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It was Championship Thursday. Jeff Hardy would defend his title against one of four great talents. Also, Tara had to defend her Knockout title against the woman she took it from.

The highlight reel looked at Aces and Eights beating Bully Ray and Sting. A big part of the win came by way of a returning Devon. ON Impact, Sting faced Devon. Ray wanted to fight his brother but Hogan wanted Sting to battle. Austin Aries told Jeff Hardy that he had a rematch coming. Welcome to Championship Thursday.

Hulk Hogan thanked Jeff Hardy for raising the bar. Hogan said that either Bully Ray, Mr. Anderson, James Storm or Kurt Angle would bring their best to the table. Hogan thanked Hardy for giving the company his best. Hardy walked out and thoughts about hte four men came tumbling from his mind. Hardy said he needed to find each man’s weakness.

Rob Van Dam vs Zema Ion
X-Division Title Match

Todd Henley and Jeremy Borash were the announcers for the first hour. Why?Ion tapped the belt and said he was bringing it back home. The two men talked trash to each other. Go Behind by Ion. Standing Switch. Side Headlock by Ion. Ion missed a Dropkick but still got a Roll Up for two. RVD came back with a pin attempt. Ion slid to the corner. Ion told the fans to shut up. Side Headlock by Ion. Overhand Wristlock into a Leg Scissors by RVD. Gorilla Press Drop into a Standing Moonsault by RVD. Moonsault off the middle ropes by the champ.

Baseball Slide Dropkick by RD. Ion pulled RVD to the outside and ran him into hte barrier. Ion went for a Suicide Dive but RVD got on the apron and hit a Spin Kick. Ion reversed an Irish Whip but a Low Bridge sent RVD to the floor. Tope Con Hilo by Ion. Ion threw RVD back in but wasted time showboating. Ion snapped RVD’s neck on the ropes and then planted RVD with a Tornado DDT for a two. Ion went to the top but missed a Corkscrew Crossbody. Springboard Thrust Kick by RVD into Rolling Thunder. Five Star Frog Splash!

Your Winner: Rob Van Dam
Grade: B+ (88%)

Matt Morgan came in the ring and hit hte Carbon Footprint. Joey Ryan got the X-title and shoved it in RVD’s face. Morgan took the stick and told Hogan that he shouldn’t have asked for a new and improved Morgan.

Austin Aries laughed at how the guys in the office were kissing up to Hogan to get the title shot. Aries said he would wait and find out how each man felt when they were eliminated. Break time.

Christopher Daniels walked out with Kazarian. Daniels had a clipboard in his hands. Kaz said they got a lot of tricks and no treats. He felt they were being stuck in a controversy. Kaz said Hogan messed with his travel, last week. The crowd was deafening with their “You Suck!” chant. Kaz said two potential illegals took their titles. Daniels handed the clipboard to Kaz and said it wasn’t really Championship Thursday because Kaz and Daniels weren’t getting their rematch. Daniels accused Chavo and Hernandez of pushing certain buttons to get what they wanted. Daniels said Dixie Carter was desperate to court a Latino audiences. Daniels said the team should be called Los Stereotypicos. Daniels said they had a petition to get Kaz and Daniels a title shot.

The tag champs came out to confront the loud mouths. Chavo wondered if Kaz and Daniels needed help getting petition signed. Chavo said he and Hernandez wanted the rematch. They took out Daniels and Kazarian. The champs unofficially accepted the challenge by signing the petition. Chavo said they could go…anytime…anywhere.

Hogan said it was down to the 11th hour. Hogan wanted to know why each person should get a title shot. Storm said he showed, at Bound for Glory, how much *ss he could kick. Bully Ray was still steamed about Devon. Kurt said his injury derailed his title shot. Mr. Anderson didn’t know what Hogan wanted. Hogan said Anderson didn’t have the right fire and got eliminated. Austin Aries taunted him in the hallway. Anderson said he didn’t need a handout. Aries said he was a bigger *sshole than Aries. Aries threw water in Ken’s face and the fight was on. Ken just seriously laid A-Double out. Anderson challenged Aries to a fight, tonight.

