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Survivor Series is the next big Pay Per View. The first teams for the traditional five-on-five match. Also, the fallout from Hell in a Cell was in full bloom.

The show opened with a recap of Hell in a Cell. Ryback annihilated C.M. Punk with a Shell Shock on top of the cage. However, a crooked ref (with a fast count) helped Punk retain.

Punk limped out to the ring. His ribs were heavily taped. Paul Heyman was a step behind, clutching the WWE title belt. The announcers mentioned that the ref, Brad Maddox, actually nailed Ryback with a Low Blow, before the count. Apparently, ol’ Brad has a Death Wish. I loved the “Best CHEAT in the World” sign. Jim Ross felt Ryback should be the WWE Champ. Punk clutched at his sore ribs. Punk said everyone thought Ryback couldn’t be beaten. Punk said he proved everyone wrong, last night. Punk got into it was the announce team and a bunch of people in the crowd. Punk crowed about holding the title for 344 days. Punk bragged about all the people that he has defeated. Punk was ready to go on and on about his monumental victory, on Sunday. Punk said he has been blamed for what the official did. Punk swore he had nothing to do with what Brad Maddox did. Punk said he was only guilty of taking advantage of a rogue ref’s actions. Punk then started talking trash about Maddox. Punk said maybe Maddox was just making a right from the wrong of a few weeks back when he cost Punk a match with a bad call. Punk said the Titan Tower Machine was trying to erase hi m but it couldn’t be done. Punk said Ryback was now in his rear view mirror.

Mick Foley interrupted Punk’s rant. The crowd was thrilled to see Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy. Foley had fire in his eyes as he got in the ring. Punk took off his hoodie and he was taped all to Hell and back. Punk chided the crowd for cheering Foley. Punk took shots at the Hurricane, saying Foley was there because he was displaced. Foley reminded Punk that he was laid out, on Sunday. Punk wondered why Foley was there. Punk reminded Foley that the last time Mick was there, Punk took him out. FOLEY POP ALERT! Foley mentioned the town where they were. Punk thought Foley was there to judge him. Foley said Punk blew it in Hell in a Cell and just became a statistic, not a Legend. Punk taunted Foley for daring to bring up tradition. Punk was ready for the fans to tell him how much he sucks. Punk said he was quickly approaching the one-year anniversary. Punk challenged Foley to a traditional Survivor Series Match: Team Foley vs Team Punk. That works for me. Foley accepted it, eagerly. Paul and Punk chuckled at the idea of Foley getting into the ring. Punk started to say something but was cut off by…Ryback! He charged the ring. Punk and Heyman bailed out and headed up into the crowd. Ryback started the “Feed Me More!” chant.

JTG vs Ryback

JTG looked petrified. “Goldberg!” rang out. Ryback just annihilated the New Yorker, finishing him off with the Meathook Clothesline into the Shell Shock.

Your WInner: Ryback
Grade: B- (82%)

Ryback was interviewed, post match. He wasn’t even breathing hard. He was asked if he had an appetite for revenge. He didn’t want revenge. He was just hungry for more Punk. “Feed Me Punk!” was the chant he got started.

JR and Michael Cole touched upon Big Show’s defeat of Sheamus for the World title. It took 2 WMDs to remove the World title from the Celtic Warrior.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

This match, which bridged a commercial break, turned Orton’s way when he nailed the Rope-Assisted DDT. Orton then went into his “Special Place”. Barrett blocked the RKO into a weak Black Hole Slam. 1-2-no. Barrett got ready to deliver the Souvenir but Orton ducked it and nailed the RKO.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Grade: B (84%)

A.J. was in Vickie’s office. Vickie brought her there to explain the affair with John Cena. A.J. said there was nothing to it. A.J. may be hired back as an in-ring performer. Vickie had to determine if A.J. had the potential to succeed. Vickie started to dismiss A.J., but she apologized and asked for a chance. Vickie wanted to know what her biggest weakness was. A.J. said she got too emotionally attached to her job. Vickie asked A.J. if she was crazy. She wanted A.J. to come up with one good reason why she should get a contract.

Daniel Bryan and Kane vs The Prime Time Players
WWE Tag Team Title Match

Team Hell No was dysfunctional, as always. Kane went off on Darren Young, near the end. Running Corner Clotheslines into a Side Slam. Kane went to the top and connected with the Kane Klothesline. Kane knocked Titus off the apron and Goozled Darren. Chokeslam! Kane Goozled Titus out of the ring. Tag by Daniel. Yes/No/Maybe Lock by Daniel to force Darren to submit.

Your Winners: Kane and Daniel Bryan, Team Hell No!
Grade: B (84%)

Michael Cole and Jim Ross looked at Brad Maddox. A lot of people have asked me if Brad was the brother of Garrett Bischoff. To the best of my knowledge, he is not related.

