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So Night of Champions did see some title changes. Which ones? We shall see. Also, the latest update on Jerry Lawler really looks positive. There are several ways to send him best wishes. Tout, Twitter and, of course, our own Bill Apter’s Youtube Apter Thoughts. I’ve left my best wishes there. Who would be subbing for The King on tonight’s episode? Time to find out…

Roll the opening montage! (That theme music is starting to grow on me.)

Raw was live from Bridgeport, CT. C.M. Punk’s music rang out but it was Paul Heyman who emerged from the back. There was a loud “E-C-Dub” chant, before the boos kicked in. Paul said he got to witness history at Night of Champions. He watched C.M. Punk defeat John Cena. Paul said the ending of the match was very controversial. Paul asked Chad Patton to join him in the ring and defend his decision to the entire WWE Universe. The crowd was seriously hostile to Patton. Heyman sent it to a still photo of the final moment of the match. Heyman said everyone, including John Cena, were on Paton’s case. Paton agreed that he made the correct decision. Heyman talked about some video footage on Youtube that was taken down from youtube. It was the ending of the match. It was clear that both shoulders were down. Cena, was the initiator of the move, but both sets of shoulders were down. Heyman crowed about how when a draw happens, the champ keeps the title. I hate to agree with Paul E., but he is right.

John Cena then came out to talk to Heyman. New pink and black shirt for Cena. It was to support a cure for cancer. Cena told Heyman to shut up. Cena actually agreed that Patton made the correct call, last night. “Cena Sucks!” rang out. Cena was wearing the new “Rise above Cancer” hat. I’d be proud to wear one of those. I lost my father and grandmother to that horrible disease. Cena talked about his hurt ankle. Cena said he didn’t want the match to end in a tie. Cena, like everyone else, wanted a clear winner. Cena said Punk didn’t get the respect that he has been wanting, due to winning by a tie. Heyman felt Punk did earn respect in the match. The fans broke out in a “No!” chant. Cena said Heyman’s and Punk’s definition of respect is different than everyone else. Cena said Punk should have clearly beaten him to get the respect. Cena wanted a clear winner decided, tonight. Cena understood he had a bad wheel but he wtill wanted to go.

Heyman said Punk hadn’t arrived, yet. He said he could speak for Punk as “The Voice of the Voice of the Voiceless”.

They were interrupted by Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio told Cena to stop crying, because he lost. Del Rio then whined about not getting a fair shot against Sheamus. Del Rio lost to the Brogue Kick, which was re-instated, just as the match started. Del Rio said he wanted a rematch.

Out skipped A.J. Lee. She is just so Maryann/Laura Petrie perky. Too skinny for my personal taste but whatever. She was there to give the fans a “Super Main Event”. C.M. Punk and Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus and John Cena. Cena loved the idea. The winner of the match would have a lot to do with who would be in a rematch, if there would be one. Paul Heyman tried to catch up with the corporate waif.

Backstage, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio, aka The Masked Marvels, were ready to team up. Sin Cara was finally in a new color combo, blue and silver. Go Wolfpack!

Michael Cole had an update on Jerry Lawler. It was good news. Cole was wearing a “Long Live the King” shirt. Cole sent it to the Lawler Tout where he thanked all the fans. Cole was now home in Memphis. Next week, Jerry Lawler will be doing an exclusive interview. John Bradshaw Layfield made his return to sit in for the recovering King. JBL was on the announce table at Night of Champions. Also, Jim Ross joined the announce team. Cole was even nice to JR. JBL was in a white hat and JR in his trademark black one. JR praised Cole for holdng things together, last week.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Primo and Epico

Primo went right after Sin Cara but a Springboard Back Elbow and Springboard Arm Drag stunned Primo. Poetry in Motion by the Marvels. Double Snap Mare and Twin Kicks. 2 count. Sin Cara worked over Primo’s arm as Raw went to break.

Epico brought Sin Cara to the corner and tagged himself out. Arm Drag by Sin Cara.Tornado DDT by Sin Cara. Tags on both sides. Wheelbarrow Arm Drag by Rey into a Savate Kick for two. Epico reversed an Irish WHip but Epico was sent to the corner by the Hurancanrana. Both cousins were sent into the ropes. Stereo 619. Seated Senton off the apron by Rey. Sin Cara with a Swanton to take the win!

Your Winners: Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio
Grade: A- (90%)

After the match, Rye and Cara were attacked by the Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil). JBL said PTP understood that if you want something, you have to go after it. Titus said he and Darren were the legit number one contenders. Titus said it was taken from them but it was time for them to take. New attitude. No dancing, no silliness, all business.

