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It was decision day for C.M. Punk. He either had to choose his opponent for Hell in a Cell or Vince McMahon would choose the person for him.

The show opened with a look at the fight between C.M. Punk and Vince McMahon. Vince was doing pretty good, until Punk nailed a Low Blow. Ryback arrived to save the day. Punk bailed out and then Punk threw him back. Meat Hook Clothesline by Ryback. Punk escaped the Shell Shock and started to take off. Vince gave Punk the ultimatum of choosing an opponent.

Roll the opening montage.

Welcome to Music City (Nashville, TN). The crowd was rowdy as all get out.Jim Ross joined Michael Cole for the show, this week. Big Show’s music cranked up and the “real” great Wight walked out to a chorus of boos. He stepped over the top rope as Cole and JR talked about the upcoming Show vs Sheamus match. Show started to talk but the fans shut him down. He started again and brought up the debate from 2 weeks back. Show said the whole thing was a joke to make him look foolish. Show said the fans were the ones who looked like a fool not him. He sent it to the footage of Show catching Sheamus’ foot,. blocking the Brogue Kick. Show then slipped Sheamus up and over the top rope. That was impressive. Show said he loved the look on Sheamus’ face when he did that. Show said Sheamus learned he was in way over his head. Show then showed the Scientific Challenge from Smackdown, where the WMD and Brogue Kick were put tot he test of how much pounds per square inch each one delivers. Show said he was going to K.O. Sheamus in 2 weeks at Hell in a Cell.

Show then switched to discussing his 45 seconds of title reign from last year. The crowd started chanting “45 seconds”. It ticked off the big man. Show demanded to face Daniel Bryan in the ring to prove he could go more than 45 seconds. Daniel didn’t make an immediate appearance. He was watching in the back. R-Truth talked with Little Jimmy about it. Kane and Daniel talked about it. Daniel said he wasn’t going to go out there and face the Big Show. A.J. Lee came up and said Show had a great idea. She ordered him to get out there and battle the giant. Daniel asked Kane if he had Daniel’s back. Kane just laughed at him. They got into a NO/Yes fight. Santino, Zack Ryder, a stagehand and the whole crowd got into the Yes/No thing. The music hit and out came the former World Champion.

Big Show vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel tore up a Goat Face mask. Too funny. Show charged Daniela nd clubbed him. Daniel tried to duck and dodge but it wasn’t working. Headbutt by Show. Daniel came back with kicks. Show pitched Daniel over the top rope…by the beard. Break time.

Show stalked his victim. Daniel with several Forearm Shots but Show caught Daniel in a Bear Hug. During the commercial, Show had Speared Daniel. Daniel refused to surrender to the number one contender. Show slung Daniel aside. Corner Butt Splash by Show but Daniel came back with a Dropkick to Show’s knee. Daniel with vicious kicks to Show’s ribs. Daniel with a Crescent Kick to Show’s skull but it only got him a two count. Daniel with a series of Running Dropkicks to the corner. Daniel went for the Ax Bomber but Show caught him and Chokeslammed him for the three count.

Your Winner: Big Show
Grade: B (84%)

Kane’s pyro and music exploded. Kane chuckled at his tag partner, Daniel, who was still down in the ring. Big Show wasn’t sure how to deal with it. Show cocked his fist for the WMD but Kane got in the ring to prevent the destruction of Daniel Bryan. Big Show bailed out and headed up the ramp. Daniel and Kane argued, back and forth.

C.M. Punk said he has made his choice and it would be revealed, next.

