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Aces and Eights picked a new target, this week, for some unfinished business. Plus, the fallout of Hard Core Justice saw the arrival of a new special referee (a former WWECW star).

The show opened with a highlight reel from Hard Core Justice. Also, Aces and Eights’ rampage was examined.

Austin Aries arrived in the Impact Zone, still carrying his World title. Aries’ win was somewhat controversial, because of a double pin. Earl Hebner then restarted the match and A-Double took the win. Aries said everyone has said his title win a fluke and he almost began to believe it. Aries said that this second win erased all doubts in the minds of fans, Bobby Roode and himself. He told the critics to take the “E” off Fluke and go Fluk yourself. Aries sent out a message to Aces and Eights. He knew they were always nearby. He said that he was going to enter and leave Bound for Glory as champ.

Jeff Hardy decided to join the discussion. He was clutching his hip as he went to get into the ring. Aries wondered what Hardy had to say, since it must be important. Jeff did a shout out to his “Creatures”. Hardy said he has been chasing the World title for a year. Hardy was confident that he would win the Bound for Glory Series and he and Aries would tear things up. Jeff was ticked that Aces and Eights cost him 20 points. He called them out. Instead, he got…

Bully Ray. The crowd was hostile towards Ray. Ray told Jeff that Hardy was stupid. Ray said James Storm was behind Aces and Eights. Ray told Hardy that Matt has always been smarter than Jeff but even Jeff should be able to see this. Ray talked about how Aces and Eights have been involved, helping Storm. Ray still got the 20 points, mostly due to luck. Ray said he was going to Bound for Glory and would take the World title. Aries stepped in and made fun of Ray’s calves. Aries reminded Ray that it was A-Double that made the Bully tap out. Aries suggested that maybe Ray was behind Aces and Eights. Ray stood firm that it was Storm in charge of Aces and Eights.

The masked gang came on the Tron to send a message. Their leader said it was all about luck and commitment. He said Ray was lucky, last week. The leader said they would make their presence felt, in a big way. Ray told everyone to smarten up, since it was right in front of their faces. Break time.

Impact looked at the 20 point matches at Hard Core Justice. RVD, A.J. Styles and Bully Ray won the three Bound for Glory Series matches on the PPV.

Magnus was asked about his match with Samoa Joe. Magnus studied everything about Joe, even before joining the company. Magnus said he was able to get inside Joe’s head, which would help him defeat the machine.

Samoa Joe vs Magnus
Bound For Glory Series Match

Collar and Elbow into the Side Headlock by Magnus. Inverted Atomic Drop and Big Boot. Joe missed the Backsplash Senton but came back to almost catch his former tag partner in the Crippler Crossface/Yes-no-maybe Lock. Joe with sharp punches but Magnus came back with a straight kick to the face. Joe with a kick off the Irish Whip. Magnus with a Clothesline for a two count. Magnus with a modified Spicoli Driver. European Uppercut by Magnus. Joe came back with a Whip into the Jumping Enziguri. Magnus blocked the Muscle Buster but missed the Savage Elbow. One Arm Uranage to plant Magnus. Kokina Clutch but Magnus ran the ropes to break. La Magistral Cradle by Samoa Joe to take the win.

Your Winner: Samoa Joe (+7 points)
Grade: B+ (88%)

Magnus was very frustrated. He took a chair and cracked Joe’s arm with it. Magnus backed off, quickly.

In the back, Madison Rayne bragged about winning the Knockout title, all by herself…no help needed. A tech came up and said Brooke Hogan wanted Rayne to join her in the ring. Madison thought it was party time and she was going to get chocolate cake.

Madison came out with her title belt, sash and tiara. She snatched the house microphone to address her followers. Rayne was thrilled that Brooke Hogan wanted to see “the Queen”. Rayne said it was time to party. Rayne asked her main man, Earl Hebner, to join her in the ring. Rayne said Earl stole her heart. She called him a big handsome man (so, she has bad vision).

Brooke Hogan came from the back. Brooke said this kind of behavior was shady. Brooke said Earl would not be the ref in any Knockout matches, anymore. Brooke said that she was bringing in a special (female) ref for Miss Tessmacher’s rematch. Madison ripped into Brooke that she was a typical Hogan, all talk and no action. Madison challenged Brooke to get into the ring and tell her about the changes. Brooke accepted but Madison bailed. Suddenly, Aces and Eights got in the ring to confront Brooke. The Pac charged from the back, including Hardy, Aries, Kurt Angle, Sting, Bully Ray and James Storm.

