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Pro Wrestling Destination brought Summerfest 2012 to the Evelyn Mount Community Center on Saturday night. In addition to the live crowd, 30,000 joined in by way of a live simulcast presented on PWD Airtime (our internet radio show).

Myself, Chaz Masters and “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine began the simulcast and quickly added PWD favorite, Frisco Flame, to the announce team. Before the event, Jeremiah, Patti and Heather celebrated their birthdays with the early arrivals and all the great PWD talent. The place had the real feeling of summertime as one of our great sponsors, Stephon’s Mobil Bistro had various BBQ’d items cooking.

I got in the ring to start the show. It was my absolute honor to share with the fans (both live and on simulcast…as well as all of you) that the reason that I had returned to the ring announcer position was that our “little sister”, Challon, had taken her singing and acting career to an all-new level. She has been signed with Bohemia Talent Agency and is up for a part on a television series on one of the national networks. Before Challon left us to further her career, she did leave us a recorded version of her angelic voice, singing the National Anthem. All stood for her rendition. I made a few announcements about our upcoming show on September 22nd (the 3rd Anniversary Spectacular), including revealing that our special guest for that night would be…former WWE Superstar, John Morrison! The crowd popped huge at that blockbuster news. Tickets are already on sale for that great event at the website, www.pwdwrestling.com. After getting all the “business stuff” out of the way, it was time to get down to some awesome action.

Match #1:

Media Mayhem vs Savage Samoans
PWD Tag Team Title Match

Sapp and Ruffio (the Samoans) posed a serious threat to the newly-crowned tag champs. Sapp is one of the biggest guys on the West Coast indy scene. His Samoan Drop brought a collective groan from the fans. The Samoans used quick tags to keep the champs off their game for 2/3rds of the match. Finally, Brad took the tag from the exhausted Adan and the fight took a turn in Media’s favorite. Adan still had enough strength left to dump the huge Sapp out of the ring. Drawing strength from their loyal supporters, Brad and Adan fought off the challenge of the Savage Samoans to retain.

Your Winners: Media Mayhem
Grade: A- (93%)

After the match, Perfection Personified (Vinny Poochanelli, Vikki Vanity, “Tough” Tony Moretti and “hired muscle”, The Iceman) hit the ring. The four-on-one beat down wasn’t pretty, to say the least. Intimidation kept others from coming out to stop this massacre. After the destruction of the tag champs, Vinny called for his troops to come to the back, with him. Iceman said he had something to do, first…

Match #2
The Body Slam Challenge.

Iceman grabbed the microphone out of my hand and talked about how he offered $10,000 to anyone who could slam him. Since no one, so far, had been able to take his money, it was time for him to “up the ante”. He doubled the self-imposed bounty to $ 20,000. He then looked at me and demanded victims.

Victim/Opponent #1
“The Japanese Angel”, Tenshi

This was the brother of the original Tenshi. Iceman had injured Tenshi, several months back, and the family continues to send other family members to exact revenge. This brother, from Nagasaki, Japan, came out and tried, twice, to lift the Man in Black. Iceman easily pitched the masked warrior out of the ring and asked for more…

Victim/Opponent #2
“Hang Ten” Tyson Raines

This was Tyson’s second attempt to take the money off the big man. Tyson has numerous medical bills, thanks to injuries that he received at the hands of the Iceman. On his first attempt to take the money from Iceman, a few months back, Tyson decided that he didn’t wish to risk further injury (since he was still recovering from his surgeries). This time, Tyson was at 100%. Iceman gave Tyson a few attempts to lift him and then decided to prove his superiority. He almost broke Tyson in half with his deadly Powerbomb (Bane of Existence). When he went for a second one, “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine left the ring and rushed the ring.

The two men exchanged body-rocking fists. Iceman threw Ardine into the corner and went for a Corner Splash. Ardine dodged the charging Iceman and then lifted Iceman and Body Slammed him! The crowd absolutely exploded at Ardine’s Herculean strength to win the Body Slam Challenge. Iceman rolled out of the ring and demanded the house microphone. He refused to pay Ardine the $ 20,000, since Ardine didn’t officially enter the Body Slam Challenge. Ardine told Iceman to keep his money, he would just take it out of Iceman’s rather enormous backside. The crowd cheered even louder. Perhaps these two will square off at the 3rd Anniversary Show on September 22nd?

Grade: A (95%)

Match #3

Jacc Moves vs Landon Ramos vs Mike Rayne
Triple Threat Match

This was a homecoming for both Ramos and Rayne. This match saw all three men going at Warp Speed. All three men came close to taking the win with a mix of speed and power. Landon hit the Phoenix 630, which was beyond incredible but fell short of winning as the pin was broken up. After a solid 15 minutes of over-the-top action, Jack scored the pin after nailing his finisher, a wicked Piledriver variation called the Jaccnife Piledriver.

