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Bound for Glory is just over a week away and it was time for Sting to find his partner to face Aces and Eights at the annual mega-show. Plus, Joey Ryan finally got his contract. Always read things before you sign them…I’m just saying.

The show’s opening segment looked at James Storm and Bobby Roode’s issues. Hulk Hogan knew the refs were down with dealing with them. Hogan decided to bring in King Mo. Austin Aries started to feel the pressure from Jeff Hardy. Bobby Roode stirred the pot. Hogan went with Sting to the Aces and Eights Clubhouse. They had to pick two men to face the top two guys from Aces and Eights.

Hogan and Sting talked in the office. Hogan said they have to play by the rules that Aces and Eights set up. Sting said just about every wrestler on the roster wanted to be Sting’s partner. Sting said he was going to watch everyone, tonight, and find his partner. Hogan said they needed to make the choice.

Mr. Anderson vs Gunner (w/Kid Kash)

Anderson said he wanted to be Sting’s partner. He did a very exciting Drop Mic Intro. Gunner and Kash arrived together. Gunner jumped Anderson, before the bell. Gunner ran Anderson’s face along the top rope. Reversed Irish Whip bu Ken through a series of moves into the Rolling Neckbreaker. Gunner with a Kneelift and brutal punches. Anderson ate an Elbow off the Reversed Irish Whip. Huge Dropkick by Anderson to send Gunner to the floor. Sting watched both men, very closely.

Gunner brought Ken back into the ring but Anderson started to fight back. Running Back Elbow by Gunner for a two count. Crossface with an Arm Extender by Gunner. Ken punched his way to his feet but Gunner with a clubbing shot. Irish Whip by Gunner but ken got free. Gunner escaped the Green Bay Plunge but got blasted with the Mic Check.

Your Winner: Mr. (Ken) Anderson
Grade: B (85%)

Kid Kash and Gunner with the two-on-one beat down on Anderson. Ken sent Gunner to the outside and then laid out Kash with another Mic Check!

Tara talked with her “baby”. She babbled on about celebrities and such. Gail Kim came up and told her to get off the phone. Tara suggested that, after Bound for Glory, Tara and her mystery boyfriend should have dinner with Gail Kim and her new hubby (Robert Irvine from Food TV). Gail warned Tara that she would be right on Tara’s tail, if she were to win the Knockout title at Bound for Glory.

Gail Kim and Tara vs ODB and Miss Tessmacher

Taryn Terrill was the ref. ODB was redy to go and she got Gail. Chest Bump by ODB dropped Gail. ODB picked up Gail and threw her in the corner. Corner Splash. Gail fought out of the Bamm!. Scoop Slam by ODB. ODB slapped Gail on the behind and tagged out to Tess. Running Dropkick by the Knockout Champ. Sweet Face on Gail. Yummy! ODB rushed in for the Bronco Buster but Gail got out of the way and tagged in Tara. ODB put Tara in the corner nad hit the Bronco Buster. Gail distracted ODB and Tara nailed her. Gail tagged in and used hte boot to choke ODB. Whip to the corner and the Fly By Shoulder. Flying Clothesline by Gail for a two. Tag to Tara. Hard kicks to ODB’s face. Tara went for the Standing Moonsault but ODB got the knees up. She seemed to hurt her legs.

Tess took the tag and hit Flying Clotheslines and Whirlybird Headscissors. Flying X Factor Faceplant by Tess. Gail made the save. ODB with a Spear on Gail. Gail pulled ODB out of the ring. She landed hard. Tara backed off. Tara shoved Gail into Tess and then connected with the Widow’s Peak!

Your Winner: Tara
Grade: B (84%)

Bruce Prichard and Al Snow talked. Bruce demanded that Al go and find D’Lo Brown. Bruce is getting really corporate, lately.

Impact looked at the problems with Joey Ryan Al Snow struck Joey, recently. Bruce read Al the riot act for striking Joey. Bruce told Al to fix the situation.

Back to this week, Al Snow walked down to the ring. Taz ridiculed Snow for wearing a bad suit jacket. Al introduced Joey Ryan. The King of Sleaze made his entrance. Snow said he allowed his emotions to get out of control and he put the company in a bad position. Snow wanted to apologize to Joey for his actions. Joey pushed things by saying Snow was apologizing for the company but he wanted Snow to say he was personally sorry. Snow thought about it and did the apology and offered his hand. Joey refused the handshake. Joey said he was in control of this situation. He called Snow pathetic. Joey said he manipulated Snow and the 87%. Joey said the night was about him. He asked Snow to share the other agreement that his lawyers got for him. Snow produced a contract for Joey. Joey snatched the pen and paper. Snow warned Joey that he might want to read the contract but Joey cut him off. Joey ordered Snow to provide his back as a table for Joey to sign the contract. Joey made a big spectacle of signing the contract. Joey said he was the newest TNA Superstar. Snow said Joey should have read the contract a little closer. Snow said Joey signed a one-night contract. The night in question is the night of Bound for Glory. He even has an opponent for the night…Al Snow! Snow said he was going to beat Joey’s *ss in Phoenix. Joey freaked out.

