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Latin Lover had surgery to remove his appendix last week and by the time you are reading this he is probably already out right now.


AAA 9/16 – Centro Civico de Ecatepec (TV taping) (Dia de la Independencia)
1. Mini Charly Manson & Mini Histeria beat Dinastia & Mascarita Dorada with Manson pinning Dorada with his feet on the ropes.
2. Gran y Mari Apache defeated Cuervo & Fabi Apache with help from Halloween who told the fans after the match that he was in love with Mari and brought her flowers but she declined his offer.
3. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker) beat Alebrije II/Fenix/Samuray del Sol
4. Chessman/Halloween/Psicosis Original defeated Cibernetico/Hector Garza/Ozz with Perro Aguayo Jr. & Konnan verbally harassing Ciber & Garza afterwards.
5. Dr. Wagner Jr./Electroshock/Jack Evans beat Teddy Hart/Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr./Silver Kain – MA2K Jr. brought out the new Consejo mascot before the match named Que Changuito who is a black version of Que Monito.

EMLL 9/16 – Arena Mexico (Dia de la Independencia)
1. Akuma & Guerrero Negro Jr. beat Oro Jr. & Robin
2. Fuego/Pegasso/Triton defeated Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Cancerbero/Raziel/Virus)
3. Brazo de Plata/Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr. beat Black Warrior/Misterioso II/Olimpico by DQ when El Black fouled Porky.
4. Lightning Match: Tiger defeated Sagrado
5. Marco Corleone/Maximo/Prince Devitt beat Dragon Rojo/Taichi Ishikari/Rey Escorpion
6. CMLL Tag Titles: Atlantis & Diamante Azul defeated Felino & Mr. Niebla to retain their titles. Atlantis had a mariachi band who was performing during the show play his theme music before the match.

IWRG 9/13 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Centrvion beat Imposible
2. Carta Brava Jr. & Comando Negro defeated Golden Magic & Saruman
3. La Cobra/Dinamic Black/Veneno beat Alan Extreme/Black Terry/Chicano
4. IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight Title: AK-47 defeated Bombero Infernal to retain his title.
5. Dr. Wagner III/911/Super Nova beat La Dinastia de la Muerte (Negro Navarro/Las Traumas I y II) by DQ when Doc threw his mask at Navarro.

IWRG 9/16 – Arena Naucalpan (Dia de la Independencia)
1. Infierno Kid beat Serpiente de Oro
2. Carta Brava Jr./Imposible/Rayan defeated Centrvion/Dinamic Black/Saruman
3. WWS Welterweight Title: Chicano beat Cerebro Negro to retain his title.
4. Mexican State Trios Titles: Los Oficiales (AK-47/Fierro/911) defeated Alan Extreme/Black Terry/Bombero Infernal to retain their titles.
5. La Familia de Tijuana (Damian 666/Bestia 666/Eterno) beat Hijo del L.A. Par-K/Negro Navarro/Trauma II with Par-K refusing to get along with his partners even laying down for a pin in the 3rd fall. Bestia still had to sneak a foule on Navarro though to win.
6. Mascara contra Rey del Ring contra Junior de Juniors: Hijo del Pirata Morgan defeated Trauma I & Hijo del Mascara Ano Dos Mil to win MA2K’s Junior de Juniors title.


MV Promociones 9/14 – Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana
1. Angelus & Eternus beat Fantastico & Misionero de la Muerte
2. Falcon de Oro & Piloto Nuclear defeated Los Tornados Negros I y II
3. AAA Cruiserweight Title: Juventud Guerrera battled TJ Boy to a no contest to retain his title when 8 men showed up in Blue Demon masks and jumped TJ Boy and his seconds Extassis & Tornado Negro I. The men unmasked as (X-Torm/Angel Metalico/Jonathan/Mr. Maldito/Tony Casanova/Ursus/Viento/Zarco) and they were representing the group that is promoting the upcoming CRASH show on 9/28. Konnan then led a group of guys out to run them out of the ring and promised his own invasion of that show.
4. 4 Way Dance: Hijo del Rey Misterio beat Silver Kain who had eliminated Cibernetico & El Mesias earlier. Mr. Tempest jumped Rey after the match setting up a mask match.
5. Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr. & Psicosis Original defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. & Joe Lider with Psicosis using a stapler on Doc to win.

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