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Hulk Hogan is on the shelf, following an attack by Aces and Eights. Who would be running the show? Also, one of the best third generation stars in the business made his arrival at the Impact Zone. All this, plus the Bound for Series continued.

The show opened with another look at the Styles/Claire Baby Drama storyline. She had photos (can you say Photoshop?) of the two of them together. Also, Aces and Eights beat down everyone in sight, including Sting and Hogan, over the past few weeks.

Sting returned to the Impact Zone. The crowd exploded when they saw The Icon. Sting has modified his face paint to a more Frankensteinian look. He said Dixie Carter asked him to step in for Hogan, who is home recovering. He called out the rogue Aces and Eights faction. Instead, he got the World Champ, Austin Aries. A-Double also had issues with the new group to invade Impact. Aries said he had a statement to make “If any of A&8 showed up, he would jump on them”. Kurt Angle also came down to the ring. Kurt mentioned that A&8 tried to take away his chance to win the World title, as well as trying to injure him. He wanted to fight the S.O.B’s as well. The former World Champ, Bobby Roode, then came out and asked everyone to relax. He didn’t want to fight anyone or have anyone’s back. Roode said he wanted to point out the obvious, who is behind Aces and Eights. Roode was having trouble with his microphone. Kurt offered his an alternate microphone. Roode felt it was “Cowboy” James Storm. He justified this claim by saying that Storm was jealous of Roode and Aries. Storm was also set to face Angle, last week. The crowd wasn’t buying it.

Roode said he has known Storm for over four years and Roode felt Storm was a piece of crap. Storm rushed down and took the fight to his former Beer Money partner. Sting, Aries and Angle just sat back and watched the fight. When the fight was finally broken up, Roode screamed that Storm just proved his point. Break time.

Various people talked about Chavo Guerero, Jr. Roode yelled that no one wanted to listen to him about the Aces and Eights thing. Roode said no one wanted to believe him. He left the arena, claiming that he was outta here.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vsMickie James and Tara

What a great match to start the show. 3 weeks ago, Madison showed her crush was on Earl Hebner. Taz was ready to hurl day-glo (or meatloaf lunch) after seeing the footage of Rayne playing tonsil hockey with the ancient zebra. `

Tara looked incredible in her new orange gear. Tara and Gail started the match. THey went tot he ropes and Gail with a Kneelift and Arm Wrench. One-Handed Cartwheel to escape by Tara. Tara with an Arm Drag and tag to Mickie. Snap Mare by Tara into a Basement Dropkick by Mickie. Mickie went back to work on the arm. Walking the Ropes Arm Drag by Gail but rebounded with a Thesz Press. Madison with a kick tot he back as Mickie was whipped to the ropes. Gail choked Mickie with the boot and tagged Madison in. Madison flirted with Earl.

Mickie with shots to the ribs. Rolling Facebuster into a Clothesline. 2 count only. Whip to the corner but Madison missed the Rush In. Tag to Tara. Tara ducked a Clothesline and punched away. Flying Clotheslines by Tara into the Web Spinner Side Slam. Gail made the same. Double Team Rolling Slingshot. Gail tried to come off the ropes with the Missile Dropkick but Mickie and Tara put her in some wicked version of a two-person Figure Four. After breaking that up, Mickie with a Back Bridge Roll Up. Mickie got the shoulder up but Earl said Madison was in control of the move and declared Madison and Gail the winners. Wrong…so wrong.

Your Winners (officially): Gail Kim and Madison Rayne
Grade: B- (83%)

Sting asked Austin Aries to decide which X-Division Star would get a shot at Zema Ion, later in the night. Aries wanted to focus on Aces and Eights but agreed to do what Sting requested. Aries walked in to talk to talk with the X-Stars.

Impact then ran a video package about Sam Shaw. The kid looks a lot like Jack Swagger. Shaw said he was his worst critic. Shaw gets his Gut Check…next.

Hernandez, Gunner and Bully Ray discussed Chavo Guerrero, Jr. Hernandez was impressed, Gunner wasn’t. Ray didn’t want to be bothered. He said it was just another Guerrero to beat up and push around.

