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It was the final Impact before Bound For Glory. Bully Ray wanted to prove himself trustworthy to Hulk Hogan.

The show opened with a look at Bobby Roode and James Storm. Hulk Hogan brought in King Mo. Roode tried to get in Mo’s face and got pushed down on his butt. Also, Aces and Eights made a deal to have a two on two match. If A&8 wins, they get free reign. If they lose, they are gone. Mr. Anderson was set to be Sting’s partner but got laid out. Bully Ray stepped up and took Ken’s place.

James Storm vs Austin Aries
Non-Title Match

The Cowboy was ready to kick butt and drink beer. Aries came out and showed his flashiness. The two locked up and went to the corner. Clean break. Hammerlock into a Side Headlock Takeover by Aries. Knucklelock into a kick by Aries. Side Headlock by Aries, which Storm reversed. Deep Arm Drag by Storm sent Aries to the floor.

Arm Bar by Aries but Storm pushed off. Float Over bu Aries but Storm with a Forearm tot he face. Storm with brutal punches to the face. Aries sent Storm over but he Skinned the Cat. Aries with a Suicide Dive after Storm went back tot he floor. Aries took his opponent back inside. Neckbreaker, in the ropes, by Aries. Neck Twist by Aries. Jawbreaker by Storm. Storm with hard punches to the corner. Irish Whip but Aries got the boot up. Aries with a shot to the ribs and then tot he face. Open Hand Slaps by Storm. Dropkick by Aries. Storm punched away in the corner. Back Elbow by Aries but Storm with a Corner Clothesline and Corner Punches. Corner Punches by Aries. Storm with a Side Russian Leg Sweep off a Running Boot. The two traded fists and Storm went for the Eye of the Storm. Aries escaped it. Storm pitched Aries over the ropes. Aries snapped Storm’s neck on the top rope. Aries went to the Penthouse but missed the Missile Dropkick. Storm and Aries both went for finishers, which were blocked. Arm Drag by Aries. The two ran into each other and were stunned.

Bobby Roode ran down and posted Storm. Aries and Earl Hebner never saw a thing. Brainbuster!

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Grade: B+ (87%)

Wes Brisco asked Kurt Angle to take him to Phoenix. A.J. Styles came in and asked Kurt if his head was in the match on Sunday. Styles told Kurt to stay in the back during his match.

Hulk Hogan and Sting were up next to talk about Bully Ray being Sting’s partner at B4G.

Sting talked about B4G 2011. He faced Hulk Hogan and turned him back into the face he should be.

Back to the Impact Zone and the Hulkster and Sting made their first appearance of the night inside the Impact Zone. The crowd was loving their arrival. Hogan did a little Air Guitar as the crowd settled down, a tad. Hogan said there was a little big of a situation. Hogan said Aces and Eights set a deal to face Sting and a partner. Hogan won’t be allowed to fight. Hogan said they had to make a deal with the devil (Bully Ray).

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out and said they were there to save the day. Daniels said there was still time to right the ship. Daniels said Hogan was making a bad decision by going with Bully Ray and Sting, instead of the Tag Champs. Kaz said there was three pasts to their plan: 1. Cancel the tag team title match. 2. Give Bully Ray the heave ho and 3. Put Kurt Angle into Bully’s spot with Sting.

Bully Ray rushed from the back, ticked off. He told them to never mention his brother, again. I never heard them mention Devon. Bully said it was going to be a fight on Sunday, not a wrestling match. Ray said Kurt would be the perfect choice, if there was going to be a wrestling match. Ray said he didn’t need to be the friend of Hogan and Sting. They simply had a common goal, eliminating Aces and Eights. Bully Ray said he wanted to team with Sting, tonight, to go against Daniels and Kazarian. Wow! Hogan said it was a fantastic idea and he made it the main event.

The Walking Dead is back, this Sunday. If you haven’t seen this fantastic series, AMC is running every single episode over the weekend. Check your listing, unless you have Dish, who doesn’t carry the channel.

