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Things were heating up for HardCore Justice. Plus, a second-generation star arrived and a third generation star made his in-ring debut. All this, plus more Bound For Glory Series Matches.

In the hallway, Robert Roode got in Austin Aries’ face and the fight was on. Kenny King also tore into Zema Ion. The fight spilled out into the Impact Zone. The four men The ref finally showed up for the party.

Bobby Roode and Zema Ion vs Kenny King and Austin Aries

Bobby kicked Aries and slammed him into the apron. He then Clotheslined King. Ion attacked Aries and got his ticket seriously punched. Bobby slammed King’s face into the steel steps. Aries went to the top rope and flew off with a Double Sledge, to the floor. The bell finally rang. Bobby backed off and tagged out to Ion. Ion attacked Aries’ back but the World Champ came back with brutal shots. Ion with the Slingshot on the ropes. Ion wanted to tag out but Aries with the Back Drop Suplex and tag to King.Double Airplane Spin on Ion. Knife Edge Chop and two count for King. Scoop Slam into a Springboard Legdrop. Tag to Aries. The old Miz/Morrison double team move led to a two count. Aries lost focus to talk with Roode. Aries regained his focus and hit a Flying Elbow Drop on Ion.

Tag to King. King with hard punches and chops. King kicked Ion, in the corner. Shoulder Blocks by King. Hammer Throw by King for a two count. Ion begged for a tag but King found his own partner. Sptingboard Spinning Crossbody by Aries. Ion ran the boots over Ion’s face. King with the tag and a Springboard Stomp. Suplex Float Over by King for a two. Ion flipped free but ended up in an Inverted Atomic Drop. Ion knocked his own partner off the apron. Bobby pulled King outside and ran his back into the apron. Flip Dive by Ion. Ion and Bobby took turns beating on King. Roode threw King back in but Ion could only get a two.

Roode finally tagged in and threw King in the corner. He spat at Aries. Aries tried to rush in but Earl Hebner stopped him. Hammer Throw by Bobby. Bobby stomped King’s ankle and calf. Suplex by Bobby into a Flying Knee Drop ala Ric Flair. Bobby knocked Aries off the apron. Ion got in and Snap Mared King. Ion didn’t actually tag. Ion planted his knee in King’s back and pulled back on the head. Impact went to break.

Ion was shoved off the ropes by King. Bobby knocked King off the turnbuckles, down to the floor. King landed so wrong. Bobby pulled King int he ring nad hit a Kneelift. Bobby raked King’s back. Bobby stomped down King, near the corner. Tag to Ion. Ion stomped on King’s arm and then cinched in a Front Face Lock. Ion went fora kick but a High Cradle Suplex sent Ion sailing. Bobby blocked Earl, so he didn’t see the tag. Double team stomp down by the heels. Ion tagged in and kicked King’s ribs. King fought out of the enemy corner. Inverted Atomic Drop into a Windmill Crescent Kick. Aries with a Missile Dropkick on Roode. Ion went after Aries but the World Champ still hit the Tope Suicida on Roode. King broke out the Crowning Glory finisher to take out the X-Division Champion.

Your Winners: Kenny King and Austin Aries
Grade: A (96%)

Bobby screamed at Aries “You didn’t beat me!” Mike Tenay sent it to a recap video package about Aces and Eights. I am almost certain that I know who the Aces are in this little group. Yes, there is likely at least two leaders to this little clique.

Sting was asked his thoughts about James Storm and his possible connection to Aces and Eights. Sting was asked who he thought was the mastermind of this new evil group. Sting said he was about to start asking some pointed questions to certain people.

Sting came to the ring and got a hot pop from the wild crowd. Sting was determined to get to the bottom of just who is involved in Aces and Eights. Sting showed James Storm footage of how Aces and Eights didn’t attack Storm and ran from him when Storm later hit the ring to attack Aces and Eights. Sting wanted to be convinced that Storm had nothing to do with Aces and Eights. Storm said he had been questioned, through all kinds of social media, about his relationship with A&8. Storm said A&8 were a bunch of cowards that ran from him. Storm said he has never needed anyone to fight his battles for him. Storm said Kurt Angle jumped him from behind, nine months ago. Storm said he got his *ss up, dusted himself off and asked for seconds. Storm said he has beaten Kurt 3 out of 4 times, including once for the World title. Storm said he never needed a damned soul to help him.

Kurt Angle then came out to confront Storm. Kurt said he came out because he heard his name mentioned. Kurt said he has watched Storm, carefully, over the recent months. Kurt reminded Storm that Aces and Eights jumped Kurt, just before their match, two weeks ago. Kurt then talked about the attack on A.J. Styles. Kurt said 8 grown men ran away from Storm, one man. Kurt wanted to know Storm’s motives. Kurt begged Aces and Eights to come to his match, tonight. Sting said he would also be at ringside. Kurt warned Storm that he would make “The Cowboy” tap out. Storm said they would see.

A.J. Styles was in Australia on a press tour. That led to another (yawn) Claire Lynch storyline recap. In the back, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian decided to throw a proper Baby Shower. Oh, good grief.