Sam Shaw vs Douglas Williams
Gut Check Match

Glad to see the Brit back in action. The two circled each other and Sam took a Side Headlock. Williams with the Push Off but Sam with the Steam Roller. Leaping Dropkick and Back Elbows led to a hard Back Body Drop. Kneelift by Williams. Orton Backbreaker and Falling Neckbreaker by Sam for a two. Scoop Slam by Sam. Sam wasted too much time listening to the crowd. Joey Ryan was in the audience, again. Ryan clocked Al Snow and Snow took off after him. Williams pulled Sam off the ropes and hit a brutal Clothelsine and Crossfaces. Williams with a European Uppercut and Flying Knee. Exploder Suplex by Williams. Williams slapped Sam in the face. Rolling Chaos Theory by WIlliams to take the win.

Your Winner: Douglas Williams
Grade: B (85%)

The decision about Sam’s future will happen, later.

Aries was talking with Kenny King, Dakota Darsow, Sonjay Dutt and Rashad Cameron. Zema Ion was also there and he was getting on Aries’ nerve. He gave a photo of himself to Iona nd sent him off. Kenny said he was the only one ready to face Ion. Dutt said that he dislocated his shoulder, twice, plus took hairspray in the face to lose the X-Title. Aries dismissed Rashad almost immediately. Aries would make further cuts after hearing from the guys.

Impact ran an awesome video piece about Chavo Guerrero (Jr.). He’s been working the West Coast, quite a bit lately, and the reports that I’ve gotten from some of my buddies in the indy circuit, out here, is that Chavito hasn’t lost a single step. He debuts…next.

Ben Saunders, from Bellator, was in the crowd.

Welcome to the Impact Zone…Chavo Guerrero, Jr.! Chavo looked sharp in pink and black. Mike Tenay ran down Chavito’s lineage. Taz said Chavo was “legit”. Taz also considered Chavo a friend. Chavo should serious respect to the fans by saying he was honored to be in “their” ring. Chavo said he should have been here for the past few years. Chavo said the Guerrero family has conquered every continent, country and company, except for one…Impact Wrestling. Chavo looked into the eyes of the wrestlers in the back and saw hunger. Hunger to steal the show, every night. He saw the eyes of the best. Chavo was there to beat the best. Chavo said the Guereros have always had great timing and this was the time for Chavo to come to TNA. He said it was Guerrero Time.

Kid Kash and Gunner interrupted him and mocked him as a “Wrestling Legend”. He talked about his grandma and uncles and momma. Kash wondered where Chavo has been. Kash wanted to know what generation Chavo was. Kash told Gunner that Chavo thought the Guerreros were “Wrestling Royalty”. (They are!) Kash wanted to know where the rest of La Familia is? Kash wanted to know where Chavo, Sr. was. He wondered if Chavo Classic was worn out. or just too drunk.

The fight was on. It was a two-on-one beat down until “Super Mex” Hernandez hit the ring and evened the score. Chavo hit a sweet Dropkick…in a suit.

In the back, Kurt Angle asked James Storm if he had any connection to Aces and Eights. Storm said he was an in-your-face kind of guy and didn’t need to hide behind anyone. Storm said he would have their backs if Aces and Eights got involved.

Bruce Prichard, Al Snow and Taz discussed Sam Shaw. I really thnk the kid should be in TNA. Al Snow was so ticked off by Joey Ryan’s action. Ryan now had Snow’s attention. Snow said he didn’t get to see the kid in action, thanks to Ryan’s crap. Bruce was distracted, during the match, again due to Ryan. Taz said Shaw was “in the Zone”, tonight. Bruce was leading in one direction but they needed to come to a decision.

Impact looked at the whole Claire Lynch situation. This is the one of the dumbest storylines that I’ve seen in quite some time. Those photos are so obviously fake. Taz and Tenay looked at the updated Bound For Glory Leaderboard.

A.J. Styles vs “Cowboy” James Storm
Bound For Glory Series Match

Styles made his entrance, first. Storm strolled out, during the insert piece, between commercials. Storm had Styles down in a Rear Chin Lock, as the show returned. Storm with a variation of an Implant Slam. Back Body Drop by Storm Storm twisted on Styles’ neck. Styles with Back Elbows. Storm aborted a Universal but Styles still connected with the Dropkick. Styles with a shot to Storm’s neck. Go Behind by Styles.Snap Suplex by Styles for a two count. Face Clutch by Styles.

