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Bound For Glory saw almost every title change hands. The fall out from that, as well as the victory of Aces and Eights, has turned everything upside down.

The show opened with highlights from Sunday’s Super Show. The biggest shocker of the night was the return of Devon…as a part of Aces and Eights. Jeff Hardy won the World Title. Hernandez and Chavo won the tag belts. Tara won the Knockout singles title. RVD also captures the X-Division title.

Aces and Eights strolled into the Impact Zone. It wasn’t the whole crew but a half dozen “patched representatives) stood in the ring as “The Leader” crowed about winning Full Access. The Leader mentioned The President (of the group). The Leader saluted Devon, their new Sergeant-at-Arms. Devon then came out. He got a mixed reaction from the crowd. Devon hugged his new “brothers”. He told the crowd to shut the Hell up. “You Sold Out!” rang out across the Impact Zone. Devon said Aces and Eights have had his back, since day one. Really? Devon said A&8 picked him up, when he fell. Devon really talked trash about the fans. Devon has been asked why he did what he did. “Because we can”. Devon thanked his fellow members and the guy who orchestrated all this and patched him in. Devon said Aces and Eights will destroy TNA. “You Suck!” bounced off the arena walls. Devon took shots at “Bubba” (Bully Ray), Sting and Hulk Hogan. “Bully’s Better!” was chanted by the crowd.

Sting’s music hit and he walked out with Bully Ray…as well as darn near the entire Impact Male Roster. Sting was ready to introduce Aces and Eights to the Roster. The fight broke loose as the ring filled up with so many people ready for a fight. Hulk Hogan even came from the back, with the ebony baseball bat. Aces and Eights bailed out of the ring as Impact took a break.

Hogan had the stick and had quite a bit on his mind. Aces and Eights came back out and Hogan let them loose to defend the Impact Zone. The Aces backed up. Hogan addressed Devon, directly. Hogan said Aces and Eights got Full Access, which means they have to fight. Sting challenged Devon. Devon didn’t want the fight but Hogan told Devon if he didn’t fight, Aces and Eights would be booted out of TNA. Devon thought it over and agreed. Devon said Hogan better make sure that “S.O.B. shows up or we will find him in the parking lot”.

Impact looked at Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries. That match was completely off the charts. Jeff even survived the Brainbuster to win the World title. After the match, Jeff said he was the best wrestler on the planet. (Is that a step above Best in the World?) Austin Aries said he would be at Jeff’s celebration party. Heck, he would even be bringing cookies to the party.

As I am writing this on Friday, I want to send out birthday wishes to three special people in my life. !st: my grandson, Dave, who turns 19. Also, my sister, Sherry, who I won’t say turns 47 (cause she might get grumpy lol). Also, one of my dearest friendships, Leslie, who I’ve known since the first grade (and was the first girl I ever had a crush on :) ). Wow, 41 years we have been good friends. Seems like just last month, we were both sitting in Miss Little’s 1st grade class at John R. Good Elementary. I wish the three of you all the best.

Hulk Hogan was talking with Mr. Anderson in the office. Hogan told Anderson that he was one of the four men, along with James Storm and two others to be named later. Joseph Park then came in to talk to Hogan. Hogan was impressed with how great Park looked. Park asked for everyone to get out, including the cameramen. Hogan asked Park what he saw.

Robbie E (w/Robbie T) vs Samoa Joe
TV Title Match

Christy Hemme looked absolutely incredible in a short, deep cut red mini-dress. (I SO love redheads). Joe stomped out, ready for war. Joe showed off the title that he retained, against Magnus, on Sunday. His was the only title that didn’t switch hands. Joe opened with straight fists and an Irish Whip. Running Back Elbow and Jumping Enziguri by Joe. Joe with a Round Kick ad Flying Kneedrop for two. Robbie tried to fight back but he would have had a better chance beating the ring post. Knife Edge Chop by Joe that floored the challenger. Headbutt by Joe. Joe wanted the Muscle Buster but Robbie T held hte leg. The ref didn’t see it. Joe with a Tope Suicida to take out R-T. R-E went to fly off the apron but took a Crescent Kick to the ribs. Joe with the Muscle Buster into the Kokina Clutch. Robbie e tapped out.

Your Winner: Samoa Joe
Grade: B (84%)

Robbie T rushed in to attack Joe but ended up in the Kokina Clutch, as well. He also tapped out.

In the back, Jesse (some muscle-bound dude from Big Brother) pressed Tara. He asked do you know who I am? The Password is…No. Tara nad Jesse smooched after chatting for a moment. Jeez. All the actors in Hollyweird and she picks a Miz wanna-be? Really?

Tara (w/Jesse Whatshisface) vs ODB
Non-Title Match

Mike Tenay also didn’t really know who this poser was. They continued to snuggle and such as ODB’s music hit. She was in the back, on the phone with Eric Young. She heard a girl’s voice, in the background. E.Y. said it was his mom. ODB kept the phone to her ear as she entered the Impact Zone. She put the phone in the corner, after telling him that she loved him.

