Posted August 19th, 2012 by Bill Apter

Lesnar and Heyman come to the ring first. Lesnar is clad in MMA style garb … Triple H’s wrists and hands are taped … Lesnar starts out fast cornering Triple H and tries to break his left arm … Triple H gets out and clotheslines him over the ropes but Lesnar is in working him over in the corner again…Again a clothesline over the ropes by Triple H … Brock tosses his hand gloves off and his now bare-fisted and he spears Triple H and hits him sending him out of the ring.

They battle outside and Lesnar drops him on the broadcast table … Lesnar slams Triple H in the ring by the bad arm … He keeps working on that left arm on the ropes and stomping in when Triple H is down … Lesnar is relentless … Monster suplex by Lesnar … Triple H gets a rally with a DDT … Lesnar gets him by the left arm again and slams him … Both out of the ring and Triple H is slammed into the ring steps and the announce table … Lesnar attacks him in the announce table area … They get back into the ring … Triple H with a knee-lift and a clothesline by Lesnar takes Triple H down again.

Triple H with a suplex … Triple H going for a Pedigree but Lesnar tosses him over the ropes … Triple H pushes Lesnar into the broadcast table and Lesnar appears hurt … He hit the table edge on his stomach and now Tiple H is working on the stomach of Lesnar (Lesnar has had diverticulitus) … Back in the ring Lesnar works on the arm again but Triple H kicks the stomack over and over again.

He is holding Lesnar by the head and kicking him in the stomach and Lesnar is doubled over in pain .. a spine buster and Pedigree try … gets it a second time (Lesnar got out with an F5 try) and Triple H gets a two count pin attempt … Lesnar hits Triple H in the groin … F5 by Lesnar pin attempt but only a two count!

Lesnar is still in pain and tries to break Triple H’s arm … Triple H punches to the kidney area and then gets another Pedigree tries for a pin, Triple H is locked in that arm lock again … He finally taps out to the arm breaker! Triple H has quit!


  1. By dale, posted

    I’m sorry, but this was not what I had in mind. I know that Brock is no technical wrestler and this was billed as a “Fight” but this was like watching to turtles dance to music no one can hear. This was as bad as Lesnar vs Goldberg. Sad that it got top billing.

  2. By Kevin, posted

    This sucked

  3. By Dan, posted

    It’s funny watching the commments. Always haters. Main Event could have been the greatest thing ever and people would still critize it.

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