Devon told the members of Aces and Eights that the “President” wanted to make sure that no one is to lose their mask. Devon said he had some ladies for Aces and Eights’ entertainment. Devon said it was time to take someone out, tonight. The Vice-President threw a dart at a poster of all the stars.

Samoa Joe vs Robbie T
TV Title Match

Rob Terry has. I guess, moved over to the Jersey Shore from the UK. Last week, Joe put R-T in the Kokina Clutch. This new announce kid so reminds me of Josh Mathews. The two men locked up and Joe was sent to the corner. Knife Edge Chops by Joe that had almost no effect. Joe came off the ropes and R-T didn’t budge. Robbie with Forearm shots but Joe came back with punches and thrusts. Jumping Spin Kick by Robbie to drop the champ. Kneelift by Robbie into an Irish Whip. Robbie with a Goozle but Joe punched free. Robbie went for a Chokeslam but Joe with the Kokina Clutch. Robbie E tried to distract but it didn’t help. Joe put Robbie T in the move on three occasions. Robbie fell back to break the hold but Joe put the move right back on Robbie T. Tap Out.

Your Winner: Samoa Joe
Grade: B- (81%)

Impact looked at hte issues between Miss Tessmacher and Tara. They were best buddies but Tara got jealous and wanted the gold. Tara brought in her Hollywood Boyfriend. It was Jesse from Big Brother. And, again, I simply say…Who?

Miss Tessmacher said it was awesome that Jesse got manhandled by ODB, last week. Miss T was ready to send Tara back to the D-List.

Hogan was back to make another cut. Hogan said he believed in all three. Kurt and Hogan felt that Ray was focused on Devon. James Storm said he knows about being stabbed in the back by a partner. Ray said he wasn’t 100% focused. Ray said if he didn’t get the title shot, he would go after his brother. Hogan eliminated Ray, so Bully could confront Devon. Elsewhere, Mr. Anderson was ready to battle Austin Aries. That match is up next.

Mr. Anderson vs Austin Aries

Aries wasn’t wearing his flashy robe, this week. The two locked up and rolled along the ropes. Aries shoved Anderson, who said “Come On, B*tch!” as he shoved Aries back. Ken blocked a shot by Aries and sent Aries to the floor after a hard shot. They locked up, again, and went to the corner. Ken shoved Aries down and wanted the Green Bay Plunge. He had to settle for a Full Mount Punch Out. Aries bailed out to stop the momentum.

Aries finally got back in the ring. He seemed to have an issue with one of his hands. Ken with Back Elbows. Ken found a pair of brass knucks in his tights. The ref took them away and Aries with the Pearl Harbor. Bell Ringer by Aries. Aries, it turned out, planted the knucks on Ken. Ken with wild Haymakers and a Hammer Throw. Scoop Slam by Ken into a Falling Elbow Drop. Ken with hard punches to the jaw. Aries jumped up to grab a Side Headlock. Aries let go and kicked and clubbed Ken. Aries spun around, several times, and threw Ken outside. Suicide Dive by the former World Champ, Aries. Impact went to break.

The two men were going hard at each other. Irish Whip and Running Back Elbow by Aries. Knife Edge Chop by Aries. Ken with hard strikes to take Aries to the corner. Irish Whip by Ken but Aries got the boot up. Jumping Kneedrop to Ken’s shoulder. Elbow Drop to Ken’s skull, followed gy Forearm Strikes. Aries with another Back Elbow but Knee with a Clothesline that rolled Aries. Short Arm Clothesline and Rolling Neckbreaker by Ken. Aries got out of the Green Bay Plunge. Spinning Enziguri by Anderson to send Aries to the floor. Plancha by Anderson to take down Aries. Ken pitched Aries back in the ring and got a two cont.