ODB ran Tara into the corner and punched away and hit an Open Hand Slap. Next week, Miss Tessmacher gets her rematch. ODB put her wedding ring in her pocket and then lifted Tara for a Bulldog Bounce. She then went over nad talked to E.Y. on the phone. She then rubbed Jesse’s face between “her girls” (lucky bum). Tara freaked out and ripped into ODB for touching her man. Tara with a tribute to “Hangman” Bobby Jaggers with the Hangman. RIP Bobby. Tara then threw ODB down. ODB screamed for E.Y.. Tara yelled to Jesse that she had this. Tara kicked ODB’s back an d wen back to the Hangman with a Launch Drop. The couple snuggled up as ODB attacked her flask. ODB crashed into Tara and Jesse. ODB sprayed JEsse in the face nad nailed the Bamm!

Your Winner: ODB
Grade: B (84%)

ODB went back to the phone as Miss Tessmacher applauded the win for ODB. Miss T signed that she was going to take the title back, next week.

A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle discussed their Triple Threat Match against Christopher Daniels. Styles understood that it was an “every man for himself” battle. Kurt hinted that he would do what he needed to do to get the shot at Jeff Hardy.

Aces and Eights talked out in the parking lot.

Impact looked at Chavo and Hernandez winning the tag betls in a Triple Team Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match. Christopher Daniels cut a scathing rant against the new tag champs. Chavo said the win was for “La Raze”.

Kid Kash and Gunner vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez
Non-Title Tag Team Match

The new tag champs got a Heck of a pop. Gunner and Kash tried to Perl Harbor the champs. They pitched Chavo out nad went after Hernandez. Super Mex hit a Double Clothesline. Gorilla Press Slam on Kash by Hernandez. Snap Mre after a tag to Chavo. Kash got to the ropes. European Uppercut by Chavo. Tag to Hernandez. He went from a Bear Hug to an Over-head Belly to Belly. Gunner with the tag but he didn’t fare too well. Chavo with a Slingshot Senton off the tag. Chavo was taken tot he enemy corner. Kash with a beat down . Kash seemed to screw up some sort of move. Gunner covered with a Clothesline on Chavo. Gunner with the tag. Double team on Chavo.

Kash tagged back in and they both stomped on the third generation star. Gunner tagged back in and choked Chavo with the boot. Tag back to Kash. Kash with Corner Stomps into a Snap Mare. A pair of sharp kicks laid out Chavo. Kash mocked Chavo and then took a boot tot he ribs. Kash with hard Forearm shots. Chavo with a European Uppercut. Chavo kicked free and dove for his corner. Hernandez with a Springboard Spear. Double Sledge and Clothesline for his opponents. Pounce by Hernandez. Tag to Chavo. Gunner tried to stop Chavo but Chavo kicked him and Hernandez blasted Gunner off the apron. Modified version of the Frog Splash, by Chavo, to take the win.

Your Winners: Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Grade: A- (90%)

Jeff Hardy walked towards the Impact Zone.

Hogan and Joseph Park were still talking. Park wanted to fight someone in Aces and Eights. Bully Ray came in and said he appreciated Sting letting him fight with him. He hoped he didn’t disappoint Sting (Sting said Ray didn’t). Ray wanted to fight Devon, his brother. Hogan said Sting would get Devon but Bully Ray was in contention for a shot at Jeff Hardy, next week. Hogan asked Sting to fix the situation with Ray, after Ray told Hogan he should start trusting him more.

Impact, again, looked at Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries. They unloaded on each other with everything in their individual arsenals. A Twist of Fate and the Swanton scored the final pin.

Jeff Hardy came out for his celebration moment. Hardy showed off the TNA World title and then replaced it with..oh Dear God…Not Again…a silver version of the Power Rangers belt. I hate that ugly darn thing. It’s almost as bad as the butterfly Divas belt, over across the street. The red, white and green confetti snow stormed the ring. Hardy did the typical “Thanks to my creatures” bit. He was cut off on his victory speech by the arrival of Austin Aries. A-Double had a plate of cookies and some balloons. Aries let the balloons go as Hardy reached for them. He then offered cookies to Hardy, who slapped them away. Aries made fun of the goofy new World Title belt. He ended up spitting on the belt. The two started to go at it. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but A-Double bailed out and took off.

Christopher Daniels talked about his upcoming Triple Threat Match. He sipped the appletini and said Hogan wanted strong people, not weak ones. Daniels said he would beat Angle and Styles and then have a few more of the green drinks.

