Posted August 19th, 2012 by Bill Apter

“Three Dot” highlights:

Big Show totally dominates from the start until Punk was able to get him off his feet and both he and Cena lifted him off his feet … That didn’t last long as Show came back in to brutalize … Cena was tossed out … Punk caught as he dives off the ropes and slideslammed … Cena in and a spear by Show takes him down … Show misses a double slam on both (gets Cena) from the top but Punk tries to mount an attack and is tossed out … Show tosses PUnk into the ropes from outside and he slingshots back to the floor … Sow with a slideslam on Cena … Cena up sholderblock and tries an STF but show gets up and dumps Cena in a corner … Cena slammed … Punk off the ropes with an elbow … A knee to Show’s face three times…Punk pushed off … Cena off the ropes with knees … Cena with an STF and Punk with his Anaconda Vice finisher at the same time and Show taps out but who won?

AJ to the ring … She orders th match restarted .. doulbe chokeslam … Show tries to pin both but they kick out … Cena lifts Show up for Attitude Adjustment finisher, and as Show drops Punk tosses Cena out and pins Show!

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