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  1. By Mike, posted

    read the results after work..i think WWE wasnt ready to give it to Ryback yet… sounds like a bad finish. but the aftermatch sounds like it might have been interesting to see. the PPV overall didnt seem like it went over to well.

  2. By William, posted

    If there was anytime for TNA to catch up group on the wrestler wars it is know. Last nights Hell In A Cell PPV was awful not worth the money and very predictable matches.The WWE championship match the comentators act like they didnt know what happen paul heyman paid the refee off. Epic fail when wwe announces next months ppv john cena aginst cm punk for the wwe title and they give cena the title for januarys event vs the rock.WWE come one please.

  3. By Lee, posted

    Well Bill, looks like the Triple H factor might be coming into play. I think that CM Punk’s rise in the pecking order was against the wishes of booking over the past year and last night’s match might be a first step towards de-legitimizing him. Someone has to take the blame for the lower TV ratings and it won’t be a McMahon or Levesque.

  4. By Mitch, posted

    I think this whole thing is garbage, Vince always seems to drop the ball whenever he feels comfortable with the ratings. Though I don’t feel Ryback deserves a title shot so soon at least the direction was going the right way. On another note, this whole Vikki as GM is so disgusting it makes me want to stop watching WWE totally. I am so freaking sick of the evil GM in charge of Raw and Smackdown. I prefer an impartial GM or no GM at all!. I hope you post my comment since all i ever get is awaiting moderation or deleted. If you don’t post my comment then I see that the freedom of speech amendment is not welcome here at 1wrestling.

  5. By JF, posted

    This looks like a lot like the angle done in the 80′s with the “stable aligned” referee Danny Davis don’t you think ? The ref can be in the “stable” being build up by Paul Heyman : Brock Lesnard, Cm Punk and their ref.

    It’s an old angle that can be reused and refreshing in some ways

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