Taz and Tenay talked about the Bound For Glory Series Hardcore Matches at HardCore Justice. Each winner will get 20 points. The matches are:

1.Ladder Match:
Kurt Angle vs A.J. Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels

2.Falls Count Anywhere Match:
Rob Van Dam vs Mr. Anderson vs Magnus vs “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

3. Tables Match:

James Storm vs Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy vs Robbie E

Bully Ray (14 points) vs Robbie E (5 points)
Bound For Glory Series Match

Bully Ray said he would be out to watch the Main Event, between James Storm and Kurt Angle. Robbie T was at E’s side. Robbie T with a Pearl Harbor on Bully Ray. Robbie tried, over and over, to pin Ray. Robbie E choked Ray on the ropes. Ray with an Open Hand Slap. Robbie with Paintbrushes and Ray with a pair of Slaps tot he chest. Bubba Cutter!

Your Winner: Bully Ray (+7)
Grade: B- (81%)

In the back, Earl Hebner gave Madison Rayne flowers, a stuffed bear and candy. Gail Kim wanted to know what Madison was up to. Madison swore that Earl would call the match fairly. Right. Sure. Let’s go with that.

Madison Rayne vs Tara vs Mickie James vs Gail Kim
Fatal Four Way to determine the Number One Contender to Knockouts (singles) title

Miss Tessmacher joined Taz and Tenay at the announce table. She looked so cute. The quartet for female warrior then came out for this war. Tessmacher showed respect to all four women. Mickie showed Tessmacher that she wanted the gold.

After a quick break, the women tore into each other. Tara beat on Gail and rolled her up. Mickie tore into Madison. Flying Headscissors. Gail pitched Tara out, after a Tarantula. Madison with a Baseball Slide on Mickie. Tara blasted Madison and Gail. Gail with a Double Sledge, from behind, to Tara. Flying Neckbreaker by Madison to Tara. Gail slammed Tara’s head into the canvas. Madison tried for a quick pin, but only got two. Mickie pulled Gail out and beat on her. Gail whipped Mickie into the steel steps. Web of Disaster Spinning Side Slam by Tara on Madison. Gail with a brutal Clotheslien and Madison tried for the pin. Madison slammed Tara’s face into the canvas. Both Madison and Gail pulled on Tara’s face and hair. Double Whip to send Tara into the corner. Gail whipped Madison into Tara. Madison sent Gail intothe ring post, by accident. Mickie stopped a pin by Madison. Funk Neckbreaker by Mickie. Gail made the save. Gail pinned Mickie but only for a two.

European Uppercut by Gail, on Mickie. Backbreaker by Gail on Mickie. Tara snapped Gail’s neck on the ropes. Springboard Somersault Legdrop to get a two for Tara. Scoop Slam by Tara on Gail. Tara then went tot he top rope. Madison tripped herand turned Tara around. Mickie yanked Madison off the turnbuckles and hit Clotheslines. Mickie ran Madison into the corner. Madison with a Back Elbow nad a kick. On the other side, Gail with a Superplex on Tara.Gail was pinning Tara but Madison was flirting with Earl. Mickie pitched Fail out of the ring. Clotheslines and Flying Forearm by Mickie Flapjack by Mickie into a Kip Up. Mickie started up the turnbuckles but Gail pushed her off. Tara hit the Widow’s Peak. Tara blocked the Rayne of Terror and rolled up Madison. Earl counted the three…and then awarded the match to Madison. Say What? That was ridiculous.

Your Winner: (Reality) Tara, (Officially) Madison Rayne
Grade: D (64%)

Impact looked back at Kurt telling Storm that he was going to make Storm tap. In the back, Bobby Roode was still certain that Storm was the leader of Aces and Eights. Bobby said he would be at ringside, as well. Austin Aries heard it all and decided to join the party, as well.

Sting chatted with Brooke Hogan. Brooke said her dad would say he was fine but he wasn’t. Brooke couldn’t believe she was having to take care of her dad. Sting told Brooke that he thought it was someone from inside that brought in A&8. Sting wanted to know if Brooke could still run the Knockout Division. Brooke was freaked out by all this. They were interrupted by a delivery guy. She was given an envelope. It was the Aces and Eights cards. She stormed off.

Elsewhere, Chavo Guerrero Jr. warmed up.

ODB and Eric Young talked. Eric was confused, as usual. ODB said Brooke Hogan was on her case about not defending the titles. Brooke also has a problem with a guy holding the Knockout tag champions. E.Y. was more interested in his fishing show. He said they would never have both belts in the same place, at the same time, so they couldn’t make them defend. He rushed off. Jeez.

Impact looked back at Chavo’s arrival, on Impact, last week. Kid Kash and Gunner were beating on Chavo, until Hernandez showed up.

