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The Bound For Glory Series came to dramatic ending. Also, the final pieces of the No Surrender puzzle were placed.

The show opened with a look at the “love” between ODB and Eric Young. They had a hot reunion. Hulk Hogan was ready to have Kazarian and Daniels defend their titles. The Bound For Glory Series was down to the top 5. Joseph Park said he was willing to investigate Aces and Eights. The war between The Pac and Aces and Eights is heating up hotter than the sidewalks in Vegas.

A Bound For Glory Series preview video was shown. `James Storm is secured to be in the Final Four. The other four men trying to get the other three spots are: Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam.

Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe
Bound For Glory Series Match

This was a “Must Win” for Hardy. Joe was secure in second place. Collar and Elbow and both men worked over each other’s arms. Side Headlock by Hardy. The crowd was split in their support. Running Shoulder Tackle by Joe. Hardy went to the floor. Joe was dealing with a sore arm.

Back in the ring, the two locked up and went to the corner. James Storm watched on the monitor. Brutal stomps and fists by Joe, in the corner. Both men ended up on the floor and Joe with a Running Knee Strike to the face. Joe broke the count and then went back out to try and ram Hardy into the steps. Hardy blocked it and sent Joe into the railing. Hardy then launched himself off the steps and smashed into Joe. Break time.

Joe dropped Hardy with a Running Back Elbow. During the break, Joe hit a Big Boot, on the apron, to Hardy. Joe got a two count. Headbutt by Samoa Joe. Joe with straight punches, in the corner. Irish Whip into the Running Back Elbow and Jumping Enziguri by Joe. 1-2-no. Joe punched Hardy, who was down in the corner. The two men with hard punches. Joe with a Spear as Hardy came off the ropes. The crowd switched to full support of Hardy. Headbutt by Joe into an Irish Whip. Hardy came out with two Clotheslines and a Mule Kick. Inverted Atomic Drop into the Double Leg Drop and Dropkick by Hardy. Jawbreaker by Hardy. Hardy went to the top but Joe dodged him. Joe reversed the Twist of Fate into the Kokina Clutch. Joe didn’t have it fully cinched in. Hardy got free and hit the Whisper int he Wind. Twist of Fate, not fully hit. Hardy with an Inverted Crippler Crossface. Joe tapped out!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy (+10 points)
Grade: A (94%)

Impact looked at the issues between Aces and Eights and Austin Aries. Last week, a member of the television crew jumped Aries, joining Aces and Eights. In the back, Austin Aries went off on Hogan about the whole Aces and Eights thing. Hogan said the guy that attacked Aries, last week, was part of the production crew. Hogan said the guy who attacked Aries, last week, will be here to “talk” with Aries. Hogan told Aries to break the guy’s legs, old style. Aries was ready to hurt the guy.

Christy Hemme talked with Samoa Joe. He started to talk but Magnus interrupted him. He twisted the knife about the loss. Magnus admitted that he lost his temper. He said Joe ruined their team with bad decisions. He also said Joe was an egomaniac. Magnus wished Joe the best on Sunday. Magnus started to leave but came back to nail Joe with the cheap shot.

Several teams were in the room: Hernandez/Chavo Guerrero Jr., The Two Robbies, and Kid Kash/Gunner. Robbie trash talked a lot. Chavo talked about winning tag titles since he was 10. A.J. Styles walked in and demanded a shot at the tag belts. Styles was ready to kick Robbie E’s head off. Hogan eliminated Styles, right away, because he didn’t have a tag partner. Hogan said there would be another day.

Brooke Hogan chatted with Tara. Brooke made the match: Tara vs Miss Tessmacher. Gail Kim came in and complained about being passed over in favor of “eye candy”. Brooke said Gail could wrestler Tara, tonight. Congrats to Gail Kim, by the way. She recently married FoodTV Star, Robert Irvine. Their wedding was profiled on Wedding Impossible. It’s fascinating to watch.

