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Open Fight Night brought some wild action and the return of a 90s icon.

Aces and Eights rode into the Impact Zone on some of the best looking motorcycles that I’ve seen in a while. There was just a slew of them. That led to a history lesson video about the rise of Aces and Eights. Sting put together the Pac to combat Aces and Eights.

Sting’s music hit and darn near the entire Impact roster strolled towards the ring. Faces and Heels were united against a common enemy. It goes back to the “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Ally”. Sting was amazed at who was in and around the ring. Sting showed past assaults by Aces and Eights. The crowd chanted “We want Hogan!” It was deafening. Sting said the “victims” were ready to fight. Sting invited James Storm to join The Pac. Storm had been the main suspect as far as being in alliance with Aces and Eights. Storm took the mic and said Sting was accidentally right. The evidence did make him look guilty. Storm wanted to turn Impact into an “*ss-whipping show”. Sting said Aces and Eights p*ssed off a big bad bear when they went after Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke.

Two members of Aces and Eights walked from the back. Security was told to let the two guys in. They just seriously got the crap kicked out of them, despite one of them having a pair of nun-chakus. One of the guys was unmasked. I didn’t recognize him. He was spitting up blood. He looked like he could be Tony Anthony’s son. The guy thanked Sting for getting him “Patched In”. He said they were all in for a long, painful night. Sting blasted the guy’s ribs and Kurt Angle stomped him out of the ring.

Impact looked at the annihilation of two members of Aces and Eights.

Miss Tessmacher vs Tara
Non-Title Match

Last Week, Taryn Terrill (ECW’s Tiffany) was brought in as the new Knockout Special Ref. Tess thanked Brooke Hogan for righting the wrong from HardCore Justice. Tess said the match, tonight, was personal. Tess said there was only one person that she wanted to beat, her best friend, teacher/mentor, Tara. Taryn was brought out to work the match. My apologies for the not spelling her name correctly, last week.

After locking up, Tess sent Tara flying with an Arm Drag. They locked back up and Tara sent Tess flying. Tara blocked another Arm Drag and took a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Tara. Universal into a Leg Sweep by Tara. Tara with a Scoop Powerslam. 2 count only. Taryn forced the break. Cheap shot by Tess. Tara laid her student out, with a hard chop. Back Elbow and Running Clotheslines by Tess into a Dropkick. Shoulder Thrusts by Tess, in the corner. Flying Face Plant by Tess into the shimmy. Tess started up the ropes but got caught. Suplerplex by Tara for 3!

Your Winner: Tara
Grade: B- (83%)

After the match, the two women embraced. TNA looked at the assault at HardCore Justice that took out Pope, D’Angelo Dinero. Pope’s shoulder was seriously busted by the guys. Sting talked with Robbie E, Rob Van Dam and A.J. Styles. All 3 were set to fight Pope. Since he is out, Sting put the three Bound For Glory guys in a Triple Threat Match. Now, personally, I think they should have tripled the points. They didn’t.

Robbie E vs A.J. Styles vs Rob Van Dam
Bound For Glory, Triple Threat Match

Robbie T was banned, in the last segment, by Sting from being at ringside. Styles will learn the results of the paternity test, later tonight. All three men jockeyed and Robbie took the first swing. He got Pn g Ponged and ate a Double Back Elbow. RVD and Styles locked up. Go Behind into a Side Headlock by RVD. Styles with kicks and chops. RVD Roll into a Rolling Body Scissors for two. Leg Sweep by Styes. Robbie went to charge and got Double Hip Tossed. Back Drop Suplex by Styles on Robbie and the Jersey Dude went out to the floor, again. Side Headlock by RVD. Universal into a wicked Dropkick by Styles. Robbie snuck in and waited. Styles went to run to the ropes and Robbie took him down with a Clothesline. Robbie with a kick and B oot Choke Robbie then kicked RVD back out of the ring.

Styles with a series of Knife Edge CHop and Flying Forearm to the corner. Shoulder Thrusts by Robbie. Impact took a break.