Vickie Guerrero came out to a huge round of boos. Vickie said her reign would be based on tturh and integrity. Vickie said she had proof of the inappropriate relationship between John Cena and A.J. Lee. She brought out Cena. Vickie had various still photos of Cena and Lee, together. Apparently, someone watches Spike on Thursdays. A.J. having an affair? Sounds familiar, don’t it? Are they going to trot out some drugged out dude that Lee was getting Cena to help? Cena demanded the proof. Vickie showed her weak photos and videos. Yawn. The crowd started with a “You are Busted!” chant. Vickie tried to suggest that Cena and Lee spent a little “up close and personal” time together. God, this crap is boring. Vickie started to trash talk A.J. Lee but Cena cut her off. He said A.J. was much more attractive than Vickie. Vickie dissected Cena’s words and got him flustered.

Dolph Ziggler came out and teased Cena. Dolph said Cena couldn’t control his sophomoric behavior. Cena told Dolph to never mention Cena’s and Lee’s name in the same sentence, again. Cena shoved Dolph onto his backside and walked out. Vickie grinned at pushing Cena’s buttons.

Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro
Champion vs Champion

Antonio was o the stick and said he discovered that American children are the fattest in the world. He also went off on Halloween. Blah Blah Blah.

Miz was watching this match, frowning. Kofi has beaten Miz, three times in a row. This was a very back-and-forth type of match. The finish saw both men head to the floor. Kofi flew off hte steps and laid out Antonio. Miz with the distraction. Kofi threw Antonio over the announce table. Kofi rolled Cesaro into the ring. Miz came up, swinging, and attacked Kofi. It was a Double Team until R-Truth hit hte ring nad took the fight to Cesaro. A La Bandera Clothesline flipped Cesaro out of hte ring.

Your Winner (by DQ): Kofi Kingston
Grade: B (85%)

A.J. was back in Vickie’s office. Vickie accused Cena of lying. Vickie tried to get A.J. to admit a relationship with Cena. Vickie said she would make her a Diva, if she would just admit to the relationship. A.J. refused to lie about Cena. A.J. said the WWE meant everything to her but she would not stoop to lying. Vickie stopped A.J. as she started to leave. She hired A.J. but if Lee ever touches Vickie, she would be gone…for good. Vickie put A.J. against Beth Phoenix.

Michael Cole sent it to a painful “Behind the Music” segment with 3MB (Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jindar Mahal). Face it, the only trio (in the US) to ever pull off this gimmick was The Fabulous Freebirds.

Santino Marella and Zack Ryder vs 3MB’s Heath Slater and Jindar Mahal

3MB are now wering semi-matching outfits. Jeez. Mahal kicked away at Ryder and sent him to the corner. Missile Dropkick by Ryder. Broski Boot by Ryder. Slater distracted the ref. Mahal snapped Ryder’s neck on the top rope. Tag to Slater. Slater stomped away and threw Zack to the corner. Tag to Mahal. Flying Forearm by Slater for 2. Slater whipped Ryder into a Flying Knee by Mahal. Slater tagged back in and slowed things down with a Rear Chin Lock. Santino got the crowd going. Slater missed a Corner Splash. Tag to Santino. Santino blasted Slater. Splitz into the Hip Toss. Flying Headbutt for two. Mahal made the save. Zack took out Mahal. It was Cobra Time!. Drew with a distraction. Santino nailed Drew with the Cobra. Slater with the Chart Breaker (Playmaker) to take the win.

Your Winner: Heath Slater and Jindar Mahal
Grade: B (83%)

Good News! Jerry Lawler is coming back to Raw in 2 weeks.

A.J. Lee vs Beth Phoenix

Beth was mouthy and shoved A.J. around. Lee snapped and tore into Beth. Beth flipped A.J. off her. Beth tried to unleash more brutality on Lee. She threw A.J. tot he outside. Beth then ran A.J. into the apron, spine first. A.J. kicked out of the pin attempt. A.J. with an Inside Cradle to take the surprise win.

Your Winner: A.J. Lee
Grade: C- (71%)

Vickie came out and said she demanded more than that from A.J. Beth with the Pearl Harbor. Vickie made another match.

A.J. Lee vs Beth Phoenix, Mark II

Glam Slam by Beth.

Your Winner: Beth Phoenix
Grade: F (25%)

They are re-releasing Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain. It’s an ok disc but if you have to pay much more than $5, it’s not worth it. Check the discount bins.

Sheamus came out to talk about losing his World title to Big Show. Their match was downright incredible. Sheamus survived the first WMD. It took a second one to take him out. Sheamus was in a good mood, despite losing his championship. Sheamus said he knew people were surprised to see him smiling. He did admit to being disappointed in losing his title. Sheamus said Big Show was the better man, Sunday night. Sheamus said he wasn’t going to win every match. He wasn’t there for that…he was there to fight. Sheamus pushed Big Show to the limit. Sheamus said Big Show won a battle but the war was still on-going. Sheamus wanted another shot at Show. Sheamus was certain that he would win the war.

