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Bret Hart returned to the sight of the infamous “Montreal Screwjob”. Plus, the final pieces of Night of Champions were placed. In addition, one of the scariest “true life” incidents happened. I will have the latest update (Tuesday Morning) at the end of the recap.

Bret Hart was introduced. The crowd went absolutely wild for “The Hitman”. Bret looked in great shape. It took forever for him to start talking, due to the wild crowd. I even heard “Ole!” (Bouncing Souls) chanted. My buddy, O’Cat, smiled at that. Bret thanked everyone for their support. “Thank You, Bret!” rang out. Bret said 15 years ago he went through one of the darkest moments of his life. The fans of Canada got him through everything. Bret said he was proud of all he did that day.

C.M. Punk interrupted Hart’s time. The crowd was beyond hostile to the WWE Champ. Punk was dressed in pink, white and black. I was a backhanded tribute to Hart, I think. Punk mocked Hart’s book. Punk said if he were to write his own book, he would call it “What If?”. Punk said what would have happened if he would have been the one to fight Hart, instead of Shawn Michaels. Hart said he would have put Punk in the Sharpshooter, in less than a minute, and had Punk’s feet touching his head. Punk said if he would have been around, the Attitude Era wouldn’t have been. Punk said he would have jumpe to WCW and killed off WWE. Hart said he was the best, pulling out the catchphrase. Punk said hearing that drove him crazy. Punk got a shot in on Jerry Lawler. Hart said that Lawler never left the ring like a coward (which Punk did, last week). Hart showed the footage of Punk’s sneak attack on John Cena. After the assault, Punk rode off in a car…driven by Paul Heyman!

Punk said he was in home town, last week, and was enjoying a “day off”. He had left the arena but he forgot some things and then returned. Punk wanted to know if Cena was going to play “White Knight” for Hart. Punk accused Hart of not understanding about respect. Punk said he ws ready to become the best WWE Champ of all time. Punk said he should get respect and cheers in every arena, around the world. Punk accused Hart of being over-rated. Hart said Punk was putting the people to sleep with his ramblings. Punk said he was going to turn Cena into a “Beatenm, broken down shell of a man just like you (Hart) are”. Punk then exited the ring. The fans busted loose with a deafening “*ssh*le” chant.

C.M. Punk would have one of three opponents, tonight. It would be Brodus Clay, Jerry Lawler or Randy Orton. Lawler wanted to get his hands on the WWE champ, but would love to see either of the other two take the fight to the cocky Punk.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs The Miz and Antonio Cesare
Champions vs Champions, Non-titles match

Aksana did the Five Language thing. He talked about Prestige in English, Italian, German, Swiss and French. He then cut a brief promo about being the personification of Prestige. There will be a Battle Royal on the Night of Champions Pre-Show and the winner will face Cesaro, later in the night.

Kofi and Miz to start. Kofi with a Side Headlock but Miz sent him to the ropes. Monkey Flip by Kofi for a one count. Tag to Truth. Double Side Russian Legsweep by the tag champs. Double team on Cesaro. Both Miz and Antonio went to the floor and Kofi with the Flip Dive. Break time.

Antonio had Truth in a Side Headlock. Aksana was lounging on the apron, looking all sexy and such. Tag to Miz with the Running Leg Lariat, on the ropes. 2 count. Miz with hard punches. Full Body Clothesline. Miz went to the top and hit an Ax Bomber. Truth kicked out at one. Rear Chin Lock by Miz. Kneelift by MIz but a wicked Single Leg Dropkick laid out Miz.

Tagg to both partners. Kofi took down Antonio with a Springboard Clothesline. Kofi with Dropkicks and all kinds of offense. Boom Drop! Kofi with a Dropkick to Miz. That let Antonio get back into the match. Pendulum Kick and Top Rope Crossbody for a two. Miz broke it up. Truth attack Miz. Antonio threw out Truth. Roll Up with tights for two. Trouble in Paradise, out of nowhere, to drop Antonio Cesaro.

Your Winners: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston
Grade: B+ (88%)

Cole and Lawler looked back at the events of last week, as it relates to Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. Sheamus took out Ricardo with the Brogue Kick. David Otunga got involved and did all kinds of legal stuff to get the move banned. Despite the fans voting to keep the move active, Booker T ordered the Brogue Kick to be banned, at least for now. In the back, Sheamus talked with Bret Hart.

Raw pushed the new Saturday Morning Slam show. It’s not bad. A little too much fluff, not enough wrestling.

