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EMLL 8/24 – Arena Mexico
1. Camaleon & Starman beat Los Hombres del Camoflaje (Artillero y Super Comando)
2. Dalis la Caribena/Estrellita/Luna Magica defeated Lady Apache/La Seductora/Zeuxis
3. Lightning Match: Mephisto beat Mascara Dorada
4. Torneo por el Universal Title – Block B – Quarterfinals: Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Marco Corleone
5. Torneo por el Universal Title – Block B – Quarterfinals: Diamante Azul beat Polvora
6. Torneo por el Universal Title – Block B – Quarterfinals: La Mascara defeated Dragon Rojo
7. Torneo por el Universal Title – Block B – Quarterfinals: Volador Jr. beat Maximo
8. Torneo por el Universal Title – Block B – Semifinals: Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Diamante Azul
9. Torneo por el Universal Title – Block B – Semifinals: Volador Jr. beat La Mascara
10. Torneo por el Universal Title – Block B – Finals: Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Volador Jr. and won all three matches with the High Fly Flow. Tanahashi said afterwards that New Japan sent him to Mexico directly to win this tournament and he has already beat the best man in the tournament in Volador so he knows he is going home with the title next week.
11. Damian el Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero beat Rush/Shocker/La Sombra with Terrible going over Rush.

IWRG 8/23 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Infierno Kid Jr. & Matrix Jr. beat Radical & Serpiente de Oro
2. Comando Negro & Eita defeated Centrvion & Dinamic Black
3. Danny Casas/Eterno/Heddi Karaoui beat Dr. Cerebro/Relampago/Trauma II
4. WWS Welterweight Title: Chicano defeated Golden Magic by ripping his mask off and pinning him to win the title. Dr. Cerebro was Chicano’s second here and he argued with him after the match about how he won the title so Chicano fouled him and walked off cementing his rudo turn.
5. Cien Caras Jr. & Hijo del Mascara Ano Dos Mil beat Pirata Morgan & Hijo del Pirata Morgan

UWE 8/22 – Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Angel de la Noche/Angel del Amor/Mr. Flama beat Casi Muerto/Decadente/Psicopata by DQ
2. Princesa Blanca & Princesa Sugei defeated Estrellita & Goya Kong
3. Triangular de Parejas por el AULL Tag TItles: Chucho el Roto & Iron Love beat Epitafio & Leviathan and Judas el Traidor & Rey Krimen to win the titles. Epitafio & Leviathan were the champs but Judas was the one pinned and stretchered out.
4. Los Villanos (III/IV/Ray Mendoza Jr.) defeated Negro Navarro/Robin Maravilla/Rocky Santana and the Villanos will get a shot at the AULL Trios Titles on the next show.
5. Atlantis/La Mascara/Mistico II beat Mephisto/Rey Escorpion/Ultimo Guerrero

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