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Summerslam was filled with surprises. The fallout would continue the twists and turns.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman walked, triumphantly, from the back. Lesnar forced Triple H to tap out at Summerslam. Jerry Lawler suggested that the match, on Sunday, might have been HHH’s last. Lesnar kept going after HHH’s left arm with the Kimura lock. After numerous tries, Lesnar snapped HHH’s arm with the deadly hold.

Paul Heyman got on the microphone and started to address the crowd. They booed him, like there was no tomorrow. Paul said the Lesnar/HHH’s match was hard to watch. Heyman said he was at the announce table, 11 years ago, when HHH had his quad muscle get ripped. Paul praised HHH for his past inner strength. Paul said Brock defeated HHH and forced The Game to tap out. Paul crowed about how Triple H quit on his family, friends, company and fans. Paul said Brock took away HHH’s manhood and dignity. Paul said HHH was a shell of his former self. Paul didn’t feel bad for HHH and the fans shouldn’t. HHH wanted the fight, not Lesnar. It was HHH that ordered a “Fight to the Finish”. Paul called out Scott Armstrong to face Brock Lesnar.

Paul didn’t like that Scott made Lesnar wait. Eventually, the second generation star walked slowly from the back. Paul told Scott to hurry up, as this was live television. Paul made sure that HHH ordered the match to be a fight to the finish. Brock had two words for Armstrong. Brock walked up, slowly and then said…”Good Job!” Armstrong looked in need of a new pair of shorts, after that. Paul then said Brock has shaken up the WWE. Paul announced Brock Lesnar as “The New King of Kings, the Master of the Brocktagon, and the Conqueror of the WWE Universe”. Paul said the WWE Universe members were all underlings to Lesnar. Lesnar’s music hit and Brock left the ring.Michael Cole was curious if HHH’s career truly was over. Jerry Lawler felt HHH was saying good-bye, after the match. Shawn Michaels will give his opinion, later on.

Cole and Lawler talked about the Triple Threat WWE Title Match. C.M. Punk won the match, but it was filled with controversy. C.M. Punk wants to choose his own opponent, next.

R-Truth, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara vs Titus O’Neil, Darren Young and Cody Rhodes
Six-Man Match

Darren and Kofi opened the match. Kofi backed Darren to the corner. Clean break. Side Headlock by Kofi. Universal into a Flying Back Elbow by Kofi. Tag to Truth. Double Hip Toss on Darren. Double Dropkick on Titus. Sin Cara went to the top rope to launch himself on Cody. Rhodes bailed up the ramp as Raw went to break.

Kofi rolled under to launch Darren. Tag to Truth. Truth with the filly dance into the Ax Kick. 1-2-no. Khloe Kardasian was the social ambassador, this week. . Cody with a blind tag. Side Russian Legsweep by Cody. Tag to Titus. Titus kicked at Truth but Truth fought back. Big ribs kick by Titus. Titus cranked on Truth’s head. Truth punched free but a Big Boot by Titus laid out Truth. Tag to Young. Front Drop Suplex by Titus of his partner onto Truth for a two. Body Scissors by Young on Truth.Truth Back Elbowed his way free. Titus with the tag and Shoulder Thrusts. Truth began to punch and kick his way out but a Clothesline by Titus stopped Truth, cold.

Titus with Forearm Shots to both Trutha nd Kofi. Truth laid out Titus. Tag to Sin Cara and Cody. Flying Head Scissors by Cara. Enziguri and Springboard Crossbody by Sin Cara. It all broke down. Truth flipped Kofi onto the Prime Time Players. In the ring, Cody tried to pull off the mask of Sin Cara. Cara with a Roll UP to take the win.

Your Winners: Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston and R-Trtuh
Grade: B (85%)

In the interview area,Matt Striker introduced A.J. Lee. David Otunga then strolled over and said he was back, after filming a movie. Otunga congratulated Lee for becoming the G.M. He offered his services, as a legal assistant. He said he could file a lawsuit, if anyone called her crazy. Wrong choice of words. A.J. Lee said Otunga would have a match, against someone she chose. He left. A.J. Lee was then asked about Punk choosing his next opponent. She was cool with him doing that, as long as he understood she had final approval.