Speaking of fluff, it was off to corporate headquarters for a deposition of Sheamus. Sheamus had to give his full name. He claimed his surname was Lipshitz. He claimed his mom was Irish and his dad was Jewish. It led to a bunch of racially-oriented jokes. Sheamus then admitted that his last name really wasn’t Lipshitz. Otunga then went through the events of the Brogue Kick to Ricardo. Sheamus admitted that he Brogue Kicked Ricardo, and would do it again, if given the chance. Sheamus said he had use the Brogue Kick for a couple of years. Otunga brought up the attacks on Daniel Bryan and Chad Patton. Sheamus gave Otunga grief by doing the “Yes!” chant. Sheamus said he did not attack Daniel from behind with the Brogue Kick. Otunga said Patton was dealing with neck pain, to this day. Otunga also brought up the psychological damage that Daniel Bryan has been dealing with. Otunga said the Brogue Kick was a dangerous weapon that should be banned. Sheamus said the Brogue Kick doesn’t discriminate. He then Brogue Kicked the camera and started singing “Hava Nagila”. David Otunga will face Sheamus, later on tonight.

Kaitlyn, Eve Torres and Layla vs Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox and Natalya
Six-Diva Tag Team Match

Eve won Stars Earn Stripes. Kaitlyn and Beth to start. Go Behind by Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn with a corner assault. Beth reversed an Irish Whip but took a Clothesline and Shoulder Tackle. European Uppercut by Kaitlyn. Tag to Natalya. They double teamed Kaitlyn. Natalya with a hard slap. Alicia with a kick to Kaitlyn’s back. Tag to Alicia.Underhook Suplex by Fox for a two. Fox missed a Corner Boot. Layla with the tag. SHe attacked all three girls. Flying Faceplant and Springboard Crossbody by the champ. Eve tagged herself in and hit hte Corkscrew Neckbreaker to take the win.

Your Winners: Eve Torres, Kaitlyn and Layla
Grade: C (74%)

A.J. watched on the monitor. C.M. Punk came over and complained that he had a match while John Cena doesn’t. Punk said that she ws taking out her frustrations on him. She smiled and said “Things could be worse”. She threatened to have him face Sheamus. A.J. said that since Punk walked out on the people, last week, they would choose his fate, this week. Punk turned around and ran into Brodus Clay. Punk stormed off, disgusted.

C.M. Punk vs ?

It was time to learn who Punk was going to have to face, this week. Punk wasn’t happy. I was hoping for Brodus Clay. The votes came in and the winner, so to speak was…Randy Orton. Orton got 75% of the vote. Wow! Lawler was content to watch The Viper sink his fangs into the WWE Champ.

C.M. Punk vs Randy Orton
Non-Title Match

Michael Cole mentioned that Punk was wearing Bret Hart colors. The two locked up and Punk took the Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Punk. Side Headlock by Punk. Punk with another Shoulder Tackle but Orton rebounded with a Hip Toss. Lawler talked about the great people he faced. One of my favorite Memphis matches was a cage match between Lawler and the late, great Randy Savage. Punk attacked Orton, in the corner. Side Backbreaker by Punk but only for a one. Rear Chin Lock by Punk. Kneelifts by Punk. Punk then took Orton down to the canvas. Orton with a Headbutt and kick and European Uppercut. Float Over by Punk. Orton wanted the RKO but Punk dropped and slid out of the ring. Punk tried to walk out on the match but Orton wouldn’t let him leave. Orton punched Punk down the aisle and pitched Punk into the ring. Dropkick by Punk sent Orton crashing into the ring apron. Raw went to break.

Punk had Orton trapped in an Abdominal Stretch. Orton flipped Punk over but missed the Flying Kneedrop. Punk drove his knee into Orton’s ribs and then stomped away. Modified Ax Bomber off the middle rope to Orton’s ribs. Scoop Slam by Punk into a Leg Drop. 2 count. Punk went to the top turnbuckle but Orton hit the ropes and Punk fell onto the turnbuckle. Orton with vicious punches. Superplex by Orton! 1-2-no! Orton and Punk fought on their knees and then up to their feet. Orton had the advantage for most of the exchange but Punk with a Spin Kick. Orton with a pair of Clothesline. Punk held onto the ropes to avoid the Snap Powerslam. Huge Back Body Drop by Orton. Orton with a kick on the ropes. Punk blocked the Rope Assisted DDT. Springboard Flying Clothesline, by Punk, for a two. PUnk called for the Go To Sleep. Punk lifted up Orton but Randy fought back. Punk blocked the RKO but fell to the Twisted Sister Backbreaker.

Orton took Punk tot he apron and nailed the R-A-D! Orton went into his “Special Place”. Dolph Ziggler rushed into the ring. Orton Clotheslined Punk over the ropes and then nailed the Snap Powerslam on Ziggler and then Punk.

