Posted August 19th, 2012 by Bill Apter

“Three-dot” highlights:

Chants of “yes, yes, yes,” and “no, no, no” as Bryan comes to the ring … Kane with an amazing face kick … Bryan with his kicks trying to get Kane off his feet … Kane gets made and tosses him out of the ring … Bryan back in and has Kane down and resumes the strong kicks … Kane back with a series of clotheslines and pin attempt.

Kane off the ropes with a chop that takes Bryan down. Bryan gets out of a chokeslam attempt … Bryan with a powerful kick to Kane’s face and trying to get him in the LeBell lock … Kane down … Bryan up to the top … He dives off and is caught in Kane’s hand — chokeslam — but Kane doesn’t follow up with the pin … Kane tires for a “Tombstone” but Bryan pulls him down and over and cradles him for the pin!

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