Posted September 16th, 2012 by jshannon

C.M. Punk (c) vs John Cena

The match was off the charts. In the end, both men’s shoulders were pinned. The ref called it a draw. The fans were irate. Cena yelled that it just couldn’t end, not this way. Punk and Paul Heyman walked out.

Your Winner: Double Pinfall Draw
C.M. Punk retains his WWE title.


  1. By Joe, posted

    I am glad to see the WWE didn’t disappoint the fans and have Cena win. We need some fresh story lines rather than the same guy getting title shot after title shot. I for one cannot wait to see what unfolds between Punk and Rock.

  2. By brian, posted

    i think punk is a fine champ. he is right when he damands respect because he is the wwe champ and that title mean alot. just think of all the greats that have held it before him and everybody will understand why! keep it up CHAMP!

  3. By NeilRaines, posted

    A “Dusty Finish”? Really? After weeks of build-up, great promo’s and pre-match action, we get a Dusty Finish?!? VERY disappointed!

  4. By BigDaddy, posted

    Horrible way to end a ppv let alone a championship match.

    This was bad booking all around.

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