Your Winner (by DQ): Randy Orton
Grade: B+ (87%)

It turned into a 2-on-1 assault, until Jerry Lawler rushed into the ring. He tore into Punk and sent him to the floor. Orton pitched Ziggler out. Both men went out to take the fight to Ziggler and Punk. Raw cut to break.

Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler vs C.M. Punk and Dolph Ziggler

A.J. Lee made this match, on the fly, during the commercial break. Ziggler attacked Orton, in the corner. Ziggler with the Funk Neckbreaker for a two. Ziggler punched Randy in the face. Orton exploded out of the corner with a Clothesline and stomps. Orton with another European Uppercut. Blanchard Slingshot Suplex by Orton for two. Tag to Lawler. Dropkick by Lawler. He went up and nailed the Fistdrop, twice. 1-2-no. Vickie Guerrero screamed at PUnk to help Dolph. Punk played with the tag rope. Ziggler with a Dropkick and punch. JUmnping Elbow Drop by Ziggler. Rear Chin Lock by Ziggler. Lawler got to his feet and atacked the ribs of Ziggler. Ziggler laid out Lawler with a solid punch. Boot Wash by Ziggler. Ziggler wouldn’t allow the tag and taunted both opponents. Lawler looked really out of it. Ziggler strutted around Lawler and hit a Power Drop Elbow for two. Ziggler with a Rear Chin Lock while riding Lawler’s back. Punk stared off into space.

Back Drop Suplex by Lawler. Orton rallied the crowd. Lawler with the diving tag. Orton with a pair of Clotheslines and Powerslam. Ziggler lifted Orton over the ropes. Orton hit the floor, hard. Suddenly, Paul Heyman walked down the ramp. C.M. Punk hopped down and had a little meeting. Vickie shrieked at both men that there was still a match going on. Heyman went over and got Punk’s belt. In the ring, Dolph punched away on Orton. Low Dropkick to the knee by Ziggler. Ziggler avoided the RKO and almost rolled up Orton. Orton got free an nailed the RKO.

Your Winner: Jerry “The King” Lawler and Randy Orton
Grade: B (84%)

Heyman and Punk walked off, still chatting to each other. Michael Cole was completely confused, as were many of the fans of the show.

In the back, Punk and Heyman were questioned about their relationship. Neither man answered until Punk said “I’m a Paul Heyman guy”. Cole and Lawler talked about the match. Cole sent it back to the “Hug it out” moment from last week. After the hug, things broke down into a fist fight. Returning to this week, Daniel Bryan and Kane were in an office with Rorshack pictures all over the wall. Kane said the most twisted, sadistic and evil person that he’s ever faced showed up…it was The Psychologist. A.J. came in and said she invited Dr. Shelby to come in to do something radical. Dr. Shelby’s plan revolved around total trust. This is NOT going to be good.

Raw looked at Heath Slater vs Zack Ryder. Ryder won the match. In the ring, now, Heath Slater whined about wanting a rematch against Ryder. Zack came on the Tron and said Slater wouldn’t be facing Ry-Der…he would battle…

Heath Slater vs Ryback

The Sin City native stomped own to the ring as Slater looked ready to run for the hills. These two were former teammates in Nexus. Ryback pitched Slater out of the ring. Shoulder Tackle by Ryback. Slater with a hard punch that Ryback ansered with in kind. Slater with the Flying Neckbreaker for a one. Slater kicked Ryback, ticking him off. Seated DDT by Slater for one. Slater taunted the crowd an felt the Meathook Clothesline and Buffet Bomb. Ryback with the Finish Him (Running Samoan Drop).

Your Winner: Ryback
Grade: B- (81%)

Oddly enough, the crowd were heard to chant “Goldberg” at several times during the match.

Lawler and Cole discussed the WWE App. When I get my new phone, in the next week or two, I’m so adding that.

A.J. chatted with the Prime Time Players. Someone take that whistle away from Titus! A.J. said there was a mistake. Darren and Titus aren’t the number one contenders. They complained that they have beaten every team. She said there was one more team to beat…Daniel Bryan and Kane. That fight would happen next.

Daniel Bryan and Kane vs Titus O’Neil and Darren Young
Number One Contender Match for the tag team titles

Charles Robinson was the ref for this match. Daniel and Kane argued who would start the match. Kane won the argument, just in time to get nailed by Titus. Kane with his own Clothesline and Back Elbows and punches. Kane with a Slap Tag to Daniel. Daniel with vicious kicks to Titus’ chest. Titus with an Irish Whip. Blind Tag by Darren. Running Clothesline by Darren. Titus tagged back in and double teamed Daniel. 2 count. Scoop Slam by Titus. Titus stomped on Daniel and shoved him into the corner. Back Elbows by Titus and a corner beatdown.

