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Raw was at the OKC, this week. Oklahoma City hosted Jim Ross Appreciation Day/Night.

The show open ed with a look back at Mick Foley’s rant on C.M. Punk, from last week. At the end of the night, Punk attacked Foley. He then cam face to face with Ryback. Something is brewing there.

Roll the opening montage.

Michael Cole and Jim Ross were doing the announcing, this week. C.M Punk and Paul Heyman walked from the back. It was Day 316 for Punk’s current title reign. (yawn). Cole brought up the Appreciation Night. I really like the “Face” Cole that we’ve seen over the past three weeks.

Punk rolled his eyes at the booing crowd. Punk addressed the pipe attack. He accused Cena of being a coward and a scared man. Punk said Foley gave him a disrespectful look and mumbled something. That is why Punk attacked Foley. Punk said Foley didn’t have the guts to say negative things to “Dwayne”, Steve Austin or John Cena. Punk said Foley’s mom should have taught him manners and respect. Punk admitted that some things that Foley said struck home. Punk swerved the crowd by making them think he would fight Cena in the Hell in a Cell.

Heyman took over the microphone. He had another piece of business to deal with. He showed the footage of “popping the question” to A.J.. A.J. smacked Heyman for his insults about her being dumb and uninhibited. Heyman said Lee never said “no”. She did, however, violate an edict from the WWE Board of Directors. Heyman read how Lee was barred from striking anyone. Heyman demanded that A.J. Lee be removed as the General Manager of Raw, immediately. Heyman wanted to step in as the new G.M.. He was cut short by the arrival of Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. Vickie shrieked about how she and Dolph have been victimized by A.J.. She showed footage of A.J. attacking her. Now, the fact that Vickie was insulting her, I guess, is meaningless in Vickie’s mind. Heyman wanted to know when this became about Vickie and Dolph. She cut him off and read him a riot act. Heyman asked Vickie to follow his lead and go through the proper channels. Dolph tried to play peacemaker. Dolph suggested Vickie and Paul working together as co-General Managers. That just made my blood ice up.

A.J. Lee decided to join the party. She skipped around the ring and then entered the ring. Lee said she was now on probation for smacking Heyman. She said she felt justified but the Board of Directors didn’t agree. Lee was given a Coach to help her with her issues. Daniel Bryan’s music hit and the tag champ came out. He screamed at the masses as he entered the ring. Bryan came out to apologize and kept screaming. Bryan said when he dumped A.J., it pushed her mental state beyond normal levels. Bryan said he was a Hell of a catch, so it made sense that she would freak out. “Goatface” talked about how handsome he is and how great his beard is. He then raised the tag belt and went into the “I’m the tag team champion” thing. Kane came out to correct his partner. Team Hell No stood in dysfunctional unity. Kane said that one important fact about A.J. that people have forgotten is that she is a fantastic kisser.

Kane said he wanted everyone to know “I am the tag team champion”. Daniel Bryan then jumped in. Punk then started screaming about being the WWE Champ. Dolph started chanted “Mr. Money in the Bank”. A.J. Lee shrieked like a banshee for them all to stop. She reminded them all that she was still in charge of Raw. She put C.M. Punk and Dolph Ziggler in a match against Kane and Daniel Bryan. She then skipped her perky little tushie to the back as all four men showed off their belts/briefcase.

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio vs Epico and Primo
Round One Tournament Match

Eight teams are working towards becoming the number one contender to face Kane and Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell. The Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) advanced on Friday Night Smackdown. Rey and Sin are now wearing Composite Masks (1/2 Rey and 1/2 Sin Cara). Takes me back to the comic book days of Composite Superman (half Batman/half Superman outfit…powers of the entire Legion of Super Heroes). God, I’m getting old.

