Posted October 8th, 2012 by Bill Apter

It took Vince McMahon just a few minutes to crank up the excitement on RAW. Working against a perfect opposite attitude, that being CM Punk, Vince was at his best (for a 67-year-old-man). He made the senior citizen population proud for sure!

Seriously though. If you really tap into what transpired tonight it was a masterpiece of “old school” psychology that made the McMahon-Punk angle so very hot.

Vince’s demand to Punk that he must decide next week if he will fight John Cena or Ryback at “Hell In A Cell” will bring back the viewers. I know I will be there!

If WWE is going through a transition right now that part of the show was a major slam in the right direction. It was reminiscent of the “Attitude Era” and just like so many of you I really popped for that time in the wrestling business.

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  1. By Jerry, posted

    Really Bill? Cena in yet ANOTHER main event? How will that bring back fans? Some of us are sick to death that Cena is in everything that is important in WWE. So when the feud is over and Cena gets the belt again then what? This is not the attitude era and Cena cannot hold a candle to what the attitude era was. Cena is for 12 year old kids who buy t-shirts, not the wrestling fans who are sick of the nonsense.

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