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First, I would like to say thanks to all the people who supported me on my movie Apnea. I was very thrilled and excited to do this. I was with a great crew and group of people. It was a pleasure to work with the producers and cast. This movie started out as one man’s vision. By the end of the filming, this took on the feel of a thriller. I play Ricardo Lewis, a doctors assistant. It has horror, action, comedy. I was able to input my own personality and use what I have learned thru all my years of TV.The fight scenes were pretty good, and had the realism needed to be taken seriously. People learned from this experience. Some black and blues for some, but I must say, no one quit. Filming till 4 or 5 am or later for some, but all with a goal. After the last seen and the finally, a sense of accomplishment and pride. For the guys watching, it was watching the real deal and saying, Wow that must hurt. People learned how to fight on camera, and to bring your heart with you. Some were scared but they came thru with flying colors. This being edited as we speak. I will give you details as we go along. A red carpet at the premiere, sounds good to all involved.To boot I received a call from a network about a reality show and also have another movie in the works.
So things look good in the movies.
The ROTC I did the charity event for made there prospective goal and saved there program. A big thumbs up to the parents, cadets, and those that donated to a good cause. For people who thought they did not have a chance, wow impressive. It is good things that need to be put in the news, internet, media, that is important. The negative of he said , she said, stuff is like such high school nonsense that you lose sight of the fact, people do good for others. When wrestling is mentioned in these circles, you always hear the negatives, the who messed up, or who got arrested. It would be refreshing to all to put things that are done, in the right light. I know negativity gets press, but the good should get the same. Or better when someone who dosent take crap from no one, sticks up for themselves and then you hear, OMG, its a rant by someone that was posted 2 weeks prior and the person who reported it was bored, has no life, checks the face-book of others because there life stinks, misery loves company, so on and so forth. You get the picture.
Then of course wrestling. I have been doing small shows, nothing big. I get alot of offers to train people. When you wanna learn, learn from the best. Someone who made it in the sport. A guy who has, WWF, ECW,WCW,TNA, and the WWE. With the Internationale experience, NOW,ALL JAPAN, WORLD JAPAN, Puerto Rico- WWC,AWF, All of Europe, Nepal, India, the places you want to go. Someone who went to train at the WCW Power Plant and WWE developmental system Deep South and Ohio Valley to not only wrestle, but teach others.When you go to other countries and are able to teach those who want to learn. With a language barrier.Evry country has a different style, you must learn this as well. Wrestling is not what you see on TV. A lot of hard work goes into this. This is someone you want to learn from. This is a plan I have been working on and coming to reality soon. A lot of things going on, a lot of projects in the works.

I know that’s a lot to absorb, but that’s whats happening in the world of Vito J. Lo Grasso. A congratulations to Bill Apter for making the HOF. A honor well deserved. A happy birthday to Noel Harlow, my fiancee and love of my life. Please follow on twitter @vitolograsso, Linkedin Vito J. Lo Grasso, Facebook-Vito J. Lo Grasso, IMBd -Vito Lo Grasso, If you need to email me please email me at or Thanks to all my fans , friends and family. Life is good. Gotta run, Stallone at the door, gym time.

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