Paul Heyman stood next to a covered poster. Heyman introduced C.M. Punk with enough praise to float a battleship. Punk then came out in that god awful canary yellow t-shirt. Punk took time to swagger his way down to the ring. Cole and JR talked about all the past Hell in a Cell competitors. Punk talked about dealing with Mr.McMahon, last week. Punk got a shot in on “ol’ bucket head, JR”. Punk even brought p The Rock. Punk said he would put down anyone who disrespects him. Punk said the whole thing with Vince was sad. Yep. Punk smiled as he talked about slapping Vince in the face. Punk was certain that Vince will never compete in a ring, again, after the beating he took. Punk said it took two superstars to stop him (John Cena and Ryback). Punk sent it to a still of the poster to Hell in a Cell. It was Punk with red skin and devil horns. Punk said, compared to the WWE Universe, he was an Angel.

Punk started talking about Ryback and John Cena. He felt Ryback was a monster of a man. Punk said Ryback should get involved. He then switched to Cena. Punk felt he had broken Cena, both physically and mentally. Would it be the Next Big Thing, Ryback, or the one-armed man, Cena. Punk started to unveil the poster but stopped. He demanded respect for the presentation. When the crowd refused to be respectful, Punk decided to postpone his decision. He wanted to re-think his decision…

Out came Mr. McMahon! Yeah, Vince. Vince hoped Punk had learned respect, last week. Vince said Punk blew it and now McMahon was going to choose the opponent for Punk. Vince said there would be a contract signing, later in the night. Vince said he held Punk’s fate in his hands…Respect That! Punk was not a happy camper. Heyman mouthed, “I warned you!”.

Layla talked about losing er mom to breast cancer. Layla cried as she mentioned that her mom never got to see her wrestle and would never see her get married.

A flashback video to Smackdown showed Alberto Del Rio trying to take the title of the new Apex Predator. Randy Orton took exception. He blasted Del Rio and then hit an RKO on Ricardo Rodriguez, on the announce table.

Alberto Del Rio vs Brodus Clay

ADR will face Orton at Hell in a Cell, in two weeks. ADR and Clay locked up and went to the corner. ADR with a kick and Clay exploded on the Mexican Aristocrat. ADR blocked the Clutch Throw but Clay Shouldered ADR through the ropes. ADR snapped Clay’s arm over the ropes. He got back in the ring and hit an Enziguri and Dropkick. ADR set his sights on Clay’s left arm and shoulder. Clay started to fight back but ADR with brutal kicks tot he legs took the FUnasaurus down. Clau with the Running Headbutt to drop ADR. Alberto rolled to the corner. Step up Enziguri into the Code Breaker after Clay missed a Corner Splash. Cross Arm Breaker ended this war.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Grade: B- (81%)

Punk and Heyman talked in the locker room. Punk didn’t know who Vince thought he was. Heyman said he warned Punk that no one can fully beat Vince McMahon. Punk wanted to fight Vince, again tonight. Punk said if Vince could beat Punk, he would let him choose Punk’s opponent. Heyman couldn’t believe Punk’s request.

Team CoBro (Zack Ryder and Santino Marella) vs The Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young)

Darren with a Side Headlock but Santino punched away. Titus took the tag and started beating down on Santino. Modified Stunner by Santino. Tag to Zack. Titus reversed an Irish Whip but Zack came back with a Missile Dropkick, Flying Forearm and Broski Boot. The match broke down into chaos. O’Neil laid out Zack with his finisher, now called the Clash of the Titus (SIt-out Powerbomb).

Your Winners: The Prime Time Players
Grade: B- (82%)

Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jindar Mahal rushed hte ring and put a beating to Zack Ryder…after pitching out Santino. Heath said it was time to hit the town and put music back into Music City. He introduced their group…3-M-B. So, Three Count meets the Fabulous Freebirds and falls way short of good.

Cole sent it back to the C.M. Punk segment that opened the show.

Vickie Guerrero cut off Cole and J.R.. She was there to introduce Dolph Ziggler. Dolph had something to say. He wasn’t happy that Ryback might get a title shot. Dolph said he went through so much, night in and night out, to get where he is. Dolph had to defeat 7 other men to get the Money in the Bank Briefcase for a World title shot. Dolph said no one would remember Ryback in two months but Dolph would still be there. Dolph said he deserved a WWE title match. He wanted to fight Punk, win the WWE title, and then cash in the Money in the Bank and hold both belts, in the same night.