Your Winner: Jack Moves
Grade: A (95%)

Match #4
Andrea the Giant vs Alita Blaze
PWD Women’s Title Match

This was definitely a female David vs Goliath match. The champion stood at 4’11″, while her challenger loomed over her at over 6 feet tall. Alita used her speed, early on, to avoid capture by the Amazonian warrior. When Andrea did get her hands on Alita, she almost totally annihilated the champion. The end seemed certain when Andrea caught Alita in a Dragon Sleeper. Unfortunately for the challenger, she pulled an Adrian Adonis-like blunder by releasing the champion too soon. Alita drew strength from the fans and her fiancee (Dreamachine Dustin Ardine) to overcome what seemed like an impossible task and scored the pin over Andrea the Giant!

Your Winner: Alita Blaze
Grade: B (84%)

Match #5
Sonny Poochanelli vs “Flyin’” Ryan McQueen
PWD Silver State Title Match

Sonny won the Silver State title, at the last show, by putting The Iceman through a table when Sonny injected himself into the Tables match between Iceman and O’Cat. Sonny had a Royal Flush Briefcase that he had never cashed in. The fan support was mixed for the new champion, as the fans are always suspicious of anyone from the Poochanelli family. The fans, on the other hand, showed extreme loyalty to the rookie sensation, McQueen.

This was a back and forth match between the two superstars. Sonny showed a level of aggression which harkened back to the days of him working with his older sibling, Vinny. An Open Hand Slap to the ribs of McQueen would bruise the ribs of the young challenger and leave a visible hand print on McQueen’s side that was still evident, several hours after the show. McQueen’s demise came as he went for a Springboard Flying Forearm. Poochanelli caught him in a Cutter (which also cut open a horrific gash on Ryan’s face).

Your Winner: Sonny Poochanelli
Grade: A (94%)

While Ryan was helped to the back, Sonny basked in the glow of victory. That celebration was short-lived as Experiment 774 (along with his new handler, Viktor) emerged from the back. Experiment got in the ring and stared down the Silver State Champion. Without a word, Experiment lifted Sonny for the Fusion Bomb. Viktor ordered the Experiment out of the ring and then explained that he had not only retrained the Experiment but also “improved him”. Viktor explained that it would be a Nuclear Winter for anyone unfortunate enough to cross paths with the brutal Experiment 774. He then spoke to Experiment in Russian and the two exited the arena.

The fans were then given a 15-minute break. They enjoyed some good food and met with the various stars of Pro Wrestling Destination. Chaz Masters walked around the crowd and did interviews for PWD Airtime. At the end of the break, a Raffle was held for the fans. A special birthday presentation was done for Miss Patti, who is the mother of my broadcast partner, Chaz Masters. We also sang happy birthday to Jeremiah, who was turning 8. Heather, who was turning 30-something also received a special birthday wish from the PWD Family. Pro Wrestling Destination is all about family and it is great to see the smiles (and an occasional tear) when we get to do something special for our great fans.

Match #6
Vinny Poochanelli vs “Tokyo Dragon” Ryu Lee
PWD World Title Match

Vinny had never beaten Lee, going into this match. Vinny had Vikki Vanity and “Tough” Tony Moretti with him at ringside.Ryu kept the champion reeling with his speed and martial arts abilities. Vinny came back with a brutal arsenal of moves to try and neutralize the challenger. Referee Christian Black was taken out, accidentally, and the Perfection Personified crew swarmed Lee like a group of piranhas going after fresh meat. Ryan McQueen rushed down to the ring and snatched the kendo stick out of Tony “Porkchop” Moretti’s hands. In one of the most shocking moments in PWD’s 3 year history, Ryan McQueen attacked his former tag partner and friend. The kendo shot to the head sounded like a cannon blast. It definitely will be a first shot in what promises to be a vicious feud between Lee and the now-heel McQueen. Vinny picked the bones and pinned the knocked out Ryu Lee.

Your Winner: Vinny Poochanelli
Grade: A (94%)

Following the match, Vinny mocked Ryu Lee. Of course, Lee couldn’t hear any of it, as he was out cold. Vinny then welcomed Ryan McQueen as the newest member of Perfection Personified. As Moretti left the ring, he got in my face. He swung at me with the kendo stick, but I was able to catch it. Being that I am seriously tired of these managers pushing people around, I decided to challenge the Porkchop to a match on September 22nd. I got rid of Perfection Personified’s first manager, Funky Brewster, and I just might do the same in September.

Match #7
Ultimo Tigre and Avernosis vs Los Payasos De Rodeo (Rodeo Clowns)
Lucha Libre Rules Match

Ultimo Tigre’s original partner, Rey Tigre (Tiger King), was injured and unable to compete. Ultimo Tigre (Last Tiger) reached out to Avernosis to join him in the batttle against the wildly costumed clowns. The Clowns were Payaso Verde (Green Clown) and Payaso Naranja (Orange Clown). The fans were treated to one of the fastest matches in the company’s history. Bodies were flying all over the place. Body Slams on the floor, Crossbodies off the top rope and other assorted high-flying moves had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Los Payasos eventually took the win and the crowd exploded with glee.

Your Winners: Los Payasos De Redeo
Grade: A (96%)

I thanked the fans for coming out and reminded them about our next big show on September 22ng. Tickets are available at www.pwdwrestling.com. Again, John Morrison will be in the main event.


–Jay Shannon

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