Rosa was out to watch Epico and Sin Cara open the match. Lots of quick moves, including a Backspring Elbow by Sin Cara. Primo made the tag and punished Sin Cara. Rosa talked trash to Sin Cara. Sin with kicks but Primo took back control. Flying Headscissors. Tag to Rey. The Masked Marvels worked together to lay out Primo and Epico. The Prime Time Players came out to scout. If PTP can get past R-Truth and Kofi Kingston on Smackdown, they will face the winner of this match. Raw went to break

Back to the action and Rey dodged Epico and tagged Sin Cara. Top Rope Crossbody for a two. Sin with a Standing Dropkick and a Mexican Arm Drag off the ropes. Sin Cara came off the ropes for a Springboard Crossbody, only to get Dropkicked by Epico. 1-2-no. Epico beta down on Sin Cara. Primo tagged in and began to punch and kicked on Sin Cara. Kneedrops to the throat of Sin Cara. Sin Cara rolled through a Powerbomb and almost pinned Primo. Tag to Epico. Sin Cara with punches and a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT. Primo nad Rey both tagged in. Hurancanrana by Rey and a kick to the face. Rey slid under and kicked Primo in the face. Rey went to the top turnbuckle and Dropped the Dime. Tilt-a-Whirl Facebreaker by Rey. It broke down into total chaos. Sin with an Enizguri. Rey Dropkicked the other cousin. Double 619. Sin Cara flew to the floor to neutralize Primo as Rey with the Diving Headbutt to pin Epico. The Prime Time Players applauded Los Marvels.

Your Winner: Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio
Grade: A (94%)

Raw talked about Susan G. Komen. I want to personally thank John Cena for coming to Reno, early, to participate in this year’s Susan G. Komen Run for the Cure. It will be at it’s new home, the Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino. This is the 14th year that Reno/Sparks has turned out to support this great event. I’ve walked in it, in the past, and was proud to do so. I carried a picture of my mom (who has survived breast cancer). Due to a problem with my left knee, I can’t do this year’s event but I support them from the bottom of my heart. Local fans, here in Northern Nevada, can participate by going to the following link:


Brodus Clay bs Antonio Cesaro
Non-Title Match

Insert Video: Cesaro said Appreciation in five different words.

The two men locked up and traded punches. Overhead Throw and Elbow Drop by Clay. Cesaro snapped Clay’s neck on the top rope. Clay with the Headbutt and punches. Clay missed a Corner Splash. Springboard Uppercut by Cesaro into the Neutralizer. Really?

Your Winner: Antonio Cesaro
Grade: B (84%)

Cesaro got bonus points for getting Clay up.

A.J. and her Coach ran into Kaitlyn, backstage. Nice cleavage shot. Christopher J. Stevenson is the Coach’s name. A.J. said Kaitlyn would wrestle, next week. A.J. wanted to talk about their past friendship. She apologized for her behavior. Lee asked for forgiveness. Lee then started laughing like crazy. She said she really wasn’t sorry. That girl is a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Zack Ryder vs The Miz
Non-Title Match

Miz has a new shirt. Larry King was the Social Media Ambassador, this week.

The bell rang and the two guys circled each other. They tied up and Miz went after the arm. He then locked in a Sid Headlock and did a Shoulder Tackle. Universal by Ryder into a Flapjack and Dropkick. Big Boot by Miz. Miz stomped away on Ryder. Big kick tot he face by Miz drew a two. Miz drove his knee into Ryder’s back and locked in the Rear Chin Lock. Ryder got up and punched away. Kneelift by Miz into an Irish Whip. Faceplant by Miz but Ryder came back with a Missile Dropkick. Corner Dancing Forearm. Broski Boot! 1-2-not yet. Ryder wanted the Rough Ryder but Miz turned it into a Corner Powerbomb. Ouch! Skull Crushing Finale!

Your Winner: The Miz
Grade: B (84%)

The World Championship Waste of Time…oops, sorry Debate.

