Posted September 20th, 2012 by Bill Apter

It was “Open Fight Night” at the IMPACT ZONE …

Our video reporter Big Ray has had some personal issues that keep him from doing his segment this week. We all hope things get real better real soon Big Ray. So, in the meantime here is my take on “Open Fight Night” on TNA Impact aired 9/20/12.


Nice opening segment with HULK HOGAN’S close friend SHAQ showing up to assure Hogan he has “got his back” as far as any danger tonight from ACES & 8S.

I like the fact that at Bound For Glory the tag team belts held by Christopher Daniels and Kazarian will be up in a “Three-Way-Dance” with the teams of Kurt Angle and AJ Styles and Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez as challengers …

The Joey Ryan/Al Snow angle has captured me. I like it! … Kudos to the TNA production team on their “Bound For Glory Memories” segment spotlighting Samoa Joe tonight. Excellent, so very well done. Also thumbs up for the Jeff Hardy “Up Close And Personal” piece that examines Jeff’s feelings going into the “Bound For Glory” PPV next month as the challenger for Austin Aires’ World title.

Poor 18-year-old “Gut Check” rookie Evan Markropolus. The veteran Doug Williams beat the tar out of the upstart. It look like a shoot at times didn’t it? Of course Williams won via submission.

Wild battle with James Storm against Robert Roode (forced by GM Hulk Hogan to accept Storm’s challenge tonight). As with most of their battles it went all over the Impact Zone and the match was just a no-contest after referee Brian Hebner could not control the action and was bullied by Storm.

Tara’s hair-pulling of Christie Hemme’s long red locks hurt. I could feel it here all the way from the Impact Zone to Apter’s Alley! Ouch! Hey Tara, Brooke Hogan says there will be consequences next week! Look out girl!

Really good show thus far but then we find Hulk in the ring looking at the giant screen. It’s the leader of Aces & 8s with Joseph Park as their hostage! a they torture Parks by smashing his computer with a sledgehammer and then give JP some hammer as well. Next week Hogan goes into their “Clubhouse” and he has been told he has to play by their rules! Whatcha gonna do HHH (Hollywood Hulk Hogan — not Triple H of course lol)!

How dare World Champion Aires call out Bully Ray? No one calls out Bully Ray — he calls people out! Well at least that is what he said over-and-over again as the two brawled tonight. Good match with Bully winning after referee Hebner (Sr) was kayoed in a collision with the two ‘rasslers. That enabled Bully to get his chain, knock Aires out and amazingly Hebner recovered to make the count as Bully pinned the World Champion. Bully was about to put some more beating on the champ but BFG challenger Hardy ran in and made the save.

Good show tonight guys (and Tara and Hemme)!

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