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Aces and Eights were back, sort of, for this week’s episode of Impact. Plus, there were three great Bound For Glory Series Matches and the final pieces of the Hard Core Justice puzzle were put into place.

The show opened with another (sigh) look at the Claire Lynch/A.J. Styles “Baby Drama” mess. Also, Aces and Eights were profiled. James Storm is being suggested as the ring leader for the renegade group.

Bully Ray came out to discuss life, the universe and Twitta. He whipped out his phone and tweeted. Ray yelled at the camera that his phone was his “Fire-Breathing Twitta Machine”. Ray wondered if everyone knew who he was. He called himself “the leader of the Bully Nation”. He repeated the name for his phone. Ray said Joseph Park actually taught him something. Ray said if there was enough evidence stacked up against someone, they must be guilty. Ray said all the evidence made James Storm guilty. Ray said he was going to beat Storm and get 7…or maybe even 10…points. He also planned to get 20 points on Sunday in the Tables Match. Ray started to run down the facts against James Storm but got cut off by…

“The Cowboy”, James Storm. Storm didn’t look to be in the mood for any baloney. Storm told Ray to “shut the Hell up”. Storm said he never heard a single fact coming out of Ray’s mouth. Storm said he was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Storm said he had nothing to do with Aces and Eights. Storm said his focus was on the Bound For Glory Series and the World title. Storm said Ray got him all wound up. Storm drew a line and told Ray to cross it. Storm was ready to kick the living crap out of Ray. Ray backed off as Storm reached three in his counting. Storm issued an open challenge to anyone who didn’t believe him.

Aces and Eights, with audio distorted voices, came on the Tron to say that they understood Sting’s open offer for ring time to show what they could do. The leader of the group said they would be there, in their own time and in their own terms. There may have been a clue to the identity of the person who spoke. He did call Storm and Ray “*ssh*les”. I’m just thinking aloud.

Impact re-ran the message from Aces and Eights. Pope then talked about how the Bound For Glory Series hasn’t been going his way, so far. He knew that the 20 points from Hard Core Justice could push him back into the hunt. Mr. Anderson joined the announce team to watch the next Bound For Glory Series Match.

Rob Van Dam (28) vs Magnus (21)
Bound For Glory Series Match

Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by RVD. RVD then took a Side Headlock. Push Off by Magnus into a Shoulder Block. Magnus with a La Bandera Clothesline. Magnus went to the floor and stomped on RVD. He then ran RVD’s back into the ring apron. Magnus rolled RVD in and got a 2 count. Crossbody by RVD but Magnus caught him and planted him a modified Michinoku Driver. Magnus rushed RVD to the corner, only to have RVD Kick Up into Magnus’ head. Springboard Thrust Kick. Rolling Leg Scissors for two. RVD followed up with a nasty Super Kick that laid out Magnus. RVD went for the Rolling Monkey Flip but Magnus with a Clothesline. Spin Wheel Kick into the Five Star Frog Splash!

Your Winner: Rob Van Dam (+7 points)
Grade: A- (91%)

Bobby Roode was asked about the contract signing. Roode wasn’t happy with some of the things in the contract. Roode said if the things in the contract don’t get changed, there won’t be a match on Sunday.

It was time for another look (oh, joy) at the stupid baby shower from last week. Claire failed “Realistic Acting 101″.

Devon and Garrett Bischoff vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
World Tag Team Title Match

For some silly reason, Daniels want themselves called “The World Tag Team Champions of the World”. Whatever. Devon and Kaz to start. Kaz with hard fists but Devon with the Flying Spin Elbow. Tag to Garrett and Double Shoulder. Scoop Slam into a Power Drive Elbow Drop by Garrett. 1 count. Jumping Jawbreker by Kaz. Tag to Daniels. Both challengers blasted Daniels. Devon with a tag. Scoop Slam into a Running Leg Drop. Tag back to Garrett. Double Hip Toss. Inverted Atomic Drop by Garrett. Distraction by Kaz led to a STO by Daniels.

Kaz with the tag. Hip Toss Legdrop Double team by the champs. Daniels tagged right back in and a Flying Inverted Curb Stomp by Daniels. Daniels stomped Garrett, in the corner. Kaz whipped Daniels towards the corner but Garrett moved. Hot tag to Devon. Devon went wild on both tag champs. Clotheslines and the Amazing Grace Spear and Funk Neckbreaker. Uranage by Devon on Kaz. Daniels dropped an elbow on his own partner. Devon threw Daniels out. Spear by Devon. Daniels tried to come in witht he tag belt but the ref caught him. Garrett rushed in and got pitched out. Devon went after Daniels, which allowed Kaz to grab the other title belt and crack Devon in the face.