Enter the Big Show. Show walked to the ring, smiling from ear to ear. He thought the World title belt looked good on his shoulder. Show mocked Sheamus for his smiles. Show said Sheamus gave Show his all and it fell short. Show said he did just what he said he would do…walk in, hit the Knockout Punch, and walk out with the World title. Show told Sheamus that he made Show dig deeper than ever before. Show said he would knock the smile off Sheamus’ face. He told Sheamus that the “red-headed ginger snap” could never beat Big Show. Sheamus said it was a good speech. He asked Show if had ever seen a ginger snap. Sheamus lifted up Big Show and planted him with White Noise! Wow!

Backstage, John Cena hugged A.J. Lee and promised to sort things out. Vickie Guerrero watched from the shadows. Beth the came up and thanked Vickie for starting the match. Vickie then fired Beth! Bring her to TNA!

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes and Damian Sandow (Team Rhodes Scholars)

Los Luchadores tried to keep the pace fast and furious. The pace went back and forth. When Team Rhodes Scholars slowed things down, they neutralized the Mexican Superstars. Rey almost got he win with a Roll Up. Cody with a Flying Kneedrop, off the tag. Cody stomped at Rey. 2 count. Running Knee to Rey’s face for two. Rhodes and Sandow prevented Rey from getting a tag. Double DDT off a Dual Suplex attempt. Sin Cara got the tag and hit a Springboard Crossbody on both. Backspring Back Elbow into an Enziguri for two by Cara. Cara with a Flipping Springboard Mexican Arm Drag. Cara sent Cody into the ropes. Rey went for hte 619 but Cody bailed out. Corkscrew Plancha by Cara after Cody sent Rey into the steps. Enziguri by Cara. He missed the Swanton when Cody pulled Sandow out of the way. Termi-Noose by Sandow.

Your Winners: Team Rhodes Scholars
Grade: A- (91%)

Mick Foley talked with Kaitlyn about he new WWE 13 game. Paul Heyman wanted to know which “Face of Foley” was more interested in the game, instead of finding teammates. Foley said the people were lining up to be part of his team. Paul warned his old friend that Punk had put a target on Foley. Punk was looking forward to victimizing Foley.

Raw ran a piece on Susan G. Komen. That led to an amazing presentation from John Cena and Vince McMahon. They presented the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation a check for…$ 1,000,000! That actually brought a tear to my eye. Cancer has ravaged several members of my family and to see the WWE do this restores my faith in humanity. Thank you, Vince…John…Layla…and the rest of you wonderful people.

Alberto Del Rio vs Justin Gabriel

Del Rio with Snap Mares and Suplexes to soften up Gabriel. Gabriel di have a brief bit of offense but it wasn’t nearly enough. Gabriel sent Del Rio to the outside. Del Rio snapped Gabriel’s arm in the ropes. Keylock with a Bicep Cutter to set up for is finisher. Gabriel with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker and a kick to the shoulder. Del Rio tried to hyper-extend the elbow. Trapped Arm Back Drop Suplex for two. Del Rio back to the Keylock. Del Rio threw Gabriel down by the hair. Del Rio stomped on the shoulder and kicked the back for two. Del Rio went right back to the left arm and shoulder. Gabriel blocked a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. Gabriel with a flurry of martial arts kicks into a Top Rope Moonsault. Awesome. Gabriel missed the Corner Splash. Corner Climb Enziguri was the harbinger to the Cross Armbreaker! Tap out.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Grade: A (93%)

Paul Heyman was out first. He introduced C.M. Punk. A huge banner unfurled from the roof. It was the WWE13 cover art. Punk is on the cover. Punk was weraing a WWE13 Hoodie. Heyman said Punk asked him to put together the Best Team in the World. Heyman brought out..The Miz. After that, he added Team Rhodes Scholars. Rhodes and Sandow walked down to join the party. The final member of the group was…a possible co-captain…Alberto Del Rio. Interesting group of people to fight together. Guess the WWE Title gets a pass on the next PPV. Punk told hte fans to shut up and listen to him. Punk said Survivor Series would be a one-year anniversary of his WWE title reign. Punk said he would put Foley out of his misery. Foley wants the spotlight but his time was past…according to Punk. Punk said he was going to teach Foley about survival.

Mick Foley then came out to introduce his crew. Foley sad he was ready to talk about surviving…as opposed to weaseling, which is what Foley felt Punk did on Sunday. Foley had a problem thinking of Punk as a man. Punk told Foley to bring out his team. He first introduced…Kofi Kingston. He also added Kane and Daniel Bryan, Team Hell No! The fourth member of the squad was…”The Viper” Randy Orton. Punk still thought things were way too lop-sided. Foley threw them a curve by saying he was the Team Captain, but he wasn’t going to compete. The fifth spot was filled by — Ryback! All Hell broke loose when Big Hungry hit the ring. Punk and Heyman hit the bricks. The various team members began to battle. Team Foley stood tall. Ryback then destroyed Cody Rhodes with the Meathook Clothesline and Shell Shock.


–Jay Shannon

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