David Otunga came out and agreed that Ryback didn’t deserve a title shot. Otunga said Dolph didn’t deserve it, either. Otunga then put in a bid for himself to be considered for the title shot. Otunga took a shot at Vickie’s age. They started to bicker but A.J. skipped out to stop it. She respected their opinions and wanted to let them express themselves, physically, in a 2 on 1 Handicap match against…”Big Hungry” Ryback!

David Otunga and Dolph Ziggler vs Ryback
2-on-1 Handicap Match

This was the Hour One Hour Turner Match. Dolph started against Ryback as the “Feed Me More” Chants echoed off hte walls. Dolph with a huge Dropkick. Meat Hook Clothesline by Ryback. Tag to Otunga. Ryback with an Atomic Stunner. Dolph thought about he Pearl Harbor but changed his mind. He took a powder. Ryback with the Shell Shock on Otunga.

Your Winner: Ryback
Grade: C (74%)

“Feed Me More” rang out as J.R. talked about Hank Snow. I’m getting so old…I know who he is.

Vince was on the phone when Heyman walked in. Vince called Heyman a “Swarm of Locusts” and ended his phone call. Heyman said Punk wasn’t doing too well. Heyman said Punk had an interesting pitch for Vince. Heyman stammered and then finally issued Punk’s challenge. Heyman suggested if Punk were to defeat Vince, Punk would get to choose his Hell in a Cell opponent. Vince kinda agreed. Vince would fight Heyman, not Punk. Paul whined and freaked at the idea of battling Vince. “God, I love being me” was Vince’s closing comment.

Matt Striker came up and talked to A.J. Lee. Last Friday, Team Hell No attacked Striker. Matt wanted an apology. Lee thought Matt called her crazy. She cackled like Margaret Hamilton. She put Matt into a match against Kane. Striker didn’t want to fight and wanted to know what just happened.

John Cena was in New Jersey, on Sunday, as an honorary co-Captain. The Jets play in what will be the home of Wrestlemania 29.

Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel
Non-Title Match

The U.S. Champ (Cesaro) talked about how proud he was to be the champ. He felt he elevated the US. He didn’t need the US, they needed him.

Go Behind by Gabriel. Standing Switch. Cesaro with a vicious Clothesline that flipped Gabriel a full 360. Cesaro slapped Gabriel. The two traded punches and kicks. Cesaro scooped up Gabriel and dropped him over the top rope. Running Kneelift. Double Stomp to Gabriel’s chest. Cesaro punched and kicked Gabriel, in the corner. Gutbuster by Cesaro into a Seated Bear Hug. Gabriel fought to his feet but Cesaro used the trunks to pull Justin down.

Gabriel got up and punched his way free. Cesaro pushed Gabriel into the corner. Gabriel pulled a page out of A.J. Styles’ book and hit a Springboard Slop Drop. He then went back tot he corner and to the penthouse. He hit the 450 Splash but Cesaro turned and drove his head into Gabriel’s ribs. 1-2-no. Gabriel went for a Springboard move but Cesaro caught him with a Uppercut, on the landing. Neutralizer!

Your Winner: Antonio Cesaro
Grade: A- (92%)

Matt Striker vs Kane

Matt tried to talk to Kane. Kane offered a huge hug. It looked ok until Kane wanted a second one. He Rag Dolled Striker and then Chokeslammed Striker. After the match, Kane mocked Striker’s interviewing style.

Your Winner: Kane
Grade: D- (61%)

Raw looked back at the Larry King Waste o’ Time Segment from last week. It was a nice start to the Kofi vs Miz feud. MizTV was back and Kofi was set to be the guest. How many more of these lame talk shows is WWE going to shove down our throats? Really? Really?