Booker T was the moderator. Booker brought out The Big Show and then Sheamus. Big Show was in a nice suit. Sheamus was in his wrestling gear. The fans were bored by the time Sheamus hit the ring. Shut Up and Wrestle! Big Show made his opening statement. Yawn. Show said the debate was ridiculous (yeah!). Show said WMD and it’s all over. Sheamus then introduced himself to the crowd. He did a Foley Pop by mentioning the hometown crowd. He said he would kick Show’s head off. They were both asked what was the most challenging thing about their opponent. Sheamus said he has never faced anyone as large as the Big Show. He made fun of Show’s body odor and breath and got a shot in on Show’s 45 second title reign. Show said he was very hygenic. Show said Sheamus wasn’t taking Show serious. Show told Sheamus to knock off the jokes. The next question was “Which is more dangerous: Brogue Kick or WMD?”. Show talked about all the people he took out. Show didn’t think Sheamus could get his foot up high enough to kick Show. Sheamus mentioned Daniel Bryan taking Show’s title in 45 seconds. Show lost his cool and accidentally destroyed the podium (by leaning on it). Sheamus had a tout from Rey Mysteree O’Sullivan (Kevin’s other nephew?). It was obviously Sheamus in a Rey mask. The Tout was as stupid as this debate. Show wanted to hear soemething serious. Sheamus wanted to know how it felt to drop the belt in 45 seconds to the guy who turned around and lost it in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania. Sheamus really pished Show’s button with his jabs. The two men got face to chest and Show took off his jacket. Sheamus ripped off his shirt. It was a Mexican Stand Off until Show backed out of the ring. Huge Boos!

Ryback vs Tensai

Both announcers talked about how well Jerry Lawler is doing in his recovery. IN the ring, the two gbig bulls locked up. Tensai with a SHoulder Tackle but Ryback popped right back up. Forearms and a Kneelift didn’t really get anywhere. Snap Powerslam by Ryback. Wow! Tensai with a Headbutt. Meathook Clothesline by Ryback. Ryback couldn’t get Tensai up for the Shell shock but ended up dropping him. Ryback changed gears and laid out Tensai with another Meathook Clothesline. That was SO on Tensai.

Your Winner: Ryback
Grade: C+ (78%)

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow talked about their team name. Then they ridiculed the Debate. Cody said they were ready to personify what real champions are. Damien talked trash about Sheamus, calling him a neanderthal.

WWE pushed Mick Foley’s new book. It has a lot of WWE people in it. I might end up getting it. Love his kids’ books.

Several breast cancers survivors were in the audience. They were asked to stand and be recognized. www.komen.org/wwe is where fans can got to support the cause.

Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix
No-title match

Eve pushed how great the Divas division is. Really? There is almost no division, anymore. Eve didn’t sound sincere. Eve tried to suspend Beth, last Friday, but Booker T reversed the decision. Eve tried to shift the blame onto Teddy Long. Eve said Teddy was trying to get his job back from Booker.

The bell sounded and the girls got ready to fight. Eve begged for forgiveness, first. Eve offered a Handshake but Beth took Eve down with a Double Heel Trip. Beth with the Bum Rush to the corner. Corner Kicks by Beth. Beth charged and hit the ring post. The two fought on the floor. Eve worked over Beth’s back. Eve then ran Beth’s sternum into the ring apron and threw her down by the hair. Beth ended crawling back in the ring and nailed a Clothesline. Eve with a Reverse of an Arm Wringer. Eve with the Eve of Destruction Neckbreaker to efeat Beth. You have to be kidding me?

Your Winner: Eve Torres
Grade: C (75%)

Eve and her coach, walked backstage. They ran into Wade Barrett. Wade said it was time that someone taught A.J. how to do her job. Wade said A.J. was doing a horrible job. Wade told her to keep her personal affairs out of her business. The Coach looked off and A.J. said she thought the Coach was intimidated.

Michael Cole and JR talked about JBL climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. I met Layfield way back when he fought in Dallas. I had a good feeling about him, all those years ago. I never thought he would reach these heights (pun somewhat intended) but he is an example that a lot of young wrestlers should emulate.

Santino Marella vs Heath Slater

The One Man Rock Band (Slater) now has Drew McIntyre and Jindar Mahal in his corner. Why? For some reason the old phrase “Two wrongs don’t make a right but Three Rights make a Left” just popped into my brain. Heath did his goofy dance. Santino did one too. Collision in mid-ring. Back Elbow by Heath into a series of stomps. Slater with a pin attempt after a straight shot to the face. Rear Chin Lock by Heath. Santino flipped Heath over but Santino got laid out with a Jumping Leg Lariat. Cole brought up Guiter Hero (I love that game). Slater went to jump off the ropes but ate a Santino Boot. Santino failed witht he Kip Up (That’s not easy to do, I’ve tried). Hip Toss off the Splitz Diving Headbutt. Santino with The Cobra. Mahal and McIntyre hit hte ring and attacked Santino.

