Posted October 8th, 2012 by Bill Apter

It took Vince McMahon just a few minutes to crank up the excitement on RAW. Working against a perfect opposite attitude, that being CM Punk, Vince was at his best (for a 67-year-old-man). He made the senior citizen population proud for sure!

Seriously though. If you really tap into what transpired tonight it was a masterpiece of “old school” psychology that made the McMahon-Punk angle so very hot.

Vince’s demand to Punk that he must decide next week if he will fight John Cena or Ryback at “Hell In A Cell” will bring back the viewers. I know I will be there!

If WWE is going through a transition right now that part of the show was a major slam in the right direction. It was reminiscent of the “Attitude Era” and just like so many of you I really popped for that time in the wrestling business.

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