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Hulk Hogan was headed to the Aces and Eights Clubhouse. What would happen when he got there? How would it affect Bound for Glory? Plus, more plans were cemented for TNA’s annual Supershow, B4G.

The show opened with a look at the Bobby Roode vs James Storm feud. Joseph Park had evidence on Aces and Eights but he got kidnapped and assaulted by A&8. Jeff Hardy will face Austin Aries at Bound For Glory. They are playing One-Upmanship. Tenay and Taz ran down the night;s card.

Hulk Hogan arrived, brandishing the ebony baseball bat. Hogan said he had a date with Aces and Eights. Hogan said this week’s episode was a Turning Point for the company. It was the dawning of Championship Thursday. Hogan said he has been distracted but it was time to settle things with the TV Title. Hogan praised Devon for being a great champion but he was gone. Hogan picked four men to potentially be part of the championship match: Garrett Bischoff, Samoa Joe, Magnus and Mr. Anderson.

Hogan then said it was time to fix the James Storm/Bobby Roode debacle. He put them against each other in a Street Fight at Bound For Glory with special enforcer ref…King Mo. Hogan said he was ready, now, to take care of Aces and Eights. Hogan said he was going to their lair. Hogan said Aces and Eights messed with the employees, wrestlers and his own daughter, Brooke. Hogan said he was ready to go in for a fight, even if he had to go alone…

Sting suddenly showed up. Sting got a monster pop as he walked down the ramp. Hogan said he just borrowed Sting’s bat. Sting said his bat was Hogan’s bat. Sting swore, some time back, that he would have Hogan’s back. Sting was going with Hogan to visit the renegade group.

Mr. Anderson looked back at his main event match at 10.10.10. The Triple Threat match was incredible. Anderson expected to bring “equal opportunity *ss kicking” to Bound For Glory.

Mike Tenay pushed the Triple Threat Tag Team Match. That led to…

Kurt Angle vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs Christopher Daniels
Triple Threat Captain’s Match

Krut and Chavo flipped Daniels into the ring. They went back and forth with Ping Pong shots and a European Uppercut by Chavo. Kurt and Chavo took turns with European Uppercuts and Corner Stomps. Kurt charged and struck the ring post. Chavo with a Clothesline on Daniels and another European Uppercut. Kaz tripped Chavo. Chavo thought it was A.J. Styles that did it. The tag champs got in the ring and let the two challenging teams argue. They eventually went after Daniels and Kazarian, who scooted out to the apron. TNA took a break.

Daniel was working Kurt’s arm after the break. All the partners were ejected during the commercial break. Kurt with a Flying Forearm and Clothesline off the Irish Whip. Kurt with a German on Chavo. Chavo escaped the AngleSlam and sent Kurt out of the ring. Headscissors and Dropkick and Somersault Splash by Chavo on Daniels. Kurt broke up the count. Belly to Belly on Chavo by Kurt. AngleSlam intot he AngleLock on Daniels. Cavho with the School Boy on Kurt for two. Kurt and Chavo punched it out. Daniels accidentally clocked Kurt. Chavo with the Three Amigos on Daniels. Chavo went up the turnbuckles but Kurt had the AngleLock on. Daniels sent Kurt into the corner. Chavo blocked the AngleLock and Daniels rushed both men into the corner and took out Chavo with the STO.

Your Winner: Christopher Daniels
Grade: A- (93%)

Hogan said he hated that things went down as they did with Devon. Hogan asked the four potential men why they thought they should get the shot. Garrett said he was busting his butt since day one. Magnus took shots at him. Joe went off on Magnus for stabbing a partner in the back. Anderson said he proved himself in the ring, not with his words. Joe said he would do what he needed to do to be the best. Anderson said he was ready to just fight. Anderson said Garrett didn’t deserve to be there. Magnus said the TV Champ should know about marketing and television. Hogan tossed out Magnus, first. Joe laughed, especially when Magnus couldn’t get hte door open.

Elsewhere, Brooke walked up to talk with Tara. Brooke said it was time for Tara to pay. She got a call from her new Hollywood sweetie. Yawn. Tara was certain she had a title shot. Brooke said Tara would have to earn it. The phone went off again and she trash talked Brooke to her sweetie. Brooke took the phone and said Tara was fighting, next. She didn’t tell her who it would be.

Tara vs?
Number One Contender Match for the Knockout Title

Tara did not look happy. She wasn’t thrilled about going into a match not knowing who she was going to fight. Taryn Terrill was there as the opponent showed up…

Tara vs ODB (w/Eric Young)
Number One Contender Match

Taz and Tenay talked about how long it’s been since the Knockout Tag belts have been defended. Eric wanted to wrestler, Taryn Terill (don’t we all?).