Raw showed Kane and Daniel Bryan showing off the tag belts, just after winning them. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston would get their rematch, later. The announcers showed the pink ring rope there to symbolize the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Paul Isadora and his crew at Reno Wrestle Factory recently did a show to help benefit the cause. I tip my hat to those gentlemen for caring for the cause.

MizTV now has his own Piper’s Pit-like segment.

Layla was at ringside for the next match.

Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix
Non-title match

Kaitlyn was assaulted, backstage, last night. Eve got to take Kaitlyn’s place and won the title. Kaitlyn has torn tendons in her ankle. Beth pushed Eve down. Side Headlock by Eve. Beth with a Kneelift. RVD Roll by Eve but Beth with a Steam Roller. Beth pulled Eve off the ropes and pounded away. Beth went for the GlamSlam but Eve fought out. Beth with an Irish Whip and Corner Splash. Eve with a Float Over. Eve shoved Beth into the corner and roller her up for a win. Yawn.

Your Winner: Eve Torres
Grade: C- (71%)

Layla and Eve had a stare down.

The WWE Slam of the Week looked at Tyson Kidd’s fight with Antonio Cesaro. Brodus Clay then came out to party with Cesaro. Jurassic Splash after Kidd popped Cesaro.

Brodus Clay (with the Funkadactyls) vs Heath Slater

Antonio Cesaro and Aksana were at ringside. Cesaro beat Zack Ryder, on Sunday. Brodus with a Running Headbutt and Corner Punch. Slater went after Clay’s bad knee. Cesaro said embarrassment in five different languages to talk about Clay. Clay with a Shoulder Tackle and Flying Forearm. Irish Whip b y Slater. Cesaro with the distraction. Slater with the modified Stunner. Slater came off the ropes and got laid out by a Headbutt. Jurassic Splash!

Your Winner: Brodus Clay
Grade: B- (80%)

The kids started dancing with Cameron and Naomi and Brodus. In the back, Miz walked with his I-C title. MizTV debuts…next.

Miz made his entrance. Miz actually got a decent pop from the crowd, at least at first. Miz said he went into Night of Champions with the worst odds, but he still won. MIz said he was granted his very own talk show. The Miz logo was lit up to debut MizTV. These talk shows are such a Miz-take. Miz dissed Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho and Edge for their second rate talk shows. Miz bragged about beating three top superstars. Miz then brought out Smackdown General Manager, Booker T. Miz wanted to know how Booker felt about being the first guest on MizTv. He answered for Booker. Miz wanted to know why Booker did what he did. He said Booker did it because he missed the spotlight and being the center of attention. Miz reminded Booker that his (Booker’s) time was over. Huge “Boring!” chant. Booker gave him a serious “Go to Hell” look. Booker said Miz liked to talk but it was time for a new guest for the show…Ryback! The Sin City Slayer stormed down to the ring. Miz backed out at warp speed. Ryback flipped the couch over the top rope. Ryback threw a chair at Miz. Ryback lifted the other couch and pitched it out, easily. “Feed Me More!” rang out.

Michael Cole again showed the Lawler Tout. Cole said Lawler was home watching. JR said it took two of them (JR and JBL) to temporarily fill his seat.

C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman talked backstage. Josh Mathews came up and asked Punk if he looked forward to teaming with Del Rio. Punk said he was not happy and wondered what he had to do to get some respect.

Santino Marella vs Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero)

JBL talked about Dolph’s amateur record. Hip Toss by Santino. Jumping Leg Lariat by Dolph from a standing position. Irish Whip by Dolph but Santino with the Power Walk. Jackknife Pin attempt by Santino. 2 count. Arm Drag by Santino. Dolph with a hard punch to the face. Funk Neckbreaker by Dolph. The fans were actually chanting for Ziggler. Jumping Elbow Drop by Dolph. Ziggler stole the Cobra puppet and shoved it in Santino’s face. Dolph called Santino a joke. That fired up Santino, who blasted Dolph. Dolph with an arrogant cover off a Clothesline. Dolph with a hard punch. Santino came back with punches of his own. Splitz into the Diving Headbutt. Vickie snatched the Cobra out of the ring. Zig Zag on the distracted Santino. Doofus. A Jumping Modified Zig Zag.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Grade: C (74%)

Vickie shoved the sock into Santino’s mouth.

Raw looked at Daniel Bryan and Kane argue about who was the tag champ. Uh, guys, you both are.

