Posted September 3rd, 2012 by Bill Apter

I don’t know about you but I thought that after attacking CM Punk backstage tonight Jerry Lawler would get a rematch against Punk. Little did I realize he would just be a helpless victim again. Boo hiss!!! …
Yes, the Daniel Bryan/Kane “Anger Management” skits were entertaining and led to a good payoff that will keep their battles alive.

I was happy that Miz was picked to be the co-broadcaster with Michael Cole. However after a few minutes I found him to be a bit more monotone than expected … Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton was a Pay-Per-View quality match as was John Cena against Alberto Del Rio in a “Falls Count Anywhere” brawl … In that match, there was a fabulous surprise ending with CM attacking Cena backstage and being driven out of the arena by Paul Heyman!

Lots more to talk about — RAW and MORE — and that will happen in my “Apter Thoughts” video segment this week!

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Bill Apter/9/3/2012

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  1. By Seemore Butts, posted

    Wow..i didn’t know you were still alive

  2. By Justin, posted

    RAW desperately needs to go back to 2 hours. I will agree that there are some good matches going on, but there is so much pointlessness going on every Monday night. When the Monday show is longer every week than the PPV’s…

    The WWE Universe really has no idea how to handle the programming being put out there. I was laughing when Daniel Bryan and Kane let the guy fall and grinned at each other! I wanted so badly to see them tag up. You could do some pretty cool things with them as a “Anger Management” tag team.

    Somebody PLEASE convice the WWE camera crews to keep the footage of Vicki Guerrero above the waist!!!!

    With all the annoying cackling that Vicki was doing tonight, I was really hoping to see AJ bring out Kharma after the slap, instead we get to see 2 minutes of, again, pointless programming.

    Orton vs. Dolph
    Cena vs. Del Rio
    Miz at the table
    Rey/Sin Cara vs. Cody/fat ugly guy that needs to go back to Japan
    Anger Management Segments

  3. By Justin H., posted

    Mr. Apter, I don’t think we were watching the same Raw. The “Anger Management” skits were good, but the “Hug It Out” payoff, even with the fight, went way too long. As cute as she is, and as entertaining as it was for a while, AJ as GM honestly has me missing the “Anonymous GM”. (Even though it was apparently Hornswaggle). Miz as a color man would have been better if he stayed in character the entire night. There were times he seemed to float between heel, neutral, and face. Punk and Heyman has potential, but where does it go in a PG environment? This episode just proved to me that the three hour show is too long. Didn’t we learn anything from the three hour Nitro?

  4. By sal "rough cuts" lasardo, posted

    bill apter is what dick clark is to american bandstand…a living legend…an american icon and future hall of famer and oldest living wrestling teenager…

  5. By jeff, posted

    it’s sad that they’ve NEVER let Jerry Lawler be THE Jerry Lawler from memphis wrestling, the fire throwing, chain using, dress up like a woman and sneak attack a wrestler by pretending to be a fan asking for an autograph. I know wrestling is all fake and staged but THAT Jerry Lawler would have pulled a chain out of his tights last monday night and knocked punk into the middle of next week. Even when Lawler was feuding with Hart, doink, and jake roberts it was a watered down lawler. I’d love to see THAT Lawler come back but I don’t see wwe allowing it.

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