After a quick break, Sting took the stick and said Aces and Eights are down in the pits. He said the group crossed the line. Sting said they were forming a Pac to confront Aces an Eights. Sting said that next week was Open Fight Night. He said it would be Aces and Eights vs The Pac, at 8 pm!

Daniels and Kazarian talked comic books. Daniels said they were going to be characters in Spiderman. Daniels and Kaz made fun of Claire’s look. A.J. Styles came up and also made fun of Claire’s look. Styles put a challenge to Daniels. It would be a BabyDaddy Match. If Styles were to lose, then he would blindly accepted that Claire’s unborn kid was his. If he wins, he gets a paternity test. Could this get any more lame?

Christopher Daniels vs A.J. Styles
Bound For Glory Series Match
BabyDaddy Match

Brian Hebner ejected Kazarian from the ringside area. Daniels wasn’t happy. Styles blasted Daniels, who slid out of the rign. Double Heel Trip by Daniels, when they got back in. Daniels tried to use the ropes for a pin but got caught. Styles lit up Daniels with chops and punches. Scoop Slam by Styles into a Flying Kneedrop. Styles with a Rear Chin Lock, in the ropes. Daniels tried to punch back but Styles with a clubbing blow to the back of Daniels’ neck.

The two went to the floor and Styles with a Knife Edge Chop. Back Body Drop by Styles, once they returned to the ring. Styles pounded on Daniels as Impact went to break.

The fight had slowed down, as Daniels has a brutal Side Headlock clamped on. Daniels with punches to the face. Styles went into a Universal and laid out Daniels with the Dropkick. Back Bridging Indian Death Lock by Styles. Styles then switched to a Single Leg Crab. Styles went back to the Death Lock. Daniels bit Styles’ fingers to escape. Styles with Forearm shots. Hot Shot on the top rope by Daniels. Rabbit Clothesline for a two. Daniels kicked Daniels out of the ring. Daniels ordered the ref to count out Styles. Styles was back in plenty of time. Hammer Throw into the corner. Daniels stomped on Styles and Punted the ribs. Back Drop Suplex by Styles for a two. Spinning Elbow Drop Neckbreaker by Daniels. Daniels tried to use the ropes, again, and got caught. Daniels pitched Styles out of the ring and demanded a count. Styles was almost in, when Daniels with a Running Knee to send Styles into the barricade.

Styles with a Outside In Shoulder. Sunset Flip into a Styles Clash attempt. Daniels with the Koji Clutch (cool Octopus-like Sleeper/Choke). Styles went down to the match, quickly, to less the pressure. Daniels with hard Elbows to the back of Styles’ neck. Suplex by Daniels for a two count. Corner Punches by Daniels but Styles came back with a wicked Running Powerbomb. Springboard Flying Forearms into several Running Clotheslines. Pump Handle Gutbuster by Styles. Suplex Neckbreaker by Styles for two plus. That was cool. Daniels with a Thrust but Styles with a kick to the Hamstring. Low Bridge by Daniels. The ref started to count Styles out of the ring but Styles tripped Daniels and the fight spilled out to the floor.

Daniels was whipped back into the ring and then came right back with a Flip Dive to lay out Daniels. The crowd showed their love and respect for Styles. Styles rolled back in the ring. Kazarian showed up, out of the ref’s vision. Styles went for a Suplex but Kaz pulled the ankle. 1-2-3.

Your WInner: Christopher Daniels

No, wait. Brian Hebner saw Kazarian and restarted the match. Pele!

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Grade: A (95%)

After the match, Styles rushed over and planted Daniels with the Styles Clash!

Sting was in the office, talking on the phone with Hulk Hogan. Hogan said he would be at Impact, next week, to stand with the other. Sting got excited and said it was Showtime.

In the locker room, Jeff Hardy confronted James Storm. He said Aces and Eights cost him 20 points and helped Storm, twice. Storm was ticked that Hardy was falling in line. Storm said he wanted to help Sting fight the group. Storm said he would be out to watch the Hardy vs Bully Ray match, just to make sure Aces and Eights didn’t get involved.