Kurt Angle talked with Sting about doing “double duty”. He was ready to win the tag belts and take on Aces and Eights, that night. Sting said he wanted someone who was totally focused. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian watched it all. Sting said he would think about Kurt. Bully Ray then came up and said he should be in the World title match, but he’s not…because of Aces and Eights. Bully said he wanted to destroy A&8. He wanted to know what he needed to do to be chosen. Sting told Ray that he need to do something huge to let everyone know that Ray was a true Bully. Sting said he was p*ssed.

Samoa Joe vs Rob Van Dam
TV Title Match

The crowd popped into the ozone for RVD. Joe got a respectful response from the crowd. After circling each other, Joe pushed out of the Collar and Elbow. Go Behind bu Joe into an amateur takedown. RVD with a Leg Bar to take Joe off his feet. Joe and RVD with kicks nad punches. Clotheslines by Joe to rock RVD. Corner Rush into the Jumping Enziguri by the TV Champ. RVD Roll into the Flying Bodyscissors attempt. Joe blocked the Body Scissors and cinched in an STF. RVD got to the ropes to force the break. They went to the floor and RVD with a Dropkick to Joe’s knee. RVD went to put Joe over the barrier but Joe fought back. RVD ended up on the steel steps.

They got back in the ring and RVD started fighting bck. Back Elbow by RVD into a huge kick. Springnboard Thrust Kick by RVD into a Rolling Thunder onto Joe’s back for two. Rolling Double Leg Lariat by RVD. Joe blocked the Monkey Flip but RVD came back with a High Crossbody and Windmill Kick. Joe caught RVD on the top rope and drilled the Muscle Buster.

Your Winner: Samoa Joe
Grade: A- (93%)

A.J. Styles talked with Chavo and Hernandez. They argued about A.J’s supposed interference, last week. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian made it sound like Kurt Angle didn’t want to partner with Styles. Hernandez and Chavo wanted answers. Styles said he would figure out what was going on.

Impact showed the arrival of King Mo. Whatever. Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy talked about last week’s match. Aries said he was cool with Hardy, even though Hardy stole the spotlight, last week. Bully Ray then came up and said he had to prove himself. Ray said he was redy to beat Jeff Hardy. Austin said Ray should take on Aries, the World Champ. Aries said Ray didn’t beat him fairly, he used a chain. Jeff Hardy suggested a Triple Threat Match. Ray loved the idea. Austin was ticked off.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (w/Hernandez) vs Kurt Angle (w/A.J. Styles)
Captain’s Match

Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Kurt. Standing Switch by Chavo into a Side Headlock. Push Off by Kurt led to Chavo with a Shoulder Tackle and another Side Headlock. Back Drop Suplex by Kurt but Chavo didn’t release the Side Headlock. Kurt moved them to the corner. Kicks by Kurt. Chavo threw Kurt into the corner and hit a series of European Uppercuts, before going back to the Side Headlock. Back Body Drop by Kurt. Haymaker shot by Kurt rattled Chavo. Kurt choked Chavo on the middle rope. The crowd was split in their support. Kneelift and shots to Kurt’s neck. Clothesline by Kurt. High Angle Suplex by Kurt into a Rear Gut Wrench. Chavo used Back Elbows to get free. Kurt with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker to get a two count. Chavo with kicks. Kurt replied with stomps and kicks of his own. Chavo with another European Uppercut. Kurt went for another Tilt-a-Wirl but Chavo Reversed it. Chavo with a Dropkick off the Float Over. Body Roll by Chavo. Kurt reversed an Irish Whip but ate a boot. Release Overhead Belly to Belly by Kurt. Rolling Hurancanrana by Chavo for two. Chavo went for the Three Amigos but Kurt reversed it into the Hat Trick Germans.

Kurt went for the AngleLock but Chavo rolled through. Three Amigos by Chavo. Chavo missed the Frog Splash. AngleSlam. Kurt dropped the straps. Hernandez with the distraction. Chavo with the Roll Up to take the win.

Your Winner: Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Grade: B+ (88%)

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian watched as a shoving match happened, in the ring. Chavo turned his focus to the tag champs and told them to bring it to the ring.

Zema Ion vs Douglas Williams
X-Division Title Match

Ion with a hard kick. Williams with punches and European Uppercuts. Float Over by Ion but he ate a boot to the face. La Bandera Clothesline by Williams. Williams went out and got Ion. He punched Ion in the face. IOn pushed Williams into the ring post. Back in the ring, Williams with a shot to the face. Ion clamped on the bizarre Cross Armbreaker. Ion refused to break the hold and the ref reversed the original decision.

Your Winner (by DQ): Douglas Williams
Grade: C (74%)

Zema grabbed the microphone and told Hogan to take his name off the list of possible tag partners for Sting. He didn’t want to risk his pretty looks. He did his F-Ing catchphrase: “I’m not just F-Ing pretty, but I”m pretty F-ing Dangerous”.

Mike Tenay and Taz sent it to a video package about King Mo. Mo is doing both MMA and wrestling. Mo was asked why he wanted to do both. He said it was a dream. Eric “Butterbean” Esch has done both, as well as boxing, but never at the same time.