Wade Barrett said he was open for business. Wade said a lucky person would get to “Sample the product”.

Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel

These two used to be teammates in Nexus and the Corre. Justin with a hard kick and Hurancanrana. Roll up for a two. Back Kick by Barrett. Justin rolled out to the floor. Barret went to the floor and hit a vicious Kneelift. Barrett slid Gabriel into the ring and then pulled him into the corner post. Barrett trapped Gabriel and then punched the ribs. Side Backbreaker by Barrett for a two. Barrett kept punishing the ribs of Gabriel. Straight punch by Barrett for a two. Seated Abdominal Stretch by Barrett. “We Want Nexus!” rang out. Gabriel went to Barrett’s eyes. Drop Toe Hold by Gabriel. Kicks by Gabvriel to take Barrett down but Barrett went to the ribs. Gabriel with a Slop Drop into a Springboard Moonsault for a two. Gabriel with punches and kicks. Flapjack by Barrett. Short Arm Punch by Barrett to bring this to an end.

Your Winner: Wade Barrett
Grade: B- (82%)

R-Truth was enjoying the Subway Birthday Party, in the back. He was trying to get Little Jimmy to wear the party hat. Truth thought it was Kofi’s birthday. Jared, from Subway, came out and said he was there to share the food with the fans. I took my wife over to Fernley, a few days back, to have lunch out together. We ended up at Subway. There are so many great $5 choices, this month. Ok, Ok, I’ll quit plugging Subway. They can, if they’d like, send me coupons for free sandwiches…if they want to. (grin).

Back to the skit, Damien Sandow then came in pitched an elegant sandwich. Jared gave Damien a Meatball Marinara. Zack Ryder came in and got his own sandwich. Finally, Ryback walked up and said “Feed Me More”. Ryback looked at the Italian BMT and then slammed it down.

Elsewhere, Sheamus and John Cena talked about their matches at Night of Champions. Sheamus told Cena not to get down on himself. Cena felt he needed to justify himself to the Raw G.M.. Sheamus was certain they were going to win and then they were going to head down tot he pub.

Daniel Bryan wlaked in the hallway, screaming that he was the tag champion. Kane did the same thing, in another area of the backstage hallways.

Raw showed Jerry Lawler arriving back home in Memphis.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs Daniel Bryan and Kane
Unified Tag Team Title Rematch

JBL really pushed how brutal a monster Kane is. Fans have been tweeting like crazy about Anger Managed (Bryan and Kane). Kane and Bryan argued. The fans broke loose with the “Yes!” chants. Side Headlock by Daniel to open the match. Kofi with the Push Off byt Daniel went into the Universal. Kofi with the Back Elbow to drop Daniel. Truth with the tag. Truth worked over the arm and looked like he was going to tag. Bryan refused to tag out. Blind Tag by KOfi. Crossbody by Kofi. Daniel finally decided to tag out. Kofi tried to stay out of Kane’s reach and cut loose with kicks and punches. Kane caught Kofi and just beat him, unmercifully. Kane with the Headbutt to the back of Kofi’s head. Float Over into kicks by Kofi. Kane with Kneelifts. Kofi Low Bridged the ropes to send Kane out. Kofi then flipped Bryan over the ropes and into Kane. The champs argued on the floor as Raw went to break.

Kane had Truth locked in a Bear Hug as the show returned. During the break, Truth attacked Bryan, only to get a Big Boot to the face. Kane sent Truth to the corner. Truth came back out with boots and a Dropkick. Kofi got the tag and flew off the top rope. Knife Edge Chops and Dropkick. Corner Mount Punches into the Pendulum Kick by Kofi. High Crossbody by Kofi for a two. Hard kick to the face of Kane led to the Boom Drop. Kofi prepped for Trouble in Paradise but Kane countered into the Goozle. Kofi got free and went to fly off the rope. Uppercut by Kofi.

Blind Tag by Daniel. The champs had a bit of a meltdown. Truth got hte tag and hit several Clothslines. LIe Detector by Truth. Front Drop Suplex by Truth for a two. Truth with a hard slap and then punches. Kofi with the tag and Truth Scoop Slammed Kofi onto Daniel. Keylock with a Bicep Cutter by Kofi. Daniel punched free but took a Dropkick to the face. Tag to Truth. Double Side Russian Legsweeps. 1-2-no. Rear Chin Lock by Truth. Daniel got to his feet and both fought back and forth. Drop Toe Hold by Daniel sent Truth into the middle turnbuckles. Kane got the tag and nailed the Kane Klothesline and Dropkick. Corner Clothesline into the Sidewalk Slam by Kane for a two. Kane thought about tagging out but Kane caught him. Kane with the Goozle but Daniel snapped Kane’s neck on the ropes. Little Jimmy aka Facing the Truth by R-Truth on Kane. Daniel made the save. Kofi took Daniel up and over the ropes. Kane with the Chokeslam. Daniel tagged himself in and slapped on the Yes/No/Maybe Lock. Truth tapped out.