Gail Kim vs Tara
Special Ref: Taryn Terrill

The two locked up and Gail with a Side Headlock Takeover. Arm Drag and Dropkick by Gail. Tara with a straight fist and Japanese Arm Drag. Irish Whip into a Back Body Drop by Tara. Flying Armbar by Gail. European Uppercut by Gail. Corner Drive By. Gail dropped her weight on Tara’s backa nd went for a pin. She got two. Gail choked Tara with her boot. Tara rolled up Gail but only got a two. Gail with a hard kick for a two. Kneelift and Irish Whip by Gail. Snap Powerslam by Tara. Tara with hard slaps and Clotheslines and a Double Sledge. Stall Suplex by Tara. Tara Floated Over for a two count.

Gail grabbed Tara’s leg and pulled her into the middle rope. Gail went to the top but got caught. Tara nailed the Widow’s Peak. Count to 100, this bad boy’s done.

Your Winner: Tara
Grade: B+ (88%)

A profile of Joey Ryan ran. Ryan was the first person to fail on Gut Check. Bruce said no. Al Snow said yes. Taz gave the deciding vote. Taz tore into Joey and that led to several more incidents between Ryan and Al Snow. Al Snow was on his way to the ring. He had something to say.

Al Snow was in the middle of the ring as Impact continued. Snow talked about Ryan disrupting Impact. Ryan now has Snow’s attention. Snow told Ryan to get out to the ring. Ryan made Snow wait. Ryan is now using a megaphone. Snow wanted to know what Ryan had to say. Ryan started to go off with one of his rants but Snow shut him down. Snow said Ryan could do another Gut Check. If Ryan wins, he gets a spot on Impact’s roster. Ryan said he already proved himself when 87% of the audience wanted him on Impact. Ryan felt he should already be on the show. He demanded a contract from Al Snow. Snow repeated the offer to Ryan to earn his spot. Ryan said he had the confidence and the 87%ers. Ryan accepted. Snow said Ryan would find him (Al Snow). Snow smacked Ryan when Ryan insulted him. Ryan said he didn’t work there and Snow can’t touch him. He threatened to sue TNA and Al Snow. Crying Towel for the big baby.

Back in Locker Room A, Joseph Park was on the phone. Bully Ray came in and wanted to ask a question. He wanted to know if Joseph found out any info. Joseph said he can’t divulge any of the information that he was getting for Hogan and Sting. Ray was cool but warned Joseph to watch his step.

Security brought the guy who attacked Austin Aries, last week, and slammed him into a chair. Aries came in and said the guy would talk or they would have some “fun”.

The three remaining tag teams were talking with Hogan. Hogan pushed that TNA has always been about great tag teams. Chavo was asked why he felt he could dominate. Chavo talked about his history and did show respect. Kid Kash said he didn’t respect Chavo. Robbie E said the team of Chavo and Hernandez were less than a month old. E and T moved forward, as did Chavo and Hernandez. Kash and Gunner were eliminated. Kash was ready to attack people, at their cars.

THe final Bound for Glory Series match was on deck. Bully Ray vs Rob Van Dam. Bully Ray and Rob Van Dam were tied in 4th place. The winner of this would move forward, the loser goes home.

Bully Ray vs Rob Van Dam
Bound For Glory Series Match

After the introductions and entrances, the two former “Extreme” stars got into each other’s faces. Ray showed off his Calf, which RVD kicked. Back Heel Trip by Ray. Ray aborted an Elbow Drop when RVD moved. Ray punched away. RVD with a Side Headlock. Back Elbow by Ray into a series of stomps. Ray clubbed RVD’s back. RVD rolled up Ray for a two. Taz and Tenay talked about Aces and Eights and all of them being masked.

