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The ratings for Raw have been so bad for so long now that Vince had no other choice but to change the Raw creative team. I have been saying for years now how uncreative I believe Brian Gerwitz is and finally poor Brian was put out of his misery. I do not put 100% of the blame on Brian Gerwitz however as Vince McMahon is truly the one to blame for this downward trend with daughter Stephanie right behind Vince. Still the creative direction in WWE is so putrid that something had to change and mercifully it finally has. Will this new change provide different results? We do not know until months from now but the recognition from Vince that it needs change is a breath of fresh air. Still if I could ask Vince some questions, although I would never get straight answers, I would pose the following about the product.

1. Why is John Cena still the focal point of WWE? Cena makes money, I get that but the failure of the company in recent years has all been while Cena was the main man of the company. Cena is the man that wrestlers the most main events on TV and PPV and is showcased far greater than any other performer in WWE. Cena has to take some blame for the company’s ratings shortcomings. Why not push someone to the top over Cena now? Why is the WWE champion a second tier character to Cena? Punk should be front and center and pushed over Cena at this point. WWE also needs to push others to the top and not have to play second fiddle to Cena any longer. Cena is a loyal soldier but his appeal on ratings is all but dead.

2. Why is the GM position still a go to angle? AJ was a great female wrestler character. AJ was unique and that is what got AJ over in the first place. Now AJ is another bland GM who is power and control hungry. The AJ character does not play well as GM just as almost any character has not done well in that angle. It is a tired and boring “crutch” angle that serves little purpose in the overall picture of WWE. It is time to stop this angle and do away with it for good. The GM angle heightens nothing and does not push the importance of any angle WWE does, if anything it takes away from the angle and convolutes it.

3. Why is Michael Cole still the voice of Raw? Cole is not a bad announcer, do not get me wrong. Cole however does nothing to make the broadcast better. Cole is far from the worst but will never be remembered as one of the greats. WWE can make Raw so much better by having someone more exciting calling the action. Cole may make a great manager or backstage interviewer such as a “Mean Gene” type, but as a lead announcer Cole falls far short. It is time to make the voice of Raw stronger and more exciting. A heel Cole made the product so much worse so I am not advocating more of that. If Vince wants change then the announce table is a great place to look. Bring back JR or find the next JR plain and simple and although I know it is easier said than done Vince must attempt it.

4. Why are there still so many title belts? Half of the belts are not cared about in the least. The titles are prop afterthoughts on most shows. Reduce the number of belts and increase the value of the titles that are left. Not everyone needs to be a champion. It would certainly make it more of a “happening” when someone does win one of the belts however. Make a title change “must see” instead of a weekly occurrence. When I was younger I could name all the WWE champions in order, yes geeky I know, but the point is that it happened so few and far between that I could remember with no trouble. No way could I nowadays because being WWE champion is no longer special. There is no more “ WOW” factor when the champion comes out.

5. Why is the perception that your wife’s political career is more meaningful than the WWE product? Yes I realize that advertising has a lot to do with the PG rating but would there not be plenty of advertising revenue if WWE ratings were back in the 6 range? The PG shift appeared to be for the purpose of helping Linda win her senate seat although WWE says otherwise. Hasbro and Jakks had no trouble selling toys to kids so why would Mattel? The watered down product had allowed other shows like UFC to take over in the ratings and PPV buyrates. I am not saying become ECW but pushing the envelope like in the Attitude Era days would turn the ratings around and if that derails Linda’s campaign then Linda was never a strong enough candidate to begin with.

Bottom Line:

These are just a few of the questions I would pose to Vince had I the opportunity to. There would be plenty more for sure but these questions I really need answers to because the ratings are dismal and have been since July. The creative change may work or we might just get more of the same just written by a different hand. Time will tell and I am more than willing to wait and see. WWE is not financially in bad shape, far from it, but creatively this is one of the lowest points I can remember in awhile.

The biggest question Vince should ask himself is this “should the new head writer write the show for my amusement or the fans”? Answer that honestly and WWE will be great again, if not we will see more of the same with only a new name to blame. You have just read another chapter of the Forzese Files and as always feedback is greatly appreciated.

Jim Forzese


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