Your Winners: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
Grade: B (84%)

Impact looked back at the talk between Brooke Hogan and Sting, from last week. Brooke got a special delivery envelope. It was an Aces and Eights calling card. Sting came on, this week, to say that Brooke was at home. He didn’t want her to get hurt by A&8. Sting, again, called out the rogue clique.

The Two Robbies were in the ring, with a table. He started bragging about having 5 points in the Bound for Glory Series, like that was supposed to impress. He was certain that he was going to win the Tables Match and get 20 more points. Robbie E said he was going to put Jeff Hardy through the table. Robbie sent it to the match against Hardy, 3 weeks ago, where Robbie won his five points by count out. Robbie started to talk about why Jeff would never be on his level. He was cut off by the arrival of Hardy. Robbie taunted Hardy that he beat Jeff for the five points. Hardy went right after Robbie T aka Big Robbie. Hardy slapped Robbie and adjusted the table. Big Robbie came in and beat on Hardy. He then Powerbombed Jeff through the table. Robbie E screamed at Hardy that he was going to get 20 points.

A.J. Styles was asked about the photos of Claire and himself. Styles said he didn’t do alcohol and she must have been awful in bed for him not to remember. He said he needed to focus on his match against Kurt Angle.

Samoa Joe stormed the announce table. He grabbed a headset and talked about the bias against him. Joe said he was going to beat up Styles, Angle and Christopher Daniels, this week-end.

A.J. Styles (16) vs Kurt Angle (41)
Bound for Glory Series Match

Arm Twist into a Hammerlock by Styles. Back Elbows by Kurt into a Universal. Claire was at ringside. Styles flew over the top rope to take out Kurt, who rolled to the floor after getting Dropkicked. Impact took a break.

Kurt rushed Styles to the corner and then whipped him across the ring. Styles got the boots up but Kurt sent Styles into the middle of next week with a Release Belly to Belly. Rear Chin Lock by Kurt to slow things down. Styles with hard kicks and chops. Reversed Irish Whip by Kurt. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Kurt. Kurt went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Claire led the “Let’s Go A.J.!” chants. Styles punched and Elbowed his way free. Discus Clothesline by Styles met with a standard Clothesline by Kurt. Both men were down.

Styles opened up on Kurt with a Clothesline, Back Elbow, Spin Kick and Driver Backbreaker for a two. Styles with a Springboard that missed. Hat Trick Germans by Kurt. Kurt screamed “Get up, B*tch!”. Styles countered the AngleSlam intoa Pele. 1-2-No! Styles wanted the Styles Clash but Kurt with the Back Body Drop. AngleSlam for a two plus. Kurt was ticked off that he didn’t get the pin. He dropped the straps and went for the AngleLock. Styles was able to kick out and hit a German Suplex. Kurt blocked a second one and cinched in the AngleLock. Styles rolled through to send Kurt to the corner. Springboard Flying Fore-arm into the Styles Clash. Could be…might be…are you kidding me?

Styles couldn’t believe that Kurt kicked out. Styles went to the top but got Belly to Belly Superplexed for a two. Wow! Kurt crawled his way to the corner. He was so winded. Kurt started to climb and launched himself. No water in the pool! Kurt landed hard on the missed Moonsault. Styles went for his Springboard 450 but Kurt got the knees up. AngleSlam!

Your Winner: Kurt Angle (+7)
Grade: A+ (98%)

As Styles started to leave, Claire tried to be all supportive. The look on his face was priceless. He didn’t say a word to her and the psycho wash seemed to come over her face.

There was another message from Aces and Eights. The leader said this was all a game and they loved to hand out the Dead Man’s Hand. They would reveal their next victim, next.

Mr. Anderson confronted James Storm about what A&8 said. Anderson brought up how things seem to help Storm, in a roundabout way. Anderson warned Storm that if he learned that Storm was behind this, they would have another “discussion”.

Austin Aries was talking with his lawyer, on the phone, about the contract. Aries said he would take care of fixing the situation. He told the cameraman that there was nothing to worry about.

Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher
Non-Title Match

Impact looked at Earl Hebner’s bogus call, last week, to make Madison Rayne the number one contender. Gail tried to attack Miss T but the Knockout Champ dodged her. They got in the ring and Gail dropped Miss T on the top rope. She then stomped the champ. Miss T started to fight back. Gail blocked the Float Over and hit a Gutbuster. Irish Whip into the Pass Through Shoulder by Bail. Gail stood on Miss T’s chest, between the ropes. Gail lifted Miss T and hit a European Uppercut. Flying Forearm by Miss T.