ODB flipped Tara into the ring and the two threw fists like crazy. Hip Tosses by ODB. ODB and Tara rushed around the outside. Shoulder Tackle by ODB, when they got back in the ring. Shoudler THrusts by ODB. Eric got on the ring and wanted a tag. . Hammer Throw by ODB into a Corner Splash. Bronco Buster by ODB. Eric was in the other corner, wanting the same move. (Grin) Tara went out to the floor. Eric came around and told Tara that ODB was his wife. Baaseball Slide and slap to Tara’s cute tushie. ODB rolled Tara back in the ring. Tara begged off. Taryn tried to keep them apart. Odb with a vicious Short Arm Clothesline and a regular one. Fallaway Slam.

ODB kicked Tara out of the ring. Tara clutched her knee when she landed. Tar went over to Eric for help. He showed he wasn’t dealing with her. He finally tried to help her up. ODB then came out and beat down on Tara. Eric said his pants were still on. He kissed ODB and sent her back to work. Tara took the knee brace off. She seemed to have issues standing. ODB wanted to fight but Taryn kept her back. Tara with a Roll Up, with the foot on the ropes, to take the win. Suddenly, Tara had no problems with the knee.

Your Winner: Tara
Grade: B (84%)

The Judges talked about the Gut Check kid. Al was worried that an 18-year old wouldn’t have the maturity necessary. They would make their final decision, later.

Impact looked back at Evan Makopoulos’ fight against Douglas Williams. I just don’t think the kid is ready for the contract. Bruce Prichard ripped into Al Snow about Joey Ryan. Bruce told Snow to either be a wrestler or be an exec. Snow admitted that he made a big mistake. Bruce told Snow to fix it. Taz arrived and said he was surprised how good the kid looked, last week. Snow said he was impressed that Evan walked into Killer Kowalski’s school at 13. Bruce agreed that the guy had passion. Snow was worried about the maturity level. Bruce said they needed to make a decision.

In the back, Bully Ray was asked who his partner would be. Ray said he was on his Twitta Machine. He gave a extremely vague clue who it was. Ray thought he looked good with the World title belt. He told the guys not to follow him but they needed to shoot his calves.

Hogan was back to make another cut. Joe was safe. Hogan asked Garrett if he could hang with Hoe or Anderson. Hogan said Garrett was fantastic but it just wasn’t his time, yet. Garrett had a look on anger in his eyes and he turned and left. Joe and Anderson stared each other down. The new TV Champ would be crowned…next.

Robert Roode came in to tell Austin Aries that he would be Bully Ray’s partner. Roode tried to stir the pot as it relates to Jeff Hardy. Roode actually hoped Hardy wins, so he could finally get another title shot. Aries was less than impressed with Roode’s attitude. Roode said he has beaten Hardy, several times. He also mentioned that Aries beat Roode. Therefore, Aries would have to be better than Hardy.

Mr. Anderson vs Samoa Joe
Tv Title Match

Devon’s negotiations with TNA fell apart, so he was stripped of the title and released. I think it was a lousy thing to do. He should have been allowed at least one match to say his good-byes. As it is, a new champ was about to be decided.

Anderson barely got in the ring and the fight was on. The two traded brutal fists. Joe got hte upper hand. Joe with a counter throw to the Mic Check. Anderson blocked the Kokina Clutch. They went tothe corner and Joe with stiff punches. Running Back Elbow and Jumping Enziguri for a two. The two fought as the crowd chatned “Let’s Go, *ssh*le!” Back Elbow by Joe into a series of stomps. Snap Mare by Joe into a Knife Edge Chop. He missed the Roundhouse Kick and Anderson with the Neckbreaker. Anderson punched away at Joe’s skull. Anderson with an Irish Whip but he ate a kick. Anderson took Joe off the ropes and tried for the Green Bay Plunge. Joe slid down and almost locked in the Kokina Clutch. Anderson used a Jawbreaker to get free.

Anderson witht eh Green Bay Plunge but Joe with Crucifix Back Slide for two. Andersno missed a dive and Joe with an Uppercut and Headbutt. Anderson with a Clothesline of his own. Joe blocked the Mic Check. Anderson with the Roll Up but Joe slid around and clamped on the Kokina Clutch. Joe Grapevined the leg so Anderson had nowhere to go. Joe moved over to ride the back and put on a Standard Sleeper. Anderson inched to the ropes but Joe bent the arm back and reapplied the Kokina Clutch. Joe cranked on the move. Anderson was out cold.

Your Winner (and New TV Champion): Samoa Joe
Grade: A- (92%)

Taz was worried about Anderson, who was in the hold for so long. Joe was now the second Grand Slam Champion (the first was A.J. Styles).

Impact did a history lesson about the rise of Aces and Eights.

Hogan and Sting were talking strategy. A girl came up with documents from Bruce Prichard. She then sprayed mace in Sting’s and Hogan’s eyes. The Aces and Eights buys jumped Sting, put hoods over their heads and pitched them into a van. They also snatched a video camera.

Spike ran a promo for Paranormal Activity 4. 3 was the worst movie that I’ve ever been forced to sit through. Even with a stun gun, ropes and five 400-pound wrestlers to drag me, I will never go see another one of those crappy movies.