Your Winners: Daniel Bryan and Kane
Grade: B+ (87%)

After the match, Daniel and Kane looked ready to slug it out but decided, instead, to Hug it out. Jeez. This makes Kane look so wimpy. JBL said he and Farooq never did this kind of stuff. Daniel snatched one of the tag belts from Kane, who had been holding them both. Both men started screaming about being the tag team champion. Whatever.

Michael Cole pushed the Be A Star thing. While I would never support bullying, learning how to deal with being bullied helps build inner strength and confidence. It is one of those things that most kids just have to learn to deal with. I went through school as a fat kid with lousy vision. I learned to take the negativism and then grow from it. To paraphrase George Lopez (since I won’t use his profanity here): Kids of today wouldn’t last a day in the world we grew up in.

Randy Orton vs Tensai

Tensai shoved Sakamoto aside and stomped down to the ring. The two locked up and went to the corner. Randy got free and kicked Tensai. Tensai throttled Orton but Randy punched away. Tensai with a hard shot but Orton with the European Uppercut. Steam Roller by Tensai into a series of Headbutts, including one to the back. Tensai pushed Orton into the ropes and then popped the back, a couple of times. Tensai dug his fingers into Orton’s eyes. Orton came back with Forearm Shots. Running, well Walking, Powerslam. 2 count. Tensai drove his fingers into Orton, again. Falling Elbow Drop by Tensai to get another two. Bear Hug by Tensai. JBL talked about Tensai holding the IWGP Tag Titles. Orton beat on Tensai’s back and face to break the hold. Headbutt by Tensai.

Tensai drove his knee into Orton’s kidneys, several times. Kabuki-esque claew into the Trapz. Orton worked up to his feet to ease the pressure but a grind by Tensai took Orton back down to his knees. Orton tried to battle out but Tensai with more shots to the kidneys. Snap Powerslam by Orton, out of nowhere. Tensai rolled out of the ring. THrust to Orton’s face. Knee Strike and repeated kicks by Orton on Tensai. Rope Assisted DDT! Orton clutched his lower back and then went into his “Special Place”. Tensai blocked the RKO and rushed the corner. Orton dodged Tensai and caught him with the RKO, as Tensai bounced off the corner.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Grade: B (85%)

Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga came up to speak with Paul Heyman and C.M. Punk. Otunga said Del Rio expected Punk to follow his lead. Heyman countered that Punk followed no one’s lead. Otunga said it was irrelevant. Del Rio said, through Otunga, that Punk looks like he sleeps in a cardboard box. Punk, through Heyman, reminded Del Rio that he took the gold from Alberto. They through phony “It will be an honor to tag with you” lines back and forth.

Damien Sandow came out and said summer vacation has come to an end. Sandow loved “Back to School” time. Sandow was ready to prepare the unwashed masses for education. He told JR that “Slobberknocker” was not a word. Sandow then threw out a series of what my grandpa called “Ten Dollar Words”. The fans broke out in a rolling “What?” chant. Yawn. Thankfully, he was stopped by the arrival of Zack Ryder. He called Damien, “Professor Buzzkill”. Zack said A.J. Lee made a match between the two which would go, right after the break.

Zack Ryder vs Damien Sandow

Sandow with a Side Headlock but Zack pushed off. Universal into a Flapjack by Zack. La Bandera Clotheslne by Zack. Crossbody, over the top rope, to lay out Sandow, on the floor. Zack rolled Sandow back in the ring but only got a two. Michael Cole brought up that JBL’s Twitter was under JCLayfield. John Charles Layfield is JBL’s legal and real name. Bradshaw was created when Layfield first started in WWE, partnering with “Blackjack” (Barry) Windham. I actually have a photo of the big guy around here, somewhere, of him as “Big” John Hawk from his days in Dallas.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Sandow stomped the ribs and delivered a Jumping Kneedrop. Running Knee off an Irish Whip. Sandow punched Zack in the back of the head. Sandow with another Kneedrop. Sandow with a bow tot he fans and then went for a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Sandow. JBL rambled on against Michael Cole and Jim Ross. Sandow with a Headbutt. Side Russian Legsweep by Sandow. He hit his fancy Elbow Drop. I don’t speak Latin (dead language) so I’m not even going to try. Sandow with a corner assault. Zack with a Roll up off a Corner collision. Sandow kicked out at two. Zack escaped a Scoop Slam and blasted Sandow in the face. Flying Face Plant into a Discus Clothesline. Flying Elbow intot he corner. Broski Boot aborted as Sandow slid out of the ring. Zack went out and got him and threw Sandow back into the ring. Sandow punched na dkicked in the corner. Double Knees by Zack. Broski Boot! 1-2-Kick Out! Sandow with his Falling Neckbreaker to take the win.