Ok, so Miz came out and babbled on about having to face Kofi. He told the fans to feel sorry for Kofi. Kofi came out and Miz talked about how Kofi has never really done anything impressive during his five years in the company. He suggested Kofi needed to have more memorable moments. Kofi took his advice and attacked Miz. Yawn.

Sheamus vs Wade Barrett
Non-Title Match

This was the Hour Two Hour Turner Match/Segment. Cole and JR talked about Sheamus’ upcoming fight with Big Show. They also looked at Sheamus’ problems with Tensai. Guess he got demoted from Lord Tensai. It led to Big Show flipping Sheamus up and out of the ring. Wade Barrett made his entrance.

Wade tossed out his shirt and a fan threw it back. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Clean break. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Wade. Drop Toe Hold by Sheamus into an Arm Wrench. Wade popped Sheamus in the face. Wade slammed his fist into Sheamus’ shoulder. Sheamus rolled through and reversed the move. He dropped his weight on Wade’s shoulder. Top Wrist Lock took both men to the corner. Sheamus reversed an Irish Whip into a Clothesline. Wade went to the apron. He battled out of the Crossfaces and kicked Sheamus in the knee. Wade with straight fists to the face. Pumphandle Powerbomb by Wade for a two. Wade with a Rear Chin Lock.

Sheamus battled free and then nailed Running Back Elbows and the Rolling Plunge. Wade went to the floor. Flying Shoulder Block off the apron. Big Show strolled from the back. Show had a chair in hand. Raw went to break.

Big Show was still at the top of the entrance way as the show returned. Wade tossed Sheamus through the ropes but the World Champ stayed on the apron. Wade missed a Big Boot and Shamus sent Wade to the floor. the two chased each other around and Sheamus with a Kneelift on the apron. A Thrust Kick by Wade sent Sheamus sailing off the apron. Wade had an evil grin on his face. Sheamus got in at 8. The ref moved Wade back. Kneelifts, by Wade, into the ribs. Wade with a Crossface, similar to what Sheamus normally does. Wade with a series of Knee Strikes and a Running Boot. Wade really looked good in this one.

Wade went to the floor to attack Sheamus. He talked trash to JR and slammed Sheamus on the announce table. He threw Sheamus back in the ring. Modified Camel Clutch by Wade. Sheamus seemed to Hulk Up and started to fight back. Irish Curse Backbreaker. Both men were down. The ref almost counted them down. Celtic Hammers by Sheamus into a Flying Shoulder Thrust and a Million Dollar Kneelift. Running Powerslam by Sheamus for a two count. Sheamus with the in-ropes Crossfaces. Sheamus Suplexed Wade back into the ring for a two count. Show paced, back and forth, as he watched the carnage.

Wade whipped Sheamus, chest first, into the corner. Clothesline into a Savage Elbow by Wade. He only got a two count. Wade lifted Sheamus for Wasteland but had to settle for the Black Hole Slam. He did dodge the Brogue Kick to plant Sheamus for a two. Wade stood on Sheamus’ neck and chest. Wade flipped Sheamus over the ropes. Sheamus flew off the ropes. He locked in the Four Leaf Cloverleaf. Sheamus let go when he saw Show. Show Low Bridged the ropes when Wade shoved Sheamus towards Show. Show laughed that Sheamus was clumsy. Sheamus got back in the ring and took out Wade with the Brogue Kick. He also hit a La Bandera Clothesline on Show, who was coming into the ring.

Your Winner (by DQ): Sheamus
Grade: A- (92%)

Raw looked back, again, at the opening segment with C.M. Punk and Mr. McMahon. IN the office, Vince was back on the phone. John Cena walked in and they talked. Cena admitted he wasn’t at his top fighting form. Cena said both he and Vince don’t always listen to what the doctors say. Cena said he’s felt better and he’s felt worse. Cena said he would do what he does if Vince were to choose him.