Robbie went for a pin but only got a one. During the break, RVD with a Monkey Flip. He then ended up on the floor. Robbie talked trash to Styles. Knife Edge Chop by Styles on Robbie. Flying Forearm missed and Styles hit hte corner. Robbie knocked RVD off the apron. Rear Chin Lock by Robbie on Styles. Styles got to his feet and nailed a Jawbreaker. Knife Edge Chops. Robbie bounced back with a Forearm to Styles’ face. RVD pulled Robbie out of thering and went to town on him. Styles with a Crossbody, over the top rope, to take out RVD and Robbie.

Driver Backbreaker by Styles on RVD. Styles laid out Robbie. Springboard Thrust Kick into Rolling Thunder by RVD on Styles. Rolling Double Leg Lariat on Robbie. RVD flipped Robbie to the floor. Styles screwed up the Springboard SLop Dorp but compensated to nail it on RVD. Styles sent RVD into the corner. Wicked Thrust to Styles’ throat. He quickly recovered and caught RVD on the top rope and went for hte Superplex. RVD blocked it and nailed the Five Star Frog Splash. Robbie E slid in and covered RVD! Really?

Your Winner: Robbie E
Grade: B+ (88%)

Jeff Hardy walked backstage. He was ready to call out someone.

Hardy got an awesome pop from the fans. He greeted his fans and then got in the ring to speak. Hardy called out Robbie T. They’ve had issues, in recent weeks.

Jeff Hardy vs Robbie T

Jeff with a Flying Forearm. He ducked and dodged Robbie. Spinning Mule Kick by Hardy. Decapitation Clothesline by Robbie. Robbie clubbed Hardy and sent Hardy to the corner. Bulldog Bounce off the blocked Float Over. Back Elbow into the Whisper in the Wind for a two for Hardy. Flying Cross body and Clotheslines by Hardy took down the big Brit. Inverted Atomic Drop. Robbie kicked Hardy away after a Double Heel Trip. Twist of Fate! Swanton!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Grade: B (85%)

Hardy threw his arm stocking things out to the fans.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian talked about the paternity test. Kaz would not go near Daniels’ Appletini.

Sting looked into the camera and called out, again, Aces and Eights. Sting said he was looking for them.He begged the renegade group to come and find him.

Onward to the worst running storyline in the history of professional wrestling. Kudos to A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for taking something so ridiculous and almost making it work. First, Styles was having a fling with Dixie Carter. When that wsa proven to be BS, Daniels and Kaz said Claire Lynch was preggers by Styles. Jeremy Borash brought out Styles. He was still clutching his ribs from the earlier match. Styles requested the house mic. “Who’s Your Daddy?” rang out. Styles admitted that he had no memory of the alleged night of passion. He swore to accept responsibility, if the unborn child was his. Styles said if it is proved that he wasn’t the papa, he didn’t want to hear from Daniels or Kaz, ever again. JB called out Claire Lynch…

He got Daniels and Kazarian, instead. Kaz said Styles was more concerned with his image than his child. He called Styles a “selfish pr*ck”. He then went into Politician-Trying-to Sucker-in-the-Voters mode with a bunch of ramblings about prisons and unwed mothers and such. Kaz told Styles to be concerned with the “Little One” not himself. Daniels took over and brought up how Claire wanted Styles to do the right thing. Daniels said Claire was dealing with a placental disruption and was in the hospital. Daniels wanted to know if Styles was happy with shat he put Claire through.

A seriously cute lady in a business suit came down with a folder. Her name was Grace Stein. She had a statement to read from Claire Lynch, since she was Claire’s legal representative. She quickly put Daniels and Kazarian in their place and begin. Grace read that Daniels and Kazarian came to Claire to blackmail Styles. She said she did numerous illegal activities, including adding sedatives to Styles’ soda. Photos were taken that could be used to set up a blacckmail situation. Claire has asked for the police to investigate her. Claire stated that she was not now, nor never had been pregnant! Hallelujah! This ignorant storyline is nearing its end. Styles attacked Daniels and Kazarian. They bailed out as Styles finally cleared his name. Let’s get back to wrestling!

Gut Check’s monthly contestant was finally revealed as Kris Lewis. Lewis came from a troubled background and wanted to be a good influence on his kids. He thanked Al Snow for giving him this shot. Kris said he wanted to impress the judges and entertain the fans.