Your Winner: Damien Sandow
Grade: B (86%)

Michael Cole showed Lawler at the Memphis Airport. Next week, Jerry Lawler will do a live interview from home.

Sheamus and John Cena vs C.M. Punk and Alberto Del Rio

After the drawn out introductions, the four men got down to business. Punk held up the match, for awhile, holding up the WWE title. The crowd was split with the “Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks” chant.

Cena and Punk started the match. Punk never made a move before tagging out of the match. Punk got down and chatted with Paul Heyman. Del Rio looked ticked at his partner. Del Rio with a Side Headlock. Cena countered into a Side Headlock takeover. Del Rio with hard kicks, in the corner. Kneelift into a Reversed Irish Whip. Monkey Flip by Cena into a Back Body Drop. Sheamus took the tag and pounded on Del Rio.

Irish Whip by Sheamus. Pearl River Plunge by Sheamus. Tag back to Cena. Monday night was the five year anniversary of Sheamus entering the WWE. Punk with the tag. Running Bulldog by Cena on Punk. Cena wanted the Attitude Adjustment but Punk got free and retreated. Del Rio went out and read Punk the Riot Act. Punk stomped on Cena, once he got back in the ring. JR brought up the injury to Cena’s leg. Del Rio with a tag. Side Kick by Del Rio. Del Rio choked Cena on the bottom rope. Punk got a cheap shot in. Punk tagged back in. He kicked Cena nt he ribs. Cena attacked both opponent but fell to a Drop Toe Hold. Sheamus took the tag and beat on Punk like there was no tomorrow. Short Arm Clothesline by Sheamus. Irish Whip by Sheamus but Punk got the foot up. Del Rio with the tag and a vicious mauling of the World Champ. Del RIo ended up flying itnto the ropes. Ten Count Crossfaces by Sheamus on Del Rio.

Del Rio began to fight back but encountered White Noise from the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus called for the Brougye Kick but stopped to blast Punk. Back Stabber by Del Rio on the distracted Sheamus. Del Rio choked Sheamus in the ropes. Tag to Punk. Punk with stomps and kicks. Knife Ege Chop by Punk answered with straight punches. Dropkick to the kneecap of Sheamus. Bow and Arrow by Punk. I have been in that move, during a training session and it hurts like Hell. Sheamus managed to escape. Punk Grapevined the leg to prevent Sheamus from getting the tag.

Del Rio with the tag. Rear Chin Lock. Sheamus rolled under and punched his way free. Kitchen Sink by Del Rio. 2 count. Del Rio with a kick off the Irish Whip. Irish Curse Backbreaker by Sheamus. Both men were down. Cena nad Punk both tagged in. Cena went Vintage on Punk. Punk tried to kick Pnk in the face when Cena did the You Can’t See Me. Cena caught the foot and spun Punk into the STF. Del Rio made the save. Sheamus came in and laid out Del Rio with the Brogue Kick. Punk then attacked Sheamus. Attitude Adjustment! 1-2-3. Punk’s foot was clearly on the bottom rope but the ref didn’t see a thing.

Your Winners: John Cena and Sheamus
Grade: A (94%)

Punk and Heyman shrieked at the ref about having his leg on the bottom rope. The ref said he didn’t see the leg. The replay showed the ref did glance up. He had to have seen the foot but that doesn’t make for good storytelling. They argued with the ref all the way to the back.

POST RAW NOTE: I got notes from several members of the WWE Universe, on Tuesday, about John Cena. It seems Cena is going to have to have surgery for bone chips in his elbow. That will also give his badly twisted ankle time to heal. The latest time frame looks like 4 to 6 weeks of down time. That may put Cena out of Hell in a Cell, if the time lines are correct. Will have updates as I get them.

–Jay Shannon

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