Storm started to punch and then Bum Rushed Styles into the corner. Styles ducked a Clothsline nad hit one of his own. He dropped Styles on the ropes and nailed a Flying Forearm. Styles with a Crescent Kick. Styles escaped a Samoan Drop and nailed a Trapped Arm Back Drop Suplex for two. Irish Whip to the corner by Styles. Styles missed the Corner Splash. Storm put Styles on the top rope. Styles fought Storm to avoid the Superplex. Storm cracked Styles’ knee and A.J. ended up getting Crotched. Storm with the Eye of the Storm (That move is cool as Hell). 1-2-no.

Storm with the Irish Whip and Corner Clothesline. Styles kicked free from the Tornado DDT attempt. Styles turned a second Tornado DDT into a Release Northern Lights Suplex. Storm accordianed up in the corner. Styles went tot he apron. Springboard Flying Forearm for two plus. Storm converted the Styles Clash into an Alabama Slam.1-2-kick out.

The two fought on the apron. Storm with a Faceplant , driving Styles’ face into the hardest part of the ring. Styles kicked out at two. Pele! Styles wanted teh Styles Clash but Storm nailed the Lung Blower. Storm missed the Last Call Superkick but Styles with the Pele! Aces and Eights hit hte ring, again, and attacked Styles. They didn’t touch Storm. Hmmm? Is Roode correct?

Your Winner: No Contest (+2 points for both men)
Grade: A- (90%, points deducted for lousy ending)

Mike Tenay talked about having someone “on the inside”. James Storm, backstage, was asked if he had any connection to the rogue clique. Storm went ballistic and said he didn’t need anyone’s help to whup a man’s *ss.

Jeremy Borash was back to deliver the Gut Check decision, along with Prichard, Snow and Taz. Sam Shaw was asked to join them in the ring. JB asked Shaw if he gave the judges his best effort. Sam said he had the drive and intensity to be one of the best. It was Gut Check Time. Al Snow was asked for his vote. Snow didn’t see enough of Shaw in action to make a realistic evaluation of Shaw’s performance. However, since he didn’t see the match, he had to vote no.

Al Snow: No.

Bruce Prichard did see most of Shaw’s match. Bruce felt that Shaw did “a Hell of a Job”.

Bruce Prichard: Yes

Shaw was given his 30-Second Kick Out promo piece. He talked about Taz’s history and how he had the same passion that Taz had. He begged Taz for the chance to work with the best talent. The crowd chanted “Yes!”. Taz loved Shaw’s energy and abilities. He made it official…

Tas: YES!

Sam Shaw is now a part of the TNA Roster. Cool. Shaw hugged all the judges, even Snow. I like the Superman Tribal tattoo on Shaw’s shoulder. I showed that to my daughter, Jesika, and told her that was what I wanted…but on my calf.

Austin Aries talked with Darsow, Dutt and King. Aries asked the guys why they deserved the title shot. Dutt talked about working through two dislocations and hair spray to almost take the X-Title. King said he had the passion. Darsow said he brought an all-new aggression, out there. Aries said the X-Division was about flash and prettiness, sometimes. Aries felt Darsow was too distracted by his on-going issues with Ion. Dakota Darsow was cut. Either Sonjay Dutt or Kenny King would face Zema Ion, tonight.

Zema Ion vs ?
X-Division Title Match

In the Gorilla Spot, Aries made his final decision. Aries said he talked with the doctors and they were concerned about Dutt’s shoulder. So…

Zema Ion vs Kenny King
X-Division Title Match

King got a decent pop from the crowd. He’s a Nevadan, so I have to cheer for him (I think it’s a law on the NV Books). Ion played with his goofy hair. King took Ion to the corner and then sprayed his hair, again. Whatever. Kneelift by Ion. Kip up into a Dropkick by King. Knife Edge Chops by King. Irish Whip into a wild Corner Splash. King snapped Ion’s neck over the top rope. Springboard Crossbody by King for a two. Snap Suplex/Roll Over by King for a two. Ion reversed an Irish Whip but ate a boot. Ion shoved King off the top rope and out to the floor. Tope Con Hilo by Ion. Ion was bleeding from the mouth.