A.J. Styles vs Kurt Angle vs Christopher Daniels
Triple Threat Match

Daniels has a new tattoo on his chest. It is the word “Rebel” in block letters. Rather simple. Daniels went after Styles and got Ping Ponged. Back Drop Suplex by Styles. Short Arm Clothesline by Kurt. Styles went for the Styles Clash but Angle stopped it. Styles and Angle locked up. Go Behind by Kurt into a clubbing blow. Universal into a wicked Styles Dropkick. Daniels Backjumped Styles and Shouldered both men, in the corner. Styles blocked a Suplex and went for one of his own. Back Body Drop on Styles, Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker on Daniels. Overhead German on Styles and Daniels. Jumping Enziguri by Styles. Kurt rolled through the Styles Clash into the AngleLock. Daniels with a sharp punch to Kurt’s jaw. Daniels threw Kurt into the ring post. STO by Daniels on Styles. Hard punched by Daniels on Styles.

Variation of the Slop Drop by Daniels on Styles. He bowed to the crowd to taunt them. Daniels knocked Kurt off the apron. 3/4 Nelson but Styles turned under to escape. Clothesline by Kurt on Daniels. Styles attacked both men and hit the F5 Backbreaker. Flying Forearm, off the ropes, by Styles on Kurt. Sit Out Powerbomb by Daniels on Styles. High Collar T-Bone Suplex by Kurt on Daniels. Pele to Kurt. Styles flipped Daniels to the floor. Springboard Moonsault to take out Daniels, on the floor. Styles pitched Daniels back in . Kurt kicked Daniels into Styles. Styles fell off the apron. Kurt with the AngleSlam!

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Grade: A (94%)

Kurt and A.J. had a tense post-match talk. Kurt offered a handshake but Styles refused and left the ring.

Matt Morgan attacked Al Snow, on Sunday, to help Joey Ryan get a contract. Ryan and Morgan ran into Hulk Hogan, in the hall. Hogan wanted Ryan to take the 87% up to 97%. Hogan was ticked that Morgan dared to screw up Bound for Glory. Hogan said he was always in Morgan’s corner. The only problem was that Morgan didn’t have any charisma. Morgan said he was about to show everyone. Hogan grinned as Morgan and Ryan left.

After another highlight reel, “Cowboy” James Storm came out to address his fans. Storm is one of the four men being considered for next week’s World title match. Storm said it was a year ago that he became World champ. Storm said his match, on Sunday, wasn’t a wrestling match…it was a fight. Storm has five stitches for all the blood that he lost. Storm said he had a bucket list. 10. Kick the crap out of Bobby Roode. 9-2. Drink Beer. 1. Win back the World championship. Storm was ready to do that, next week.

Bobby Roode came out to cut off Storm. Roode was limping as he entered the Impact Zone. Storm got ready to fight his former tag partner. Roode asked for a house mic. Roode said the two of them promised to give their all at Bound for Glory and they kept to their promise. Roode said their match was one of the bloodiest and brutal matches. Storm felt Roode was kissing his *ss. Roode said Storm should be kissing him. Roode helped elevate Storm to all new levels. Roode said he gave the World title match to Storm, last year. Roode told Storm that he would always be the better man. Storm questioned that comment. Storm’s comment “Nope!” Last Call Superkick! Roode was out cold. Storm ordered up a cold one.

In the back, Devon used weights to warm up. Elsewhere, Sting walked towards the Impact Zone.

TNA looked at Sting’s induction to the Hall of Fame. It was nice to see Lex Luger there. He looked really good.

Devon vs Sting
Special Challenge Match

Devon jumped Sting, at the bell. He punched away at The Icon. Elbow Drops by Devon. Straight punch by Devon. Sting reversed an Irish Whip and nailed a Back Elbow and Flapjack. Sting kicked the hamstring. Sting missed the Stinger Splash but caught Devon with a Back Elbow. Sting ran Devon into one corner and then whipped him into another. Devon crumbled. Sting stomped Devon’s hands and then went to the eyes. Sting tried for a La Bandera Clothesline but Devon didn’t go over the ropes. Sting changed gears and tossed Devon out to the floor. Break time.

Sting was down and Devon was crowing. Devon clubbed the back of Sting’s head. Sting and Devon traded punches but Devon went to the eyes. Devon then choked Sting on the middle ropes. “We want tables!” rang out from the rowdy crowd. Devon dropped Sting and then yelled at the crowd. Hard punch by Devon into an Uppercut. Devon with an Elbow Driver, on the apron. Devon got back in the ring and stomped on Sting. Devon with wild punches to rock the Icon. Diving Headbutt to Sting’s ribs. Rear Chin Lock by Devon.

Sting Elbowed his way free but a Corkscrew Flying Elbow laid out Sting. Jawbreaker by Devon. Punch by Devon while put Sting on his back. Devon went to the middle rope but missed the Benoit Diving Headbutt. Sting started punching back. Flying Clothesline off the Irish Whip. Stinger Splash. Scorpion Death Drop. Scorpion Death Lock.

Aces and Eights rushed the ring when it looked like Devon was about to tap out. It was a gang mugging of Sting. The (Im)Pac(t) rushed the ring and tore into Aces and Eights. All Hell broke loose as more than a dozen guys beat on each other.

Your Winner (by DQ): Sting
Grade; B- (82%)

Bully Ray rushed down with the baseball bat and started after Devon. Fade out.


–Jay Shannon

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