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I just spoke with Bobby’s wife Donna who confirmed he died on Sunday September 30.

“He had contracted a bacterial infection that went into his blood,” she said. “It all happened so fast.”

Bobby, who lived with his family in a small town in Kansas, was working in Louisiana at the time of his death. He was involved in a disaster relief program in that state. He was only 64-years-old.

Bobby was a dear friend of mine. I had the pleasure of his company earlier this year. He telephoned me this past summer to tell me he was coming to my area (a suburb of Philadelphia) for a Department Of Homeland disaster relief project to which he was assigned.

It had been ages since I had seen Bobby and we spent hours at a local Japanese restaurant reminiscing about “the good old days.” A few days after that Bobby joined me with some friends for a buffet luncheon at a local Veterans Of Foreign Wars post. He was a very proud and passionate Vietnam war veteran.

I traveled up-and-down the roads of the Midwest and Florida with Bobby and he was always fun to be with due to his upbeat and funny personality. Bobby was also a well read student of the world. He enjoyed reading history books so very much.

Perhaps what I recall most about Bobby Jaggers is what formed our bond in the early late 1970′s. Bobby contacted me when I worked at the offices of Inside Wrestling magazine. He was an ardent reader of the mags and had an unusual request. He explained that he lost contact with his father (due to a personal family matter) so very long ago and totally lost track of him. His hoped we would run a story to help him find his dad. Long story made short — we ran the article and he was happily reunited with his father. The friendship bond between Bobby and I was totally cemented after that.

I will miss my friend Bobby Jaggers. I am so glad I got to see him earlier this year.

Bill Apter–10/2/12

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