Posted August 19th, 2012 by Bill Apter

Lesnar and Heyman come to the ring first. Lesnar is clad in MMA style garb … Triple H’s wrists and hands are taped … Lesnar starts out fast cornering Triple H and tries to break his left arm … Triple H gets out and clotheslines him over the ropes but Lesnar is in working him over in the corner again…Again a clothesline over the ropes by Triple H … Brock tosses his hand gloves off and his now bare-fisted and he spears Triple H and hits him sending him out of the ring.

They battle outside and Lesnar drops him on the broadcast table … Lesnar slams Triple H in the ring by the bad arm … He keeps working on that left arm on the ropes and stomping in when Triple H is down … Lesnar is relentless … Monster suplex by Lesnar … Triple H gets a rally with a DDT … Lesnar gets him by the left arm again and slams him … Both out of the ring and Triple H is slammed into the ring steps and the announce table … Lesnar attacks him in the announce table area … They get back into the ring … Triple H with a knee-lift and a clothesline by Lesnar takes Triple H down again.

Triple H with a suplex … Triple H going for a Pedigree but Lesnar tosses him over the ropes … Triple H pushes Lesnar into the broadcast table and Lesnar appears hurt … He hit the table edge on his stomach and now Tiple H is working on the stomach of Lesnar (Lesnar has had diverticulitus) … Back in the ring Lesnar works on the arm again but Triple H kicks the stomack over and over again.

He is holding Lesnar by the head and kicking him in the stomach and Lesnar is doubled over in pain .. a spine buster and Pedigree try … gets it a second time (Lesnar got out with an F5 try) and Triple H gets a two count pin attempt … Lesnar hits Triple H in the groin … F5 by Lesnar pin attempt but only a two count!

Lesnar is still in pain and tries to break Triple H’s arm … Triple H punches to the kidney area and then gets another Pedigree tries for a pin, Triple H is locked in that arm lock again … He finally taps out to the arm breaker! Triple H has quit!

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