Ion went to the top and nailed a Missile Dropkick on the dizzy challenger. Ion choked King ont he ropes. Lung Blower, on the ropes, by Ion. Chicken Wing Crossface by Ion. Ion clubbed King’s back and sent him to the corner. Hammer Throw Whip to the corner. Open Hand Slap by Ion. Ion with another Hammer Throw. He screamed “This is the best you got?” Forearm into another Irish Whip. King with a Float Over Twisting Sunset Flip Rollup for two. Flipping Facebuster for two. King with a Forearm Shot. Flying Leg Lariat by King. Clothesline and Spinning Back Elbow for two. Inverted Atomic Drop into a Spinning Enziguri. Tazplex by King. King flipped Ion onto the apron and nailed another Enziguri. King with a Corkscrew Plancha to lay out the X-Champ. King pitched Ion back into the ring.

King got on the apron and went for a Springboard move. Bobby Roode came out of nowhere nad attacked King. Roode rolled King back into the ring. Ion with a Moonsault to retain his title.

Your Winner: Zema Ion
Grade: A- (93%)

After the match, Austin Aries came out and beat on Bobby Roode. In the back, Bully Ray said he had no concern about Aces and Eights. They weren’t part of Bound for Glory and would be schmucks to come after him. Ray paid respect to Kurt Angle, calling him the best wrestler in the business. Ray said he was the toughest guy in wrestling and would take the 7 points when he beat Kurt, later tonight.

Impact looked at Austin Aries’ win over Robert Roode at Destination X to claim the World title.Roode gets his rematch at HardCore Justice. Next week, Zema Ion and Bobby Roode will fight Kenny King and Austin Aries.

Taz and Tenay ran down the updated Bound For Glory stats.

Bully Ray vs Kurt Angle
Bound For Glory Series Match

After a staredown, the two went into a Collar and Elbow. Kurt Angle will be in a “Funny or Die” video by Will Ferrell. Ray took Kurt to the corner but gave a clean break. They went back to the lock up and Kurt spun into a Go Behind. Standing Switches by both. Ray blocked the AngleSlam. Kurt ducked a Crescent Kick. Knuckle Lock aborted by Ray. They locked up, again, and Ray with the Kneelift. Full Nelson reversed into the AngleLock. Ray went tot he ropes at full speed. Kurt twisted Ray’s arma nd clubbed the shoulder. Ray with a Piledriver on Kurt. Kurt quickly grabbed his neck. Ray went for the pin but Kurt was in the ropes. Break time.

The insert video saw Ray with a Rolling Neckbreaker. Back to the ads.

Ray tried for a pin but only got two. Ray with a hard punch and Elbow Drop. Kurt with an Explosive Clothesline. Kurt with sharp punches. Ray reversed an Irish Whip. Kurt with a hard Forearm. Ray with a Boot to the face. Release Overhead German Suplex by Kurt. Ray escaped the AngleSlam and nailed the Bully Bomb. 1-2-no. Kurt fought out of a Uranage. Hat Trick German Suplexes by Kurt. Both men were down. Kurt jumped up and dropped the straps. He cinched in the AngleLock on Ray. Ray wouldn’t give up. Ray rolled forward to send Kurt flying. The two with slaps and punches. Uranage Slam by Ray for two. Ray missed a Big Boot and fell to the AngleSlam. Could be…might be…no.

Kurt staggered to the corner and climbed. He missed the Moonsault. Ray went for the Bubba Cutter but had to settle for a Big Boot. Kurt, somehow, kicked out. Ray missed a Corner Splash and fell to another AngleSlam.

Your Winner: Kurt Angle (+7 points)
Grade: A- (93%)

Aces and Eights hit the ring and tore into Kurt Angle. Aries, Styles and Sting hit the ring and the fight went wild and wooly. “Cowboy” James Storm rushed down to the ring and cleared house. Aces and Eights didn’t want anything to do with The Cowboy. Bizarre. Kurt Angle and Austin Aries got in Storm’s face.

Next week, Kurt Angle will face James Storm!

Ok, I will give my thoughts on this whole Aces and Eights thing. Let me begin by saying that I do not have any inside info on this. I do know who a few of the guys supposedly are, but I don’t like to spoil the fun. I wonder if this may be a vehicle to launch the return of the man once known as Eric Bischoff? A new and improved version of Immortal? Eric had issues with Beer Money, which would explain attacks on Roode. Eric has major issues with both Sting and Hogan, as well as many of those that have been attacked. I’m just throwing in my two cents worth.

Well, time to get ready for Summerfest 2012, over in Reno, NV. I’m going to be the ring announcer, as well as working a live radio show, during the broadcast. I will see you all on Monday.


–Jesse “Jay” Shannon

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