Your Winner (by DQ): Santino Marella
Grade: C (74%)

JR is calling them The Band. Drew with the Future Shock DDT. Slater demanded the microphone. Drew said he was still the Chosen One. Mahal said he was the Maharaja (Ma-ha…ah-ha (Three Stooges flashback)). Slater, of course, is the One Man Band…baby.

Sheamus vs Damien Sandow
Non-Title Match (yes, another non-title bout)

Cody Rhodes came out to watch his tag partner. The two went into the Collar and Elbow. The ref forced the break when they went into the ropes. They locked up, again, and went to the corner. Sandow backed off when Sheamus cocked his fist. Go Behind by Sandow into an Arm Wringer. Sheamus dropped his weight on Sandow’s shoulder. Sandow with a kick into a Side Headlock. Takeover by Sandow. Running Shoulder Tackle by Sheamus. Sheamus countered the Universal. Sheamus grabbed the beard and Sandow hit the floor. Raw went to break.

Sheamus with an Irish Whip but Sandow slid under the ropes and headed into the crowd. Rhodes distracted Sheamus. That allowed Sandow to hit a Flying Clothesline. Sandow pitched the World Champ back in the ring and got a 1 count. Sandow with Kneedrops. Sandow wit a modified Shinu Numaki to try and weaken the champ. Kitchen Sink into a Clothesline by Sandow. Shoulder Thrusts by Sandow. Snap Mare by Sandow into Crossfaces. Rear Chin Lock by Sandow. Sheamus got to his feet and punched free. Sandow with a kick and Knee Strikes to the head. Side Russian Legsweep into his Corkscrew Elbow (he has a fancy Latin name for it but I can’t spell it). Sandow with fists and elbows to Sheamus’ head and throat. 2 count by Sandow. Sandow went back to the Side Headlock.

Sheamus with punches to the face. Kick to the face by Sandow and a Drop Toe Hold. Sandow threw himself onto Sheamus, who was propped against the ropes. Seated Head Scissors by Sandow. Sheamus used clubbing blasts to get free. Sandow nailed Sheamus and caused him to fall off the ropes. Sandow and Sheamus traded shots. Big Boot by Sandow for a two count. Front Face Lock by Sandow. Sandow rode Sheamus to pull himj into position. Sandow pitched Sheamus over the top rpe. Sandow went out and brought Sheamus back in the ring. Only a 1 count, each time that Sandow tried to pin Sheamus.

Sheamus powered to his feet and hit a Back Drop Suplex. The ref started counting both men. Celtic Hammers by Sheamus. Running Shoulder Thrust into the Million Dollar Kneelift. Green Bay Plunge by Sheamus. Sandow with a Flying Neckbreaker for a two plus. That was close. Sheamus got hte boots up. Sheamus was exhausted but still rolled up the ropes and hit hte Battering Ram for a two. Sandow fought out of White Noise and dodged the Brogue Kick. Sheamus with the Crossfaces, in the ropes. Sandow crumbled to the arena floor. Sheamus warned Cody to stay back. Cody went to attack and Sheamus caught him. Sheamus got both men in the ring and hit a Brogue Kick that took them both out. Sheamus covered Damien.

Your Winner: Sheamus
Grade: A (94%)

Kudos to Damien Sandow for a stellar performance.

Michael Cole welcomed Jim Ross to the ring for the Appreciation Night ceremony. Cole talked so nicely about his current announcing teammate. JR had gone to the back so he could make a grand appearance. I have to be honest, Jim Ross was my main inspiration when I worked as a television ring announcer. I also drew upon Gordon Solie, Bill Mercer, Mike Tenay and a few others for inspiration.

C.M. Punk crashed the party. He talked respect and disrespect. He made fun of Stone Cold, saying 316 was now “HIS”, sine it was night 316 of his reign. Heyman, of course, was in tow. After threatening J.R., Punk ordered him to get out of his ring and walk to the back with his head down. J.R. started to do that but came back when Ryback appeared. To answer a question posed to me by my buddy, Lee: I think Ryback is there to push Punk a little higher before he faces The Rock in January. During Punk’s pre-Ryback rant, PUnk did say that he was not going to face John Cena at Hell in a Cell.