Ryback vs Mike Spinner and Andy Tavarez
2-on-1 Slaughter err..Handicap Match

Mike got pitched out and Ryback iwth Shoulder Thrusts on Andy. Ryback threw Andy down. Powerbomb by Ryback. He then nailed two more Clutch Powerbombs. Mike smacked Ryback, who responded by calling him “Stupid”. Running Back Suplex. Ryback went to Stack Em Up but Jindar Mahal rushed the ring and attacked Ryback. Mahal slappe don the Camel Cluthch. Ryback stood up and hit a Clutch Stunner. Mahal bailed out. Ryback went right back to work and hit the Dinner Bell (Running Samoan Drop).

Your Winner (by DQ): Ryback
Grade: C+ (79%)

Dolph Ziggler came up and congratulated Jericho for finally winning a bg one. They talked about a rematch. A.J. Lee came in and upped the stakes. If Jericho were to lose, Jericho would have to leave the WWE. If Ziggler were to lose, Jericho gets Dolph’s Money in the Bank briefcase. elsewhere, Alberto Del Rio stomped around in a foul mood.

Alberto Del Rio walked from the back, no fancy car. Ricardo Rodriguez introduced the Latin Superstar. Del Rio has filed a formal complaint against Sheamus about the World title match. Del Rio grumbled about getting robbed by the ref and the peasant, Sheamus. Del Rio sent it to a video still where Del Rio’s foot was obviously on the bottom rope, during the count. Del Rio demanded another World title match, right now. A.J. Lee bounced from the back. She flirted, a little, with him. Lee explained that she had nothing to do with the World title. She could and would put him in a match against…Randy Orton!

Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton

Orton and Del Rio circled each other. Before the match started, Sheamus walked from the back, wearing the World title. Sheamus greeted the fans and went to the announce desk. Orton punched DelRio and rocked him with a European Uppercut and Dropkick. Side Headlock by Orton. Orton wanted a Universal but Del Rio scooted tot he ropes. Orton sent Del Rio to the floor. Blachard Springboard Suplex by Orton. Orton Stomp. Flying Kneedrop by Orton for a two. Orton with sharp punches and then corner punches. Del Rio snuck under and dropped Orton on the top rope. Del Rio with kicks and stomps into a Rear Chin Lock.

Orton got up but got sent to the corner. Roll Up by Orton for two. Del Rio with a Rear Chin Lock and faces dug into the face. Orton attacked Del Rio’s ribs. Snap Suplex by Del Rio into a Warrior’s Way Double Stomp. Del Rio mocked Orton’s pre-RKO ritual. Del Rio went to the top rope. Orton with a European Uppercut to force Del Rio down across the top turnbuckle. Superplex by Orton. 1-2-no. The two men threw bombs at each other. Del Rio kicked Orton’s arm. Two Clotheslines and the Snap Powerslam by Orton. Orton wanted the Rope Assisted DDT but Del Rio flipped Orton over and hit the Jumping Enziguri. Del Rio with hard stomps on Orton. Twisted Sister Backbreaker by Orton. Del Rio with a savate kick. Orton countered the Cross Armbreaker into a Rolling Neckbreaker.

Orton threw Del Rio into the corner. The two men went fist and fire. R-A-D off the corner turnbuckles. Orton went into his Special Place. Rodriguez got on the apron. Sheamus chased the lackey away. Del Rio with a Back Stabber on a distracted Orton. 1–2–Sheamus showe the ref that hte foot was on the ropes. Del Rio argued with Sheamus. R-K-O!

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Grade: B+(87%)

Cole sent it to a video of Punk discussing his win, last night. Punk said it was controversial that he had to win, twice. A.J. Lee made it somewhat of a 2 out of 3 falls match. Punk showed off his WWE title belt. Punk said people had best learn to respect him.