Darren with the tag. Bridging Back Suplex by Darren. Cravat by Darren. Daniel with shots to Darren’s ribs. Back Elbow by Darren. Titus with a Front Drop Suplex of his own partner on Bryan. Titus choked Bryan on the ropes. Daniel kicked out of the corner. The two went back and forth. Titus with a vicious slam for two. Lawler began to get very quiet during this match. Titus barked at the crowd as Raw started his third hour. A shot to the announce table showed Lawler seeming to have issues. Snap Mare by Darren. Lawler had gone silent at this point. Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock. Michael Cole also did not speak . Daniel with shots to the ribs and legs. Snap Suplex by Daniel Bryan. Cole was definitely not on his game for this match. Daniel refused to tag. He went tot he top rope and missed the Benoit Flying Headbutt. Rear Chinlock by Darren to slow things down. Daniel got to his feet and attacked the ribs. Flying Clothesline by Daniel. Daniel still refused to tag out. Daniel with brutal kicks to Darren’s chest.

Kane made a blind tag and knocked Titus off the ropes. Corner Clotheslines off the Irish Whips. Sidewalk Slam by Kane. Kane went to the top and nailed the Kane Klothesline. Goozle into the Chokeslam. Kane threw out Titus. Daniel with his own Blind Tag. Kane with a Goozle on Daniel. Bryan landed on Darren Young.

Your Winners: Kane and Daniel Bryan
Grade: B (84%)

Kane lifted his partner’s arm and then let him drop. Kane and Daniel Bryan will face R-Truth and Kofi Kingston on Sunday. Cole sent it back to a highlight video from the opening of the show.

At this point, off camera, the medical staff took Lawler out of the arena on a stretcher. He received CPR in the back and was then rushed to the hospital.

Raw looked at Sheamus’ submission victory over Jack Swagger with the Four Leaf Clover (Texas Cloverleaf). Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio in a mix of French and Spanish. Del Rio rode out in a 2010 Bentley. Why are almost all his cars such bland colors?

Alberto Del Rio vs Tyson Kidd

Del Rio with a quick beatdown on Kidd, including a Jumping Kick tot he head. Rolling Leg Lariat by Kidd. Del Rio blocked the Sharpshooter. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Del Rio. Del Rio planted the knee nad pulled back on the neck. Kidd tried to fight back but Del Rio nailed him. Del Rio slid between the ropes. Running Kick to the face, from the apron. Kidd sent Del Rio back int he ring. Kidd missed a Springboard Savage Elbow. Del Rio with a Running Kick to the face. Del Rio went for a Sharpshooter but Kid reversed it and slapped on one of his own. Del Rio looked ready to tap out but he forced his way to the ropes. Kidd missed a Springboard Legdrop. Armbreaker in the ropes into the Cross Armbreaker. Tap out.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Grade: B (84%)

Del Rio kicked Kidd and called for the house mic. He addressed Sheamus and said he just destroyed a Canadian Peasant. He said Sheamus lost the Brogue Kick and he would next lose the World title.

Michael Cole addressed the situation of Jerry Lawler. He said Lawler collapsed at the announce table. Cole was visibly shaken. He assured the fans this was not part of the show, Lawler had a legit medical issue. Cut to commercial.

Sheamus vs David Otunga
Non-Title Match

WWE has set up a #FreeTheBrogue twitter page. It’s gotten a lot of hits. I prefer his Four Leaf Clover finisher. David came out, flexing. Otunga rushed Sheamus, at the bell. Otunga stood on Sheamus’ throat. Michael Cole was silent at this point. Otunga asked Sheamus if he knew who he was. Sheamus attacked Otunga and nailed the In-rope Crossfaces. Uranage Backbreaker by Sheamus. Four Leaf Clover!

Your Winner: Sheamus
Grade: B (84%)

Sheamus started to leave but stopped. He went back to the ring. He called for and nailed the Brogue Kick. A.J. Lee came out to take the World title from Sheamus. She was stopped by Booker T, who let her know that the World title was his business. Booker warned Sheamus that if he used the Brogue Kick against anyone, until his investigation was finished, then Sheamus would be stripped of the World title. The crowd was hostile about the news.

Rey Mysterio talked with Bret Hart, in the back.