Aries grabbed the ref. Aries took the knucks out of Brian Hebner’s pocket. Aries had a another pair of knucks. He blasted Ken with them. Last Chancellory to an knocked out Anderson.

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Grade: B (85%)

Tara and Jesse talked with Brooke Hogan. Tara was ticked off that ODB touched Jesse. Jesse said he had to take 12 Tomato Baths to get the smell of ODB off him. Brooke told Tara to get her head together and fight Miss Tesmacher. Brooke told Jesse that ODB had her eye on Jesse.

Thank the Heavens, the “Real” announce team took over. Taz and Tenay took their rightful spots.

Tara vs Miss Tesmacher
Knockout Title Match

Taryn was the special ref, once again. Tess with a Dropkick as Tara started to get in the ring. Tess tore into Tara and slammed Tara into the ring apron, several times over. Back in the ring, Tess kicked Tara and tried for a pin. Snap Mare by Tess into a Yakuza Kick. Tess rammed Tara’s face into the canvas, so many times. Tess with cornr kicks as Jesse got on the apron. He took off his shirt to distract. Tara jumped Tess and they went back to the floor. Tara rammed Tess into the apron and tolled her back in. Tara basically did the same to Tess that Tess had done earlier.

Scoop Slam by Tara. She nuzzled her stud monkey and went for a Springboard Somersault Legdrop. She missed and Tess exploded on the champ. Flying Clotheslines had Tara stunned. Sweet Face by Tess. Flying X-Factor by Tess. Jess with a Low Bridge on the middle ropes. Jesse threw Tess back into the ring. Widow’s Peak!

Your Winner: Tara
Grade: B- (80%)

Tara and Jesse got all lovey dovey in the ring. Get a room, jeez. Brooke Hogan came out to address the Knockout Champ. She saw what happened. Next week is Open Fight Night. ODB wants to challenge…Jesse…next week. She told him…Good luck with that (baby talk names). He hugged Tara in feat.

Bully Ray was ready for an explanation for his brother.

Joseph Park came in to talk to Hulk Hogan. Park wanted to battle Aces and Eights. Hogan said Joseph has only had one match. Park said Hogan was more worried about liability. Park produced a paper that said no one related to TNA would be held responsible if Park got hurt. Park said Hogan should stand by him or get out of his way. hogan said he would consider it. He then told Park to get out of his office.

Bully Ray hit the ring and paced. Ray thanked Sting, one more time, for allowing the two of them to team up. Ray said not many things shock him, anymore. Devon’s appearance at Bond For Glory did catch him off-guard. Ray said Devon really hasn’t given an answer to why he did it. Ray ordered Devon to come out and talk with him. Devon, along with several members of Aces and Eights, strolled out to confront the Bully. Bully brought out the chain to protect himself.

Devon took the microphone and made sure he understood his brother’s request. Devon said he and Ray are no longer a team or family. Devon said this has nothing to do with Ray. Devon said this was all about Hogan. “You Sold Out!” rang out. Devon said the Brotherhood came to his aid, when he fell, not TNA. Devon promised that when it was all said and done, all those who have wronged Aces and Eights would be taken care of. Devon said Ray wasn’t even a threat, anymore. Ray said it would be over when Ray decided it was over. Ray said Devon was a lying sack of crap that was hiding his true motives behind this stupid vendetta against Hogan. He brought up the loss to the Motor City Machine Guns when Sabin kicked out of the finisher that no one else had never kicked out of. Ray asked Devon if he remembered what he said “What the Hell is the big deal? We’re rich. Screw the fans?”. Ray dared Devon to deny his comments. Devon said he didn’t give a damn about the fans. Ray said they were all about the fight. Ray told Devon to get rid of the men he was hiding behind and let’s have a fight. Devon refused. He said it would happen on Devon-Time, not Ray’s time. Devon said he would be going home and he would let Ray know when the time was right. Ray said this was typical of Devon. He called Devon a coward who hid behind Ray. He said Devon didn’t have b*lls then or now. Ray challenged Devon to a fight on Open Fight Night, next week. Ray said it would be a Tables Match. Bring it on.