Kid Kash (w/Gunner) vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (w/Hernandez)

Hector Guerrero and Herlinda Guerrero (Grandma Guerrero) were both watching this match. Kash tried to go for the ankles but Chavo kept moving. Head Scissors by Chavo. Side Headlock by Chavo. Shoulder Tackle by Kash. Blocked Universal by Kash. Arm Bar by Chavo. Kash punched away on Chavo. Chavo with a kick and European Uppercuts. Go Behind by Chavo. Elbows to Chavo’s face. Kash mounted Chavo and punched away. The ref pulled Kash off Chavo. Chavo with a kick and punch. European Uppercut by Chavo but Kash with a Release Powerbomb. Backbreaker by Kash into a Scoop Slam. Kash went for a Moonsault but Chavo got the knees up. Chavo with Forearm Shots but Kash went to the eys. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors and Dropkick by Chavo for a two. Slingshot Senton by Chavo. Guerrero Shimmy! Gunner got on the apron, as did Hernandez. Kash with a cheap shot and hard kick. Kash went for his finisher but Chavo with the Float Over. Three Amigos by Chavo into the Frog Splash!

Your Winner: Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Grade: A- (92%)

Dixie Carter was asked about the Claire/A.J. situation. She felt it was time for Styles to step up and settle this. Elsewhere, Daniels and Kazarian had the presents for the Baby Shower. Ok, time for a quick nap.

Kurt Angle ran into Wes Brisco, backstage. This kid looks so much like “Meat” Stasiak.Wes asked Kurt to talk to Hulk Hogan about getting him a spot. Devon and Garrett Bischoff came up and offered to watch Kurt’s back. Garrett said the thugs were coming out of the woodwork to attack people. Kurt just wanted to get through the match without the idiots getting involved.

Ok, I will make this next part as painless as possible. Kaz and Daniels suggested A.J. Styles was in Australia to make babies and to promote Impact. Kaz asked Claire to join them in the ring. They gave her some diapers, some stuff from ShopTNA.com (action figures, t-shirts, photos, etc…) and a baby doll in an A.J. jacket/hoodie. She screamed at A.J. to do the right thing.

Joseph Park is now going back to being a lawyer. A couple of TNA Superstars hired his firm of Park, Park and Park. Joseph saw Sting and tried to pitch allowing Park to represent him. Sting said he was covered. Sting wanted to know about Park’s actions, a few weeks back. He wanted an explanation of the Black Hole Slam but Park rambled on about kayfabe and tweets.

Pope vs RVD for next week. Also, A.J. Styles vs Kurt Angle. The main event…Bully Ray vs James Storm! All this, next week.

James Storm (45 Points) vs Kurt Angle (41 points)
Bound For Glory Series Match

The winner of this match will take over first place in the rankings. Wes Brisco was watching the match. Storm and Kurt hooked up and went tot he corner. Clean break. Hammerlock into a Side Headlock by Storm. Shoulder Tackle by Storm on the Push Off. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Kurt. Go Behind by Kurt. Standing Switch. Kurt and Storm worked over each other’s arm. Storm slid out of a Side Headlock into a Hammerlock. Snap Mare by Kurt but Storm back into the Hammerlock. Sting walked down to the ring. Shoulder Tackle by Storm into a series of Arm Drags. Storm worked over Kurt’s left arm and shoulder. Devon and Garrett strolled down to the ring. Jawbreaker by Storm. Storm Skinned the Cat to get back in. Thesz Press by Storm. Running Clothelsines by both men. Kurt blocked the Superkick. Kurt stomped Storm down, in the corner.

Storm with punches and kicks. Kurt reversed an Irish Whip but ate a boot. Overhead Release Belly to Belly Suplex. Bully Ray joined the ringside attendees. Impact took a break.

Storm with a Jawbreaker and a Flyring Neckbreaker for two. Kurt threw Storm out of the ring. Back to the ads.

Storm rolled back in the ring. Kurt tried to get in the ring but Storm with the Rope-Assisted DDT. Both men were down. Bobby Roode waltzed out to watch this match. Austin Aries then joined the party. STorm and Kurt with hard fists. Storm dropped Kurt over the top rope. Jumping Enziguri by Storm. Hat Trick German Suplexes by Kurt. Storm countered the AngleSlam into an Arm Drag. Boot to the face by Kurt. Kurt dropped the straps and cinched in the AngleLock. Storm rolled through and then caught Kurt with an AngleSlam! 1-2-no. Kurt with vicious shots. Storm tried for the Code Breaker but Kurt locked in the AngleLock. Storm fought like a wildcat to get free. Storm refused to tap out. Taz urged Storm to tap out but he continued to fight. Storm seriously thought about tapping out but just wouldn’t. Storm rolled over and kicked Kurt ni the face. Last Call Superkick!

Your Winner: James Storm (+7)
Grade: A- (93%)

Aces and Eights were nowhere to be seen. James Storm is now the leader in the Bound For Glory Series. Storm now has 52 points. Kurt walked up to Storm and raised the Cowboy’s hand. Storm took the house microphone and called out Aces and Eights. They didn’t show. Bobby Roode took another microphone and said Storm didn’t need Aces and Eights, which is why they didn’t show up. Roode said that Storm was guilty of setting up Aces and Eights. Bully Ray got in Storm’s face nad the fight was on. Aries and Roode also went fist and fire. Kurt just watched it all.


–Jay Shannon

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