Aces and Eights were waking, backstage, when Sting walked up. There were three of the biker dudes. Sting said it was time for some games. He pitched his black bat to someone who bashed them. It was NOT Hulk Hogan..it was “HOLLYWOOD” HULK HOGAN! He event had the black beard and golden mustache. Sting was impressed at how good Hogan looked.

Gut Check looked back at Alex Silva. He was the first competitor to get a contract with TNA, through Gut Check.

Kris Lewis (pronounced Louie) vs Gunner
Gut Check Challenger

Kris taked trash and then Arm Dragged him, twice. Shoulder Block for a two. Double Heel Trip by Kris. Kris didn’t follow up. Kneelift by Gunner into a clubbing blow. Kris ducked a Clothesline and threw weird punches. Dropkick after Gunner went to the eyes. Running Forearm Shiver by Gunner. Running Back Elbow to the rookie. Hard Back Elbow and an Irish Whip. Gunner kicked away and then whipped Kris across the ring. Gunner missed a Corner Charge. More punches by Kris. Flying Clotheslines and Back Elbows by Kris. Weak Samoan Drop by Kris. Kris headed to the top rope. He missed the Benoit Diving Headbutt. Gunner with his modified F5 to take down Kris Lewis.

Your Winner: Kris Lewis
Grade: C (74%)

Mr. Anderson was on his way to the ring. Would he call out someone?

ODB was on the phone, calling her missing “hubby”, Eric Young. She told him to come home and take care of his wife…and don’t forget the chicken. She then hung up and started looking for a “conquest”.

Mr. Anderson got in th ring, did the mic drop thing and introduced his opponent…

Mr. (Ken) Anderson vs Bully Ray
Bound For Glory Series Match

This was Ken’s last singles match in the B4G Series. Ray looked around to see if there were any Aces and Eights gang members. Ray was only 2 points shy of the cut-off line to be in the Top Four. Ray dealt with a rowdy fan and then got in the ring. Ray yanked on Anderson. Collar and Elbow into an Anderson Side Headlock. Ray missed an Elbow Drp. Ray got up and clubbed Anderson’s neck. Big kick by Anderson. Huge Back Drop Suplex by Ray. 1-2-no. Impact went to break as Anderson was sent into a ring post.

Ray with a vicious Elbow Drop for a two. Ray choked Anderson on the ropes. Running Clothesline by Ray. Anderson quickly Kipped Up. Rear Chin Lock into Crossfaces by Ray. Suplex by Ray for a two. Lax cover. Ray worked over Anderson’s right leg. Ray slammed Anderson into the corner and pounded away. Scoop Slam by Ray into an Avalanche Splash, off the ropes, that missed. Anderson had rolled up under the ropes. Ray and Anderson exchanged fists, on their knees. The worked up to their feet and went wild. Anderson was getting worked over until a series of Clothesline and a Spinning Neckbreaker swung the pendulum. Rolling Leg Lariat by Anderson. Anderson went for the Green Bay Plunge but Ray went straight down. Rolling Neckbreaker by Ray for a two. Anderson caught Ray on the top rope and got the Green Bay Plunge he had wanted, earlier. 1-2-no.

Anderson went to the top rope but Ray hit the ropes. Hard punches by Ray. Ray with the Superplex. In the back, a fight broke loose between The Pac and Aces and Eights. Ray missed a Big Boot but connected with the Bubba Bomb for a two plus. Anderson blocked a second Bubba Bomb nad nailed a DDT. Kenton by Anderson. Anderson converted the Bubba Cutter into the Mic Check.

Your Winner: Mr. Anderson (+7)
Grade: A (95%)

Aces and Eights’ leader told The Pac that they had done well. The LEader said they have been playing their game, all night. It was time to give out “The Dead Man’s Hand”. (eerie music crescendo…ok, it didn’t happen but it would have fit so well there)

The Pac made their united appearance. The entire Aces and Eights squadron then hit the ringside area. The fight was also going hot and heavy in the back. Sting had initially called out the rogue group. The came out swinging. This total chaos ended when several of the gang cornered Austin Aries in the ring. They brought in a piece of metal barricade. They wedged the barricade in the corner and wrapped Aries’ arm in it. The Leader then struck the arm with a steel chair, possibly breaking Aries’ hand…making it a Dead Man’s Hand. Ray rushed out to clear the ring. The motorcycle gang hopped on their cycles and took off.


–Jay Shannon

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