Jeremy Borash was there to conduct the final decision making process for this month’s Gut Check. He introduced the three judges. JB then brought out Evan. He got the fans clapping along as he made his way to the ring. JB asked Evan if he put forth his best effort. He said no, because he lost but he would keep giving it his all. Taz was up first. Taz said the kid was way ahead of the curve. He wanted to see Evan learn under the TNA brand.

Taz = Yes

Bruce Prichard respected all that Evan has done in five years. Bruce felt the kid needed more time.

Bruce = No

Kick Out!

Evan brought up 1994, when Snow was trying to get his start. He admitted that he got his *ss handed to him but he was determined to come back. He was ready to run for the end zone. Snow said Evan was exactly what Gut Check was all about. He knew Evan had the passion. He knew Evan had guts, passion and desire. Snow said the age thing was too much to overcome

Al = No!


Tenay sent it to a preview of of the new Ninja Turtles show. They discovered pizza. Ok, time to set something new to tape.

Footage of Hogan and Sting arriving at the Clubhouse. .

It was time for another Bound For Glory memory. Magnus went back to ’09 when the British Invasion won the tag belts. Magnus said he hasn’t hit his peak, yet, so things should be even better, this year.

The Leader compared Hogan and Sting to several other teams, like Batman and Robin. The Leader said who he is wasn’t that important. Hogan wanted to know where Joseph Park was. The Leader wasn’t happy that Hogan made this into a chess game. The Leader was ready to fix things. Hogan wanted to fight. The Leader said they wanted to come and go as they please, because they have grown to like them. The Leader showed the tied-up Joseph Park. The Leader wanted Hogan to pick two of his toughest to fight two of their toughest. Hogan wanted it to be him and Sting. The Leader said it wasn’t about Hogan. Hogan would have to watch, not participate. If Aces win, they get full access. If Hogan’s forces win, Aces and Eights leave, for good. Hogan agreed to pick two if he would let Park go. The Leader said Park would be released, after Bound For Glory. Hogan demanded to be released. He said The Leader needed to make sure nothing happened to Park.

Taz and Tenay ran down the updated Bound For Glory card. It’s really starting to come together. James Storm was happy with Hulk Hogan’s decision to give them a Street Fight with King Mo as the Enforcer Ref. Storm said all he wanted Mo to do was raise his hand after he kicked Roode’s teeth down his throat. “Sorry bout your damn luck!”

Bobby Roode and Bully Ray vs Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Ray locked up and Ray clubbed Hardy and punched him silly. Bionic Elbow by Way into an Irish Whip. Head Scissors by Hardy off the blocked Float Over. Aries tagged himself in. Ray talked trash to Aries. He then tagged out to Roode without a single shot. Roode looked a bit confused but he was ready to go. Collar an Elbows into a Side Headlock by Aries. Float Over into a pair of Japanese Arm Drags. Ray rushed in and got laid out with the Drop Toe Hold Hardy came in with a Double Clothesline. Break time.

Hardy got the boots up and hit a huge Splash off the middle ropes. Back to more commercials.

Hardy punched on Ray but Ray reversed an Irish Whip. Roode tripped Hardy, on the top rope. He landed so badly. Ry called Aries a little SOB annd dragged Hardy into enemy territory. Crossface by Ray and tag to Roode. Flying Kneedrop by Roode for a two. Roode screamed that he was the real World Champion. Hardy with a Jumping Jawbreaker into the Twist of Fate. He couldn’t follow up. Austin beged for a tag.

Ray and Aries both got tags. Aries with vicious Forearms. Roode with a boot to the back of Aries. Aries laid out Roode but that allowed Ray to attack. Roode threw Aries into the ring steps. Roode threw Aries back in the ring. Ray stomped the lower back and screamed at the World Champ. Brutal Crossfaces by Ray.Tag to Roode. Side Backbreaker by Rood on Aries. Roode drove his knee into Aries’ back. Ray took the tag and came off the middle ropes with an Ax Bomber. Big Slam by Ray. Bear Hug by Ray. Aries Rang the Bells, several times , and then bit Ray. Dropkick to Ray’s knee. Hardy really wanted the tag but Aries wouldn’t tag out. Aries attacked Roode, who had tagged. Aries with a Springboard Clothesline. Last Chancellory after several moves on the apron. Ray broke it up. Hardy came in and got laid out with a Big Boot. Ray accidentally took out Roode Running Corner Dropkicks on both Roode and Ray. Suicide Dive by Aries to take out Roode. Aries went tothe top and hit the Missile Dropkick. Roode rushed Aries and went for the Fisherman’s Suplex. Aries converted it into the Brainbuster. Hardy with the forced tag. Swanton!

Your Winners: Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries
Grade: A (94%)

Out in the parking lot, Aces and Eights released Hogan and Sting. Sting went to attack but they warned them they would burn Joseph Park. Sting said he would be one of the two fighters to face Aces and Eights. Hogan demanded to be untied. Fade out.


–Jay Shannon

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