Cole and Lawler talked about Antonio Cesaro beating Santino Mareela, in five different languages, to become the new United States Champion. He felt that he personifies greatness. Aksana distracted “The Cobra”. Cesaro with his Clutch variation of the Styles Clash. After the match, the power duo Touted in the ring.

Cole and Lawler sent it to a video highlight reel of the SummerSlam weekend.

Brodus Clay vs Damien Sandow

Brodus started by dancing with the Funkadactyls. Sandow walked out in his Holiday Inn robe and towel. Sandow said, by insert video, that he was going to send the Funkasaurus back into extinction. Sandow tried for Brodus’ leg but got beaten senseless by Clay. Sandow tried to go after Clay’s left leg, again, only to get laid out. Back Body Drop by Brodus. Clay clubbed Sandow and rammed his head, over and over, into the corner. Rolling Belly to Belly Suplex and Elbow Drop by Brodus. Clay yelled “You should have never messed with me, punk!” The two went back and forth. Clay with a Corner Splash and Butt Bums. Flying Headbutt to Sandow’s chest. Irish Whip by Clay but Sandow dodges the Corner Splash. Roll Up with tights by Sandow.

Your Winner: Damien Sandow
Grade: B- (82%)

Sandow telled at the girls. He did the Cartwheel but Clay with the Trapped Leg Suplex. Jurassic Splash! Sandow rolled out and the girls (and a bunch of kids) got in the ring to dance.

Raw looked back at Lesnar “breaking” Shawn Michaels’ arm.

Shawn Michaels was on the satellite feed. Michael Cole asked Shawn how he was feeling about HHH and the match. Shawn said he knew what HHH was feeling, right now. Shawn said you can prepare yourself for The End, but nothing really gets you ready for the moment when the reality strikes that it’s all said and done. Shawn said he felt that Triple H’s career was done. Shawn praised his friend for always giving it his all. Shawn said he was there to support his friend, over the past few weeks. Shawn ended up becoming a distraction and burden to Shawn. The audience was dead silent. Shawn said he didn’t tell HHH the truth, that HHH couldn’t beat Brock Lesnar. Shawn told HHH that he had nothing to be ashamed of. Shawn told HHH that he and the WWE Universe love The Game. He also thanked HHH for a job well done.

David Otunga vs Big Show

Otunga wanted to escape but Show exploded on him. Open Hand Slap and Scoop Slam. Show punished the ribs with punches. Show walked over Otunga’s back. Massive Headbutt by Show. Otunga tried to fight back but it was like spitting in the ocean to try and make it wetter. Open Hand Slap by Show. Otunga with a Back Kick but it had no effect, at all. Show with a couple of kicks and the old Elbow Drop Finisher. Show cocked the fist and unleashed the WMD on Otunga.

Your Winner: The Big Show
Grade: B- (81%)

Raw looked back at Show’s comments, after he lost, last night. Show went off that it was a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. He screamed that it wasn’t fair. Show wanted to know when he would get a 1-on-1 match. He stormed off when the cameraman didn’t have an answer.

Kane and Zack Ryder vs Daniel Bryan and The Miz
Strange Bedfellows Match

Kane attacked Josh Mathews, last night, after losing to Daniel Bryan. Bryan and Miz stared daggers at each other. Bryan got into a Yes/No scream fest with a fan. Kane started against Bryan. Bryan with an immediate tag. Kane flipped Miz into the ring and punched nad kneed Miz, in the corner. Tag to Zack. Ryder ran Miz into the corner. Reversed Irish Whip by Miz. Missile Dropkick by Ryder. Miz with a Thrust Kick. Miz stomped away on Ryder and a Running Boot. Tag to Bryan. Bryan with a kick to the ribs. Bryan dropped knees into Zack’s lower bag. He taunted Kane, urging him to tag in. Bryan with Crescent Kicks to Zack’s chest. I lost count on how many there were. 2 count.

