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Open Fight brought some very surprising challenges. In addition, the next member of Aces and Eights was unmasked.

A graphic opening the show to say good-bye to Robert Bradley James aka Brad Armstrong. We lost this great competitor, early this week. May your rest be a peaceful one.

The show then went into a look at Aces and Eights. Their first target was the same guy who challenged Jeff Hardy, last week, Kurt Angle. Bully Ray was totally focused on his brother, Devon. Austin Aries will fight Jeff Hardy at Turning Point.

Joseph Park stood in the middle of the ring. Park knew he was not a wrestler, he was an attorney. Park said he was a man that was going to stick up for himself. Park wanted a match with Aces and Eights. Hogan has yet to ok the match. Park said there was a Loophole, called Open Fight Night. That allowed him to issue an open challenge. He did that to any member of Aces and Eights.

The renegade group strolled from the back. Park wanted one and he got foru. They surrounded the ring and then got up on the apron. As they messed with him, Kurt Angle hit the ring and attacked. Sting then joined the party. He had his bat, which cleared house. Sting swore he would unmask at least one member of the biker gang, tonight.

Todd and JB opened the show. They explained how Open Fight Night works. They also ran down the night’s show. In addition, Christian York returns to TNA to try his luck at Gut Check.

Magnus was asked if he was going out to unmask a member of Aces and Eights. He was going to unmask someone but it wouldn’t be a member of the rogue collection. Break time.

Jesse whined about having an ear infection. He didn’t think he should have to fight ODB. Tara tried to calm her down. Tara swore she had his back. Jesse asked for alcohol to sterilize him. Tara got a joke in about having a kid that fell flat.

Magnus arrived to address the crowd. He was there to unmask a fraud. He called out Samoa Joe for his TV title. “Joe is gonna kill ya” rang out. Magnus said he was calling out Joe because he has an issue with Joe being a TV Champ. He felt Joe didn’t have the right look. He said Joe had a “Radio Face”.

Samoa Joe vs Magnus
TV Title Match

Joe stomped from the back, not in the best of moods. Joe exploded on Magnus. Joe ripped Magnus’ shirt and hit Knife Edge Chops. Corner Rush into the Jumping Enziguri. Magnus flew off the ropes but landed in the Inverted Atomic Drop. Running Boot into a Backsplash Senton. Harley Race High Knee by Magnus. 1 count only. European Uppercuts by Magnus didn’t have much effect. Magnus will a nasty Clotheslien for two. Rear Chin Lock by Magnus.

The two traded fists by Joe tried for the Kokina Clutch. Jawbreaker by Magnus. Magnus rushed the corner but a One-Armed Chokeslam laid out Magnus. Joe threw Magnus to the outside. Magnus looked for something under the ring but Joe stopped him. The two fought and Joe ran Magnus’ back into the post. Magnus went under the ring, again, and found a wrench. Magnus went to the corner and then blasted Joe in the face. He got DQ’d, on purpose.

Your Winner (by DQ): Samoa Joe
Grade: B- (81%)

Sting and Joseph Park were talking to Hulk Hogan. Kurt Angle rushed in and demanded Devon and Aces and Eights. Hogan told Kurt that he would battle Devon at Turning Point. Kurt had Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco in his corner (that could be a mistake). Hogan sent the troops to acquire a few masks.

Samoa Joe was icing his skull. He screamed at Magnus for attacking him and then trying escape him. Joe wanted a no-DQ match and Joe is gonna kill Magnus.

Impact looked at Austin Aries’ attack on Jeff Hardy, after last week’s main event. Aries took the real World title belt, leaving Jeff with his weird Power Rangers one. Hardy was painting his face. He knew he could be called out. Hardy said Aries was a thief who’s over-confidence would kill him.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out to issue a challenge. Kaz said the biggest frauds in TNA were the new tag champs. Kaz said they offended some of the Latinos, last week. Daniels said they had two men in mind to call out, two very proud latinos. They called out…Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Willie Urbani and Hector Guerrero

Kaz and Daniels taunted the Spanish Announce Team. Kaz asked if they were Mexi=cans or Mexi-can’ts . Daniels shoved Willie and Hector blasted Daniels. Kaz with the cheap shot on the legend. It was a two-on-one beat down on Hector. Hector did start to fight back. It all stopped when Chavo Guerrero, Jr and Hernandez rushed the ring. Daniels and Kazarian bailed out.

Your Winners: No Contest
Grade: N/A

Chavo screamed at the challengers. Daniels and Kaz laughed as they backed up the ramp. The tag champs then checked on Willie and Hector.

