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World League Wrestling is excited to announce the second special guest trainer for its 14th annual Harley Race Wrestling Camp. This year’s camp is scheduled to take place November 26th through November 30th. This location for the world-renowned wrestling camp is at the NEW location of the Harley Race Wrestling Camp, 28 Karen Drive in Eldon, MO. Spots for this wrestling camp are limited and are filling up fast.

In late September, WLW announced it’s first trainer, Takeshi Morishima. Mr. Morishima is currently the Pro-Wrestling NOAH GHC Heavyweight Champion and will be at the camp Tuesday November 27th and Wednesday November 28th. Pro-Wrestling NOAH representatives Ryu Nakada and Ken Hirayama will also be on hand (all week long) to observe and give advice to up and coming wrestlers. Also with Pro-Wrestling NOAH, they will be on hand to scout talent and look for the next professional wrestler(s) to have the chance to wrestle for their company in Japan. Talent that have been chosen to wrestle for their company include Trevor Murdock, Steve Fender, Matt Murphy, Jason Jones, Brian Breaker, Keith Walker, Ross and Marshall Von Erich, Richie Steamboat, and more.

The next guest trainer comes on behalf of WWE. This guest trainer has travelled across the world many times and is well regarded as one of the best in-ring technicians alive today. He is a locker-room leader within WWE and currently gives advice to the NXT developmental program. The next trainer to be announced is WWE Superstar William Regal.

Mr. Regal attended last year’s wrestling camp for Harley Race. He gave very valuable advice to the class of 2011, and even performed at the live event that capped off the week long wrestling camp. Having a career that has lasted for 30 years, William Regal is still actively competing for WWE and is also teaching to the next generation of WWE superstars at the NXT developmental program. Mr. Regal is scheduled to be at the camp starting Thursday November 29th through Friday November 30th. He will be here to give his knowledgeable advice to this year’s class and also scout talent for World Wrestling Entertainment. Now is the time to sign up for the wrestling camp due to limited spaces available.

To sign up for the 2012 Harley Race Wrestling Camp, please visit www.harleyrace.com/camp12.html and fill out an application. You can sign up online or print off the form on the website listed to mail it in. For more information, you can email 2012wlwcamp@earthlink.net or call 573-392-4100.

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