RVD with a Side Headlock but Ray clamped on a Side Bear Hug. RVD ranked away to break Ray’s grip. RVD Back Roll with a Back Kick. RVD flipped out of a Hip Toss and nailed a Thrust Kick. Ray went tot he floor. Baseball Slide by RVD. RVD with a Flip Dive to lay out Ray. RVD pitched Ray back in and went tot he top. Ray hit hte ropes to crotch RVD. Ray pulled RVD down, which trapped RVD’s leg in the ropes. Ray was vicious on the trapped limb. Ray stood on the bad wheel. Ray then dropped all his substantial weight on RVD’s injured leg. Ray punched at the knee of RVD to further the injury.

Ray with a solid series of punches to RVD’s face. Ray went off on Earl Hebner, who tore back into him. Rolling Double Leg Lariat, out of the corner, by RVD. RVD with right punches and a Clothesline. Windmill Heel Kick by RVD. Rolling Thunder! 1-2-kick out. RVD with the Rolling Monkey Flip. Jumping Crossbody by RVD for two. Big Boot by Ray for the deuce. Ray missed the Outer Limits Avalanche. RVD stopped the Split Legged Moonsault and did a Springboard Thrust Kick, instead. RVD went for the Five Star Frog Splash but Ray caught RVD, on the fly, with the Bubba Cutter!

Your Winner: Bully Ray (+7)
Grade: A- (92%)

Ray is in, RVD is out. The Final Four are James Storm (73 points), Samoa Joe (68 points), Bully Ray (62 points) and Jeff Hardy (59 points).

In the back, Austin Aries tortured the Aces and Eights guy. It was revealed that the guy’s name is Mike and he is from New York. Aries shoved his title belt in Mike’s face. Aries wanted to know who tried to break his arm. Mike wasn’t ready to talk. Aries slapped Mike and picked up a pair pliers. He went to rip Mike’s tongue out with the pliers. Hogan came in and calmed him down. Hogan said Aries was going beyond their deal. Hogan then blasted Mike, to get his own payback. Hogan went to rip out Mike’s eye but he got a call from the V.P of Aces and Eights. Aries wanted the guy who tried to break Aries’ arm. Hogan said he would trade Mike for “The Armbreaker”. “Armbreaker” will fight Austin Aries on Sunday.

James Storm came out to make his choice for which of the other 3 Final Four Bound for Glory Series members he would face on Sunday. Storm talked about the roller coaster that his life has been on for the last year. He brought up Lockdown and how it made him rethink his career. After a break, he was certain it was time to come back and get the job done. He mentioned ending Crimson’s winning streak. Storm said he has been getting better, over the past few months. Storm called out Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe. After showing respect to the three men, Storm picked Bully Ray to be his opponent on Sunday. That means Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy will square off in the other Semi-Final match. Storm asked Bully to come to the ring so he could tell him something face to face. Storm said Ray ended his chance for Glory, last year. This year, Storm would end Bully’s chance. Ray would learn just who Storm is…in three days.

Christy Hemme was talking with Rob Van Dam. Magnus came up to further rub salt in the wound. Magnus questioned RVD’s ability to still get things done. He said maybe RVD couldn’t reach the bar, anymore. Magnus said maybe RVD wasn’t the man he used to be. RVD tore into Magnus. D’Lo Brown, Earl Hebner and Al Snow broke up the fight.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs ?

Daniels and Kazarian came out. In the entranceway, Hulk had the final two teams. It was down to E & T and the TexMex Tornados. Hogan said it was time for Hernandez and Guerrero to get the shot.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez
World Tag Team title match.

The TexMex Tornados lived up to their name and they cleaned the ring with wild shots. Hernandez took the fight to Daniels, ont he floor, as Chavo tore into Kaz. Scoop Slam by Hernandez. Tag to Chavo, with a Sptingboard Senton. Uppercut by Chavo. Tag to Hernandez. Bear Hug into a Overhead Release Suplex on Daniels. Tag to Chavo and a Basement Dropkick for two. Chavo pounded away in the corner. Hernandez with a tag and a shot to Daniels’ ribs. KNife Edge Chop into a Neck Wrench. Tag to Chavo. Scoop Slam of Daniels and then Hernandez Scoop Slammed Chavo onto Daniels. Kaz gott he tag but then got Hip Tossed.

