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(New York, NY) You are just one week away from witnessing the world of professional wrestling
changing forever!! Get ready to slam & jam when the action-packed excitement of professional
wrestling debuts on WZME TV, Me-TV, Memorable Entertainment Television in New York, New Jersey,
and Connecticut!! All the bone-crunching, edge-of-your-seat NWA On Fire action is just 1 week away!!
Next Friday night, October 12th at 11 PM!! Check your local listings!

From heavyweight champion Brian Fury, the devastating Apollo, tag team chicanery with the Minute
Men, and a host of classic superstars like Jerry The King Lawler, Kerry Von Erich, Steve Austin, Superfly
Jimmy Snuka, Andre The Giant, and an honor-roll of marquee names, the traditions of the past combine
with the ring warriors of the present and superstars of the future to form the greatest tag team
televised wrestling has ever seen!

Each week, the hottest 60 minutes on television is NWA Wrestling On Fire! Millions of fans can’t be
wrong! NWA Wrestling On Fire is wrestling for today’s fan! Our fan-friendly, family-friendly weekly
extravaganza brings main event style matches to a wide-eyed, captivated audience!

NWA, the National Wrestling Alliance is recognized worldwide as the 60-year leader in traditional
professional wrestling action. Hall Of Fame stars that helped build the NWA from the ground up include
Harley Race, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Lou Thesz, and countless other megastars. NWA Wrestling On Fire
continues the tradition that NWA’s founders so proudly began!

Me TV, Memorable Entertainment Television and NWA Wrestling On Fire! The most exciting tag
team ever! Grab a ringside seat! Friday late-night TV will never be the same again, starting NEXT
Friday October 12 on WZME TV! Me TV and NWA On Fire-giving a whole new meaning to Memorable
Entertainment Television!!

NWA Wrestling On Fire is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Wrestling Alliance. All names,
likenesses, and depictions are copyright NWA Wrestling On Fire, all rights reserved.

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