Hernandez (w/Chavo Guerrero, Jr.) vs A.J. Styles

The two men circled each other and Hernandez charged. Styles with teh Side Step. Kicks by Styles but Hernandez shook them off. Styles kept it up and Hernandez went down to one knee. Sunset Flip by Styles but he couldn’t take Super Mex over. Go Behind into an Enziguri by Styles. Styles kept letting Chavo distract him. Styles missed a Corner Splash. Hammer Throw by Hernandez.

Clubbing Blow by Hernandez into a Bearhug. Taz said Hernandez was in “Beast Mode”. Styles with straight punches. Steam Roller by Hernandez. Hernandez flipped Styles up on this shoulder. Styles got free and went into a Universal. Styles Dropkicked Hernandez out to the floor. Slingshot Crossbody ovr the top rope. Styles kept letting Chavo get his attention. Pounce by Hernandez after Styles missed the Springboard Flying Fore-arm.

Your Winner: Hernandez
Grade: B+ (87%)

The Leader of Aces and Eights said everyone was impressed with Hogan’s chess skills. They fed Joseph Park. The Leader felt that the addition of Bully Ray was a big surprise, but they had surprises of their own.

Oh, Dear Heavens, they have made a fourth Paranormal Activity movie. I got shang hai’d into seeing the last piece of crap under that franchise name. I never fall asleep in movies, but I sure came close with that waste of $3 and 2 hours.

Zema Ion came out to a huge round of boos. Mike Tenay talked about all the people that Ion has hurt. Ion said being humble gets you nowhere in life. He bragged about all the injuries that he has dealt out. Ion whined that he didn’t have an opponent on Sunday.

Rob Van Dam came out to talk to Ion. RVD said Ion was walking down a dangerous path talking about how tough he was in front of RVD. Hogan gave RVD an open contract to wrestle who he wanted. RVD with the Jumping Spin Kick to send the X-Title into Ion’s face. RVD told Ion that he would see Ion in Phoenix.

Hogan and Sting talked about Bully Ray joining the tag match. Bully Ray came in and said their match was up next. Hogan said he didn’t trust Bully Ray. Ray didn’t know why Hogan wouldn’t trust him. Hogan said if Ray slipped up, he would pay for it. Sting said he needed Hogan’s approval. Ray said he wouldn’t let anyone down. Hmmm…strange things do tend to happen at Bound For Glory. Jeff Hardy…Hulk Hogan…Sting? Bully Ray?

Brooke Hogan talked with Taryn, the ref. Tara came up and gave Brooke a list of demands. She wanted a special green room for herself and her “Boyfriend”. Brooke tore up the paper. I guess the Hollywood Boyfriend would be there on Sunday. Who cares?

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Bully Ray and Sting
Non-Title Match

Bully Ray rushed hte ring and cleared it out. Sting’s music then hit nad the Icon emerged in battle gear. Impact took a quick break before the match got started.

Daniels and Ray to open things up. Kick by Daniels into a Side Headlock. Ray with the Push Off and Steam Roller. Ray faked an Elbow Drop and nailed a Clothesline. Headbutts to Daniels’ chest. Open Hand Slaps. Ray ran Daniels into the corner and then worked over the left shoulder of Daniels. Ray asked the crowd if they wanted Sting. He got a Sting chant started and tagged in The Icon.

Sting with hard punches and kicks. Irish Whip into a Hip Toss. Running Clotheslines by Sting for a two. Daniels got free and tagged in Kaz. Sting worked over the arm and tagged Ray back in. Double Hip Toss by Sting and Ray. Ray with a Running Clothesline. Back Drop Suplex by Ray for two. Ray thew Kaz into the corner and nailed a sharp shot. Ray with a hard punch and then a tag to Sting.

Sting with a Snap Suplex for two. Tag back to Ray. Double Running Clothesline on Kaz. Ray with a High Angle Suplex. Tag to Sting. Stinger Splash! Daniels inched his way over and pulled Kaz out from the path of another Stinger Splash. Daniels posted Sting’s crotch in the corner. Kaz and Sting started fighting on the floor. It was a double team. Ray came running with a chair. In the ring, Daniels stomped away on Sting. Double Team of Sting in the corner. Snap Mare by Daniels. Springboard Elbow Drop and then Springboard Legdrop (by Daniels, then Kaz). 1-2-no.