Bruce Prichard went off on D’Lo Brown about Matt Morgan attacking a ref at a live event. Bruce wanted to know why Morgan was allowed back in the building after being kicked out. Bruce really gave D’Lo Hell about the Morgan thing. Back off, Prichard.

James Storm came out in street clothes. Storm said it was only 10 days away from the biggest event of the year and the biggest night of his life. Storm said the conflict with Bobby Roode started a year ago. Storm said he was coming to Bound For Glory to prove he is the better man. Storm then brought up King Mo. Bobby Roode’s music cut off Storm’s talk. Roode wanted to make himself clear. He didn’t care about an MMA fighter named King Mo. Roode said all he was thinking about was Storm. Roode reminded Storm that James had never beaten him. Roode suggested that Storm was jealous of Roode. Roode said things were going to explode in 10 days. Roode knew this wasn’t a match, it was a fight. Roode wants to finally end Storm’s career in a pure bloodbath. Roode said no man could stop him, including King Mo. Roode said this was his world and there was nothing King Mo could do to stop him. Roode said he would tell Mo to his face, were he there. Be Careful what you ask for. King Mo came out, looking quite the clown, in his crown and robe. Roode shoved Mo. Mo pushed down Roode. Big deal. Roode left the area as Mo sasheyed down to the ring. Mo got in the ring with Storm and got right in his face. They talked and Storm raised Mo’s hand. Storm gave Mo a beer and they sprayed the crowd.

Hogan and Sting were talking. Hogan already made his pick and he was ready to give it to Sting. Sting said he wanted to watch Bully Ray before making his final decision. Hogan agreed to watch the final match before making the final choice.

Impact ran a promotional video about the rise of Aces and Eights and their issues with Sting. Over to live action. Joseph Park was splashed with water. The Leader showed that Joseph Park was ok. The Leader said everyone in Aces and Eights was ready to die for the Brotherhood. The Leader said the Aces and Eights fighters would be revealed…at the show.

Tenay and Taz ran down the updated Bound For Glory card. Samoa Joe will now defend his TV Title against Magnus.

Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries
Triple Threat, Non-Title Match

Ray showed off his calves and said he was going to prove himself to Sting. Hardy then came out with a Dark/Light face paint thing. Just weird. Finally, the World Champ came out in his cape and carrying the title belt. TNA must have gotten a bulk deal on silver cloth, as both King Mo and Austin Aries both sported silver shiny material in their outer garments. Impact went to break.

Hardy blocked a Suplex and delivered one of his own. Austin and Hardy got in each other’s faces. Ray pull Hardy out and threw him into the ring post. Austin pulled Ray in and blasted him. Springboard Clothesline off the ropes to Ray. Ray with a huge Boot. Hardy used Aries to hit Poetry in Motion. Inverted Atomic Drop, Double Leg Drop, Dropkick and Twist of Fate, in rapid order. Hardy with the Swanton. 1-2- broken up by Aries. Last Chancellory by Austin on Ray but Hardy made the save. Austin and Hardy yelled at each other. Ray with a Double Clothesline. Ray pitched Hardy over the top rope. Ray then flipped Austin over the top rope and onto Hardy. Ray pulled Austin onto the apron but Austin with the Neck Snap. Missile Dropkick by Austin and a Running Dropkick. Austin wanted the Brainbuster but Ray blocked it. Ray went out to find his chain but he took the World title belt. Ray threw Hardy into Austin. Bubbabomb. 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Bully Ray
Grade: A (94%)

Ray yelled “Did ya see that, Sting?” Austin screamed at Hardy “I had him (Bully Ray)!”. Austin got a ton of boos from the fans. Taz and Tenay talked about Austin’s jealousy. In the office, Hogan and Sting were on their way to announce their decision.

Hogan and Sting came out to address the Impact Zone crowd. Hogan said he would play by Aces and Eights’ rules. Hogan said it was getting personal between Hogan and the rogue group. Hogan said he would agree to watch but he knew Sting would destroy the group. Hogan felt it was time to pick a tag partner for Sting. Hogan ran down the list of potential candidates. Hogan said they needed someone who could get the job done. They agreed to choose…Mr. Anderson. Hogan asked Ken Anderson to come down and let them know he was willing to be part of the team. The music hit but Anderson didn’t come out.

A video showed Anderson being beaten down by the entire squadron of Aces and Eights. Anderson was out cold. Bully Ray rushed into the ring. Ray was ticked that they picked Anderson over him. He told Sting to talk sense to Hogan. Ray asked Sting if he wanted to go to war with Anderson or him. Ray said he has proven himself as a true warrior. Ray said Aces and Eights cost him the World title. Ray said Sting, Hogan and the fans need him. Ray wondered if Sting knew who he was.”We Want Devon!” rang out. Ray said Sting knew Ray was the guy to join forces with him. Hogan had serious doubts but Sting talked him into it. Hogan accepted the handshake and said “You got it, brother!” Ray said he was ready to go to war.


–Jay Shannon

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