all the risks that Hardy has taken, in his career. Aries said Hardy would not get up from his fall, on Sunday. Aries said he was going to melt down Jeff’s stupid belt and make a belt buckle out of it. Aries said he would not hand the belt to Hardy. Hardy would have to come down, like a man, and take it from him.

Hardy’s music hit and the fight was ready to go. Hardy strolled from the back. Hardy rushed the ring and the fists flew. Float Over by Hardy into the Twist of Fate attempt. Aries bailed out and took off. Hardy had both belts. He placed them on the hook and had them lifted to the ceiling. I just see Aries getting one and Hardy getting the other. Aries then kicked the ladder out from under Hardy. Hardy took a nasty fall. Aries placed the ladder over Hardy and climbed up to the top. What a picture.Aries then took both belts.


–Jay Shannon

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