Tag to Hernandez, who hit a Low Elbow Drop. Hernandez ran Kaz into the corner and taggd to Chavo. Double team on Kaz. Kneelift by Kaz nad tag to Daniels. Chavo with a sloppy Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors and then a much better Dropkick. Hernandez with the tag. Tag to Kaz. Backbreaker by Hernandez, over the shoulder. Stall Suplex from Hell. At the same time, Chavo with the Three AMigos on Daniels. Holy Crap! The champs rolled out to the floora s Raw went to break.

Chavo with an Uppercut on Daniels and Kneelift. Daniels reversed an Irish Whip. Kaz snapped Chavo’s neck over the top rope. Scoop Slam by Daniels. Sptingboard Elbow Drop by Daniels and Springboard Legdrop by Kaz. Kaz had made the tag. He didnt’ stay in long. Double team by the champs, including a Flying Spin Neckbreaker by Kaz on Chavo. Daniels threw Chavo to the floor. Kaz attacked Chavo and threw him back in. Rolling Neckbreaker by Daniels. Tag to Kaz. Daniels Hip Tossed Kaz onto Chavo. 2 count. Butterfly Underhook by Kaz. Chavo with shots to the face. Kaz flipped out of a Suplex. Tag to Hernandez. Springboard Spear into a series of Chotheslines. Pounce on Daniels. Hernandez muscled up Kaz and nailed a Sit Out Powerbomb for two. That was incredible. RUnning Dropkick by Kaz but Hernandez got the boot up for Daniels. Kaz attacked Hernandez on the rops. Chavo threw Kaz down. Chavo with a Hurancanrana to send Hernandez onto Kaz! Daniels stopped the count. Chavo with a Plancha onto Kaz, on the floor. Daniels with a wicked Palm Thrust to Hernandez. Daniels went for a Split Legged Moonsault onto Chavo but he moved and Dnaiels took out Kaz. Hernandez with an amazing Tope Suicida!

Chavo sent Kaz to the corner and whipped Hernandez into him. Hernandez had Kaz up for the Border Toss. Daniels cracked Hernandez in the ribs with the title belt. Roll up by Kaz to retain.

Your Winners: Christopher Daniels and Kaz
Grade: A (95%)

Hulk Hogan came out and applauded the tag champs. Hogan said A.J. Styles wanted to battle both tag champs. Hogan did not agree that Styles going against them in a handicap match. So, he found a partner for A.J. Styles, Kurt Angle! The tag champs were tripping out at that news.

Mike Tenay and Taz then ran down the updated Bound For Glory Card. RVD vs Magnus has also been added to the card. Tara will challenge Miss Tessmacher for the Knockout title. Zema Ion will battle Sonjay Dutt for the X-Title. Bully Ray will face James Storm and Samoa Joe will fight Jeff Hardy. The winners of those matches will square off in the main event.

Austin Aries walked “Mike” towards the ring.

Aries walked out the beaten up guy from Aces and Eights. He rolled the poor guy into the ring. Aries was ready to play “Let’s Make a Deal”. Aries still wanted to bet the info out of the guy but Aces and Eights felt Mike was worth something. Aries called out “Armbreaker”. There was a long delay and Aries lost his patience. Aries started to beat down on Mike. Mike didn’t want to talk, at first, but finally agreed to spill the beans. Mike was pulled out of the ring and and cracked in the skull with a hammer. Armbreaker did the damage. Aries went rigth afte the guy. Aries and Armbreaker started fighting int he ring. He blasted Aries but the champ fought back. I’m pretty sure who Armbreaker is but I could be wrong.

Fade out


–Jesse “Jay” Shannon

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