Bryan yelled at Kane. European Uppercut by Bryan. Tag to Miz. Miz kicked Ryder in the face. Miz dropped all his weight onto Ryder’s back. Ryder punched free. Reality Check by Miz for a two. Bryan with the tag and kicks to Ryder’s chest and ribs. Bryan got right into Kane’s face. Bryan missed a corner charge nad knocked Miz off the apron. Tag to Kane. Miz got off the apron when Bryan went for a tag. Hard punches by Daniel. Kane chased Daniel out of the arena. Kane got back in the ring, with Zack Ryder, and Chokeslammed his own partner. Kane then totally destroyed the ringside area. The timekeeper was pitched over the ring barrier. Kane went back in the ring and planted Ryder with the Tombstone.

Your Winner: No Contest
Grade: B (84%)

John Cena’s post-match video ran. Cena refused to say that C.M. Punk was the best in the world. Cena said it just wasn’t his night. The interviewer kept pushing for Cena to say Punk was the best. Cena smiled and walked off. Matt Striker interviewed Punk, live. Punk thanked A.J. Lee for letting him choose…John Cena…as his next opponent. There was one condition: Punk wanted John Cena to show him the proper respect.

Diva Battle Royal

Layla sat and watched a very meager group of females battling to become her next challenger. This is about the weakest that the Divas division has been in years. The competitors were: Natalya, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Eve, Rosa and Aksana. I was ready to take a nap watching these women, basically go one on one. Aksana and Rosa basically rolled each other out of the ring. Where was Beth Phoenix? Where was Kelly Kelly? Tamina and Natalya double teamed Kaitlyn. Double Suplex on Kaitlyn. Alicia attacked Natalya. Nattie and Tamina with the double team on Alicia. Even Cole and Lawler had a hard time calling this train wreck. Alicia fought out of a Double Suples and kicked both women throught hte ropes. Nattie and Tamina managed to survive. Nattie stomped on Alicia. Tamina accidntally whipped Natalya out of the ring. Tamina dumped Alicia out with a Superkick. Kaitlyn tossed Tamina out. Eve went to throw out Kaitlune with a Fireman’s Carry. Kaitlyn with two attempts at a La Bandera Clothesline. Kaitlyn is the number one contender? Really? What next, Hornswoggle gets a shot at Antonio Cesaro’s US title?

Your Winner: Kaitlyn
Grade: D- (60%)

They can’t get Skylar to the WWE fast enough. Who is Skylar? You may well see this brutal beauty in the next few months. She will explode on the girls like a Nova! Thanks for the heads up, last night, Dustin.

Raw looked again at the Brock Lesnar situation. Lesnar then Touted that he was leaving the WWE and was never coming back. Good riddance. As my grandfather used to love to say: “Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya”.

It was time for another Wade Barrett video.

Vickie Guerrero grumbled about what a witch A.J. Lee. Vickie said Dolph had to win the World title for her. He went off on her about trying to make it about her. She started to meltdown but Dolph told her that they would win, tonight.

Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho
Contract vs Contract Match

Vickie shrieked that Ziggler was going to send Jericho packing. Dolph tried to look confident but the nerves were obvious. Jericho made a much grander entrance. Jericho had taped ribs. Dolph stared daggers at Y2J.

The two locked up and Jericho took the Side Headlock. Jericho with a Shoulder Tackle. School Boys by Jericho for a pair of two counts. Jericho with a Roll Up as Ziggler rushed into the ring. Knife Edge Chop by Jericho. Jericho with hard punches. The ref got between them and Ziggler with the cheap shots. Elbow Drop for two. Vickie screamed at the ref to do his job. Ziggler kicked the injured ribs of Jericho. Jericho got a boot up and went to the middle rope. Missile Dropkick for two. Jericho flipped Ziggler out to the floor. Jericho with a Springboard Dropkick to send Dolph to the arena floor. Break time.