I love these Zombie TNA commercials. I am in the middle of writing my own Zombie horror novel, so I’m watching everything I can find about he Undead.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan walked backstage. Ryan said the normal roles don’t apply to Ryan or Morgan. Ryan said he was interested in X-Division gold. Morgan said Hogan has been trying to hold him down. Morgan dared Hogan to try and stop him.

It was time for another Gut Check. Christian York will get his shot. Christian York is a fantastic wrestler with tons of experience. York has had 16 years in the business, including a former run in TNA>

Hogan was ready to make the final choice. Hogan put Kurt Angle in the title match. Hogan said he had something huge for James Storm. They walked off as Kurt went to the ring.

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy
TNA/Impact World Title Match

Jeff Hardy came out wearing his ugly-as-sin belt and carrying the real World title belt. I have to think that one of these two men are the target of Aces and Eights. Christy Hemme did the official introductions.

Kurt looked determined. They locked up and Angle moved Hardy to the corner. They locked up, again, and went to the ropes. Deep Arm Drag by Hardy into an Arm Bar. Kurt rolled up onto his feet and took Hardy to the ropes. Another Deep Arm Drag off the reversed Irish Whip. Kurt moved Hardy to the corner and went to the eyes. Kurt rammed Hardy into the corner and punched away. Hardy punched and kicked away, in the corner. Outer Limits Dropkick by Hardy for a two. Irish Whip by Hardy but Krut got the feet up. Kurt fell of the ropes and got caught with an Atomic Drop and Dropkick. Hardy flipped Hardy’s crotch onto the top rope. Kurt pushed Hardy off the ropes. Hardy landed hard as Impact took another break.

Kurt had Hardy in a Seated Side Headlock. Kurt blasted Hardy and sent him to the ropes. Double Clotheslines. Hardy with a Clothesline and Back Elbow. Flying Forearm and Stinger Splash in the corner. Flying Headscissors by Hardy. Hardy sent Angle into the steel and then flew off the apron to Clothesline Angle. Hardy slid in to break the count. They both got into the ring. Angle with an Irish Whip but Hardy with the Whisper in the Wind for two. Hardy wanted the Twist of Fate but Kurt blocked it and hit the Hat Trick Germans. He almost broke Hardy in half. 1-2-not yet.

Hardy escaped the AngleSlam and connected with the Twist of Fate. Hardy went to the top but Kurt ran the turnbuckles and launched Hardy. 2 count plus. Kurt with a wicked Powerbomb into the AngleLock. Hardy rolled through and nailed a Mule Kick. Hardy went up top, again, but this time he flew. He missed the Swanton. AngleSlam! 1-2-are you kidding me? Kurt couldn’t believe it that Hardy kicked out. Hardy with two more Twists of Fate and the Swanton. Angle kicked out at ONE!

“This is Awesome!” rang out and it was so true. Kurt flipped Hardy up and over the top rope. Kurt was spitting up blood. Hardy threw Hardy back in the ring and dropped the straps. Hardy with a Sunset Flip out of the AngleSlam to retain. Fantastic match!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Grade: A+ (98%)

Austin Aries hit the ring and attacked Hardy, from behind. Aries said he wanted his rematch at Turning Point. Aries said he didn’t want Jeff’s goofy belt, he wanted the real one. Aries left the ring with the Real title belt in his possession ‘for safe keeping”.

IN the back, Aces and Eights was attacking Kurt Angle. They were annihilating Kurt. They took a pipe to Kurt. Wes Brisco was there to help Kurt. I so don’t trust that kid.


–Jay Shannon

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