Impact looked at the World title match. Bobby Roode can go for a rematch against Austin Aries, ever. Bobby Roode slowly walked from the back. He looked like he had lost his best friend. Well, maybe he has (the World title belt). The fans started chanting “Loser!” at Roode. The fans also chanted “You Suck!” in unison. Roode admitted that he had an opportunity to right the wrong. Roode wanted to prove the truth that Austin Aries’ win was a fluke. He felt he proved that. Roode said he did defeat Aries when Brian Hebner made the three count. Hebner was the ref of record. Earl Hebner re-started the match and he lost. “Lo-Ser!” rang out, again. Roode knew he should be holding the World title. Roode understood that he would not be getting another rematch. Roode had a meltdown as he tried to express that the World title meant everything to him. Roode said the World title made him what he was. Roode said that the one person to blame for this was Austin Aries…well, Sting and the refs and the fans. Roode said he gave the fans all he has and only gets disrespected. Roode had to figure out what was next for him. He started to say what he was going to do but stumbled over his words. Eventually, he just dropped the microphone and walked away.

The ran a video about next week’s Gut Check person. He was a troubled youth who lost his brother to a shooting. They didn’t mention his name.

Miss Tessmacher vs Madison Rayne
Knockout (singles) Title Match

After the champ and challenger showed up, Brooke Hogan came out onto the stage. She introduced Terran Terrill (ECW’s Tiffany). Taz immediately recognized the young lady. Madison tried to get in her face, but Terran wasn’t having any part of it. The two competitors locked upa nd went tot he corner, twice. Terran broke them up. Irish Whip into a Back Elbow by Madison. Madison ran Tess into the corner. Madison went to choke with the boot but Terran blocked it. Hair Toss. Back Bridging Suplex for a two. Small Package for a 2 by Tess. Jackknife Pin for two by Tess. Madison tried to use the tights for a pin but got caught. Madison missed a Big Boot and ate a Spear. Forearms by Tess into Flying Clotheslines and a Dropkick. Tess with an Inverted Bulldog for two. Madison dodged the Crossbody by Tess. Madison tried to use the ropes for a pin. Madison actually got stuck in the ropes. Madison argued with the ref. That allowed Miss Tessmacher to plant Madison with her Flapjack Bomb finisher.

Your Winner (and New Knockout Champion): Miss Tessmacher
Grade: B (84%)

Impact looked at Aces and Eights arrival, earlier in the night. Sting issued a challenge to Aces and Eights. Hogan said he had Sting’s back, next week. Aces and Eights accepted the offer. The leader said the group would be there, in full force, but they had unfinished business, tonight.

Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy
Bound For Glory Series Match

The two men locked up and went to the corner. After a forced break, James Storm strolled down to ringside. Ray screamed at Storm “Where’s your boys at?” Storm said he was alone. Ray started pounding on Hardy and threw him into the corner. Ray punched Hardy’s face and clubbed the back of the neck. Ray went to the floor and shoved Storm. Hardy with a Baseball Slide and Flying Crossbody, off the apron. Impact took a break.

Ray went for a pin but only got a two. Storm kept looking around. Ray with a Corner Splash/Clothesline. Ray stood on Hardy’s hair and pulled up the arms. Elbow Drop for two. Rear Chin Lock by Ray. Ray switched to a Leg Scissors. Hardy got his feet to the ropes. Ray with a Suplex for two. Hardy psyched himself up. He kicked and punched Ray but fell to a Back Elbow. Ray missed a Big Splash. The two traded punches, from their knees. They got to their feet and Hardy took over. Flying Forarms by Hardy. Inverted Atomic Drop into the Double Leg Drop and a Dropkick. 1-2-no.

Uranage by Ray for two. Ray went for the BubbaBomb but Jeff blocked it. Outer Limits Dropkick, by Hardy, in the corner. Jeff ripped off his shirt and went to the penthouse. Swanton! 1-2-really? Ray rolled to the outside. Storm stepped back and told the ref that he hadn’t done a thing. Hardy went to fly over the top rope and Ray pulled Storm into Hardy’s path. Ray rolled Hardy back in the ring and popped Hardy with an Open Hand Slap. Whisper in the Wind by Hardy off an Irish Whip.

Aces and Eights got in the ring and stood over Bully Ray. The troops rushed from the back and chased the rogue group away. Since Aces and Eights didn’t touch anyone, the match continued. Hardy with a Twist of Fate into a Roll Up to take the win. After the match, Ray nailed Hardy with a huge Clothesline.

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy (+7)
Grade: A- (92%)

Ray got into a scream match with Storm. Storm went to hit the Last Call Superkick but Ray moved and Hardy took the shot. Ray screamed that hit has always been Storm. Aces and Eights got back in the ring and applauded for Storm, or so it seemed. The quartet of masked men tore into James Storm. Guess he wasn’t Fearless Leader, after all. Maybe we will learn the truth, next week.


–Jay Shannon

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