Eve Torres vs Layla
Divas Title Match

The WWE Rewind showed how Eve won the title. Kaitlyn got attacked and Eve got the title shot against Layla. Eve nailed the Eve of Destruction Neckbreaker to win her third championship. The Diva Division is at its lowest level since the early 90s.

Eve took Layla down and the Collar and Elbowed up to their feet. Shoving Match led to a Side Headlock Takeover by the Champette. The fans did cheer for Layla. Eve took Layla down by the arm. Layla started kicking the leg and wrenched Eve’s arm. The crow was so dead for this match. Eve threw Eve through the ropes, backwards. Eve went out and ran Layla’s face into the apron. Back in the ring, Eve got a two count. Snap Mare into a pair of two count pins. Eve with a weird Step Over Rolling Armbar. Eve with a Figure Four Headlock. Eve with a Faceplant Push Up thing. There was a mixed chant of “This Is Awesome” and “This is Awful”. Eve choked Layla on the ropes. Layla with a Straight Kick. Laylsa with the Flying Faceplant. Springboard Crossbody by Layla for two. Eve rushed Layla to the corner. Layla with a Big Boot. Eve tripped Layla off the ropes. Eve with a pin. Layla’s foot was on the bottom rope but the ref didn’t see a thing.

Your Winner: Eve Torres
Grade: D (62%)

And people wonder why the Divas/Women’s Division is in such sad shape?

A video ran of Stephanie McMahon at the Social Good Summit. It had to do with Nothing but Nets, a charity to send protective nets to people in Africa. It is there to help decrease the spread of malaria. Nothingbutnets.com is the place where fans can go and donate $10 to help a good cause.

Kane and Daniel Bryan talked about their individual matches. Daniel was upset that Kane laughed at him, after he lost to Big Show. Daniel decided that Kane should battle Big Show, next week.

Vince was back, still in his office. Ryback stood stone-face as Vince thanked him for coming to his aid, last week. Vince wondered if Ryback knew what the people were saying about Ryback. Vince said people were calling Ryback. Ryback looked at Vince and said, simply, “Feed Me, Punk”. Vince said he would take it under consideration.

The finals of the tag team tournament had to be postponed, for a week. Rey Mysterio is down with a case of the flu. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Speaking of feeling better, please keep Hector Garza in your thoughts and prayers. It was announced, a few days ago, that Garza is battling pulmonary cancer, a version of lung cancer. He has been a great part of this industry for many years and could really use all the support we can give him. God Bless, Mr. Garza, and keep up the good fight.

Rhodes Scholars vs Los Colons (Primo and Epico)

Rhodes has a spiffy new robe. Sandow still looks like he’s wearing something he stole from the Motel 6. Raw took a quick break before the match.

Before the match, 3-M-B went into a bar and tried to take over the stage. A big tattooed bouncer ousted the lug nuts. The bouncer said no one wants to hear you. You got that right.

Back to the real world of pro wrestling…yes, I’m being a tad sarcastic. The Colon cousins attacked the Rhodes Scholars and sent them to the floor. Cody attacked Primo just as the bell rang. Running Dropkick by Primo only brought a one count and tag to Epico. Epico took Cody down hard and then tagged his cousin. Primo with a Springboard Senton. Primo with a corner attack. The announcers talked about Dusty Rhodes’ 67th birthday party, last week. Sandow distracted Primo. Cody with a Hardcore Holly kick to Primo’s ribs. Tag to Sandow. Shoulder Thrusts and a hard punch. Snap Mare by Sandow into a Rear Chin Lock. Sandow was trained by Killer Kowalski.

