Posted September 11th, 2012 by Bill Apter

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It has been confirmed that Jerry did have a heart attack…he is in stable condition and breathing on his own & heart is stable. I’m getting on the first flight out of here to be with him & will keep everyone posted. He is a strong man and we will get him back at his best as soon as I can get him home! I love you so so much baby!!

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  1. By Steve, posted

    Jerry , you have the wwe universe and thousands of fans praying and pulling for you.

  2. By M.G, posted

    Get well soon King,Thoughts and prayers are with you.Stay strong

  3. By sal "rough cuts" lasardo, posted

    get well KING…praying for you

  4. By BigDaddy, posted

    Maybe now we can stop with the Hall Of Famers and announcers getting into the ring for one more “hurrah”.

    This was an unforeseeable accident, it could have been triggered by anything, not just the king being in the ring, but one thing that is certain is that the grind and excitement didn’t help him out.
    Luckily the arena had EMT’s there and they revived him, but this should serve as a wake up call to Vince and company.

    Leave the inring stuff to the talent hired to do it, and more importantly; get your physicals.

    Wishing the king all the best.

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