A promotional video of Christian York ran. York is 35 and has been wrestling for 16 years. York knew his time in the business might be coming to an end. He felt this was the right time to be on TNA Gut Check.

ODB was on her phone to Eric Young. Her call went straight to voicemail. She ordered her hubby to join her in the Impact Zone.

Jeremy Borash brought out Christian York. At 35, York is in awesome shape.

Christian York vs Zema Ion
Gut Check Try-out Match

York snatched Ion’s can of hair spray and threw it out. Knife Edge Chops by York. Irish Whip that Ion ducked under. York countered a Head Scissors into a Cartwheel. Ion clubbed Ion’s back but York fought back. Ion sent York to the corner. York flipped out of the corner and hit a Rolling Leg Strike. Cannonball Roll into the corner. Ion went out to the floor. York went into the hair and Ion snapped the neck. Tornado DDT by Ion, out of the ropes. Ion with a Running Boot.

York with hard punches but Ion went to the eyes. Ion with an Open Slap into a Suplex. Legdrop by Ion. Ion went for a Moonsault but York got the knees up. Ion threw York out of the ring. Exploder Clothesline by York. Mood Swing by York for a two plus. That move is very similar to the CrossRhodes and it was double wicked. The two went to the floor. Head Scissors by York to lay out Ion. Ion kicked the ropes up into York’s inner thigh. Submission Impossible by Ion.

Your Winner: Zema Ion
Grade: A (93%)

If the judges don’t give York a contract, TNA really needs to find judges that DO know talent.

Aries was asked about taking the World title belt. Aries said he was still the face of the company. He was certain that he would bask in the sunlight. He wanted to talk to the Two Robbies about Open Fight Night.

Bully Ray talked with Garrett Bischoff. Garrett also felt Devon stabbed him in the back. Ray said he appreciated Garrett’s honesty and respect. Aces and Eights were outside nad Ray and Garrett took the fight to them. It was a battle in the open backstage area. Devon taunted Ray to charge him. Sting screamed that they would lose a mask. The threat scared them off. Wes Brisco was in the middle of the battle, as well.

ODB vs “Big Brother”‘s Jesse

ODB mocked Jesse for his body and eating habits. She told him to come out and meet the “Big Sisters”. Bamm!

Tara came out with Jesse. Ok, Jesse had a decent physique but he still doesn’t belong out there.. Jesse slapped Jesse’s chest, several times. Tara smooched the red pecs. Awww. Tara asked him to get back in the ring. She ducked punches and slapped the chest, even more. Jesse blocked an Irish Whip. ODB with a hard kick. ODB climbed the turnbuckles but Jesse pushed ODB off. Jesse missed an Elbow Drop and slid out of the ring.

ODB went after Jesse. ODB with a modified Wheelbarrow Slam. Jesse Reversed an Irish Whip but ate a boot. Dirty Dozens! ODB flew off the ropes but missed Jesse. Tara urged Jesse to win the match. Jesse with a Scoop Slam. He posed on ODB. ODB with her own Scoop Slam on a distracted Jesse. She then spanked Jesse’s tushie. Tara took swings at ODB. Jesse with a School Boy for three. That was bull.

Your Winner: Jesse
Grade: C- (70%)

Mike Tenay replaced Todd for the second hour. Tenay said Taz was up in the Long Island area to take care of his family, due to Hurricane Sandy. They wished him the best, as do I. I also want to send my best out to my “Brothers in the Business”: Bill, Darren, Bobby, Gino, Andy, Merengue, Elizabetta, and quite a few other great people that have recently become friends/family. Please be safe and I hope to see you all very soon.

The two Robbies bounced down to the ring. Robbie E said his win over Jeff Hardy, during the Bound For Glory Series, was the most memorable moment. Robbie wanted lightning to strike twice, so he called out Jeff Hardy.

Robbie E vs Jeff Hardy
Non-title match

Robbie rushed Hardy but the champ with an Inverted Atomic Drop into the Double Legdrops. Hardy kicked Robbie, in the corner. Hardy with Double Boots into a Frog Splash for two. Robbie bailed out to the floor. Robbie pulled Hardy outside and the fight continued. Robbie ended up being sent into the ring steps. Hardy used the steps to deliver Poetry in Motion, on the outside. Hardy rolled Robbie back in. Robbie T got involved and took down Hardy, while the ref’s back was turned. Impact took a break.