Raw pushed Kid Rock’s “Let’s Ride” Song. It is a tribute to the troops.

Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

Ricardo joined the announce theam. R-Truth was with his tag partner. ADR with a Snap Suplex and a hard kick. Universal by Kofi into a FLying Back Elbow. Kofi sent ADR tothe floor. Ricardo praised Michael Cole and dissed JR. Kofi flew off the top ropes and laid out ADR. Break time.

ADR with the Abdominal Stretch. Ricardo babbled in Spanglish. Kofi banged the knee to get free with a Hip Toss. Kofi with a Double Chop, another and a Dropkick. Controlled Frnzy into hte Boom Drop. Kofi prepped for Trouble In Paradise but missed. ADR sent Kofi into the corner. Kofi with the Pendulum Kick. Springboard Crossbody missed and ADR with vicious kicks. Cross Armbreaker. Kofi was so close to the ropes but couldn’t make it. He tapped out.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Grade: B (84%)

A.J> Lee talked with her Coach. He wanted her to have the best show possible. She put him in the Main Event as a Special Guest Ref. He looked a bit disappointed. J.R. slipped and said “Why don’t you do the reveal?” I think the live mic was an error. A.J. Lee dismissed ht Coach and ordered him out of the arena.

Daniel Bryan and Kane vs C.M. Punk and Dolph Ziggler
Yes, you guessed it…Non-title Match

After all the introductions and a commercial break, A.J. Lee came out to be the special guest refette. The tag champs argues. Dolph was ready to go. Kane and Dolph to start. The two locked up and Dolph with the Side Headlock. Kane Shoulder Tackled Dolph. Kane with Corner Punches and a Scoop Slam. Flying Elbow Drop by Kane for a one. Daniel wanted the tag but Knae wouldn’t give it. Kane rushed the corner but missed. Kane blocked the Zig Zag and hit a La Bandera Clothesline. Daniel with the blind tag. Another break? Really?

Dolph with the Ziggler on Kane. Guess the tag didn’t happen or Kane tagged back in. Kane backed into the corner to break the hold. Kane was celebbrating his 15th anniversary, this week. Congrats. Kane with an Uppercut. Corner Beatdown by Kane into an official tag to Bryan. Kane whipped Bryan into a Dropkick. Tag back to Kane. Bryan with the Snapmare. Basement Dropkick by Kane for a two. Kane choked Dolph on the ropes. Dolph with a weird Jumping DDT. Punk wiht a tag and a pair of Elevator Knees. Kane pushed out of the Bulldog and hit hte Sidewalk Slam. Kane Klothesline (off the top rope).

Daniel Bryan made the tag and went to fly. Punk with a Dropkick tot he knee. Punk with a series of kicks and stomps. Punk choked Daniel with the boot. Daniel flipped out of the corner and hit the Sailing Clothesline. Vicious kicks to Punk’s chest. Daniel missed a Crescent Kick. Punk caught Bryan on the side of the head with a kick after Bryan nailed Dolph. Tag to Dolph who kicked Bryan in the chest. Dropkick sent Bryan to the floor. Dolph threw Daniel into the retaining wall, several times. Dolph rolled Bryan back in the ring and got a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Dolph.Jawbreaker by Daniel Punk with the tag. Punk went to the Penthouse but Daniel hit hte ropes. Punk landed badly. Double Underhook Superplex into the Yes/No/Maybe Lock. Punk inched his way around the ring. Heyman pushed the ropes to make it easier for Punk to get his foot on the ropes. A.J. saw it and ejected him from the arena. The crowd loved it. Vickie got mouthy and she was sent to the showers, as well. Dolph took his briefcase and left with Vickie. Punk yelled at his partner. Daniel with a Running Dropkick. Tag to Kane. Chokeslam from Hell!

Your Winners: Kane and Daniel Bryan, Team Hell No!
Grade: B+ (88%)

The tag champs argued over who the real tag champ was.

Fade out


–Jay Shannon

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