Miss T with shots to the ribs. Gail with a punch and Body Scissors. Gail slammed her leg into Miss T’s ribs. Gail with kicks into another Gutbuster. Miss T with kicks and punches. Flying Clotheslines into a Dropkick. Gail reversed an Irish Whip but Miss T flew off the ropes with a Clothesline. Sweet Face by Miss T. Gail with a kick. Gail went to the ropes but Miss T tripped her. Miss Tessmacher with her Tess Shot Facebuster Finisher.

Your Winner: Miss Tessmacher
Grade: B+ (88% — one of the better women’s matches that I’ve seen in awhile)

Madison Rayne came out, after the match. She looked over Miss Tessmacher and then grabbed Earl Hebner. She planted a huge kiss on the ref and then dropped him. Miss T’s in deep trouble if Earl is the ref on Sunday.

Joseph Park talked over the contract signing between Roode and Aries. He rambled on about an old court case. Park rushed off to see another potential client.

Impact looked at Kenny King’s pin of Zema Ion, last week. Due to that win, King will challenge Zema Ion for the X-Division title, on Sunday. A promo video for Kenny King ran. His Crowning Glory finisher is incredible. King was ready to wear the X-Strap. He talked about his training and such.

Sting came out for the contract signing. Bobby Roode and then Austin Aries came to the ring. Roode would not sit down at the table. Sting wanted to know about Roode’s attitude. Roode wanted to know if Sting was stupid. Roode had an issue with the contract. In the contract, it read that if Roode were to lose, he would never get to face Aries again, as long as A-Double holds the World title. Roode whined and complained about Sting trying to stick it to him. Roode said that unless the wording was changed, he wouldn’t do the match.

Aries went off on Roode and told him that was enough. He asked Roode if he wanted cheese to go with his w(h)ine. Aries noticed how concerned Roode was with the rematch clause. Aries decided to make a suggestion for a better match. He offered a verbal agreement. Aries said he would set it that if Roode lost, he doesn’t get a rematch. The change? If Aries were to lose, he would not get a rematch. This would be the final battle between the two, one way or another. Sting asked Roode if they had a deal. Roode started screaming that Aries was a fluke. Both men shook on the deal with Sting, making it official. They looked ready for a fight. The fans were ready for it too. Roode surprised everyone by offering a handshake. Aries took it and then got a face full of water, when Roode pitched a glass full of water into Aries’ face. Roode bailed out of the ring before Aries could reach him.

Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Kid Kash and Gunner talked about their match, on Sunday. Kash accused Chavo of being a cheater. Chavo said they had something special for Kash and Gunner. MIke Tenay ran down the updated Hard Core Justice card.

James Storm (66-Current Leader) vs Bully Ray (21)
Bound For Glory Series Match

Both Storm and Ray looked around for Aces and Eights. Ray screamed at Storm “Where are they?”. Ray went under the top rope to stop Storm’s attack. Ray then went after Storm’s left arm. Storm reversed it and cranked away on the arm. Ray went tot he ropes and came back swinging. Big Boot by Ray. Ray pitched Storm out to the floor. Impact took a final break.

Ray missed an Elbow Drop. Storm started punching but Ray kicked the ribs. Leg DDT into a Leg Bar by Ray. He wanted the submission to get 10 points. Storm grabbed Ray’s leg and cranked away. Explosive Clothesline by Ray for a two. Ray punched Storm in the skull, over and over. Ray missed a Big Splash. Storm blocked a punch and opened up on Ray. Jawbuster into a Flying Neckbreaker and Back Body Drop. Ray threw Storm over the ropes but Storm with an Enziguri. Ray came back with a Uranage for a two.

Storm blocked the Bubba/Bully Bomb. Storm went to the top for a huge Crossbody. 2 count only. Storm went to the top, again. Ray popped the ropes to cause Storm to fall. Open Hand Slap by Ray. Storm blocked the Superplex and sent Bully tot he canvas. Storm missed the Savage Elbow but Bully connected with the Bully/Bubba Bomb. Ray missed a monster Backsplash Senton off the middle ropes. Closing Time (Code Breaker) by James Storm. Storm missed the Last Call Superkick. Bully caught Storm with the Bully/Bubba Cutter.

Your Winner: Bully Ray (+7)
Grade: B+ (88%)

Bully screamed at Storm about where Aces and Eights were. Ray urged Storm to call out his buddies. They came up on the Tron. The leader said Bully Ray was their next target. Ray seemed confused. He asked Storm if he had his boys coming for him on Sunday.

Fade out

–Jay Shannon

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