Robbie E was in control. He took down Hardy and talked trash to the World champ. Flying Forearm and Back Elbows by Hardy. Hardy with a Baseball Slide to take out Robbie T. Dropkick by Hardy. Robbie E blocked the Twist of Fate to hit an Impaler DDT. 1-2-no. Robbie wanted another Impaler but Hardy with a Front Drop Suplex into the Twist of Fate. Swanton!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Grade: A (94%)

Austin Aries came out, after the match. Aries said he was still the greatest wrestler in the universe. He bragged on his dominance. Aries knew Hardy knocked him off his spot but he was taking it back at Turning Point. Hardy took the house microphone. Hardy went under the ring and brought out…a ladder! Hardy climbed the ladder and Aries tripped out. Aries didn’t want to deal with a ladder. Aries swore he would not do it.

Hulk Hogan opened his new “Hogan’s Beach Shop”. Matt Morgan crashed the big opening ceremony. Morgan walked over and took Hogan’s gold and purple robe that he wore during his late 70s run in the old WWWF.

James Storm came up, modern time, to talk to Hulk Hogan. Storm said he wanted a chance to prove himself worthy of the World title. Hogan said he might have an idea for Storm.

Bobby Roode walked down to the ring. He said he wasn’t there to fight. He wanted to state a fact. “Roode was getting screwed, again”. He complained that he was not one of the four men considered for the World title match, last week. Roode reminded Hogan that Aries is no longer the World champ, so the barring from World title competition is lifted. Roode was certain that if he would have had the shot, he would have won the World title.

A.J. Styles came down to join Roode in the ring. Styles couldn’t believe Roode was whining about not getting the shot. Styles said he wanted the belt. Styles told Roode that he should be proud to hold the record for longest-reigning title. Styles got a shot in on the WWE ripping off the whole elevator video thing. “Seems to be a trend if your name is A.J.”. Styles told Roode that talking would get things down, fighting would. Styles challenged Roode. Roode refused. Can he do that?

Bobby Roode vs A.J. STyles

Roode with a Pearl Harbor. Styles with a La Bandera Clothesline to send Roode to the floor. Hulk Hogan came out with James Storm.

Your Winner: No Match
Grade: N/A

Hogan felt both men did deserve a title shot. Hogan said it would be in the hands of A.J. Styles, Bobby Roode and James Storm. The loser of the Triple Threat will not be allowed a title shot until Bound For Glory 2013! The winner of the match will get a title shot.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan walked backstage. Morgan was carrying the golden robe.

A quick update of the card to Turning Point was shared. It is shaping up, nicely.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan came out to music that sounded like something from a 70s porno movie (not that I would know, grin). Morgan was wearing the legendary purple and gold robe. “Morgan Sucks!” rang out. Morgan said he has been disrespected and ignored for years. Morgan said he was tired of waiting for the ball, so he just stole it. He was ready to go through the entire roster, to get some attention. Morgan said he was going to make so much more history with Hogan’s old robe. Morgan said he was going to eat through the entire roster until he owned the World title.

Joey Ryan then took the stick. He called out Rob Van Dam. He wanted to make the X-Division title…X-Rated.

Joey Ryan vs Rob Van Dam
Non-title match

RVD with a Running Clothesline but allowed Morgan to distract. Ryan with a Back Jump. Rolling Leg Lariat, from the apron, by RVD. RVD ran Ryan to the corner. Shoulder Thrusts sent Ryan tot he canvas. More Shoulder Thrusts into a Corner Spin Kick. Rolling Thunder! RVD jumpe up to the top turnbuckle. Morgan pulled Ryan out of harm’s way of the Five Star Frog Splash. Side Roll with trunks by Ryan for the upset win.

Your Winner: Joey Ryan
Grade: B- (80%)

After the match, RVD took ot Ryan. Morgan then laid out RVD with the Carbon Footprint.

Outside, Devon got prepped for his battle with Bully Ray. Aces and Eights wee all around their Sgt-at-Arms.

Bully Ray vs Devon

Ray gave a shout out to the fans in the Northeast. He dedicated the match to them. He then ordered Devon to come out to the ring. Devon did, quite slowly. Ray was just itching to destroy his brother. Devon jumped out of the ring as Ray charged. Ray went out to chase after Devon. He changed his mind and went under the ring…for a table. He demanded that Devon get in the ring and fight him. Devon started to but dropped back down. H e called in his teammates from Aces and Eights. Darn near the entire organization came down to the ring. Ray got his steel chain to keep the guys back. Ray got some help from the (Im)Pac(T). He broke down into one Hell of a fight. There were roughly 20 guys fighting. Ray almost got his hands on Devon, but a huge member of Aces and Eights hit he ring as Ray got his one shot in. “Table” was ringing out. The big buy pitched Ray out to the floor. Joseph Park got in the big guy’s face and took a heck of a beating. Park snatched the mask off. It was the guy formerly known as Luke Gallows! Gallows Chokeslammed Park through the table.

Fade out.


–Jay Shannon

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