Bow Tie Sleeper by Kaz. Sting sank to his knees but fought back up. Sting Elbowed free. Rolling Leg Lariat by Kaz. Tag to Daniels. Running Boot by Daniels. 1-2-kick out. Daniels with a sharp punch to the face. Daniels went to the top turnbuckle. He got launched by Sting. Double Clotheslines laid out both Daniels and Sting. Ray rallied the crowd.

Sting and Kaz both tagged. Ray blasted both tag champs with fists and Back Drops. Ray whipped Kaz into Daniels, in the corner and hit a Double Splash. Ray with a Samoan Drop of Kaz. The match broke down into total chaos. Sting threw Kaz over the top rope. Daniels with the title belt but Bully Ray saw him coming and kicked him in the face. Sting also protected Ray. The two men shook hands. Sting told Bully to “Get the Tables!” Oh, Yeah! Ray went out and pulled out the lumber. Sweet! Ray sat it up as Sting nailed Kaz with the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting sat Daniels on Ray’s shoulders, on the turnbuckles, for a Mega Bomb…through the table!

Your Winners (by DQ): Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
Grade: A (94%)

TNA looked at the upcoming match between Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy. I’m pulling for Aries. Aries said he saw this as his chance to rise to where Jeff Hardy has been. Aries said he wanted to rise above Hardy. Jeff Hardy said he has been chasing the World tittle for a year and it was time to take his career to the next level. He wanted to be the best wrestler on Planet Earth.

Impact looked at the Joey Ryan vs Al Snow conflict. Snow will get to kick the daylights out of Ryan on Sunday. Ryan said he would overcome Snow’s tricks. Ryan said the show would be on the West Coast, his home territory.

Samoa Joe was asked about Bound For Glory. He was ready to shut Magnus’ mouth. He felt Magnus was jealous. Magnus decided to interrupt. He said he would take the belt from Joe, on Sunday. Joe said they didn’t have to wait til Sunday. Magnus said he was not afraid of Joe. Magnus said he wanted to wait nad make people pay to see him take Joe’s title and make it his own.

Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher
Non-Title Match

Mike Tenay brought up that Gail was the first-ever Knockout Title holder. Gail with the Pearl Harbor on Tess. Gail ran the champ into the corner and threw an Elbow Smash. Corner Splash by Gail. Tess tried to fight back but Gail didn’t let up. Flying Headscissors by Tess into the Sweet Face attempt. Gail dodged it and bailed out. Gail snapped Tess over the middle rope. Running Dropkick by Gail. 1 count only.

Gail with a Field Goal to the ribs. Scoop Slam by Gail. Taz announced it was his birhtday. H appy Birthday, Taz. Gail choked Tess with the knee. Gail with a Clotheslien that sent Tess’ neck into the middle ropes. Side Backbreaker by Gail. Gail with an Irish Whip and the Pass Through. Tess fought back with Forearm Shots. Gail with her own version of the Sweet Face. Tess caught Gail and used a Slingshot to send Gail into the crner. Elbows and Boots to stun Gail. Tess tore into Gail like a Texas Tornado. Side Russian Legsweep into a Final Cut. Gail caught Tess on the ropes but Tess with a Crucifix Pin for two. Gail with a Sit Out Powerbomb off a blocked Headscissors. Both women were down and stunned. Tail went to the tippy tp but Tess rolled under. Tess with a Faceplant Powerbomb to take the win.

Your Winner: Miss Tessmacher
Grade: B- (82%)

Tara hit the ring and attacked. Tara tried for the Widow’s Peak but Tess converted it into her own brutal finisher.

Bobby Roode said he understood where Jeff Hardy’s head was at. James Storm rushed in and said he knew it was Roode that attacked him. Roode tried to leave but Storm was ready to fight. King Mo broke it up nad told them to save it for Sunday.