Primo rolled free but Sandow prevented the tag. Cody then tagged in and stomped Primo in the head. Running Kneelift nad punch by Cody and tag to Sandow. Side Russian LEg Sweep by Sandow into the Elbow of Disdain (no, I’m not doing Latin). Sandow with hard punched and a Flying Kneedrop. Tag to Cody. Snap Mare by Sandow intoa Running Knee Strike by Rhodes. Rhodes stomped away on Primo and Snap Mared Primo to the center of the ring. Primo with a series of strikes but Cody rushed him to the enemy corner. Sandow tagged in and dug his fingers into Primo’s eyes. Tag to Cody. Rhodes with a series of stomps.

Rhodes with a punch to the face off the Side Headlock. Running Clothesline by Cody. He taunted Rosa nad Epico. Tag to Sandow. Double Falling Sledge on Sandow for two. Primo finally got hte tag. Epico tore into Sandow and hit a Flying Clothesline nad Dropkick. Back Drop Suplexes, three in total, by Epico. There wasa slight breakdown. Epico missed a Crossbody and Sandow nailed the Termi-noose (I know I’m probably not spelling it right, but it’s another Latin term).

Your Winners: Rhodes Scholars
Grade: B (84%)

Raw looked back at the fight between Kofi Kingston and Miz, from earlier.

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz
Non-Title Match

Kofi just ripped into Miz like a West Texas Tornado. The fight went to the floor and Kofi nailed a Running Clothesline. Kofi popped Miz and came off the ropes with a Double Leg Dropkick. Kofi kicked Miz in the ribs, numerous times. Kofi choked Miz with the boot. Miz with a modified Snake Eyes into a Running Clothesline. Miz kicked and stomped Kofi but Kofi fought back with Forearms and kicks. Miz dropped Kofi and then went to the top turnbuckle. Ax Bomber for a two count by Miz. Rear Chin Lock by Miz.

Kofi punched partially free. Kofi twisted in the middle of a Back Drop Suplex and almost pinned Miz. Flying Crossbody for two by Kofi. Reality Check by Miz for a two. Miz dug into Kofi’s eyes and then went back for the Rear Chin Lock. Kofi got to his feet and punched away. Back Drop Suplex by Kofi. Double Chops by Kofi. Controlled Frenzy into an attempt at the Boom Drop. Miz rolled out of the way. Miz Float Over and tried, twice, for the Skull Crushing Finale. Kofi caught Miz with a wicked Trouble in Paradise. If Miz doesn’t have a concussion after that, I’ll be surprised.

Your Winner: Kofi Kingston
Grade: B+ (87%)

An EMT checked on Miz, who was way beyond dazed. His eyes looked seriously glazed.

Raw talked about the WWE sponsoring the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary tour. There will be a live Pay Per View sh ow in the near future.

Decition Time!

Vince came out. He then brought out C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman. He then brought out Ryback. Finally, John Cena joined the party. The identity change from Skip Sheffield to Ryback was one of the best moves in recent wrestling history. John jogged down to the ring. The crowd was explosive. Vince said he has been thinking about this, all week. He knew Punk didn’t have the “Grapefruits” to make the decision. Punk cut off Vince and called him an egomaniac and half-a-cripple. Punk signed the contract and said Vince was going to do what he wanted, so it didn’t matter. Punk said he would do to either Cena or Ryback what he did to Vince, last week…break them.

Cena cut off Punk with an “Enough!” scream. Cena mentioned that Punk has been champ for 330 days. Cena respected what Punk has done but needed Punk to shut up. Vince started to make the announcement but Cena asked for a few more seconds. Cena said he wanted to take the WWE title from Punk at Hell in a Cell. He then looked at Ryback, who only cares about whipping *ss. Cena took himself out of the running and asked the Ryback be given the shot at Punk. Cena started a deafening “Feed Me, More” chant. He went out of the ring and got the crowd going. Ryback then walked up to the desk and scribbled his name on the contract, making it official! C.M. Punk vs Ryback, inside Hell in a Cell, for the WWE Title.

Vince left the ring and Ryback slammed Punk’s face into the table. He threw it aside nad get the chant going again. Shell Shock! He then got them chanting, all over again.


–Jay Shannon

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