Posted October 1st, 2012 by Bill Apter

It looks like Ryback is gaining a lot of steam as fans chant “Feed Me More” and are cheering him on.

So, in our “leave a comment” section let us know that if the current Ryback took on Goldberg (the WCW version) who would have won.

Thanks–Bill Apter

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  1. By Tanya, posted

    Goldberg would destroy Ryback!

  2. By Watt, posted

    Without a doubt….. Goooooldberrrrrg!

  3. By rayray, posted

    ryback already is a 10 times better wrestler than golberg ever was…..goldberg was a black eye on wrestling….a no good no talent

  4. By Don, posted

    CM Punk would interfer hit both with a steel chair Sena would come in and hit Punk with the chair Goldberg gets up sees Sena with the chair and spears him Goldberg stands alone.

  5. By Anon, posted

    Goldberg. He, during his prime, was also athletic and could move. I have yet to see Ryback do anything other than a squash match where as I remember Goldberg pulling off a back flip in a match against DDP.

  6. By James, posted

    It depends on if Hogan would have recruited Ryback to the nWo or not…

  7. By Charles, posted

    After blowing the move twice with A-train… I doubt he could lift Goldberg either.

  8. By Michael, posted

    Goldberg never failed to pic up any big man including Nash and Big show. Goldberg was way more intense than Ryback is with just 2 moves. I also attribute his popularity to his music and his entrance. If Goldberg’s music was to pop off on Monday night like he did with the Rock a while back, the crowd would erupt. Goldberg all the way.

  9. By Nick, posted

    I think Goldberg would, Recently i have been starting to like Ryback a little bit more, Because when he first came up i was thinking “Eh this guy ain’t so great, Why not put him up against a real challenge?” But now i respect him a little more. I’ve been a Goldberg fan ever since i knew who he was and he was definitely faster than Ryback is, Cause you see, Their both obviously very large human beings but if one of them has an advantage(Which Goldberg Does) It could be as simple as a Spear, A Jackhammer, And a 1…2…3.

  10. By jshannon, posted

    While they feel like two sides of the same coin, you hust have to go witht he original…Goldberg. It would be an awesome battle but Goldberg would plant Ryback with the Jack Hammer to take the win.

  11. By Brandon Dack, posted

    In my opinion, Bill Goldberg would win in a match versus Ryback. Goldberg’s 173-0 undefeated streak was matches against established main roster wrestlers where until the last 2 weeks on RAW & Smackdown Ryback been beating local jobbers aka “Ham N’Eggers as WWE Hall of Famer,Class 2004 & my facebook friend, Bobby “The Brian” Heenan would say.

  12. By geneva1999, posted

    Goldberg’s in ring abilites seem a little better, his moves were more explosive and had more aggression. I like Ryback, but he seems like a PG rated monster you would see on Power Rangers rather than in an R rated movie. Ryback couldn’t lift Albert, but Goldberg had his share of botched moves. Overall I say Goldberg, but maybe Ryback still has more moves we haven’t seen yet.

  13. By chad, posted

    I’d go to sleep till real wrestlers had a match

  14. By jolene, posted

    Goldberg for sure. i do like Ryback and cannot wait for more qualified apponents BUT few can top Bill in my book.

  15. By Charles, posted

    The more I think about the two moves.. Ryback has to pick the wrestler up almost all on his on strength. With the jackhammer, the wrestler would help shove off a little bit and then the one on top had to hold the straight up position, Goldberg didn’t have much to do with the ability of the guy on top staying vertical.
    The one that used to impress me in till he stopped doing it (I’m sure a bad back worked into it) was Batista. When he was younger he would power bomb a guy to the four winds without letting go of the hold, so he had to pick all the weight of the other wrestler up with his legs and back.

  16. By David Masters, posted

    No doubt it would be a wae but, I say time limit draw of course imagine if they formed a tage team I see champion written all over them

  17. By NeilRaines, posted

    I think Tensai had a little to do with the non-move, since you have to have some help to get up onto a man’s shoulders for a move like that.

  18. By Mitch, posted

    I say the winner between Goldberg and Ryback if it was a real life match without a script, It would be Goldberg, however, since it is the WWE, I would say whomever Vince McMahon is happy with and not upset with wins.

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