Jeff Hardy talked about his huge Swanton (33 feet) onto Abyss. It was just mongo sick

Mike Tenay talked about Sting going into the TNA Hall of Fame, officially, on Saturday night. He definitely deserves a place of honor. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of going into the Hall of Fame.

Tenay and Taz ran down the complete card for Bound for Glory.

Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy

The introductions bridged the commercial break. Roode came out and attacked Hardy, on the floor. Roode ran Hardy into the steel barriers. Roode with a straight punch to the face. Roode tossed Hardy into the ring and the bell rang. Roode with hard punches and kicks. Hardy with his own series of punches and ran Roode into the corner. Flying Forearn, Inverted Atomic Drop and Dropkick by Hardy. Hardy worked over Roode’s arm. Roode backed Hardy to the corner. Hardy with punches and kicks. Irish Whip into a Back Body Drop by Hardy. La Bandera Clothesline by Hardy.

Hardy tried to bring Roode back in but Bobby tripped him. Hardy with a Double Leg Thrust and Springboard Crossbody. Both men were down and hurt on the floor. Hardy was clutching his stomach. Hardy ran Roode into the steel barrier. Hardy slammed Roode’s face on the ring apron. Hardy rolled Roode back in and Bobby begged off. Hardy attacked with a kick and punches. Roode reversed an Irish Whip and flipped Hardy over the ropes. Shoulder Block by Hardy. Roode with a Decapitation Clothesline and a kick. Elbow Drops and a choke with the boot by Roode. Roode with a solid shot to the face. Roode pitched Hardy under the bottom rope.

Roode went out to continue the war. Hardy blocked a Suplex nad naield one of his own. The ref counted both men as Impact went to break.

How odd is it that Dish runs commercials on channels that it doesn’t even carry? I’m just saying…

Hardy was down in the center of the ring. Roode sent Hardy into the ring steps, during the break. Roode with a Neck Wrench. Front Face Lock by Roode. Hardy battled free but ate a Back Elbow. Roode went to the turnbuckles. Modified Buffbuster by Roode for two. Roode showed his frustration. Roode rammed Hardy’s face into the steel steps. Roode pitched Hardy back in the ring. Roode Awakening Neckbreaker for two. Hardy started to fight back but Roode with a Sleeper. It’sn not a Rear Naked Choke, Taz. It’s a Mark Lewin-like Classic Sleeper. Hardy was close to passing out. Hardy backed Roode to the corner but Roode would not release it. Hardy ran Roode’s face into the corner. Whisper in the Wind!

The ref started counting both men down. They got up and exchanged hard punches. Inverted Mule Kick by Hardy for a two. Roode reversed an Irish Whip.Frog Splash by Hardy for two. Hardy clubbed Roode’s neck Double R/A Spinebuster. 2 count. Roode wanted a Superplex but Hardy fought out. Hardy missed the Swanton. Spear! 1-2-Wow!-Kick Out! Roode wanted his Fisherman’s Buster but Hardy countered it into the Twist Of Fate. Roode blocked a second one nad hit a Low Blow.

Your Winner (by DQ): Jeff Hardy
Grade: A (94%)

Roode went out and got a steel chair. Earl Hebner took it away from him. Hardy with a solid Twist of Fate!

Austin Aries came out and said he wanted to say a few things. Aries said he wasn’t going to read what was on his script o say. He said the words were all crap. Aries said he has been told how to think, how to act, what to say and to cater to the fans. Aries said he was done with that. Aries said he wasn’t jealous of Hardy’s rap sheet or Hardy’s beat up body. He was jealous of how Hardy was treated. He knew that he was being set up for failure. He wanted new music but he hasn’t gotten it. Aries said he wanted the company to cater to him. Aries said he was ready to take on the system. Aries said Hardy was going to fail, on Sunday. Hardy talked about how much he hurt but he was ready to end Aries’ cocky *ss. Aries gave Hardy a moment to get the fan cheers. Aries then asked Hardy to leave his ring. Aries brandished the belt and then kicked the middle rope up into Hardy’s crotch. Aries with the Brainbuster on Hardy.


–Jay Shannon

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