Raw played Shinedown’s Unity and then showed the Daniel Bryan and Kane win to become Number One contenders to the tag belts. Still no commentary. A Tout showed Kofi and Truth talking about having to go to work to deal with Daniel and Kane. In the office, Dr. Shelby tried to talk to Daniel Bryan and Kane. Daniel did not appreciate the Chokeslam but did appreciate the win. Daniel said the team of Daniel Bryan and Kane would work. Kane said he could come first in the name of the team. Dr. Shelby wanted to call it Team Friendship. They both yelled “No!” at the doc. Raw ran down the updated card for Night of Champions.

Michael Cole was back. His voice was breaking as he discussed Jerry Lawler. Lawler was receiving oxygen but he was able to breathe on his own. Michael told his friend, Lawler, to get well. Cole said he would not continue to do commentary, out of respect to Lawler. Cole showed the seriousness of this by completely breaking character. Thank you, Michael, for being so honest with us.

Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes

Go Behind by Cody but Rey got free and came off the ropes and stomped Cody. Cody took a page out of his big brother’s book and nailed a GolDustin Uppercut. Whip Kneelifts by COdy for a two count. Straight fists by Cody. Front Drop Suplex by Cody. Kick by Cody, answered by Rey. Rey with Knee Strikes to escape a Cravat. Low Bridge by Rey into a Hurancanrana off the apron. Rey rolled Cody back intot he ring. Springboard Headscissors was stopped by Cody. Beautiful Disaster Kick for two. Cody stomped on Rey’s chest. Cody urged Ray to get up. Cody charged the corner but Rey moved. Cody struck the ring post. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors into the Wheelbarrow Bulldog by Rey. Savate Kick to Cody’s face for a two. Rey went up tp and waited. He dropped the Dime but Cody with a hard kick. Rey with a Dropkick to send Cody into the ropes. MIz rushed down and distracted Cody. Rey Dropkicked him but Cody took out MIz with the CrossRhodes. Miz got in the ring to attack Rey but Cody took out Miz with a CrossRhodes, as well. Face turn?

Your Winner: Cody Rhodes
Grade: B+ (89%)

John Cena walked backstage.

Michael Cole was back for another update of Jerry Lawler. Cole said Lawler fell out of his chair and had to be stretchered out. Cole said that Lawler was more responsive to medical staff. Lawler was in a guarded area of the ER. Cole hoped for more updates.

Bret Hart returned to the ring to chat with John Cena. Bret brought out John Cena. Cena got major heat from the crowd. John thanked Bret for interviewing him. Bret asked about the feud between himself and C.M. Punk. Bret said their feud reminded him a lot of his feud with Shawn Michaels. Hart said he saw a lot of himself in Cena and a lot of the old Shawn in Punk. Cena was thankful that he was mentioned in the same sentence with Hart and Shawn. The crowd started with a “You Can’t Wrestle!” chant. Cena said Shawn was always true to his character, unlike Punk. Cena said Hart stood for his principles. Cena said Punk is delusional if he thinks leather and gold earns him respect.

C.M. Punk came out when Hart called him a phony. Cena said he would handle it. “Yes, he called you a phony little punk”. Cena said he could come down to the ring and make the worse decision of his life. Punk said Cena was the biggest phony in WWE history and it was ironic that Cena would call Punk a phony. Punk said it almost breaks his heart to see them in the ring together. Punk said saying Hart and Cena were alike was not a compliment. Punk said he surpassed Cena and Shawn surpassed Hart. Punk said he was better than any version of Shawn. Punk said he was also better than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock. Punk crowed about how great he is. Cena said Punk was a conceited scum bag. Cena said the people of Montreal was honest. Cena said Punk was irrelevant. Cena said Punk wanted to make change but he was lying to everyone. Cena said he got to where he is by being true to who he is. Cena said he accepted all the loses and never changed. Cena even brought up Punk stealing Randy Savage’s finisher for his own. Ouch. Cena said Punk thought the title, alone, brought himself respect. That doesn’t work for Cena. Cena said Punk was in serious jeopardy of losing the WWE title. Cena then broke into speaking French for the fans. They loved it. That was just way too cool. Punk started to insult Cena but Cena ripped Punk and said it was time for him to learn respect. Cena said he was coming to Night of Champions to kick Punk’s *ss.Punk went to attack Bret Hart and the Hitman put him on his backside. Yeah!

Michael Cole had a final update. Cole said Lawler had stabilized and more tests were being done.


Jerry Lawler is still hospitalized. I spoke with a mutual friend, this afternoon, and was told that Lawler had a stint put in. He was stable and resting, somewhat comfortably. Having had open heart surgery, myself, I know it is difficult to rest after having any kind of heart surgery. Please keep The King in your most positive of thoughts and prayers. We will keep everyone updated as the information becomes available.


–Jesse “Jay” Shannon

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