Dolph had Jericho in a Seated Side Headlock. Jericho tried to get up but Dolph took Jericho back down and did an Elbow Stand to apply more pressore. Jumping Elbow Drop by Ziggler for a two. Ziggler wanted the Sleeper but didn’t have it totally locked in. Back Drop Suplex by Jericho. Jericho witht he boots up. Running Shoulder Tackles. Jericho with an Ax Bomber, off the top rope. Dolph pushed out of the Running Bulldog. Jericho with Top Rope punches. Hurancanrana by Jericho but Jericho was slow in covering Dolph. 2 count only. Jumping DDT by Ziggler for a two. Jericho blocked the Famouser and tried to apply the Walls of Jericho. Small Package by Jericho. Running CLotheline. Dolph Floated Over a Suplex. Jericho used the ropes to block the Zig Zag. Running Bulldog. Lionsault into the knees. Zig Zag! Say it ain’t so…

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Grade: A- (92%)

Chris Jericho is gone from WWE (at least from Raw)

Jericho took the Money in the Briefcase case and stared at Dolph. He blasted Ziggler with the briefcase. Code Breaker!

C.M. Punk came out to officially announce his next opponent. It’s weird. Punk and Prime Time Players wear bright pink and Natalya didn’t. Punk showed off his WWE title belt. Punk looked over at Jerry Lawler and then left the ring. Punk said he remembered Lawler’s comments, from a few weeks back, about Punk turning his back on the fans. Punk demanded that Lawler say he was lying. Lawler said he said what he felt. Punk ordered an apology from Lawler.

They were cut off by the arrival of John Cena. Cena ran down to the ring and surveyed his surroundings. Punk left the announce table area and got back in the ring. Punk didn’t like that Cena couldn’t wait for him to call out John. Punk was upset that Cena was stealing the spotlight, once again. Punk said he was tired to taking back seats to others. He did it, out of respect, up until last night. Punk said he was tired of not getting the respect he deserves. The crowd actually chanted for Punk. Punk said it no longer made sense to sit in the back, anymore. Punk said he beat Cena and should be ahead of Cena. Punk said he has been giving back respect for most of the last year. Punk said he wanted to beat Cena, again, to prove he is as good as he knows he is. Punk talked about the CeNation in full force in California. Punk said if Cena wanted the title shot, John would have to do is admit that C.M. Punk is the Best in the World.

Cena thought about it and then started his own diatribe. Cena acknowledged Punk’s 9-month reign. Cena said their relationship has been built on the word “Respect.” Cena showed respect to Fresno, California by calling out to them. He threw out respect to Fresno State. Cena mentioned how much the fans loved their hometown team at Fresno State. Cena said he would not let the fans down. He refused to call Punk the best in the world. Cena said he had to believe that he was the best, to succeed. Cena said he believed in the fans and they believed in him. Cena said he was confident that he could beat The Rock, even though he didn’t. He knew if they fought again, he would be certain that he could beat Rock. Cena talked about holding the belt for over a year. He never requested or demanded anything that he hasn’t earned. Cena said all the fans will remember about Punk is the night he took off from the WWE and held everyone up. Cena absolutely refused to stroke Punk’s ego. Cena said if Punk wanted to hear he is the best in the world, prove it. Cena said if Punk decided not to chose him, he’d get a shot…down the road. Cena reminded Punk that Night of Champions was in Cena’s home town. He told Punk that if he could beat Cena in Cena’s home town, he would cement his legacy. Cena said he didn’t care if he was given the title shot, or not. Cena told Punk that if he didn’t chose him, then Punk made it clear he had no respect for the belt or himself.

Punk quickly turned back to Jerry Lawler. Punk demanded, once again, to get an apology. He ordered Lawler to get in the ring. The King did as requested. Punk confronted Lawler about the claim that Punk turned his back on the fans. Lawler said it was all a misunderstanding. If giving the apology would make things better, he apologized. Punk then called Lawler “the ministry of propaganda”. He pushed Lawler to call him the Best in the World. Lawler talked about his time at the announce desk and his relationship with the fans. Punk told Lawler to say it. Lawler would not do that. Lawler then wanted to go back and do his job. Punk with a Crescent Kick to the back of Lawler’s head.

I want C.M. Punk vs Jerry Lawler for the WWE title! Let Cena fight Show.

QUICK NOTE FROM JAY: Just wanted to let everyone know that I won’t be here, next week, to cover Raw and Impact. I will be heading to New York, next week, for a special event and then I will fly over to Poland for a few days.


–Jay Shannon

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